Review By Anon

Southern Lights Special 2.5 - Ashton Press 65pp, Card cover Mine is a second hand copy. I'm not sure if it is still available from the publishers.

This edition has a delectable cover drawing of Avon (silver shirt phase) by Leah Rosenthal; I am not particularly an Avon fan but I can appreciate ART. Otherwise the only illustrations are photos.

I presume from the editorial that other editions of Southern Lights, unlike this one, aren't necessarily all B7. Southern Lights Special 2.5 is adult, roughly half the content being straight and half slash. There are nine stories.

Being a Vila fan I loved Barbara Tennison's two short stories "Aftereffects" (C/V) and "Personal Management" (V/B). Both are totally believable, and written with real insight.

This is definitely a zine for Vila fans, as there is yet another good C/V story -oh joy - "Sharing". This is not to say that no-one else gets a look-in. Of the longer stories there is one post-GP concerning Avon, Blake and Tarrant. Writers include London Bates, Louisiana Bailey and A.Toyten Bankes, Mara Calahan and Crystal Adams, Katrina Snyder and Susanne McGhin.


Editor: Ann Wortham
Publisher: Ashton Press
Date: March 1986

Barbara Tennison, "Aftereffects" (C/V)
London Bates, "Intermezzo in B" (B/C, A/J)
Lousiana Bailey & A. Toyten Bankes, "Paradise Loused Up"
(aka Planet of the Slave Boys)
Mara Calahan & Crystal Adams, "Sharing" (C/V)
Lotta Sleaze, "Have Another" (multimedia orgy)
Katrina Snyder & Susanne McGhin, "The Weight of a
Feather" (A/oc; Hellhound universe)
London Bates, "Reluctant Rebel" (A/B)
Barbara Tennison, "Personal Management" (B/V)
London Bates, "Nearly Beloved/Rogue" (A/Ta, A/B)
Leah Rosenthal cover "Silver Alpha"

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