Jabberwocky, by Sheila Paulson

and where to find it

Jabberwocky is the ultimate happy ending Blake's 7 saga. The entire 4th season was actually a dream by Cally, and being forewarned of these events the crew are able to avoid them. Nobody ever dies permanently in Jabberwocky and indeed some people you thought were dead turn out not to be. No characters are rubbished and everybody (including Avon) comes to accept their friendship for every body else. Jabberwocky (the title character of the series) is in fact the computer of their new ship, an original character with a strong sense of humour.

Gen stories:-

adult and slash Jabberwocky stories by 'Paula':

All now reprinted now in Jabberwocky Adult/Slash from Judith Proctor.

There is a collected volume of all the Jabberwocky stories available from Janet Walker. It is occasionally available at conventions, but I would not recommend buying it by post.

Sheila Paulson authorised a British edition of all the Jabberwocky stories, and they are now all available from Judith Proctor.

I produced the stories in several volumes to try and enable people to reduce overlap with their existing zines. For instance, if you have all issues of Gambit, then you won't need volume 3 of my collected edition.

Volume 1 - stories 1-4
Volume 2 - stories 5-8
Volume 3 - stories 9-13
Volume 4 - story 14
Volume X - Adult/Slash

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