Lysator: Was originally LYSATOR, an acronym for "Linköpings Y-Sektions dATOR-förening" (which roughly translates as "The computer club for students of technical physics at Linköping"), but since 1980 or so it's officially just a name. The full name is Lysator Academic Computer Society. It was founded in 1973, in order to receive a donation of a Datasaab D21 mainframe computer. It was one of the first Internet-connected sites in Sweden, and its website is the oldest in the country.

The Q-house: Used to hold the offices for one of the parishes around Linköping. In 1992 Lysator bought it for the equivalent of ten cents, on the condition that we removed it from where it was standing. Somehow we managed to get the university to cough up $40000 for the move, and to give us permission to put it on the campus. For some reason, all buildings on the Linköping University Campus have exciting names like "House A", "House B" and "House C". Sort of following this tradition, we chose to call our house "House Q", since Q is the seventeenth letter in the alphabet, and seventeen is an important number in computer science. Somehow, and we've never been able to determine how and why that happened, the name became official, and the Q-house started appearing on official guides to and maps of the campus.

By the way Lysator, is pronounced Lee-sah-tor not Lie-say-tor

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