Script for The Web

by Terry Nation

(c) 1977 by the British Broadcasting Corporation. Series created by Terry Nation. This is a complete dialogue transcript for research purposes and is not for sale under any circumstances Format (c) 1993 by Ruth Hanson and Micky DuPree.

Dramatis Personae

Roj Blake Jenna Stannis Kerr Avon Cally Vila Restal Olag Gan Zen Saymon Geela Novara Decima

The surface of an unnamed planet. A forest path lead to a clearing. In the center of the clearing is a laboratory complex.

SAYMON(V.O.) They must come. They must. They must. They must come. They must. (Interior of the laboratory complex). They must. They must. They must come. They must come. (Another room in the same lab. A power unit is nearly exhausted) They must. (Another room. A male figure is seated on a lounge chair). They must. They must come to us. They must come. (The same room from another angle. A second figure, female, is seated on another lounge chair.) They must. They must. They must come. They must. They must. (Another room in the same complex. A shrunken humanoid form is suspended in a life support tank.) They must come to us. They must come. They must.

Flight deck of the Liberator. Jenna presses intercom switch.

BLAKE(V.O.) Blake.

JENNAJenna. Sorry to wake you, but I think you should get down here.

BLAKE(V.O) What's wrong?

JENNAOur speed is increasing.

BLAKE(In his cabin, lying on cot.) Can't you compensate?

JENNA(V.O) It's not an external influence, it's us. The primary drive is accelerating.

BLAKEAll right. I'm on my way. (Rises)

Interior of hold three. Door opens, Cally enters. She is armed, carrying a rectangular device and a tool pouch. She moves to access duct, attaches the device to the panel and presses the activator. The timer activates. She exits the hold.

Flight deck of the Liberator. Blake enters from the passageway, buttoning his shirt.


JENNASpeed standard by three and building.

BLAKEHow quickly?

JENNAIf it continues like this it will be off the scale in about twelve minutes. Zen says the automatic repair service should have it under control by then though. Seems to be a malfunction in the PN overrides.

BLAKEZen, estimated repair time.

ZENEleven point three zero two minutes.

BLAKEWhew! That's cutting it a bit fine. What caused the malfunction?

ZENThe malfunction was deliberately induced.

JENNA(Whispered) Deliberately induced?

An intersection of passageways aboard the Liberator. Cally moves down the passageway. From an intersecting passage Vila enters.

VILACally. (Waits) Cally, what do you think of the outfit.

Cally stops, pauses and turns. She advances on Vila.


She strikes him on the head with the tool pouch.

Flight deck of the Liberator

JENNASpeed standard by four and building.

BLAKE(Depresses intercom switch) Avon.

Teleport area. Avon is working over an equipment console.


BLAKE(V.O.) I need you on the flight deck.

AVONI'm busy

BLAKE(V.O.) NOW, Avon.

Flight deck of the Liberator

BLAKEZen, how are the repairs going?

ZENThey are proceeding on schedule.

BLAKEWhat caused the malfunction? (Pause) Well?

ZENInvolvement is not permitted.

BLAKEIf the ship's blown up, lofty disinterest won't save you.

JENNASpeed standard by five and building.

BLAKEForward detectors on maximum. Full scan. Abort course programs. Key all navigation systems to anticipate potential collisions and neutralize.


BLAKE(Depresses intercom switch) Avon.

AVON(Still in teleport area) All right!

BLAKE(V.O.) If it was all right, I wouldn't need you here.

Cally enters teleport area. Watches Avon from entry. She moves forward when he notices her presence.

AVONOur leader seems a bit peaked.

CALLYWhat are you doing?

AVONA little private research.

CALLY(Moves to stand next to him) Why?

AVONAll knowledge is valuable.

CALLY(Touches her temple as if listening) Which are the forward detector links?

AVONWhat? (Pause) Oh, uh (Pause) Those two there. Why do you want to know that?

CALLYI'm interested in your work.

AVON(Pause) Yes. (Pause) Well, I suppose I'd better go and see what it is that Blake wants.

Avon exits. Cally moves to detector comp and unrolls tool pouch.

Flight deck of the Liberator

AVONWhat exactly are you accusing me of?

BLAKEI'm asking if your researches have included the PN overrides.

AVONI haven't been anywhere near them. (Sits down)

JENNASpeed standard by six and rising.

ZENThere is a partial malfunction on the forward detectors.

In the teleport area, Cally continues to tamper with the detector comp. It shorts out, burning her hand.

Flight deck of the Liberator

ZENForward detectors are now dysfunctional. Navigation computers have switched to theoretical projections.

BLAKENow we're blind as well.

JENNABut who?



AVONIt's Cally. (Rises and moves to passageway)

BLAKE(To Jenna as he follows Avon) Warn Gan and Vila. Blake and Avon exit.

JENNA(Depresses intercom switch) Gan.

Gan is reclining on a cot in his cabin

JENNA(V.O.) Respond please.

GANYes, Jenna. What is it.

Teleport area of the Liberator. Avon and Blake enter and stop. Cally is facing them, weapon in hand.

CALLYI should regret the necessity to kill you.

BLAKEWhy are you doing this, Cally.

SAYMON(V.O.) They must come.

CALLY(Advances on Blake and Avon) Move back to the flight deck.

AVONLook at the burns on her hand.

BLAKEShe must be in agony.

CALLY(Continues to advance) I will kill you if you do not obey.

Flight deck of the Liberator. Blake and Avon enter, Cally is not immediately visible behind them.

JENNASpeed standard by seven. Speed seems to be increasing by (breaks off when she catches sight of Cally). So it was you.

CALLY(Steps forward and motions Jenna away from flight controls. Jenna hesitates) Must you invite death?

JENNA(Joins Blake. Cally moves to the console and begins altering settings) Navigation computers can't cope with a change of course. We're running blind.

CALLY(Gan enters stealthily from other passageway). Don't move.

BLAKEJenna's right, Cally. This ship's out of control. We're as good as dead now. (Pause) Zen, what's our speed?

ZENStandard by eight point six five.

AVON(Steps forward) If you're trying to steal the ship, there are other ways.

JENNAYou're not Cally, are you.

SAYMON(V.O.) They must come.

Cally makes a move as if to shoot Jenna. Gan yells and grabs her hand. Cally cries out in pain and struggles with the crew, then blacks out.

The surface of the planet.

SAYMON(V.O.) They must come to us. They must. They must. They must come. (Interior of the lab.) They must come to us. They must. They must. They must come to us. They must. They must. They must come to us. They must come.

Flight deck of the Liberator. Avon and Jenna are at the flight controls. Blake and Gan are standing nearby. Cally is lying on the deck. She regains consciousness and attacks Blake. Gan restrains her and she collapses again. He holds her.

JENNA(Moves from controls and slaps Cally). Whoever you are, it's over.

CALLY(V.O. telepathically) Thank you, Jenna.

AVON(Pulls Cally's head around to face him) What was all that about? (She faints again)

BLAKE(To Gan) Better keep her sedated.

AVONAnd locked up or dumped.

JENNAYou should never have brought her on the ship.

AVON(To Vila as he enters) And where have you been hiding?

VILAAll I said was what do you think of the outfit.

ZENRepair monitors report explosive device attached to primary power channel.


ZENHold three, access duct seven.

BLAKECan the automatics neutralize it?


BLAKEWhy not?

ZENThere is no damage.

AVONComputer logic. Until the bomb explodes there is nothing for the repair system to repair. Zen, can you reprogram the automatics?

ZENPreemptive interference in crew activity is forbidden.

BLAKEOh, he'll clear up after us, but he won't stop us making a mess. (Exits, running down passageway)

AVON(Moves to follow him) You made this mess.

JENNAWe're all in it, Avon.

AVON(Over his shoulder from the passageway) Yes, aren't we.

Interior of hold three. The device attached to the access duct continues to tick.

On the flight deck of the Liberator

JENNA(To Gan as he carries Cally out) You better lock her in.

GANI will.

JENNA(To Vila) Anything on the detector scanners?

VILANot a thing.

JENNASpeed's up to standard by ten. Drive repairs, how long?

ZENOne point two five minutes.

VILACan you stop us then?

JENNAIf we don't hit something first. Forward detectors?

ZENRepair monitors are assessing the damage.

VILAA bomb was all we needed.

Blake runs down passageway and skids to a halt before the door to hold three. He enters hold and moves to examine the device. Avon enters behind him.

AVONBe careful of that thing. If the light goes out you've got about three seconds. (Blake touches the device, the light goes out.) Look out. (He lunges at Blake and pushes him out of the way. The bomb detonates).

Flight deck of the Liberator

ZENMajor disruption of primary power channel. All systems switched to auxiliary power. All drive units are dysfunctional.

The interior of hold 3. Blake and Avon are still on the floor.

BLAKEThank you. (Pause) Why?

AVONAutomatic reaction. I'm as surprised as you are.

BLAKEI'm not surprised.

Blake and Avon get up from floor. Blake exits, Avon stays and examines damage. Surface of the planet. Then the interior of the laboratory complex.

SAYMONWe must make ready. We must make ready. Ready. Ready. Ready. (The two figures rise and move into another room.) They approach, drawing closer. Closer. Closer. Closer. Closer. We must make ready. We must make ready.

On the flight deck of the Liberator.

JENNAIt wasn't what she was doing. It was the way she was. If you looked into her eyes it wasn't her looking back at you.

GANAvon says that's because she's an alien.

VILAEveryone's an alien to him.

BLAKEHe's certainly more at home with machines.

ZENThe navigation computers have completed a theoretical projection of Liberator's position.


ZENThis star system is largely uncharted.

VILAOh, that's marvelous. We're not sure where we are, but if they were sure they wouldn't know where it was anyway.

ZENRepairs to the primary power channel are complete. All drive units are now fully functional.

BLAKEReduce speed to standard by point five.

JENNAReverse primaries. Speed now standard by point five.

BLAKEPut up navigation projection.

Main viewscreen shows a series of six circles.

ZENCircles indicate projected planets. Positions are unconfirmed.

BLAKEWell, put up our estimated position. (An additional circle is added to main viewscreen close to one of the existing circles) That's too close to something we can't see.

JENNAAnd we're not sure is there.

BLAKEWhat about the detectors?

ZENPartial malfunction is still not traced. Repair monitors are in phase two reassessment.

BLAKEGan, see if there's anything you can do to help Avon. Tell him we need those detectors now.

GANRight. (Leaves flight deck)

ZENHull sensors indicate a major gravitational field within Liberator's ambit.

BLAKEJenna, compensate the gravitational drift.

JENNAOur speed's dropping.

BLAKEField drag?

JENNAField strength's only three point five. It must be something else.

ZENLimited range forward vision is available should you require it.

VILAWhy couldn't you tell us that before.

BLAKEPut up forward vision.

Main viewscreen shows strands of white in the path of the Liberator. Density of fibers increases.

VILAWhat is it?

JENNAMeteorite dust?

BLAKEStrands like that? Look there's more of it.

JENNAIt's rubbing across the hull.

VILAAnd it's getting thicker.

JENNAIt's like a spider's web.

VILASome spider.

JENNAThat's what's pulling our speed down.

BLAKEIncrease power to compensate.

JENNAIt's getting worse all the time.

BLAKEIf there is a planet there we should be close enough to get signals now. Vila, go and see how Cally is, will you.


JENNAIt's not catching.

VILAIt brought my head out in lumps.

BLAKEGet a move on.

VILARight, I'm going. (Leaves flight deck).

In the teleport area of the Liberator

AVON(Examining a portion of the detector equipment). Nothing wrong with that.

GANWhat are you trying to do?

AVONBypass the detector comp and use another of the systems to receive the signal.

GANCan it be done?

AVONOf course. It's just a matter of finding the link. Some of this technology is a little more advance to that which I'm used. I'm having to guess at some of it.

GANWhat about the automatic repair system.

AVONOh, it'll do the job. Eventually. It's very methodical. (Begins linking wires to Liberator systems). It starts at the beginning and it works its way through. It's slow. You should appreciate that problem. (Throws a switch. Circuit boards short and burn.) No, that wasn't the one.

GANIt'll take days to repair that.

AVONOn any ordinary computer system. But this isn't any ordinary computer system. A malfunction of that size would have registered on the autorepair. It should cut in about five seconds. Watch. (Pause, looking at his watch) It will be cutting in about (Pause) now. (Autorepair restores the circuitry.)

GANThat is fantastic.

AVONYes, isn't it. (Disconnects a wire) As a matter of fact it is. We could make a fortune with it if it wasn't for Blake.

GANIn what way?

AVONThere's always a market for technology like this.

GANI don't think Blake would agree to that.

AVONThere will come a time when he won't be making the decisions. (Avon smiles)

On the flight deck of the Liberator. Cally and Vila enter


VILAIt's all right. She doesn't remember a thing.

CALLYHow did I burn my hand?

BLAKEIt was an accident. (Takes hold of her arm) Look, we're very close to a planet but we don't know what it is. I can't find any transmission sources. Will you please run the checks for me. (She moves to communication position. Blake follows.)

ZENSensor indicate increasing density of silica based organic material adhering to the hull.

VILAAbout spider's webs.

BLAKEHmmm, what about them?

VILAThey're used for trapping food.

The exterior of the Liberator, moving through the increasingly dense strands.

The flight deck of the Liberator

BLAKE(to Cally) Anything?

CALLYI've tried all recognized systems but there is nothing. No transmissions of any kind.

BLAKEWe'll move out. Go back the way we came.

JENNAWithout detectors? Blind backtracking is a good way to run into pursuit ships.

BLAKEWe've no choice. If we get clear then we can outrun them if necessary.

ZENSensors register increasing gravitational influence. Field strength now eight point six.

BLAKEWe're moving closer into the planet. (He moves to the navigation position) Vila, I want a new course. Locate the center of that gravitational field. I want an attitude that takes us directly away from it.


BLAKEJenna, stand by to bring her round. (Pause) How much reserve power is there? Jenna. (Jenna is immobile, her hand extended toward the controls, eyes unfocused. Cally moves down to join Blake.) Jenna? What's wrong?

CALLYWhat is the matter with her?

BLAKEI don't know. Vila, give me a hand. We'll take her to her quarters.

SAYMON(V.O. speaking through Jenna) We have waited for your coming for many years. Welcome. It pleases us that you are here.

BLAKEWho are you?

SAYMONWe will meet shortly and then we shall answer all your questions. For now, it is only important that you understand the danger of your situation.


SAYMONYour ship is trapped. You cannot free yourselves.

BLAKEWe can free ourselves at any time we wish. You underestimate the power of our ship.

SAYMONOn the contrary. You overestimate it. We have examined your ship most carefully through our daughter Cally. You would require to sustain your maximum power for one hundred and sixty hours to break out of orbit. Your energy cells would be exhausted in less than one hundred. Gravitational attraction would draw you back to your present position before your cells would be recharged.

BLAKEIf we are trapped, then by whom?

SAYMONWe do have some influence on your safety in that it is within our power to release you from the web. That we can and will do in return for assistance from you.

BLAKEWhat do you want from us?

SAYMONIn a few moments we will transmit a homing signal. It will give you a precise landing position. We will talk again when you have landed.


CALLY(Touching her temple) It has left her. Blake, that could've been one of the Lost.

BLAKEWell, don't be mystical Cally. Explain.

CALLYIt is the legend of my people. They were cast out. Unfit to share the soul of Auronar.

A signal begins broadcasting to the Liberator. Cally moves back to the communications position.

CALLYYes, it is a beacon signal.

BLAKEGet a fix on it.

VILAAre you going down?

BLAKENot if I can help it. I don't like the sound of anything I heard. Let's try to pull her out of here.

JENNA(Recovered, unaware of passage of time) Ready to go about?

BLAKEJenna? Are you all right now?

JENNAYes. (Pause) Of course, I am.

BLAKEYes. Vila is the course set?

VILAUh, on the panel now.

BLAKELock onto it Jenna.

JENNAShe's responding very slowly. Coming round. That's it. Locked onto course.

BLAKERight. Give it all we've got. Full thrust.

JENNAComing up. Full power.


JENNAStandard by one half.

BLAKECut in the auxiliaries.

JENNAThat's helped at bit. We're now up to standard by one and one half and building but slowly.



BLAKEIt's time to use the neutron blasters.

VILAAt last. I've been looking forward to this.

BLAKETake it easy. It might blow us all up. Se if you can blast a hole through that web. Fire.

Vila attempts to fire. An alarm sounds.

ZENNeutron flare shield has not been activated.

VILAWhich one's that?

BLAKEActivate the neutron flare shield.

ZENConfirmed. Blasters are cleared for firing.

Vila fires. Main viewscreen shows the blasters clear a hole in the web. it begins to close up again immediately.

VILAI did it.

JENNAWe're picking up speed.

BLAKEAll right, now keep it going.

VILAIt's closing up.

JENNAWe're getting drag again. We're slowing down.

BLAKEFire again, Vila.

Vila fires again with similar result.

ZENPower banks one and two now exhausted. Energy drain exceeds recharge capacity.

VILAEvery time I blast a hole in it, it just knits up again.

BLAKEHow long can we sustain this rate of power loss, Zen?

ZENStandard drive plus auxiliaries can be sustained for ninety hours. Each neutronic discharge reduces that capacity by three hours.

BLAKEHow much distance have we covered?

ZENOne hundred spacials.

BLAKEWe're not going to make it. All power off.

JENNAAll off.

CALLYWhat will you do?

BLAKEWe don't have much choice.

JENNAWe're drifting in again.

BLAKELet her go. Cally, get an exact fix on that beacon. Tell Avon and tell him to stand by. I'm going to have to teleport down. Vila, I want an atmosphere and gravity check.

Surface of the planet. Decimas are wandering through the compound.

SAYMONThere is little time left. They will come to us, but it must be soon. There is little time left. (Interior of the lab. Saymon suspended in his life support tank) They will come to us, but it must be soon. It must be soon. It must be soon. (View of Decimas, outside the lab, pounding on the windows.) Soon. Soon. Soon. Soon. There is little time left. Soon. Soon.

In the teleport area of the Liberator



CALLY(Enters, carrying surface gear) I must come with you.


CALLYBut you can trust me.


BLAKEI know we can. Whatever's down there can control you. It's already demonstrated that.

CALLYI was unprepared.

AVONSo were we.

BLAKEIt's better that you stay here. (Moves to stand by teleport console. To Avon) If I call for backup get down there fast.

GANWe'll be ready.

BLAKEGan, keep an eye on Cally. (Gan gives thumbs up sign)

AVONWhat if something should happen to you and we can't get you back?

BLAKEThen all you have to do is get everybody else out of this mess. (Stands within teleportation area. Avon smiles slightly) All right put me down.

Avon teleports Blake. Cally leaves the teleport area, followed by Gan. On the surface of the planet Blake materializes in a wooded area. There are thick strands of a white substance clinging to the foliage. Light colored round objects are scattered throughout. He starts toward the clearing. From cover a Decima throws a crude spear. It strikes Blake in the hand. He draws his weapon and moves quickly toward the laboratory complex. At the main entrance to the laboratory an unarmed Decima approaches Blake.

BLAKEKeep back.

DECIMAHelp us. Help us please.

The door opens and Novara steps out. He raises his weapon and touches the Decima in the chest with it. The weapon discharges and kills the Decima.

NOVARACome inside. There are more of them in the compound.

Blake and Novara step inside the lab. Geela is waiting just inside.

GEELAYou are hurt. Come, I will treat the wound.

They move through to another room. Geela begins cleaning the wound on Blake's hand.

BLAKE(To Novara) Why did you kill him, he was no threat.

NOVARAOne of them obviously was, but don't worry it was only a Decima.

GEELAYou were lucky. It could have been much worse. We've had groups of more than fifty of them in this area. (Pause) Can you close your hand?

BLAKE(Closes hand slowly, painfully. Sharp intake of breath)

GEELAThe tendons are not cut. (Geela extracts an organism from a container and places it on the wound.)

BLAKEWhat is it?

GEELADon't be alarmed. It's a simple enzyme culture. Tissue regeneration will take only a few moments.

NOVARAI'm sorry this happened. The Decimas are becoming a problem. When we have full power again we will reduce their numbers.

BLAKEHe was asking for help.

GEELADon't waste your sympathy. They want help to destroy us. Stupid they may be, but they know that our power is diminished. That we are at our most vulnerable. There only hope for a future is to wipe us out.

NOVARAThey've made several full scale assaults on the lab. They can't do too much harm of course. Their weapons are too primitive. But they are a threat. And they will have to be suppressed.

GEELAThere, you see it's dead. (Brushes away the desiccated remains of the organism)

BLAKE(Examining his healed hand) That is astonishing.

NOVARAA useful technique for small wounds.

They move into an adjoining room.

BLAKEI've never seen anything like it before.

NOVARAOur mission has specialized in tissue creation and regenerative processes.

GEELAAmong other things.

They all sit down.

NOVARAI am Novara and this is my sister Geela.


GEELAWe are happy to see you. We thought your ship would land. How did you come here?

BLAKEWe have a teleportation process.

NOVARAFascinating, perhaps you would explain it to us.

BLAKEI thought you had already examined our ship.

NOVARANot all of it.

BLAKEYou used Cally to sabotage us and force us to come here.

GEELAWould you have come otherwise?


NOVARAIn that case, we apologize.

BLAKEYou communicated with us through another member of my crew.

NOVARAA simple mental process known to the ancients. We have developed and refined it. It is more reliable than mechanical transmissions.

BLAKEYou said you have a way to free us from the web.

GEELAThat is correct. We created "the web" as you call it.

BLAKEWhat is it?

NOVARAIt is a silica based life form. A mutation not unlike fungus. Its spores germinate rapidly and it has enormous tensile strength. It can trap and hold the most powerful ship.

BLAKEWhat's it for?

NOVARAIt was a line of research which got out of control.

BLAKEThen how do I release my ship?

GEELAWe developed a fungicide that can be projected by a beam. It will clear a corridor through the web. You will be able to move freely.

NOVARAHowever, that is where the problem lies. The problem is both yours and ours.

BLAKEAnd so presumably the reason why you brought us here.

They stand up.

GEELALet us show you. Come.

They move to another room where a power control unit is operating. You recognize this?

BLAKEPower cells?

NOVARAFlutonic power cells. As you can see from the registers one of them is totally exhausted. The other almost so.

BLAKEAnd you have no means of recharging them.

GEELANo, when we have used what remains our life support systems will fail and we will die.

NOVARABut perhaps more significant from your point of view, we do not have enough power to project the fungicide.

BLAKESo you want me to provide fully charged energy cells. And in return ...

GEELAWe provide clear passage out of orbit.

BLAKE(Examining the unit) I don't know that we have this type of cell. I dare say we have something that can be adapted.

NOVARAThen you agree?

Outside the lab, Decimas scream and pound on the windows.



Geela and Novara move to one side of the lab. Blake moves to the other side of the lab and looks out the door. He sees a circle of Decimas removing their dead comrade. A few moments later, Geela and Novara join him.

NOVARAThe attack was a diversion so they could move their dead.

GEELAStupid creatures. Taking of life seems to affect them. Almost as if they had emotions.

The Decimas begin to throw rocks at the door.

NOVARAThe changes in them are astonishing. The earlier generations showed no indication of aggression. (Pause) Are you going to contact your ship?


Flight deck of the Liberator.


BLAKE(V.O.) Tell Avon I need two fully charged flutonic power cells.

CALLYI will tell him.

In the laboratory complex.

BLAKECall me when he is ready to bring them down.

CALLY(V.O.) Understood.

Flight deck of the Liberator.

VILAAsk him what's happening down there.

CALLYNo, he's gone. He didn't sound as if he was in trouble.

JENNAHe'd have found a way of letting us know if he was.

CALLYBut the Lost have great power.

VILAWhy would they need these cells then? (Pause) I'll go and tell Avon. (Exits)

GANFlutonic power cells.

ZENThe detector malfunction has been rectified. Full function on all systems is now available.

JENNARun immediate navigation check and pinpoint our position, then a maximum range orbital scan.

ZENDetectors indicate unidentified craft at extreme range.

JENNAPut them on the screen.

Main viewer displays graphic of five federation pursuit ships in close formation

CALLYThere they are.

JENNAPursuit ships. Don't they ever give up.

GANZen, are they coming this way?

ZENIf they maintain present course and speed they will pass at a range not exceeding two million spacials.

JENNATheir detectors'll pick us up at that distance. That's too close.

CALLYShall I tell Blake?

JENNAThere's nothing he can do till we're out of the web.

CALLYBut he should be told.

JENNAIf he's bargaining it will weaken his position.

CALLYYou're very practical.

Decimas are exploring the area immediately outside the laboratory. Inside, Geela is making adjustments to the console.

GEELAComplete. The beam is now aligned to your ship. When we have full power this control will project a ray that will clear a route through the web. It will take three hours to close in again.

BLAKEShould be enough time.

They move back into the adjoining room.

BLAKEWhat was the original purpose of the project?

NOVARAGenetic engineering. The main aims were to halt the aging process in humans. To find a way to maintain continuous life.


NOVARAAnd to create a new species of animal. Creatures that would be able to perform simple menial tasks. Animal machines that cost nothing to produce and little to maintain.

BLAKE(Laughs). Experiments like that have been banned for centuries.

GEELAWhich is why we had to establish our laboratory on an uninhabited planet.

BLAKEWere any of these creatures made?

NOVARAYes. We engineered an efficient four function animal. Using the same basic genetic form we then increased it to ten functions. The Decimas.

BLAKEYou made the Decimas?

GEELAThe prototypes. They breed naturally, but a mutant strain has become dominant. They seem capable of thought. They exhibit primitive emotions, weaknesses we thought we had eradicated.

NOVARAThey will all have to be eliminated so that we can be certain the mutant strain is destroyed.

BLAKEThey're intelligent, living creatures. You can't just wipe them out.

GEELAWe gave them life. We have the right to take it from them. Please don't concern yourself. They're simply laboratory constructed animals as are we.

BLAKEYou? You are made?

NOVARAWe were genetically engineered, allowed to grow to maturity, then our aging processes were stopped. We have no lives of our own. We are simply flesh and blood creatures operated by our creators.

SAYMON(V.O. speaking through Geela) (Laughs) You seem confused my friend. We had intended not to meet with you. However, you will be leaving us shortly. No harm can come from your knowing us. Geela will bring you.

GEELACome with us, please.

Blake follows Geela and Novara back through the room and into the lounge area. His communicator chimes.

BLAKE(Into communicator)Blake.


BLAKEYou ready?

In the teleport area of the Liberator

AVONOne of the flutonic power cells is fully charged. The other will be ready in precisely two minutes.

In the laboratory.

BLAKEGet them down here as soon as you can.

In the teleport area of the Liberator

AVONThere's something else. The detector banks are now fully functional. They've located the pursuit ships and they're coming this way.

BLAKE(V.O.) Have everybody standing by. In the laboratory We'll move out as soon as we're both back on board.

AVON(V.O.) Good.

BLAKE(to Geela) I'm sorry.

The three climb a few steps and enter a room Blake has not seen before. The room is dominated by a tank containing the shrunken body of a being suspended in fluid and hooked to a life support system.

SAYMONYou must excuse me. I have not spoken with these lips in a long time. My name is Saymon. That is the name by which this body was once known. I am a corporate identity. We exist through this body.


SAYMONWe were from Auron. There were six of us when we set off on this project. Unfortunately our knowledge was not far enough advanced then to eliminate death. But we did possess the power to keep alive our thoughts and ideas. The bodies reverted but the minds lived on.

BLAKECally's people. The Auronar.

SAYMONYes. We were from the Auronar but not of them as Cally is.

BLAKEThat's why you were able to control her.

SAYMONThat is why we had to control her. She would not have accepted us freely.

BLAKEYou are the only one of the six that is left?

SAYMONMechanical aids sustain this body. Through it all six of us continue to live. Our combined mental powers generate Geela and Novara to carry out all physical operation in our experiments.

BLAKE(Looks at Novara and Geela) They have no life of their own.

SAYMONNone. If our life support should fail, they would simply wither away. Thanks to you and your energy cells that will not occur.

BLAKESo that all I have spoken to them about, all they have told me, that was you talking not them.


BLAKEAnd did you mean what you said? You're going to destroy the Decimas.

SAYMONIt would have been wiser to have done so before they became so numerous. But to discharge a lethal level of radiation required more power than we had available.

BLAKEBut the cells I'm providing will give you that power?

SAYMONOf course.

BLAKENo. I can't let that happen.

SAYMONWithout that power you cannot escape the web.

BLAKEThen we must come to a new understanding. You won't get those cells until we do. (In the teleport area of the Liberator) (V.O.) Avon stay on board until you hear from me.

VILAThis is Vila.

BLAKE(V.O.) Don't teleport Avon until I say so.

VILAI just did. (In the laboratory) (V.O.) I put him down about ten seconds ago.

BLAKE(To Saymon) He'll be in the compound now.

SAYMONIf the Decimas reach him, he'll be in danger. Those power cells must be protected.

BLAKEI don't give a damn about your power cells. There's a friend of mine out there.

He turns and runs for the main entrance of the complex. Geela and Novara intercept him near the exit. NOVARA/GEELA: (Simultaneously) We will help.

Outside the entrance to the lab, the three survey the compound.

BLAKE(To Geela) You take that side. (To Novara) You take that side. And I'll go straight on.

The separate. Novara moves through the area followed by Decimas. Geela moves in the opposite direction also followed by Decimas. Blake moves toward the area where he first teleported down searching for Avon.

AVON(From behind Blake) I've been looking for you. What's going on?

BLAKELet's get under cover first. (They move behind some undergrowth and crouch down) Got the cells?

AVON(Indicating a box in his hand) What do you think these are, field rations?

BLAKEListen, these's a problem. If we let them have those, they'll use them to wipe out an entire race of creatures, people here.

AVONIf it concerns you, don't give them the cells.

BLAKENo, there's more. They've got a carrier beam which projects a fungicide which'll clear a way through the web for us. It doesn't work without this power.

AVONAh well, if it's between the creatures and us there's no argument. Even your irrational conscience should be able to cope with that. (Pause) What do you want to do?

BLAKEHold off long enough to make a deal.

AVONYou're going to have to be quick, Blake. Those pursuit ships are coming this way.

BLAKEI'll hide these cells. (Conceals power cells in the undergrowth). They can have them when they agree to our terms.

AVONWhat ARE our terms?

BLAKEThey can use lethal radiation to kill everything out here. If they allow us to destroy the radiation equipment at least the Decimas will have some form of chance.

AVONWhy should they agree?

BLAKEThey need the power. They can't survive without it.

AVONNeither can we.

BLAKEI'll bear that in mind. (Tosses empty box away.)

AVONDon't worry. I'll remind you.

Novara and Geela approach. Blake and Avon rise. Avon draws his weapon.

NOVARALet's get back inside quickly. Where are the cells?

BLAKEHe didn't bring them. We'll get them when we've talked.

GEELAYou are lying.

BLAKEYou will get them when you agree to our terms.

NOVARA(To Avon) Put your weapon down. (Avon looks at Blake) Do it! (To Blake) You. Now, the cells.

AVONI didn't bring them.

GEELA(Touches Avon's hand with her weapon. She releases his hand.) Minimum power. A full charge would cut you in half.

NOVARAUnderstand. Your lives are totally unimportant to us.

BLAKEAll right.

Blake retrieves the energy cells.


They all move back into the laboratory building.

GEELA(Just inside the main door) The cells.

Blake surrenders the cells to Geela. She hands them to Novara. He goes through to the power unit without securing the main door and begins installing the cells. Blake, Avon and Geela follow him.

NOVARA(Completing installation) I will irradiate.

BLAKENo! Novara.

Decimas who have been quietly entering through the open main doorway attack Geela and Novara, but leave the members of the Liberator crew unharmed. During the confusion, Blake moves to the power console and activates the fungicide beam.

BLAKERight, that's the beam.

Avon and Blake move to the stairs leading to Saymon's sanctuary.

AVONThese are what you wanted to protect.

BLAKEThey're fighting for their lives.

AVONWho isn't.

They step inside the room.

Exterior of the Liberator trapped in the silica web. A pulsing light beam strikes the web and the ship. The web begins to dissolve.

On the flight deck of the Liberator. Jenna, Gan and Cally are waiting.


Main viewscreen shows the web dissolving.

GANHe did it. We're free.

JENNANot yet.

Interior of the laboratory. The Decimas continue their attack. They are destroying equipment. Geela and Novara are dead. The Decimas attack their remains.

AVON(Back on the stairs) Let's get out of here.

BLAKE(Into communicator) Blake. We're ready. Bring us up.

They step back into Saymon's room and teleport field envelops them. Saymon screams. The Decimas move into the room and begin to destroy his life support tank.

Flight deck of the Liberator

BLAKENavigation computer to evasive action strategy. Key course and speed to optimum escape probability. Basically, lose them, Zen.


AVONOne thing they proved back there.


AVONBiological machines will never replace the real thing. They're far too unpredictable.

BLAKEAt least the Decimas stand a chance now. You can't separate living creatures. Being alive involves them together.

AVONI couldn't agree with you less.

BLAKEIt's a fact of life. Zen, when we've lost the pursuit ships, resume course for Centero.


AVONI'll tell you a fact of life Blake. Change is inevitable.

BLAKEWhy else we'd fight, Avon.
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