Recomended Fanzines for Dayna

There aren't many good Dayna stories around. The best stories are generally to be found in the zine Fifth Season, A long story in Gambit #14, but if you want a full-length novel featuring Dayna, then we'd suggest 'The World Turned Upside-down'. It's very expensive (550 pages), but it's the only Dayna novel we know of. (All are out of print).

The Price of a Friend

In Gambit #14 by Vicki Childs

This story was the great surprise of the Gambit 14 for me. It focuses on Dayna and it uses a plot that is as hackneyed as the hills - Avon is captured as a sex slave by a matriarchial society. Both of these are things that normally put me off a story. In this case, they worked! I got drawn into a story that developed Dayna as a character, drew on her hunting and fighting skills, gave her new friends, allowed her to act intelligently and made her really interesting. I enjoyed it a lot - a good thing as it's one of the longest stories in the zine.

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The World Turned Upside-down

by Sandy Hall

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Fifth Season

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Last updated on 20th of March 2001.