Constellation: Gemini

Mini Review By Sarah Thompson

Here's an oldie I bought from Janet while I was in London. I'd never seen or heard of it before. It's mostly a Trek zine, but with bits and pieces of other things.

This is a spoiler, but I think it's unlikely that most of you will be reading this-- the first B7 story hints at a pairing I can't remember having seen, namely Jenna/Orac!!! Jenna meets an attractive man who seems vaguely familiar. He disappears and Avon tells Jenna that he's dead. Avon lies; he can't bring himself to tell Jenna that her love was actually an android, and Avon has strong suspicions as to who was really operating him.

You know, I've had vague notions, never committed to paper, of an A/Orac involving a mysterious android forcing himself on Avon, and turning out to be Guess Who in a clever plastic disguise. But this is the closest I've seen to an actual story using a similar device.

The second B7 story is the like-an-episode type, but with some nice Avon-hc.

The poem is about a fan's response to the show, as of the second season.

And amongst the Trek offerings is a humorous parody of K/S. Kirk lies in bed admiring the beauty of his pointy-eared bedmate-- Bungo the Bunny.


Editor/publisher: Rita Oliver (Romford, Essex)
Date: [1979?]
Format: A4, [70] pp., yellow paper covers, side staples

B7 fiction:
Linda Thomas, "Nolan" (S2; uc J/O)
Liz Newton, "Calvan IV Nightmare" (S1?; A-B, A-hc)

B7-related (if only just barely!) nonfiction:
"An Interview with Brian Stableford" (SF writer; he says he likes B7)

B7 poetry:
?, "Seven Reasons Why I Like Crossroads"

B7 art:
? p. [23] Liberator
? p. [26] S1 A

Other fandoms: ST, SW, DW

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Last updated on 30th of May 1998.