Script for Mission to Destiny

by Terry Nation

Transcribed by Dan Stephenson

with appreaciated help from Frances Teagle.

Roj BlakeGareth Thomas
Jenna StannisSally Knyvette
Kerr AvonPaul Darrow
CallyJan Chappell
Vila RestalMichael Keating
Olag GanDavid Jackson
ZenPeter Tuddenham
Dr. KendallBarry Jackson
SaraBeth Morris
MandrianStephen Tate
SonheimNigel Humphreys
LevettKate Coleridge
GrovaneCarl Forgione
PascoJohn Leeson
RaffordBrian Capron
DortmunnStuart Fell

Shot of a freighter, the ORTEGA, in transit. Cut to Flight Deck - Rafford is alone at the controls, and yawns. Bleeper/red light activates. Rafford pushes some panel buttons.

RAFFORD[Into microphone] Log entry one forty three. Flight time zero one zero, elapsed nine zero. We have reached course delta red two. New heading locked in, all systems functioning. Log entry closes.

[He picks up map viewer and inserts a new map transparency. Cut to corridor, someone is approaching the door. Back to Rafford, he is marking on map. Unknown person enters]

RAFFORDAh, come on in, I could do with some company. I feel sleepy all of a sudden. Just finished marking up this.

[He turns, smiling, and is met with a heavy blow on the head. He cries out, another blow and he collapses across the instrument panel, head bleeding. View of a gloved hand wielding a hammer smashing several instruments. The attacker leaves to Yellow corridor, still unseen on camera.]

LIBERATOR in space, then cut to flight deck. Jenna and Blake are watching the scanner of a circling ship's trace.

JENNAThere it is, look. Circling every two minutes.
BLAKEWhen d'you pick it up?
JENNAJust before I called you.
BLAKEIt's circling all the time?
JENNAYes. Zen says it's a Mark Three Galaxy Class cruiser.
BLAKEGalaxy Class? That's outer planets manufacture, isn't it?
JENNARight, but Mark Three went out of production at least fifty years ago.
BLAKEGetting any signals from them?
JENNANo, she's as quiet as a grave. [Shot of scanner on screen]
BLAKEProbably guidance control systems.
JENNAThat ship's in trouble. It's the only thing that makes any sense.
BLAKEYou think so?
BLAKEAll right, we'd better take a look at her. [to Zen] Zen, abort course programs, Take us in to 200 spacials and match vectors.
BLAKEI want everything in the data banks concerning Galaxy Class cruisers.
ZENComplete data is extensive.
BLAKEGood. How long before we're in teleport range?
ZENThat will depend on speed as yet unspecified.
BLAKE[smiling at Jenna] Standard By Four?
ZENSixteen point one four zero nine zero one minutes.
JENNA[grinning] Approximately speaking, of course.
ZENIt is estimated that you will require one hunDR.ed and twenty eight hours to assimilate all available data on Galaxy Class cruisers.
BLAKE[perturbed] Mark Three? [Shot of Liberator turning]

LIBERATOR approaching the circling ORTEGA

AVONNo sign of external damage.
BLAKEAccording to the data banks, Galaxy Class cruisers are fitted with communicators. See if you can raise a voice contact, will you Cally?
VILAI don't like this.
JENNA[mocking] That's unusual.
VILAMock if you like, but I can always sense danger.
GANYes, even when there isn't any.
AVONScan doesn't show any modifications. I think it's just what it seems to be.

Cally heard at the communicator, mentioning 'Liberator' and 'Galaxy Class Cruiser'.

BLAKEAn obsolete civilian cruiser. [to Cally] Any luck Cally?
CALLYNo response on any channel.
BLAKEAll right, I'm going across. Will you come with me, Avon? Cally? Vila...
VILAYou don't need me to come over! [worried]
BLAKENo, I need you to work the teleport.
VILARight. [relieved] [Jenna smiles]
BLAKEZen, take us in to one hundred spacials and hold.

ORTEGA - Crew Room. Blake, Avon and Cally teleport in.

AVONThere you are, deserted. [They examine the room]
BLAKE[Examines chess board in play] If they did abandon, they certainly did it in a hurry.
AVONIf the last of this mark is built half a century ago, this ship could have been here a very long time.
CALLYNo, these space condition reports are recent.
BLAKEThere is an odd smell, sort of sickly-sweet.
CALLYYes, there is something.
AVONCould be the change of atmosphere, a different recycle system to that of the Liberator.
BLAKENo, it's more than that. I.. I can't place it... Alright, shall we get on with it? You go on down towards the stern, Cally and I'll work up towards the flight deck.
AVONRight, I'll just contact Vila. [to Vila, Blake and Cally leave] Are you awake?
VILA[through bracelet] No.
AVON[smiles] That's what I thought. It's very quiet here. If it should get noisy, I'll be in touch.

Yellow corridor - Blake and Cally are opening doors.

BLAKEIt's that same smell again.

The second cabin contains two unconscious people, Sara and Mandrian. Blake and Cally enter, Blake yawns. Sara and Mandrian are examined.

BLAKEThe girl's alive.
CALLYSo's this one. The pulse is strong.
BLAKENo visible sign of injury.
CALLYD'you think they're drugged?
CALLYThey could be drugged.
BLAKEPossibly. I don't know - possibly. They're certainly in a coma of some sort. [Cally starts to keel over and Blake is affected by something] No, it's no good. We'll, we need the... Cally, that's it. Cally, wake up!
CALLY[telepathically] Alone...
BLAKEYes, Cally! [shakes her]
CALLY[groggy] What?
BLAKEIt's Sonovapour. Tranquilizing gas.
BLAKEYeah, that's why we're so sleepy... [Closes cabin ventilator] Must be bypassing the filters. I must find the filter system... That'll cut off the flow, it was coming through the ventilators.. Filters! See what you can do for those two. [Leaves, Cally composes herself]

Green corridor - Avon comes out of a door as Blake approaches cautiously]

BLAKEAvon. Have you found anything?
AVONTake a look. [Motions to Dr. Kendall is seen unconscious in a chair] He's the fourth one I've found, all of them unconscious. It's... Sonovapour.
BLAKEYes I know. We found a couple. It must be coming from the filters.
AVONYes, well that should be... this way.

Back to Cally - she leaves the cabin and goes along Yellow Corridor to flight deck door. She turns away, it opens slightly, she looks back, draws her gun, goes back and jerks it open. Rafford falls out, she grimaces and kneels beside him.

Filter room - Blake and Avon enter and look around. Blake finds the filter system.

BLAKEIt's over here.
AVONHere it is. [Spots and extracts a gas cylinder] Not a very expert job. Just stuck the tubing into the primary feed.
BLAKEIt's effective, though. [Avon disconnects the cylinder]
AVONLook at the gauge. The cylinder is almost empty.
BLAKEHmm, once it was empty, the filter system would have cycled the gas out of the atmosphere.
AVONAt which point everybody would just wake up. On the face of it, a seemingly pointless exercise.
BLAKESo wake them up and ask them what it's all about. Increase the oxygen supply, it will speed recovery. [Avon does so. They leave]

Flight deck - Cally enters and look around. She picks up a gas cylinder, puts it down and turns to the door, hearing Blake and Avon outside in the corridor. Blake and Avon have found Rafford's body]

CALLYHe's dead.
BLAKEVery. [They enter the flight deck]
CALLYSomeone was very thorough. All this damage has jammed the main controls on a circular flight pattern.
BLAKECan it be repaired?
AVONThat would depend on what their replacement stores are like.
CALLY[Picks up map viewer] Look at this - it's blood. He tried to write something. [Hands it to Avon]
AVONFive four one two four. Whatever that might mean.
BLAKECould be anything. Call sign, transmission frequency, navigation index, anything.
CALLYBut it is important. He must have been dying when he wrote it. [Loud screams - Cut to corridor, Sara is standing over Rafford's body. Exterior of Liberator and Ortega circling]

ORTEGA Crew Room - Everyone is present

DR. KENDALLI'm sorry, I just don't know. I haven't any answers to your questions. All I remember was I went my quarters and fell asleep in a chair. At least that's where I was when I woke up a few minutes ago and found all this going on.
BLAKEYes, I know exactly how you feel, well, just relax and try to remember. [to crew] Where were the rest of you when all this going on?
SONHEIMWhat gives you the right to ask?
BLAKEYou need our help.
SONHEIMI was off duty. I share quarters with Pasco.
PASCOWe were both there. Routine rest period.
BLAKEAnd your name?
SONHEIMSonheim. We must have slept through it all, as Dr. Kendall did.
BLAKE[to Grovane] And you?
GROVANEI was in the communications center trying to make repairs. I remember feeling very drowsy, that's about all. And my name's Grovane. [shrugs] That's all.
SARAMandrian and I were together. The first thing I knew was when I came out into the corridor and saw Rafford.
BLAKE[to Levett] And you?
LEVETTI am called Levett.
BLAKEDid you see or hear anything?
LEVETTI was asleep in my quarters.
BLAKEWould anybody else have seen you there?
SONHEIMWhy should anyone else bother.
PASCOAll right, there's no need for that.
LEVETTThere are worse things than being alone, Sonheim. Being with you is one of them.
DR. KENDALLWe're getting away from the point a little, aren't we?
BLAKEYou were all knocked out by Sonovapour, but at sometime in the last twelve hours, your pilot was murdered. And since you're the only people here on board, then I presume...
GROVANENo we're not. Dortmunn isn't here.
BLAKEWho is Dortmunn?
GROVANEFlight engineer.
BLAKEWell, where is he?
DR. KENDALLI want him found, Mandrian. Search the whole ship. He's got to be here somewhere.
MANDRIANSonheim, Levett. [All the crew leave except Dr. Kendall]
BLAKEWhilst your people look for him I'll go and see how my people are getting on. They're on the flight deck assessing the damage. Will you come with me?

Flight Deck - Avon and Cally are removing damaged circuit boards.

AVONWell, there's nothing I can do with that, it'll have to be replaced.
BLAKE[Entering with Dr. Kendall] What's the situation?
AVONWell, we can fit some of it back together, but there are a lot of components that will have to be replaced.
DR. KENDALLCan it be made operational?
AVONThe interesting thing is as far as I can see that all this damage was done but for one purpose: to prevent the orbiting flight pattern which you are now in from being altered.
DR. KENDALLI don't understand any of this. First the trouble with the communicators, and now sabotage.
CALLYWhat happened to the communicators?
DR. KENDALLJust after we started back on the return trip there was a burnout in the main circuits. Grovane, the communications officer, thought the damage couldn't be accidental. Apparently, all the safety circuits were still intact - they'd been bypassed somehow. It's still not working. [Avon pulls a crystal out of the console]
BLAKEThis man Dortmunn they're looking for, could he have any reason to sabotage you?
DR. KENDALLNone that I can think of. He's a fine man and a first class engineer. [his communicator buzzes] Kendall.
MANDRIAN[through communicator] Mandrian. We're in section nine, Doctor, you'd better come down. There's something you should see.
BLAKELead the way. [Kendall and Blake leave]
AVONThis is a pity. [shows the crystal to Cally]
CALLYWhat is it?
AVONThe Ison crystal. Even if we should get the ship operational, it will be blind. With this fractured, there isn't a chance of outside vision.

A corridor - Sara eyes Mandrian as Blake and Kendall enter.

DR. KENDALLWhat have you found?
SARA[She indicates control panel] Life Rocket Two has been launched.
BLAKEThat explains where Dortmunn got to.
MANDRIANHe's taking a tremendous chance. Those life rockets have a limited range. It certainly couldn't carry him to the nearest habitable planet.
DR. KENDALLBut why? Why would he do that?
BLAKEIf he killed Rafford, he's got nothing to lose. A ship this size, you can't hide forever.
DR. KENDALLIt still doesn't explain why. Not just the murder - the malicious damage, the- [Pauses, as an explanation strikes him] It's not possible. I'd better check just to be sure. [Leaves]

Kendall's Quarters - He enters, Blake following, and goes to a wall safe, inserts a bar-shaped key and punches a number. As the door opens he removes a metal box and opens it.

DR. KENDALL[sighs] For a moment, I thought Dortmunn might have taken it. If he had, everything that has happened would have made sense. But it's here. It had to be, of course. It's impossible to open the safe without a molecular key and combination, and I'm the only one on the ship that has those.
BLAKEWell, what is it?
DR. KENDALLIt's an energy refractor, a neutrotope.
BLAKEWhat does it do?
DR. KENDALLI'll explain. I and my crew come from Destiny, way out here on the edge of the Galaxy. [Points to star chart]
BLAKEYes, I've heard of that. It was colonized what, about a hundred years ago?
DR. KENDALLThat's right.
BLAKEBut you're still not members of the Federation?
DR. KENDALLThey've approached us, threatened, but we've resisted so far. Ours is an agricultural economy. We've a small fleet of mercantile ships to trade with our nearest neighbors. Our people live well, but simply. At least they did.
BLAKEWhat happened?
DR. KENDALLTowards the end of the last growing season, just as the main crop was coming into maturity, reports came in that the plants were dying, wilting and dying. It spread across both our continents with incredible speed. We estimated that in under a year there would be no living vegetation left on the planet.
BLAKEBut did you isolate the cause?
DR. KENDALLIt was a fungal disease. Identifying it was one thing, but destroying it - it was resistant to everything. In under three months, half the planet was buried in a covering of slimy white fungus. The stench was vile and it was still spreading.
BLAKEYou think this uhh, neutrotope will provide the answer? [Picks up neutrotope and examines it]
DR. KENDALLMy experiments show that radiation from our sun was deficient in certain specific wavelengths. The neutrotope will provide the necessary frequencies to kill the fungus.
BLAKEAnd you'll mount this on a satellite to be activated by your sun?
DR. KENDALLThat's right.
DR. KENDALLWe've calculated the orbital pattern required to maintain a balance and save our planet. [quickly takes neutrotope from Blake holding it up high]
DR. KENDALLYes, this has cost us... well, let's say it's bankrupted our economy and mortgaged our future.
BLAKEWhy so much?
DR. KENDALLThe yield from the ore containing the element is minute. This neutrotope and the few others that exist are the most valuable objects in our Galaxy.
BLAKEYes, well I can see why you were concerned that Dortmunn might have taken it.
DR. KENDALL[Putting it in the box] Yes, it's enough to tempt anyone. There are men who would betray their companions for a lot less.
AVON[Appearing in doorway] What a very cynical thought, Doctor.
DR. KENDALLBut realistic, I'm afraid.
AVONCally and I have finished checking the damage. I can give you a fairly accurate assessment of the situation now. We can fit things together and we can make repairs.
AVON[With a slight smile] There is, however, a problem.

Crew Room - all crew present

AVONWhen we've finished, you should have a ship that will navigate and get you back to destiny. The problem, is that without THIS, [holds up Ison crystal] you will have to travel at sub-light speeds. I estimate that the journey will take you approximately five months to complete.

{SONHEIM: But that'll be too late! together { We'll miss the planting season! { Five months! {GROVANE: It'll set us back a full year!

DR. KENDALLWhen I heard the news I was concerned as you are, delay that long would be disastrous, but there is an alternative.
BLAKELiberator can make the journey in four days. What I've suggested is that Avon and Cally stay here and help you with your repairs. I take the neutrotope to Destiny, and then come back to collect them.
MANDRIANNo. We can't do that. We can't just hand over the neutrotope to some passing stranger.
SONHEIMI agree. We've been trusted with this mission, we can't simply forget our responsibility.
MANDRIANThere are plenty of ready markets for the neutrotope. If it was stolen and sold, a man could be wealthy beyond - beyond imagining. That thing is a temptation even for those of us with our homes, families, and lives at stake. You have nothing at stake, nothing to lose.
AVONIt is frequently easier to be honest when you have nothing to lose.
BLAKEThe responsibility for the neutrotope belongs to all of you. There is a risk that if you entrust it to me, I may fly off never to be seen again. You have to weigh that chance against the effects a year's delay would have on the possibility of your planet's recovery. We made the offer, the choice is up to you.
CALLYRemember that Avon and I will be staying. We will regard ourselves as hostages against Blake's return.
AVONWell thank you Cally, what a clever idea.
CALLY[telepathically] Blake will return.
AVONYou can bet your life on it, in fact you've just bet both our lives on it. [Blake smiles at their banter]
DR. KENDALLPersonally, I have no hesitation about accepting the offer. Well, delivery of the neutrotope is vital. And anyway, after what's happened here, it may well be safer with Blake. However, we'll vote on it. Those in favor? [Raises his own hand. Levett raises her hand followed by Pasco and Grovane. Sonheim crosses his arms. As Mandrian turns away, Sara raises hers] That's about four to three, in favor. We accept gratefully.
BLAKERight, I'd like to get started right away.
DR. KENDALLOf course. Sara, would you get the neutrotope, please? [Sara leaves, then Mandrian storms out]
BLAKEAll right, it's a natural reaction. Right, I'll get back to you as soon as I can. You're quite sure about volunteering to stay?
CALLYWe must help these people. [She and Avon hand their teleport bracelets to Blake]
AVONMust we? Personally, I don't care if their whole planet turns into a mushroom. I shall stay because I don't like an unsolved mystery.
BLAKEYou don't think Dortmunn and his life rocket are the answer?
BLAKEWhy not.
AVONThere is something else that has to happen before it all begins to come together. [Sara returns with the neutrotope box and gives it to Blake]
BLAKE[To Sara] Thank you. [To Cally and Avon] Better give me your guns. [They hand them over]
DR. KENDALLDon't fail us.
BLAKEI won't. [into bracelet] Vila, bring me up. [he teleports away]
CALLYMy people have a saying, a man who trusts can never be betrayed, only mistaken.
AVONLife expectancy must be fairly short among your people.

LIBERATOR - Jenna and Gan doing routine checks.

JENNAThree two point one oh.
JENNAThree two one oh oh.
VILA[Entering with Blake] Where are Cally and Avon?
BLAKEIt's a long story.
VILAWell what's in the box?
BLAKEIt's an even longer story.
VILAI like stories!
BLAKEZen, get a locator fix on the other ship. I want to be able to pinpoint its position at all times.
BLAKESet a course for Destiny, speed standard by six.
VILAWhere's that?
GANWhat have you got there? [Blake places neutrotope box on table]
JENNAWhy are we leaving them behind, what's going on?
VILAWhere is Destiny?!
BLAKEAccording to Avon, it is a story that doesn't have an end yet.
VILAAll right then we'll start with the beginning. [External shot of Liberator and circling Ortega. Liberator moves off]

ORTEGA Flight Deck - Levett and Grovane are assisting Avon

AVONProbe. [Levett hands it to him]
CALLY[Puzzling over Rafford's message on the map viewer] ... two four. Does this mean anything to you? Five four one two four?
GROVANENo, I don't think so.
LEVETTShould it? Is it important?
CALLYYes it is important.
AVON[To Grovane] Monitor response. [Grovane attends to a panel on the wall]
CALLYThe air is stale in here.
LEVETTThe ventilator's closed. [Cally opens ventilator]
AVON[to Grovane] Well?
GROVANEZero response.
AVONWell there is nothing I can do. It will have to be replaced. I shall need laser transfer linkage. Have you got any?
LEVETTI think so, in the storage hold. I'll go and check.
CALLYStay here, I'll get it. [Starts to leave]
LEVETTYou'll need a torch.

[Cally leaves and walks down yellow corridor. As she passes a door she hears a tapping sound and pauses. Inside the cabin, Mandrian is trying to prise open a small electrical device. As Cally watches he gives up, puts it into a shoulder bag and hides it under the mattress, then leaves. When he has gone, Cally slips in and retrieves the device, puts it in her pocket, replaces the bag and goes out.]

Crew Room - Pasco and Sonheim are doing maintenance work. Sonheim holds a tablet, Pasco wearing an eyepiece and holding a probe.

CALLY[Entering] Where is the storage hold?
SONHEIM[gruffly] What do you want down there?
CALLYWe need some laser transfer linkage.
SONHEIMI don't know that we have any.
CALLYWell, that is what I'm going to find out. [To Pasco] Can you tell me, please?
PASCODon't mind him, he lacks affection. Blue corridor. Go down past the filtration plant and it's the next door on the left.
CALLYThank you. [Leaves]
SONHEIMBe back in a moment. [Gets up and goes out]

Blue corridor - Cally hears Sara and Mandrian argue in the filtration plant.

SARA...You are always snooping.
MANDRIANI am not snooping.
SARAYes you are.
MANDRIANI am not! Now I want to know what it is.

[Sara rushes out, colliding with Cally and runs off. Cally pushes the door open and sees Mandrian sitting in an attitude of distress. She walks on to the storage hold and goes in, just as Sonheim rounds the corner after her.]

Storage Hold - The light doesn't work, Cally produces a torch and looks round. She opens a cupboard, there is a noise, an arm flops into view and a body rolls off the top of the cupboard. As Cally backs away in silent horror, Sonheim creeps up behind her and puts his hands on her shoulders. She jumps violently but makes no sound. Sonheim sees the body, moves past her, kneels beside it and turns it over.

SONHEIM[to Cally] It's Dortmunn.

Crew Room - Everyone present.

DR. KENDALLSomeone among us determined that this mission should fail, and frankly, I can't even guess at a motive.
AVONTry greed. It's usually reliable. When you set out on your return journey, you were carrying something extremely valuable. As he said earlier [pointing to Mandrian], if the neutrotope could be sold, it would make a man wealthy beyond imagining. Well, it obviously wasn't beyond the imagination of someone here.
MANDRIANI just meant that we were taking an enormous risk by entrusting it to a stranger. It never crossed my mind that any of us...
AVONBut it did cross your mind, didn't it? A temptation, you said, even for those of us with our lives at stake. The value of the neutrotope is all the motive you need to look for. Now I don't pretend to know the whole plan, but parts of it seem fairly clear. The damage to the communications center - that isolated the ship. You couldn't receive any messages, nor could you put out a distress call. I'm not sure when Dortmunn was killed, but Cally thinks that the death of the pilot Rafford was an accident.

together {SONHEIM: What d'you mean? {Grovane: An accident?

SARAAn accident?!
CALLYA misfortune.
AVONIt certainly was for him.
CALLYI think that it was not part of the plan. Whoever put the Sonovapour into the ventilation system intended to put the whole crew to sleep, while the controls were being sabotaged. Rafford was supposed to be sleeping, too.
AVONBut the ventilator ducts on the flight deck were closed, consequently Rafford was unaffected by the gas.
CALLYThe murderer was using an oxygen mask to stay awake. Reaching the flight deck and finding Rafford conscious must have been a shock.
AVONAnd that shock killed Rafford.
PASCOThe ventilators shouldn't have been closed. It's against flight operating procedure.
AVONThe next shock was when we arrived. Now that that really was misfortune. Pure bad luck.
PASCORafford should have known better.
SARAShut up, Pasco!
AVONEven the most meticulous of plans could not have anticipated our arrival.
LEVETT[rather amused] Meticulous?
AVONThe murderer had to cover up, and quickly. Dortmunn was killed. I think the plan was to put his body into the life rocket and launch it into space. That way, it would appear obvious that Dortmunn was guilty.
SONHEIMSo why didn't it happen?
AVONI think it was too difficult. Dragging the body across the spaceship, to the launch area without being seen - that proved to be impossible, so the murderer settled for the next best thing - he launched an empty life rocket. And that worked. We all believed that Dortmunn had escaped.
MANDRIANBut whoever did it must have known the body would discovered sooner or later.
AVONOf course. He was playing for time. The plan had gone to pieces. The best the killer could hope for was to delay a full inquiry for as long as possible. As a matter of fact, I think that was a waste of effort. I know - we all know, that one of you is the murderer. But proving which one... Unless, of course, as seems quite likely, someone other than the murderer already knows... [smiles] Already knows.
DR. KENDALLNaturally, the whole matter will be put into the hands of the authorities when we reach Destiny. Despite what you say Avon, the murderer will be found. In the meantime, you will all resume your normal duties, and anything that you see or hear that seems unusual, report to me at once. Thank you.
AVONWe'll get back to the repairs now, a couple of hours, you should be able to set off for home.
DR. KENDALL[Grovane approaches as Cally watches the others leave] Something you wanted, Grovane?
GROVANEYes. It just occurred to me - you said one of us is the murderer.
AVONThat's right.
GROVANEThere is another possibility.
GROVANEThere could be somebody else on the ship, somebody we don't know about, a stowaway!

Exterior - LIBERATOR in flight. Cut to Flight Deck. Vila is dozing in his seat, Gan wakes him and hands him a drink, then takes cups to Blake and Jenna.

ZENDetectors indicate a meteorite storm directly in Liberator's flight path.
BLAKEScale and intensity?
ZENScale nine, intensity twenty-seven.
VILATwenty seven?
GANI think eight's about the strongest we've had so far.
JENNAMy teeth are still rattling from that.
VILAAn intensity of twenty-seven is a lot of very fast rocks.
BLAKEScale nine puts the storm over a vast area too. How much would it add to our flight time if we went around it?
ZENEstimated flight time of eighty-four hours would increase to three hundred and thirty-six hours.
JENNAFour times as long.
BLAKEWould the force wall hold if we went straight through the storm?
ZENIt is within the maximum design tolerance, however there would be no safety margin.
BLAKEIs there enough reserve power to maintain the wall?
ZENInsufficient data for accurate projection.
JENNAIn other words, he doesn't know.
VILA[raises hand to Blake] Let's go round.

Blue corridor - Cally meets Sara and Sonheim.

CALLYAre the others still searching?
SARAYes, nothing so far. Do you want any help on the flight deck?
CALLYNo, we've almost finished. Sonheim, there was something I wanted to you.
SONHEIM[To Sara] Go ahead, I'll catch you up. [To Cally, as Sara leaves] What is it?
CALLYFinding Dortmunn's body put it out of my mind. Why did you follow me to the storage hold?
SONHEIMWhy do you think? You're an attractive girl. You asked where the hold was, I snapped at you. I came after you to... apologize?
CALLYTo apologize?
SONHEIMOf course. What other reason could I have?
CALLYPerhaps you were afraid I would find Dortmunn.
SONHEIMThat's ridiculous! I didn't know his body was there! I told you! I followed you to apologize!
CALLYI believe you.
SONHEIMIt's true!
CALLYOf course.

ORTEGA Flight Deck

CALLY[Entering] The transfer linkage you asked for.
AVONAbout time. Any news from the search parties?
AVONNo, there won't be. It was an unlikely idea, keeping out of sight for the length of time this ship has been in flight. Not really possible. [attends to the instrument panel]
CALLYI agree. So who do you think it is?
AVONInstinct. I discount Dr. Kendall.
CALLYI thought you mistrusted instinct.
AVONI do, so I am probably wrong.
CALLYIt could be him. I told you I heard him quarreling with Sara, didn't I? Sonheim makes me uneasy, too.
AVONHe would be next on my list.
CALLYThe answer is here. If only we could see it.

Blue corridor - Mandrian opens filter room door and enters. He sees someone.

MANDRIANI knew you'd be here.

LIBERATOR Flight Deck - Screen shows meteorite storm.

BLAKEHow far are we in now?
VILAHalfway. I can't be sure. The detectors are swamped.
GANThe force wall's eating into our power reserves.
JENNAThere's a field drag effect too. We're having to use a lot of power to maintain our speed and heading.

ORTEGA Flight Deck - Cally and Avon at work.

CALLYAvon, I saw Mandrian with this. [Shows him electrical device] Then he put it back in the bottom of Sara's flight bag.
AVONWhat is it?
CALLYWell, that's what I want you to tell me. [Main light goes out and alarm sounds]
CALLYLook! [She points to flashing lights on the console]
AVONFiltration malfunction. We'd better get down there.

The corridor - they meet Levett

LEVETTDr. Kendall wants you.
AVONFilter plant?
LEVETTThere's been another killing. [She leads the way]

Filter Plant - Sara is sobbing on Dr. Kendall's shoulder, Mandrian is lying on the floor and Pasco and Grovane are holding Sonheim. A severed cable is smoking and spluttering. Levett, Avon and Cally enter]

AVON[Kneeling by body] Tell me what happened.
PASCOI was coming past, and I heard a noise. So I looked inside. Mandrian was just as you see him. Sonheim was standing over him, with this dagger in his hand.
SONHEIMI didn't kill him. I didn't kill him. I didn't kill him! [desperately, to Avon] I didn't kill him!!

LIBERATOR - Flight Deck

GANPower reserves are almost gone.
ZENIn one point zero three minutes, it will no longer be possible to operate force wall and main drive simultaneously. Please decide which to close down.
JENNAWithout main drive we'll never get out of this.
VILAWithout the force wall we'll be smashed to pieces.
BLAKEHave the locators detected the outer edge of the storm yet?
VILANo. Yes! No. Maybe...
BLAKEWhich is it, Vila?
VILAIt's `Maybe'.
ZENDirective is now required.
BLAKEJenna, stand by to feed all power through to the main drive when the force wall is down. Gan, deactivate the force wall.
GANDeactivating... [Gan presses key, Jenna increases power, producing strong acceleration. Gan tries to stop the neutrotope box sliding off the table, but it falls]

ORTEGA Crew Room - Kendall, Cally and Sara

DR. KENDALLWhy? For what reason?
CALLYPerhaps Sonheim was still trying to cover up. Mandrian knew about him and threatened to expose him. Or perhaps he went into the filter plant while Sonheim was sabotaging the equipment?
DR. KENDALLBut why damage the filter? What possible reason could he have for delaying the flight still further? [Avon, Pasco and Grovane enter]
CALLYHow bad it is?
AVONThe damage was minor. I've got Levett working on it.
PASCOWe've locked him in the storage hold. He seems quiet enough.
CALLYHas he said anything more?
GROVANEWell, nothing new. He claims he went in and found Mandrian dead, picked up the knife, that's where I came in. He still says he didn't kill him.
AVONI believe him.
GROVANEBut I saw him with a dagger in his hand!
AVONBut you didn't see him use it.
GROVANEWell, I didn't see Mandrian die either, but I know he's dead.
AVONI've just spent the last ten minutes in the filter plant looking for something that should be there but isn't. The cable that was damaged carries a high energy charge. In order to cut it, he would need a laser knife or an insulated saw. Neither of which were there.
DR. KENDALLThen, somebody else was the saboteur?
AVONYes. Mandrian came in, discovered whoever it was, and had to be silenced. The murderer then went out, taking the saw with him. Sonheim's story is true, he just happened to be the one to discover the body.
SARAThen who did kill Mandrian?
AVONThe same person who killed Rafford and Dortmunn. And I know who that is now.
GROVANEYou know?
AVONYes. I should have seen it right from the start, but my mind had conditioned itself to see the wrong thing. As Cally has been saying all along. [he produces the glass top of the map reader and lays it on the table]
CALLYYou found the meaning!
AVONYes, just before he died Rafford managed to scrawl this out.
DR. KENDALLFive four one two four?
PASCOWhat's it mean?
AVONAbsolutely nothing. As a number it has no significance at all, but when I was in the filter plant just now, I noticed one of the instruments. Liquid crystals show a number, and then the confirmation circuit translates those numbers into the written word. Right from the start, we thought that those were numbers. They are not, they are letters.
AVONRafford was dying. It's difficult to be neat under those circumstances. [he takes a marker pen and paper and draws] Let's start with the one and the two. [The letters A R A appear] And the first letter... [He puts an S in front, everyone looks at SARA]
SARA[Covering them with a gun] So now you know. It doesn't matter, you'd have known soon enough anyway.
DR. KENDALLSara, why?
SARAI wanted the neutrotope. Or at least the money it would give me. It's that simple.
AVONWas Mandrian in it with you?
SARANo, but he found out. I asked him to share it with me, but he wouldn't. He wanted me to come to you and admit the whole thing. If I didn't, he was going to tell you himself. So... But none of that's important now, I only need a little more time.
AVONYou're not going anywhere, Sara. You just don't get off a spaceship and run.
SARAI'll kill the first one that puts his head outside this door. [She backs out and runs down the Green corridor. Avon looks out]
AVONWell, she's one of your crew, you'd better get after her. [Pasco and Grovane run after her.]

Corridor - Sara enters the flight deck. Pasco and Grovane arrive and try the door.


Crew Room

DR. KENDALLIt's clear enough why she acted as she did, but why go with it? Once Blake left with the neutrotope, there was no need for more killing.
AVONI don't understand that myself. What worries me is that she's still so confident. She hasn't a hope of escaping yet she's still holding out.
DR. KENDALLHow did she hope to dispose of the neutrotope when we reached Destiny?
AVONShe probably made contact with a prospective buyer when you were collecting it. It wouldn't be too difficult. [Cally stands up] What is it?
CALLYI know what she's planning. Why she sabotaged the ship.
AVONWell, don't keep us in suspense.
CALLY[Getting device out of her pocket] Ever since the controls were damaged we have in the same space position. [Hands it to Avon]
AVONA homing beam transmitter and it's operating.
CALLYAnyone tuned into its frequency can locate us exactly. That's why she's not worried. Another ship is coming to get her and it's on its way now.
DR. KENDALLDestroy it!
AVONToo late. They will have had a fix on us for some time now.
DR. KENDALLAnd when they get here and find the neutrotope not on board?
AVONIt wouldn't matter if it was. They will have to destroy the evidence. And that, I'm afraid, includes us.


VILAI don't think I feel very well.
GANI hope nothing's been broken. [Retrieves box]
BLAKESo do I. [Opens box - empty] It's still on the Ortega. We've got to get back to them.
VILANow I know I don't feel very well.

ORTEGA - Grovane and Pasco on guard by flight deck door, they are armed. Cut to Sara sitting at console with the neutrotope in her hands. She puts it down and picks up her gun.

Red Corridor - Cally, Avon and Kendall

CALLYIf we could get back onto the flight deck, how long would it take to finish repairs?
AVONNo time at all. It's virtually all done.
CALLYIn flight we'd stand some sort of chance, like this we're a sitting target.
DR. KENDALLWe would have to burn through the flight deck door. And if we did, she's armed, remember. She could still hold us off.
AVONThen we have to get her to come out.
CALLYWell she's hardly likely to do that.
AVON[Smiles] Oh yes she is.


ZENConfirmed. [Ortega trace shown on screen]
VILAThere, there she is.
BLAKEHow long before we're in teleport range?
ZENTwenty-three point one six minutes. [extra beeping sounds]
GANWe're getting another reading!
GANLook! [Another trace, closing with Ortega]
JENNAAnother ship.
BLAKEIt must be coming to collect the neutrotope. Zen, can we get there first?
ZENLiberator will be in teleport range three minutes before the unidentified ship makes contact with the Ortega.

ORTEGA Flight Deck - Sounds of gunfire and screams, Sara gets up and stands by door listening - shot of Cally's hand firing gun - Sara smiles. When silence falls, she opens the door and sees Grovane and Pasco lying there. She comes out, Avon creeps up behind her and jerks the gun out of her hand. She drives her elbow into his gut, turns round and grabs him by the throat. Pasco and Grovane get up. Avon pulls clear and socks Sara on the jaw, she reels into the arms of Pasco and Grovane.

AVONYou'd better get her out of here, I really rather enjoyed that. [They drag her away. Avon goes into flight deck and picks up neutrotope]


ZENTeleport range will be achieved in one minute.
BLAKECome on, Vila. [They leave]
JENNA[Anxiously watching screen] They're getting very close.

ORTEGA Crew Room - Avon, Cally and Kendall, Sara is slumped across the table, holding her head. Blake teleports in, carrying a toolbox and a collection of bracelets.

CALLYHow did you get back so soon?
BLAKEGet ready to leave. There's a ship coming up on you fast. You've got about three minutes.
DR. KENDALLWe have the neutrotope now, nothing else matters.
CALLYI'll get the others.
BLAKEI'll be back in a minute. [Leaves room]

LIBERATOR - Gan and Jenna view the scanner.

GANHe's cutting it too fine.
JENNACome on Blake, get out of there.

ORTEGA - All the crew are present.

SARANo, no I won't! [Resisting Avon who is clamping a teleport bracelet on her arm]
DR. KENDALLShe must be taken back for trial.
AVON[Hanging on to Sara's wrist] Agreed.
SARAI won't go! I won't go.
BLAKE[Re-entering] Everything set?
CALLYYes, ready. [As Avon lets go, Sara wrenches off the bracelet and throws it away]
BLAKEBring us across Vila. [They all teleport, except Sara, who relaxes with a smile]

LIBERATOR - The Ortega crew are sitting on the couches with Cally, watching the screen.

BLAKEThey're locked on. [Traces merge, then a blinding flash on screen]
DR. KENDALLWhat was that?
BLAKEI rigged a charge on the entry hatch. Right, I think I can get you all home now. Zen, set a course for Destiny, speed standard by six.
VILATake us round the easy way this time.

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