Southern Seven #1

Mini Review By Sarah Thompson

For a gen zine, there's quite a bit of interestingly steamy stuff here. The first story in the zine is a must for Gan fans! The author clearly likes him a lot.

Linda Terrell's story isn't smutty, but Blake fans will appreciate that he instead of Avon is the one who's suffering, for a change.

Barbara Tennison's excellent story has a very unusual pairing: Servalan/Vila. He's the last survivor of GP; she executes the others but keeps him around as a sex toy (and for certain ulterior motives that are only later revealed). He doesn't like it, but goes along with it because he wants to stay alive. At a panel at Escapade a few years ago, the author explained that in that story she deliberately put Vila in the position of a woman. I said, "So it's really lesbian hurt/comfort! Because in the end he's rescued by Jenna." :)

Avon has a sweet affair in "Lifesaver;" Blake and Jenna get together in "Keezarn."

On the non-smut front, "Season of Lies" is a long, gripping adventure using the "part of what we saw on screen was a fake" plot device familiar from the Mind of Man trilogy. But this story is very different and stands up well on its own; to judge by the LOCs is later issues, it's been a favorite with many readers.

This issue also has the infamous "Love and Necessary Discipline," IMO the most controversial gen story in B7 fandom (I think "Nearly Beloved/Rogue" is probably the most controversial smut story). This is the one in which a crazed PGP Avon commits domestic abuse upon Tarrant. I think it's an extremely well-written story, but I really dislike this version of Avon. (In my ideal A/T universe, Aovn should be the one comforting Tarrant after some Evil Villain has done Vile Things to the dear boy. I don't want Avon himself to be the Evil Villain!) Bodie & Doyle (The Professionals) appear as "original" characters in this universe. The story has an adult sequel in Straight Blake's #1, in which a reformed Avon makes love very tenderly to a woman who reminds him of Cally.

Lotsa other good stuff too.


Editor: Ann Wortham
Publisher: Ashton Press (Altamonte Springs, FL)
Date: First edition: November 1986

Virginia Turpin, "Torch Singer" (S1; uc G/ocf)
Kathy Hintze, "Alternative Decorating" (S1; humor) Leah Rosenthal & Ann Wortham, "The Opening Round" (S2; Bizarro 7 universe; AU humor)
Leah Rosenthal & Ann Wortham, "Intergalactic Velvet" (S2; Bizarro 7 universe; AU humor)
Leah Rosenthal & Ann Wortham, "Relativity" (S2; Bizarro 7 universe; AU humor)
Leah Rosenthal & Ann Wortham, with Michele Rosenberg,
"Head Over Heels" (S2; Bizarro 7 universe; AU humor)
Leah Rosenthal, "A New Leaf" (S2; Bizarro 7 universe; AU humor)
Ann Wortham & Leah Rosenthal, "Against All Odds" (S2; Bizarro 7 universe; AU humor)
Leah Rosenthal & Ann Wortham, "The Last Word" (S2; Bizarro 7 universe; AU humor)
Linda Terrell, "A Mind Is a Terrible Thing" (S2; B-hc)
Michele Rosenberg, "From the Vila Restal Book of Excuses- - No. 347" (S2; A-V)
Joan Hoffman, "Slightly Mistaken" (S2)
L. A. Carr, "Lifesaver" (S3; A-hc, A/ocf)
Janet Walker, "Keezarn" (S3; B/J)
Sheila Paulson, "For a Few Credits More" (S3)
Leah Rosenthal & Ann Wortham, "Season of Lies" (alt- Terminal, alt-S4)
Mary Alice Wuerz, "That Which Weighs Upon the Heart" (S4)
Ginny Mila, "The Sound of a Voice" (S4)
Leah Rosenthal, "Half-Blaked" (S5; AU humor)
Leah Rosenthal, "The Heart of the Matter" (S5; Bizarro 7 universe; AU humor)
Barbara Tennison, "Payment with Interest" (S5; Se/V)
Kathy Hintze, "Picture If You Will" (S5; humor)
Leah Rosenthal, "Stray Thoughts" (S5; Classic Trek crossover; humor)
Susan Matthews, "Love and Necessary Discipline" (S5; A- Ta)
Katrina Snyder & Susanne McGhin, "From the Log of the Hellhound, Book 1" (God from the Machine, Cross of
Diamonds, Only the Thunder, Knife Edge, The Value of Patience, When the Black Ship Came; S5; first edition only-- not in reprint)

Ann Wortham, "From the Airlock..." (editorial)
Leah Rosenthal, "5th Season Openers" (humor)
Michele Rosenberg, "Steaming Wangs and Smoking Bodies" (multimedia humor)

Leah Rosenthal, "Islands"
Rebecca Ann Brothers, "En Route"
Michele Rosenberg & Leah Rosenthal, "Party All the Time"
Jacqueline Taero, "Vila's Lament"
Leah Rosenthal, "Logic"
Jacqueline Taero, "Dissolution"
Michele Rosenberg, "Rebel Boy" (f, Tarzan Boy)
Jacqueline Taero, "Multiple Choice"
Jacqueline Taero, "Star One: Blake"
Jacqueline Taero, "Star One: Avon"
Leah Rosenthal, "You Belong to the Seven"
Leah Rosenthal, "Kerr Maverick" (f, Maverick theme song)
Michele Rosenberg & Leah Rosenthal, "Delta Ditz"
Jacqueline Taero, "A Matter of Madness"
Leah Rosenthal, "Part Time Rebel" (f, Part time Lover, by Stevie Wonder)

Leah Rosenthal front c. A-B; illo for
p. 5 cartoon: Paul & Mike Show
p. 10 B, A, V as babies
p. 27 V
p. 28 B-A
p. 29 Bizarro tp
p. 32 A-B; illo for "Intergal."
p. 34 C-B-V; illo for "Intergal."
p. 36 A-ocm; illo for "Intergal."
p. 39 A; illo for "Intergal."
p. 40 A; illo for "Intergal."
p. 42 Tr; illo for "Intergal."
p. 43 A-Se; illo for "Intergal."
p. 44 early Bizarro crew
p. 46 illo for "Relativity"
p. 47 A-B; illo for "Relativity"
p. 49 A-B; illo for "Relativity"
p. 52 A-ocm; illo for "Rel."
p. 54 A-Se; illo for "Relativity"
p. 57 illo for "Relativity"
p. 59 illo for "Head Over Heels"
p. 63 illo for "Head Over Heels"
p. 65 illo for "Head Over Heels"
p. 67 illo for "Head Over Heels"
p. 70 illo for "Head Over Heels"
p. 72 illo for "Head Over Heels"
p. 74 A-Se; illo for "Head Over"
p. 76 V; illo for "Head Over"
p. 78 illo for "Head Over Heels"
p. 79 Mark Ryan-MK cartoon
p. 84 illo for "Against All Odds"
p. 86 Bizarro cartoon
p. 87 Bizarro Leah & Annie
p. 89 A-Se-Tr cartoon
p. 139 Kerr Maverick
p. 160 Delta cartoon
p. 190 A
p. 191 V
p. 198 A-B; illo for "Half-Blaked"
p. 199 B-V; illo for "Half-Blaked"
p. 208 A cartoon
p. 210 illo for "Heart"
p. 212 A/Se; illo for "Heart"
p. 227 A-B cartoon
p. 269 GP A-B cartoon
p. 362 (not in reprint)
Sheila Paulson p. 1 So-D
p. 97 S4 A
p. 194 D-Ta
back c. Ta
Dani Lane p. 7 B, A, V
p. 91 C-B; illo for "A Mind"
p. 114 A, B
p. 116 A-C; illo for "Lifesaver"
p. 121 A/ocf; illo for "Lifesaver"
p. 125 ocf; illo for "Lifesaver"
p. 162 A-V; illo for "Season"
p. 171 A-V; illo for "Season"
p. 177 illo for "Season"
p. 187 A-Se-V; illo for "Season"
p. 188 V-B-A; illo for "Season"
p. 207 A-B
p. 228 So-A; illo for "Stray"
Gin p. 12 V
p. 15 B
p. 20 G
Mary Otten p. 26 A-J
p. 100 A
Michele Rosenberg p. 30 cartoon: back of Liberator
p. 159 cartoon: back of Liberator
p. 189 cartoon: back of Scorpio
p. 270 Far Side cartoon
Suzie Molnar p. 88 C
p. 106 V
p. 127 tp for "Keezarn"
p. 130 B-J
p. 134 J
p. 203 A-V
p. 267 GP B
Sheila Willis p. 141 C
p. 146 V
p. 156 A in Western hat
p. 230 A
p. 234 D
p. 241 V
p. 248 Ta; illo for "Love"
p. 256 "Pen" (Doyle); illo for "Love and "
p. 266 "Shyenne" (Bodie); illo for "Love and"
T. J. Burnside p. 218 Se/V; illo for "Payment"
p. 221 V; illo for "Payment"

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