Script for DUEL

by Terry Nation

(c) 1977 by the British Broadcasting Corporation. Series created by Terry Nation. This is a complete dialogue transcript for research purposes and is not for sale under any circumstances. Format (c) 1993 by Micky DuPree and Frances Teagle

Dramatis Personae

Roj BlakeGareth Thomas
Kerr AvonPaul Darrow
Jenna StannisSally Knyvette
Vila RestalMichael Keating
Olag GanDavid Jackson
CallyJan Chappell
TravisStephen Greif
ZenPeter Tuddenham
SinofarIsla Blair
GirocPatsy Smart
MutoidCarol Royle
Christopher HolmesCliff Diggins

THE OPENING SHOT is of an Earth-type planet, with oceans and clouds. The scene changes to a barren region with narrow defiles and rock pinnacles. Frequent thunder and lightning illuminate a glimpse of a vast field of memorials beyond the rocks. Then the scene moves to The Monument - a carved humanoid figure apparently growing out of the rock, its face and outstretched arms are raised to the heavens as if crying out in despair. In either hand is half of a broken weapon. The other memorials are smaller versions of The Monument.

A blinding flash of lightning - Sinofar materialises at the foot of The Monument. She is a beautiful woman, apparently in her thirties. She stands in the eerie blue light with her eyes closed, concentrating.

SINOFARGiroc, Giroc, I need you. You must come here to me now.
GIROCAll right, all right, I'm coming. [Giroc comes in. She is an elderly woman who clutches a six-foot staff of office, carved on it is a humanoid figure climbing toward the ball-shaped tip.] Have a little patience. We of all people should have learnt patience. I'm tired, I deserve some peace.

SINOFARNo, we must earn our peace.
GIROCI have Sinofar, I have earned it.

SINOFARYou still came when I summoned you.
GIROCI had no choice, you used my power against me.

SINOFARIt is not your power, Giroc.
GIROCI know, I know, it's the power of the race, but it's in me. I never wanted to be The Keeper, you know that Sinofar.

SINOFARNor I, The Guardian.
GIROCYou could set us both free. If I controlled the power, that's what I'd do.

SINOFARYou know that isn't possible. We must dissipate the power by restoring the balance, then you and I can be at peace. But first we must atone.
GIROCWhy us?

SINOFARWe were chosen.
GIROCI didn't ask to be chosen.

SINOFAROne doesn't ask to be chosen. [They look up - shot of the starlit sky. A formation of three spaceships is seen.]
GIROC[V.O.] Are you sure about them, Sinofar?

SINOFAR[V.O.] Not yet, this may not be their killing ground. [Close-up of three Federation pursuit ships]

PURSUIT SHIP ONE - Two mutoids are sat at the controls, Travis is standing behind them.

TRAVISThere! [Points at screen] Estimate approach speed.
MUTOIDTime Distort Six.
TRAVISMinimum scan, their sensors mustn't register the beam.
MUTOIDScan complete, identification confirmed.
TRAVISBlake. The other patrols have pushed him into this galaxy. I knew it, I knew it! This time I've got him.
MUTOIDTarget vehicle maintaining course and sped.
TRAVISSet for orbital compensation, we'll use the planet to mask us from his scanners.
MUTOIDOrbital shift computed.
TRAVISExecute. Make it random pulse emission, I'm not going to lose him now.

LIBERATOR - First and external shot, then the flight deck. Avon and Blake are looking at the planet displayed on the main screen.

AVONI wonder what the surface conditions are like.
JENNAStar is G Two, planet is Earth-type right across the range, Earth-level gravity, breathable atmosphere. There's a lot of static too, the place is alive with electrical storms.
BLAKECally, anything on the star charts or planet listings?
CALLYNothing in the data banks at all.
BLAKEHmm, what do you think?
JENNAIt seems safe enough.
AVONWhat Jenna thinks, is largely academic Blake, we've been running on full power for far too long. Slipping those Federation patrols has used up all our energy reserves.
JENNAFour of our power banks are exhausted. If we had to make a run for it now, we couldn't do better than Standard by Two, and we couldn't hold that for long.
BLAKERecharge time?
AVONForty-eight hours.
BLAKEAll right, we'll hide here for a while. The planet should give us some protection from the detectors. Zen, take us into orbit as close as possible to the planet's surface. As close as possible Zen, the orbit could decay in forty-eight hours.
ZENConfirmed. The parameters were anticipated.
BLAKE[Laughs] I get the distinct feeling I offended Zen's professional pride then.
AVONIt's just a machine, Blake.
VILAAnd he should know.
GANWell Avon is the expert.
VILAThat's not what I meant.
AVONNo, he was calling me a machine, but since he undoubtedly defines himself as a human being, I shall choose to accept that as more of a compliment than anything else.
BLAKEYes, well since we've got some time on our hands, we might as well take a look at this planet. Anybody feel like some exercise.
JENNAI'd be happy to get clear of this lot for a while. [Exits]
GANI could do with a change of air. I'll get kitted up. [Exits]
VILAI'll stay here, thanks.
BLAKEThen you can work the teleport. [As Vila leaves his console he comes face to face with Avon, who stares him down intimidatingly, then takes his place.]


MUTOIDReadings show target has assumed a stationary orbit.
TRAVISExcellent. [He sits in the commander's chair]
MUTOIDOrbit confirmed at one thousand spacials from the planet's surface. [She unfastens a panel in her tunic and places a small liquid container in a recess.]
TRAVISThis is hardly the time for that.
MUTOIDNormally I wouldn't do it in the presence of an unmodified.
TRAVISForget your coyness, I'm aware of your need for blood serum.
MUTOIDMost are, but few accept it for what it is - a functional convenience. Opponents of mutoid modification call us vampires.
TRAVISRather appropriate, isn't it?
MUTOIDIt is immaterial. I await your orders, Commander.
TRAVISAttack formation, fifteen hundred spacials trajectory. Pursuit Ships Two and Three move to flank, fire on my command. [Shot of pursuits separating]

LIBERATOR - Teleport room

BLAKEVila, try and stay alert.
VILAOf course I will, how can you doubt me?
BLAKEIt isn't easy, but somehow I manage it. Come on. Put us down. [Blake, Jenna and Gan teleport to the planet's surface and look around]
BLAKE[Into bracelet] We're down safely. It looks very barren, there's nothing else to report. We'll check with you when we've had a look round. [pauses, but no reply from Vila] All right?
VILA[Over intercom] Yes, all right. [Blake and Jenna examine the rocks.]
BLAKEWhat do you think?
JENNAThe surface seems to be melted. It's almost like the effects of a fusion bomb.
GANBlake! Jenna! [They walk over to The Monument]
BLAKEWell, at least we know the planet's inhabited.
GANWAS inhabited.
GANLook here [Points them to the memorials] as far as the eye can see.
BLAKEGrave markers?
JENNASo many.
GAN[Turns and sees Sinofar and Giroc] Blake, we've got company. [When the others look, they have gone] They were here! Two women, watching us. There's nowhere they could have gone.
JENNASo where are they now?
GANI hope my limiter hasn't malfunctioned.
BLAKEMaybe we've all been on the ship too long.
JENNA[Goes over to The Monument] Blake.
BLAKEWhat is it?
JENNAThis broken weapon, could it be a symbol of peace?
BLAKEOr defeat. This whole place is a memorial to the dead. Maybe they were ghosts you saw.
GAN[Looking up] Those aren't ghosts! [The pursuit ships can be seen closing on Liberator]
BLAKEPursuit ships. They've got to be.
JENNAWhere did they come from?
GANThey must have been waiting for us.
BLAKETravis's strategy again. [Into bracelet] Vila! Pursuit ships closing on you. [In the teleport room Vila has his feet up] Vila!! Full alert and get us up fast. Move it!! They're right on top of you. [Vila hits the alarm button and teleports them up.]
VILASorry. [They all run for the flight deck.]

PLANET - Sinofar and Giroc are watching the sky.

SINOFARSo Giroc, the star ships are closing for battle. The choice is made.

LIBERATOR - Flight deck, alarm blaring.

AVONWhat's going on?
VILAPursuit ships.
BLAKEZen, can we get past them?
ZENAll possible flight trajectories would require Liberator to cross enemy strike range.
BLAKEAvon, what's our power reserve?
AVONBanks five, six, and seven, full power; zero on the rest.
BLAKEMaximum speed and range?
JENNAStandard by four, about eight million spacials.
BLAKEWe can't even outrun them this time.
VILAWe've got the neutron blasters.
CALLYBut there isn't enough power.
BLAKEZen, state battle computer tactics.
ZENPreemptive action was inhibited by manual overrides. Strategy options are now reduced to one. Battle computers suggest surrender.
AVONLogic says we're dead!
BLAKELogic has never explained what dead means.
ZENSensors report plasma bolt launched.
BLAKEDirect vision.
GANOn. [Screen shows approaching plasma bolt]
JENNAAvon, put up the force wall.
BLAKENo, wait.
BLAKEIt's too much of an energy drain.
AVONThey're closing fast, Blake. [Beat] Come on!
BLAKEI said wait!
ZENSecond bolt launched. [Boom!]
BLAKEDeactivate. Track second bolt.
BLAKEPower status?
AVONSeventy percent on bank five.
ZENThird bolt launched.
GANSecond bolt closing.
BLAKE[Waits] Activate! [Boom!]
GANThird bolt closing. [Boom!]
AVONBank five has forty per cent remaining.
CALLYThey'll move in closer now and strike again.
BLAKESensors on full alert.
VILAAre we just going to sit here and let them shoot at us?
BLAKEYes! While they do they're using power faster than we are. Might even things up a bit - shorten the odds, anyway.
VILAThe odds on what?
BLAKEUs being able to blast a way through them and run.
ZENThree plasma bolts launched and running.
GANBearing directly.
BLAKERight. Hang on everyone, this is going to be rough.
VILAI don't mind rough. It's fatal I'm not too keen on. [Cut to Travis' ship]
TRAVISHe's low on power! He'd have made a run for it otherwise. [Into communicator] Leader to Pursuit Three: continue barrage. Leader to Two: hold your fire. [to Mutoid] We'll make him keep that defence shield in operation, bleed his energy banks.
MUTOIDIf Pursuit Three keeps firing, it won't have enough reserve to put up its own defence shield.
TRAVISPursuit Three is expendable. So is Two. Let Blake destroy them both. Between them, they can run his reserves down to zero. This ship will still have full power, and we can move in, and finish him.

LIBERATOR - Laser bolt impact, everyone is thrown about.

AVONBank five is finished. Drawing on six.
BLAKEZen: power reserves?
ZENAt the present level of discharge, reserves will be exhausted in two point three hours.
JENNAWhich is when they'll move in for the kill.
GANYes, and we'll be helpless.
ZENPlasma bolt launched.
GANBearing directly.
BLAKEAvon, Cally. Jenna, take command. Gan, Vila, you help her. [Avon and Cally join him, he draws diagrams on an electronic pad which are projected onto the screen] Now watch the screen. This is the Liberator, surrounded by one, two, three pursuit ships. They're trying siege tactics. Our only chance is to break out and run before we're too weak, do you agree?
AVONWe know we can't outrun them. [Violent impact.]
BLAKEI wasn't planning to try.
BLAKENow, this is the pursuit ship that's done all the firing. That'll be low on power now, so it won't be a problem.
CALLYSo we can ignore it.
BLAKERight. This one hasn't fired at all yet, so this must be Travis. We're going straight for it. Not over, under, or around, but right through it.
ZENPlasma bolt launched.
GANBearing directly.
AVONRam it?
BLAKEThe Liberator should be able to take the impact.
AVONI admire your confidence.
CALLYSo that would leave only one more to deal with.
BLAKEThat's right, a straight fight, one against one.
CALLYI agree.
AVONIf any of our control systems are damaged by the impact, we will be helpless.
BLAKEWe're not exactly in a commanding position now.
BLAKEHave you got any better ideas? [Violent impact. As Blake and Avon reel back, Avon clutches Blake protectively, perhaps to steady him]
AVONAs a matter of fact, no I haven't.
BLAKEDoes that mean you agree?
AVONDo I have a choice?
AVONThen I agree. [Lets go of Blake]
BLAKEVila, Gan, Jenna: we're going for a ram, take out the command ship.
GANA ram?!?
BLAKEI don't see that there's any other hope for us.
JENNANeither can I, so let's get on with it.
BLAKEJenna, you'll have to fly us on manual.
JENNAYes, we'll need to take the impact on the lower hull.
ZENPlasma bolt launched.
GANBearing directly.
BLAKERight, as soon as this one hits, we move. Stand by. [Pause] Activate! [Violent impact]
AVONForce wall deactivated.
BLAKERight, now, Jenna.


MUTOIDPursuit Three reports total power shutdown. They're incapable of further action.
TRAVIS[Into communicator] Pursuit Two, commence firing.
MUTOIDTarget ship is underway. It's turning.
TRAVISHe's running. There's nowhere to run, Blake! Compute course, speed, and lock on.
MUTOIDTime Distort Three and rising. Course zero-zero-zero -- they're coming straight at us.
TRAVISStand by plasma bolts.
MUTOIDHolding course. Computers propose evasive action.
TRAVISNo! Hold your position. [Cut to Liberator]
BLAKEZen, count down to impact. [Zen begins with thirty-six and proceeds to count down in the background.]
BLAKEWhen Travis realizes we're going for a ram, he'll fire a full salvo.
GANWill the force wall hold at this rate?
BLAKEWe're about to find out.
GANSalvo fired, four of them!
BLAKEStand by the force wall.
JENNAWe're losing power, we're slowing.
BLAKEFull thrust.
JENNAIt's not responding. Blake, we're stopping!


TRAVISImpossible. They're holding course. They're going to ram us. Evasive trajectory, full thrust.
MUTOIDControls are not responding. All systems are locked.
TRAVIS[Leaps to his feet] Operate boosters.
MUTOIDStill no response. [Weirdness commences, everything goes haywire, affecting all ships. The lights dim, there are garbled sounds and time slows down, distorting speech]


BLAKEActivate the force wall.
ZEN[In background] Ten, nine, eight, seven ...
AVONForce wall activated.
ZENSix, five... [Liberator and the pursuit ship slowly close almost into an embrace and halt as Sinofar and Giroc assert control. Travis and Blake are seen clutching their heads in pain while the other crew members look around in surprise]

GIROC[Distorted voice] Travis... Blake... [She calls them repeatedly. Travis and Blake dematerialise and Sinofar brings them down to The Monument]
GIROCListen to me, listen to me all of you. [Both crews are seen listening to her voice in bewilderment] We are Giroc The Keeper, we are Sinofar The Guardian. Your ship is tethered, held in a stasis beam, it cannot break free. Only your life support systems will function normally, the rest will remain in our control, until we have completed our task. You yourselves have been released, so that you may watch, listen and understand. [Cut to Blake and Travis standing immobilized] We are ready, the warriors can be released. [Sinofar rouses them, they become aware of each other, but cannot move their feet]
TRAVISBLAKE?! [He tries to fire his hand blaster, but nothing happens]

GIROC[Laughs] The weapon built into that hand will not work here, primitive.

SINOFARNor will brute force, until *I* allow it.
GIROCHis impulse to kill is primitive.

SINOFARAs ours was not?
TRAVISWho are you?

SINOFARI am Sinofar, the Guardian. This is Giroc, the Keeper.
TRAVISI am Space Commander Travis, an officer and representative of the Earth Federation. As an agent of my government, I demand an explanation.
GIROCNot only is he primitive, he's pompous as well. [To Blake] And you, do you also make demands?
BLAKEI am not an officer of the Federation, but I would like some answers.
TRAVISThis man is an enemy of the state and a fugitive. He is my prisoner. [Grabs at Blake, but cannot move his feet.]
GIROC[Laughing] Primitive, pompous, and stupid.

GIROCAll right, all right. It's just that there is such violence in him, it's exciting. [Shamefacedly] Old instincts die hard, Sinofar.

TRAVISYou will lift this force field.

SINOFARThere are things you must understand first.
TRAVISYou do realize that any hostile act against me will be regarded as a hostile act against the Federation. [Giroc laughs.] Have you any idea of the risk you're running? [Giroc laughs harder.]
BLAKEThey don't seem very impressed, Travis. [Laughs] Why don't you try stamping your foot?
TRAVISOh, that's very amusing, Blake. For a dead man.
BLAKEDo you intend to keep us prisoners?
GIROCOnly for the moment.
BLAKEYou were responsible for what happened to my ship.

SINOFARIt will be restored when this matter has been settled, [to Travis] as will yours. No harm will come to your crews or your ships.
GIROCYou have seen what we can do. We are capable of protecting our planet, your threats of reprisal are meaningless.

SINOFAROur powers grew out of a thousand years of war, out of hate, and fear and the will to survive.
GIROC[On Liberator's screen] We built destruction, weapons that your peoples have not yet dreamed of. Every passing year brought new ways to kill, and throughout the centuries the war raged across our planet.

SINOFARWith each generation there were fewer of us. The dead vastly outnumbered the living. There was not victory for either side.
BLAKEHow did it end?
GIROCHow? Another development of another weapon. We demanded their surrender, they refused, the weapon was used. Those that we call our enemy were annihilated.
TRAVISYou won, that's all that matters.

SINOFARIt wasn't a victory, only the end of the war. We were left with a planet made barren by radiation. Our children were monsters, or died, or were never born. This, we won.
BLAKEHow many of you are there now?
GIROCNone. We are a dead race.

SINOFARWe tell you this so that you will understand our reasons for intervening in your dispute.
GIROCTell us, what is your dispute?
TRAVISI *have* told you. This man is an enemy of the Federation, tried and convicted. I must bring him back to justice or kill him.
GIROC[To Blake] You?
BLAKEI am an enemy of the Federation. But it is corrupt and oppressive. I will destroy it. If I can.

SINOFARIrreconcilable viewpoints. Your differences can only be resolved by the destruction of the other's belief. The classic pattern for war.
TRAVISI was about to resolve them when you interfered.

SINOFAR[To Blake] How many are there in your group?
BLAKEThere are six of us.

SINOFARAnd in your ships, Travis?

SINOFARFifteen people could die because of your beliefs.
BLAKEMy crew are with me by their own choice.
AVON[Watching Liberator's screen] Really?
TRAVIS[On pursuit ship screen] Mine swore allegiance to the Federation.
GIROCI'm sure that you will both find supporters for your cause and each of you could be backed by a massive army eventually.

SINOFARBut would numbers change the nature of the dispute?
BLAKEProbably not.

SINOFAR[to Travis] What do you say?
TRAVISNumbers? Immaterial.

SINOFARWe understand that men will kill for their beliefs.
GIROCSince each of you wishes to destroy the other, we are going to give you the chance.
TRAVISA duel? Is that what you are suggesting?
GIROCA fight to the death.

SINOFARBut this way, there will be a limit to the deaths, and we will ensure that the loser's ship will have an opportunity to get away. Don't you find that rational?
TRAVISNo. When I've killed Blake, I'll simply hunt down the others.

SINOFARThere will be no destruction within our influence, but we cannot control your actions beyond this planet.
BLAKEI don't think I want to kill for your entertainment.
GIROCYou have no choice.
BLAKE[To Travis] We could agree not to fight.
TRAVIS[Chuckles slightly] Could we?
GIROCIf you trusted one another.

SINOFARThere is another matter: a lesson you must learn about death.
BLAKEI think we both know enough about that already.

SINOFARYou both know how to kill. But here you must take a life. There will be no machines to make the act unreal. You must touch the life you take.
TRAVISShall we get on with it!
GIROCHow anxious he is to reach the forest. Once there, you can only return when it is over.

SINOFARTools for survival. [Machetes materialise in their hands]
BLAKEHow long have we got?

SINOFARThere is no limit - only your physical endurance.
TRAVISSo this is your lesson. Pathetic.
GIROCHalf the lesson the death of an enemy; the other half is the death of a friend.
VILA[Watching on Liberator] What does she mean?
BLAKEI've seen friends die.

TRAVISNothing concerns me but my duty. I don't give a damn about their lessons, I shall enjoy taking your life, Blake.
BLAKEYou talk a good fight, Travis.

SINOFARBut now the talking is done. Learn.

[She closes her eyes in concentration. Jenna and the Mutoid are teleported from their seats. Blake materialises in woodland. He looks around and starts to walk cautiously. Giroc's form is projected in front of him. She grins mischievously and he is afflicted by strange noises which affect his hearing and eyesight, and make him giddy. While he is stumbling about clutching his head, Travis materialises, sees him, draws his machete and sneaks up behind him.]

TRAVISBlake. [As Blake turns round he punches him in the midriff] Come on Blake, you don't want to die on your back. [Blake rises, but is thrown down again. Travis seizes his hair and prepares to cut his throat] Goodbye Blake. [but the action is frozen]

SINOFAR[V.O.] Giroc! [Back at the Monument - Giroc hobbles in]
GIROCI just wanted to see how vicious he was. I wouldn't have let him kill yet.

SINOFARYou misuse the power.
GIROCSeparate them, wipe it from their minds. Nothing's lost.

SINOFARHow long must I suffer you, Giroc?
GIROCRestart the contest Sinofar, these two show promise.

[Sinofar closes her eyes in concentration. In the wood, Blake gets up, picks up his machete and walks on.]

LIBERATOR - The crew are watching the action on the screen.

AVONI don't understand it. How can we be seeing this?
CALLYWe see and hear through the mind of the being called Sinofar.
GANIt doesn't matter. Blake's in trouble.
AVONIt could be just an illusion.
CALLYNo, it is happening. It is the truth beyond question.

THE WOODS - Jenna is walking through the bushes.

BLAKE[From hiding] Jenna! [comes out] how did you get here?
JENNAI don't know. It seems your weird ladies have picked on me to demonstrate the death of a friend.
BLAKEYou heard all that?
JENNAThey beamed it into the ship's main screen. Everything else is on some sort of stasis beam. What are we going to do?
BLAKESeen any sign of Travis?
JENNAHave you?
BLAKENo. We'd better make ourselves some weapons.

[LATER - Blake is sharpening two stakes into spears with his machete]

BLAKEFinding Travis shouldn't be too difficult. If he runs true to form, he'll set a trap and then try and draw us into it.
JENNAWho do you suppose he's got with him?
BLAKEI don't know, his pilot maybe. Must present our hosts with something of a problem. How do you demonstrate the death of a friend to a man who hasn't got any?


MUTOIDNo, Commander.
TRAVISYou've searched thoroughly?
MUTOIDYour opponent is not yet within this vicinity.
TRAVISGood, then I have a little plan we can put into operation. Come.

WOODLAND - Blake finishes sharpening the stakes. He hands one to Jenna.

BLAKENot exactly a neutron blaster, but it's better than nothing.
JENNANot much better, though.

LATER - Travis is pulling fibres out of a shrub, watched by Sinofar (in projection). The scene is also being shown on Liberator's screen

GANHe seems to be working to a plan.
VILAI wish we were.
AVON[Entering] Well? Did any of the controls respond?
GANNothing here.
VILANothing on mine.
CALLYNothing on these.
AVONThat's it, then, I've done everything I can. Every machine except life support is frozen.
CALLYEven Zen.
AVONZen is a machine.
VILAUnless he just doesn't want to get involved.
AVONWhat's Travis going?
CALLYAs Blake said, he's probably preparing a trap. It could be a mistake. That sort of war is best fought on the move.

WOODS - Night; an enormous moon, loud animal cries, roars and snarls.

BLAKEWe'd better try and find somewhere safe.
JENNAThe quicker, the better.

ELSEWHERE - Travis and the Mutoid are constructing something with poles and hand-made ropes - more loud roars.

MUTOIDThe night hunters are at work.
TRAVISCome on, let's take shelter. Bring my knife.

UP A TREE - more animal noises

BLAKELet's hope those things can't climb trees.
JENNAOr fly. I don't know these star charts well enough to be sure, but I's say we're still on the same planet.
BLAKEThey must have teleported us to a different part of it.
JENNADo you believe what they told us? About themselves, I mean.
BLAKEWith that much power why bother to lie?
JENNAThat's one way to become a hunted man: trust the powerful.
BLAKETrue. What's your excuse?
JENNAOh, I wasn't clever enough, we none of us were. The Federation has beaten us all at least once.
BLAKEAt least.
JENNAIf we get out of this, ------------------------------------ it still won't be any || LIBERATOR - Vila and Gan, watching better. || [Main action] [snatches of conversation || VILA: She's right. Jenna's right, are heard over the sound || you know, why should it be system] || any different? We'll have || the Federation after us till ...the Federation... || the day we die.
BLAKE...escaped... half way|| GAN: Who says? We've been lucky across the galaxy.... || up till now, we'll be lucky || again. ...propped up in the || VILA: Have you thought what might middle of the night || happen if those two don't with a pointed stake || get back? I mean, could you for a weapon. [they || operate this ship properly? laugh] || GAN: Let's just listen. ...the Federation || VILA: Well, could you? hasn't got a chance. ------------------------------------ [Main action - back at the tree] Right, are you going to go to sleep first, or shall I?
JENNAYou can.
BLAKERight, wake me when you're tired.


TRAVISTell me something, do you remember who you were?
MUTOIDI don't understand the question, Commander.
TRAVISYes you do - in your previous life before you were modified. Do you know who you were?
MUTOIDOf course not.
TRAVISAren't you curious about it?
TRAVISI find that hard to believe.
MUTOIDMemory is an encumbrance. All trace of it is removed and with it all trace of identity.
TRAVISAnd it doesn't concern you?
MUTOIDWhy should it? That identity doesn't exist, even in the central computers.
TRAVISYes it does. I know who you were. Your name was Keyeira, Keyeira.
TRAVISYou were very beautiful, very much admired. Shall I go on?
MUTOIDAs you wish.
TRAVIS[Obviously disappointed] This doesn't interest you at all, does it?
MUTOIDHow could it?
TRAVISKeep watch.
MUTOIDYes Commander.

BLAKE'S TREE - Jenna rouses and sees a small vampire bat sucking at Blake's left hand

BLAKEHuh? [He shakes it off]
JENNAAre you all right?
BLAKEIt's just a small cut, that's all.
JENNAI'm sorry. I went to sleep.
BLAKENo, it's all right, it was my fault. We should have both stayed awake.

LIBERATOR - The tired crew are watching the screen. Avon gets up.

VILAHave you thought of another plan?
AVONYes. I'm going to get some sleep.
VILAHow can you sleep with all this happening?
AVONWith all what happening? Blake is sitting up in a tree, Travis is sitting up in another tree. Unless they're planning to throw nuts at one another, I don't see much of a fight developing before it gets light.
GANYou're never involved, are you Avon? You ever cared for anyone?
VILAExcept yourself?
AVONI have never understood why it should be necessary to become irrational in order to prove that you care, or, indeed, why it should be necessary to prove it at all. [Exits]
VILAWas that an insult or did I miss something?
CALLYYou missed something.

WOODS - Daylight; Blake and Jenna climb out of the tree. Jenna takes a look at Blake's hand.

JENNAIt's a very big bite, looks inflamed.
BLAKEYes, it makes my arm a bit sore. It's nothing that I can't cope with.

ELSEWHERE - The Mutoid is working on an apparatus of sharpened stakes fastened to a frame. Travis inspects the corpse of a vampire bat and throws it away.

TRAVISWhat were these things doing at the foot of the tree, hmm?
MUTOIDThey came in the night. I trapped them.
TRAVISYou did more than that.
MUTOIDMy serum supply is running low, there was a little blood in each of them.
TRAVISThere's a lot of blood in me.
MUTOIDThere still is, Commander. You are a Federation officer, as I am.
TRAVISJust so long as you remember that.
MUTOIDDo you now believe we mutoids are vampires?
TRAVISI believe you're useful. Get on with it.
MUTOIDMy function will be impaired if I don't get further serum soon.
TRAVISMaybe that could be arranged.

LIBERATOR - Crew are watching Travis on the screen.

VILAIs that what I think it is?
AVONI don't imagine that it is a recreational aid.
VILAI can't see Blake throwing himself on it, though. Can you?
AVONI can't ever see Blake finding the right place.
GANHow is he supposed to find it. I mean, he hasn't got anything to go on, has he?
CALLYI've been watching Blake. He's quartering the area. That is the correct search pattern.
AVONIF it is the correct area.


TRAVISAny sign?
MUTOIDNone, Commander.
TRAVISI've lit a fire, it'll draw Blake to us. Since I was given you, he must have been given a companion as well. Whoever it is, I want you to find them, bring them back here. Dead or alive, it doesn't matter, just bring them.
MUTOIDAnd Blake?
TRAVISNo. Don't touch Blake. He belongs to me. [The Mutoid looks slightly ill] Well, go on - what's the matter with you?
MUTOIDThe blood of those creatures, it was not suitable.
TRAVISWhen you've found Blake's companion, there'll be plenty of blood.


BLAKEWe can't even be sure they're in this area.
JENNAWe have to assume they are.
BLAKEWell, maybe I can see something from up there. [Climbs tree. Jenna hears rustling in the bushes and goes to investigate. The Mutoid surprises her and knocks her out]
BLAKEJenna, Jenna! There's some smoke over there. Jenna? [Climbs down and looks around] Jenna, Jenna!

UNDER A LARGE TREE - Travis has suspended the deadfall from a high branch of a large tree. Jenna is being staked out beneath it by the Mutoid - she is gagged. The Mutoid extrudes a long needle from the cuff of her gauntlet and prepares to draw blood from Jenna's neck.

TRAVISNo! Not yet - get to your position. NOW! [Throws down his machete. The Mutoid picks it up] Blake! Blake, can you hear me? I know you're there Blake, I know you're close by. Here me Blake, I have your friend. Your friend will die Blake, unless you give yourself up.

[Blake breaks cover and runs to release Jenna]

JENNA[muffled by the gag] Blake, look out! Up there...

[The Mutoid hacks at the rope while Blake frees Jenna's feet, but she takes three tries to sever it, giving them time to roll clear as the harpoon grid crashes down, missing them. Blake thrusts his machete into the ground for Jenna to cut her ropes with, then grabs his stake and races across to engage with Travis, also armed with a sharpened stake. Jenna frees her feet and kicks the mutoid away as she tries to bleed her again. Blake and Travis are using their stakes as quarter staves - Jenna throws the Mutoid head first against a tree, where she falls unconscious. Blake disarms Travis and stands over him, poised to skewer him - he hesitates]

VILA[Watching] You've got him.
GANGo on!
CALLYKill him.
AVON[Smiles faintly and shakes his head slightly]

[Blake lowers his weapon and Sinofar teleports him away]

THE MONUMENT - Blake and Jenna materialise.

GIROCYou fought well, Blake.
BLAKEI'm glad you enjoyed it.
GIROCWhy didn't you kill him?
BLAKEToo weak? Or maybe I didn't entirely trust your motives. Besides, as long as he's alive, he'll be the one chasing me. And I know I can beat him.
GIROC[Laughs] At least you're not stupid.
BLAKE[To Sinofar] I need time enough to get my ship away and to recharge the energy banks.

SINOFARThey have been recharged. I will see that your ship gets away.
BLAKEAnother reason why I didn't kill Travis: I would have enjoyed it.

SINOFARPerhaps there was nothing for you to learn.

LIBERATOR - Backs out of embrace with pursuit ship.

BLAKEJenna, what speed?
JENNAStandard by Six.
ZENConfirmed. [Liberator moves away]
GAN[Massaging Blake's hand with ultrasound vibrator] What was she like?
BLAKEOf course. You never saw her.
GANNo. [Finishes treatment]
BLAKEThank you. She was, uh, she was very beautiful, wasn't she, Jenna?
JENNA[Unenthusiastically] Yes. Very.
VILAAll we saw was the ugly one. How is it you get all the fun?
BLAKEOh, I don't know, some of us are born lucky and some ... [grins rather smugly]

THE MONUMENT - The Mutoid is propped against a rock, apparently lifeless.

TRAVISWhere is Blake?

SINOFARHe won the right to go. It was agreed.
TRAVISIt changes nothing.
GIROCAnd what about your friend?
TRAVISA mutoid? It's little better than a machine. In any case, she's dead.

SINOFARTravis. Your companion is not dead. I will heal her.
TRAVISShe is of no further value to me. I have a fugitive to hunt. Return me to my ship.
GIROCIt is good to see a man like Travis again after so long.

SINOFARYou remind her of our people.
GIROCHe is just like our people, and like them he learns nothing.

SINOFARThat's why we're prisoners. You keep us prisoners, Giroc. Never return to this planet, Travis. [She teleports him away and dematerialises herself. Giroc turns and walks slowly toward the memorials]

PURSUIT SHIP - The Mutoid has just topped up her serum level.

TRAVISThe condemned ate a hearty meal. [Grabbing her by the chin] Your failure cost me Blake.
MUTOIDI warned you that my function would be impaired, Commander.
TRAVIS[Pushing her away] Well, perhaps the court martial will take that into account, but I doubt it. [Sits] Tell me, what happens to a mutoid that's dismissed the service?
MUTOIDWe exist only to serve.
TRAVISOh? Then you'll probably cease to exist.
MUTOIDReady, Commander.
TRAVISFollow Blake's course.
MUTOIDWe can't match his speed.
TRAVISWe don't have to, just match his course. You see, he made one fatal error. He should have killed me.

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