Knight Fantasies

(all slash Forever Knight Zine)

Color Cover "Endless Knight"

by Maureen Burns

Nominated for a STIFfie Award

"Blood Relations" by K. Ann Yost~ "LaCroix sighed, rubbing his eyes. He was exhausted. Since Divia had returned, LaCroix had spent many hours soothing the vampire community. He reassured his restless patrons that he'd resolve his personal dispute with Divia before the Enforcers took notice. So tonight he had closed the club early, determined to end Divia's reign of terror within the community."

"Where Demons Go" by Z.P. Florian~ "`I can spot them any time. Look, there is one. The blond man in the muddy cape.'"

"Act Three" by Ellis Ward~ (a Forever Knight/X-Files Crossover) "`You don't deny it?' the challenge Mulder's words was reflected in his angry hazel eyes. `That she's protecting you?'
Leaning nearer, Knight said, `No. I don't.'"

"The End of Day, To Face the Knight" by Natasha Barry~ "Once again, Nicolas was declaring his position: `You know why I resist.'
`Oh, yes. You would have me believe all men should be free.'" "Lessons" Leslie GrantSmith "You're going to try to fuck me,' he ground out. `To sodomize me. Some kind of lesson in debasement, no doubt.'"

"St. Valentine's Vampire" by Elizabeth Stuart~ "Lucien LaCroix brooded. It was a pastime he generally savored, but tonight it gave him no satisfaction. His heart the one he'd wished barricaded from human pain, the one Nicolas believed he lacked. The feeling was at once both unbelievably painful and incredibly glorious."

"Chance Encounters" by tasha (Forever Knight/Highlander Crossover) "Damn you, Nicolas!" still rang in his head. He could visualize Natalie slumped lifelessly on the floor beside him. He waited and waited for the stake to fall by his master's hand. It was appropriate that the one who had wrought his change should end it."

"Endless Circle" by Gwendolen "Feeling weary and suddenly extremely old, Lucien LaCroix settled into his chair. He listened to the sound of the house and to the beginning day outside. He could hear the first blackbird marking their territory by their song. He knew he should retire but he still felt too troubled to rest."

"Vetter Off Dead" by Gingersnapp "Tracy Vetter was a good cop, every one said so. Of course her father, the police commissioner, made sure of that. So when she insisted they stop in the darkest alley, in the worst part of Toronto, and Nick Knight wait in the car while she met an informer, Nick merely smiled. He watched her disappear into the darkness and distracted himself by fiddling with the radio."

"Third Times the Charm" by Eros~ "The two fledglings tumbled and played in their dim safe den. They bit at each other with their baby canines, and squealed if the tiny fangs only dimpled the skin; they fought over rank, position, a scrap of blanket or a rag of dirty clothing. The male, larger and stronger, often won their mock battles, and would then mount and fuck the female until she acknowledged his superiority."

More stories by Z.P. Florian, Anon, and Natasha Barry. Art by Z.P. Florian and poetry by Gwendolen--approximately 150 pages.

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