Script for Children of Auron

by Roger Parkes

(c) 1979 by the British Broadcasting Corporation. Series created by Terry Nation. This is a complete dialogue transcript for research purposes and is not for sale under any circumstances. Format (c) 1992 by Micky DuPree and Nicole Vifian.

Dramatis Personae

Kerr Avon
Vila Restal
Del Tarrant
Dayna Mellanby
C.A. 1
C.A. 2
Clinician Franton
Pilot Four-Zero
Module Six Voice
Medical Section Voice
*? = indistinct

[Exterior, Servalan's ship in space]
VOICEAll scanners operating.

SERVALAN[vo] Maintain full alert.

[On board Servalan's ship, flight deck]

VOICEMaintaining. Contact. Auron bound contact.

SERVALANCaptain Deral to the Command Cabin. Identification.
VOICESmall. Looks like a patrol vessel. Coming onto visual - now.

[Servalan hits button, patrol ship comes up on screen]

VOICEYes. One of their C-type patrollers.


SERVALANGood. Ideal. Ah, Captain Deral. [into comm] Ginka! Activate ionic beams.
GINKA[on screen] Activated.

SERVALANObtain target coordinates from control.
GINKAVery well, Madame President.
DERALIonic beams only?

SERVALANJust to disable, cause minimum damage. [into comm] Clinic, bring the disease pathogens now. [to Deral] I want that pilot alive. Alive and vulnerable.

[On Liberator flight deck. Cally enters.]

CALLYCourse, Zen.
ZENCourse eight two eight zero four. Destination is the planet Earth.
CALLYWhy Earth?
VILAWhy not?
TARRANTAnywhere else in mind?
VILAThe Himalayas are quite tall at this time of the year.
CALLYFeeling homesick, are you? [Vila nods.]
TARRANTAs it happens, it's his idea. There's someone there he wants to eliminate.
TARRANTOne of the Federation's para-investigators. Notorious thug known as Shrinker.
AVONOne of his victims was a young woman called Anna Grant. She was important to me.
CALLYSo it's just revenge you're after?
AVONJust and sweet. [moves game piece on triangle board]
CALLYYou two, you approve of this?
TARRANTIn the absence of a more pressing engagement.
AVONI am not asking THEM to kill him.
CALLYBut pointless revenge, it doesn't achieve anything.
VILAWe're going home ... to Earth. Does it have to matter why? [Tarrant moves game piece]

[Servalan's ship brings one man patrol vessel into bay]

GINKA[on screen] Docking arm secured.

SERVALANGood. Bring the pilot straight up.
DERALAre you sure we're totally immune? [Servalan mixes liquids in a beaker.]

SERVALANI'd hardly be doing this if we weren't.
DERALThe man may suspect. Don't forget, all Aurons are telepathic.

SERVALANNot, Deral, after being hit by an ionic beam.
DERALLet's hope not. [Pilot brought on deck. Drinks liquid handed to him by Deral.]

SERVALANAh, pilot four zero.
PILOTLoss of power. Systems failure. Total cutout.

SERVALANYou were hit by a random ionic reef.
PILOTIonic reef?

SERVALANProbably a residual from the war.
DERALWe ran into it too. [pours more liquid in glass]

SERVALANBut with force shields up.
DERALMore? [hands pilot glass]
PILOTThanks. [drinks]

SERVALANGinka, how badly damaged is the Auron patrol ship?
GINKAIts control systems are burnt out, the auxiliary power unit is functional, but for manual operation only. I'm continuing with further checks.

SERVALANManual only, I'm afraid.
PILOTI'll manage.
DARALWith reduced power?
PILOTAuron isn't so far off. Can you supply me with the course coordinates.?

SERVALANNaturally. I only wish we had time to diverge --
PILOTNo. Since the war, the Federation breakup, our people are more cautious than ever. Isolationists.

SERVALANVery prudent of them. There are so many unscrupulous fortune seekers at large.
GINKAChecking's completed.

SERVALANGood. Set course coordinates for Auron.
GINKARight away, Madame.
PILOTRight. I owe you my life.

SERVALANJust be sure and get home safely.

CALLYSince when has a personal vendetta been a good enough reason for going anywhere?
AVONThe trouble with the people of Auron is that they all suffer from a superiority complex.
VILAYou should get on well with them, then.
AVONToo good to become involved with the rest of humanity.
CALLYThat's not true. Just because we happen to be neutral doesn't necessarily --
AVONNeutrality or passivism, it all boils down to the same gutless inanity.
CALLYYou're wrong.
VILA"Gutless inanity." I like it. What's it mean?
CALLYSome of us wanted to participate in galactic affairs.
DAYNASo what happened? Were you overruled?
AVONThe great passive majority psyched them into line. Telepathic communion is a wonderful thing. [Smiles]
CALLYI joined a group of freedom fighters.
CALLYNo, defending the planet Saurian Major from the Federation.
TARRANTThe Federation won, of course.
CALLYYes. I do try, though. We're not all gutless, you see.
VILAAnd the Aurons punished you for your defiance, didn't they?
TARRANTWere you exiled?
CALLYYes. Why do you imagine I've never gone back? Affection for him?

[Auron control centre]

PATARAuron control to pilot four zero, make contact please. Auron control to pilot four zero. Not receiving you, four zero. Repeat, not receiving you. CA-2: Still nothing?
PATARHe's totally on his own. We have you on visual, four zero, but we are not hearing you. Apply retro thrust. Do you copy? CA-2: He'll burn up if he doesn't do it soon. CA-1.
PATARPilot four zero, you must apply retro thrust. Repeat, apply retro thrust. CA-2: Do you think he's slowing?
PATARCould be. Full retros, four zero. [pilot in shuttle, sores on face, hard landing. pilot dies]
PATAR[vo] Well done, four zero. Stand by for hookup, stand by.
VOICEHook up completed.
PATARVery smooth, retriever one.
VOICEStanding by for docking.
PATARFull emergency procedures operative, retriever one. CA-1: Patar, arrange a debriefing with the pilot, please. CA-2, with me.
PATARA signal for you, four zero; [vo] remain in the patroller for priority debriefing with CA One and the Deputy. Repeat, remain in the patroller for priority debriefing with CA-1 and Deputy. Over. [yellow liquid dribbles out of pilot's mouth]

SERVALANThey have their priority, all right. Survival.
DERALThey aren't all going to die, are they?

SERVALANDeral, we must rebuild the Federation.
DERALBut Auron has always been neutral.

SERVALANYes. And so long as it was politically expedient they were left to their pathetic little ideals. But the war has left us with a different situation: general disunity and anarchy. So, different imperatives prevail.
DERALWhat about their powers of telepathy?

SERVALANThey'll have their narrow little minds on other things now. An epidemic of alien pathogens.

CALLY[preoccupied, echo effect.] Death. Dying.
AVON[passes hand in front of her unresponsive face] Cally. [snaps fingers] Cally.
DAYNAWhat's wrong with her?
CALLY[normal voice, still preoccupied] They're dying ... all dying.
AVONWho? Who is dying?
TARRANTHere, try her with this. Should snap her out of it.
VILAThat stuff would snap an asteroid out of orbit.
CALLY[recovers] They're all dying. Dayna, they're all dying.

[Auron control]

PATAROrderlies, here! [orderlies remove stumbling man] CA-2: Report, Module six.
VOICEIt's here, we've got it here. CA-1: Oh, no. CA-2: Details.
VOICEFirst case was a hour ago. It started with the children. CA-2: Next, the young adults. Thank you, module six. CA-1: Any response to the distress calls? CA-2: Not a whisper. Appeals out on all channels, nothing.
VOICEMedical section reporting. CA-2: Yes.
VOICENegative trace. Non-bacterial, Non-viral. Must conclude disease pathogen of alien origins. CA-1: Ah, yes. From their insane Intergalactic War.
VOICEWhat else? CA-2: So why aren't we affected? We were exposed to the disease first, longer than anyone.
VOICEIt's your generation. YOU still have a resistance to the infection. CA-2: Unlike the youngsters. So what do we do? CA-1: Evacuation.
FRANTONIt's probably Auron's only chance now. CA-1: Why aren't you at the replication plant?
FRANTONOff shift, unfortunately. CA-2: Oh, I'm sorry.
FRANTONThere's still my assistant, Zelda. [CA-1 and Franton go to comm screen] CA-1: Are you all right? No symptoms?
ZELDA[on screen] The plant is fully sterile, sir. CA-1: Zelda, prepare a full range of genetic stock. Get them packed immediately, ready for evacuation.
ZELDAI have a different priority, sir.
FRANTONWhat is it, Zelda?
ZELDATo contact Cally. CA-1: Oh, that young rebel.
ZELDAThe Liberator must be our best hope. CA-1: Look, we already have distress calls out on constant transmission. Just obey orders!
FRANTONWith respect, sir. You and Cally are from the same sibling group, aren't you?
ZELDAYes, Cally's my twin.
FRANTONIdentical brain scan.
ZELDAOptimum telepathic affinity. CA-1: Yes, well, forget all that and just do as I say--
FRANTONKeep trying Zelda, keep at it. But for you our people might have had some natural resistance. Your precious dream of isolation -- CA-1: That policy was agreed upon in council.
FRANTONAnd those in opposition were simply ignored. My father tried to warn you, and so did Cally. And look how you've thanked her. CA-1: She deserved to be exiled.
FRANTONYou'd better just hope Zelda can get her back now.

[Liberator flight deck]

ZELDA['path voice] Cally. Help us, Cally. Help Auron.
CALLY[Repeating to the others] "Help ... help Auron." [Tarrant gives Avon a sign for a council behind Cally's back. They move off together.]
TARRANTLet's go.
AVONCan we trust them?
CALLYYes. Zelda would never trick me.
DAYNAHer identical sibling.
DAYNAThere are plenty more like her on Auron, apparently.
CALLYThis is not a trap.
AVONNot knowingly, perhaps.
TARRANTZen, reroute to planet Auron.
AVONJust like that?
TARRANTA democracy. You're outvoted, Avon. Three to two.
VILAFour to one. I like to stay with the winners whenever possible.
ZENConfirm course changing to zero three one zero. Destination: the planet Auron. State speed.
TARRANTStandard by Six.
CALLY['path voice] I'm coming, Zelda. I'm coming home. I'm coming home.

[Servalan's flight deck. Servalan and Deral watch a screen]

SERVALANTheir bio-replication plant. Auron's most elegant achievement. Synthesised placenta unit, each capable of gestating a batch of identical siblings.

SERVALANFoetuses, Deral. Offspring.
DERALThey look quite human.

SERVALANThey are. The man who perfected the process, Franton, achieved spontaneous cell differentiation.
DERALNo need for fertilisation.

SERVALANThat's right. Pure genetic replication.
DERALYour own cells, unmated. One parent only.

SERVALANExactly. And now, since the untimely destruction of the Clonemasters, it is exclusive to Auron.
DERALExclusive? So this is your reason. Nothing to do with rebuilding the Federation. You simply want to reproduce.

SERVALANIt's as well for you that just now I happen to need men like you and Ginka: loyal, unquestioning, not prone to interfering in matters of strategy.
DERALEven so, does seem a little -- excessive? To afflict a whole planet merely to indulge --

SERVALANIndulge nothing! This, Deral, this is merely a bonus. My primary object for Auron's affliction, as you call it, is to seize the Liberator.

AVONThis is crass stupidity.
TARRANTNot from Cally's side of the scanner.
AVONEmotional ties - we cannot risk the Liberator for sentiment.
TARRANTAs long as Cally is part of this crew, she has full call on your loyalty and support, no matter what the risks.
AVONYou are forgetting that the Aurons rejected her. They sent her into exile.
TARRANTYou were exiled from Earth.
AVONI go back as an executioner.
TARRANTAnd you really believe revenge should rate a higher priority than mercy?
AVONAll right. We will consult Orac. [they walk together to Orac. Avon inserts key]

SERVALANSignal Auron Control. Offer medical facilities.
GINKA[on screen] Do we go in and dock?
DERALI give your orders, Ginka.
GINKAMy apologies, Captain. Do we go in and dock, sir.
DERALYou'll get your or--

SERVALANYes. With full quarantine precautions. Say we're afraid of cross infection. Under the circumstances, they shouldn't find that hard to believe.
GINKATrue, Madame.
DERALWhat if the Liberator's out of range of Auron's distress calls?

SERVALANYou're forgetting Cally.
DERALHer telepathy?

SERVALANExactly. And I'm quite sure she's capable of persuading the others.

CALLY['path voice] Soon. We're coming. Tell them they must not despair. The Liberator is on its way. Zelda, we will be together again. Be strong. I'm coming home, Zelda. I'm coming to help you.

PATARSir. Your message received, jig nine. Hold please. CA-1: It's a reply.
PATARRequesting quarantine dockings. CA-2: Who are they?
PATARIt's an ex-Federation cruiser. CA-1: All right. Confirm.
FRANTONJust a minute. Suppose it's a trick. CA-1: How?
FRANTONThis whole epidemic. They could have intercepted our patrol ship and infected our pilot. CA-1: For what reason?
FRANTONConquest. CA-1: That's ridiculous.
FRANTONSurely it would be safer to wait for the Liberator. At least we can trust them, and we know they're coming, Zelda heard. CA-1: But not when. Do you know how long it'll take? Heh? Exactly. All right. Confirm docking. Full quarantine.
PATARAuron control to jig nine.

GINKA[on screen] Madame, docking facilities open.

GINKAAs specified.

SERVALANTell them to have specimens ready for analysis.

SERVALANNo. Tell them to have a patient ready. Specify Clinician Franton. Tell them he's to wear protective suiting to withstand radiation scanning.
GINKAClinician Franton?

SERVALANYes. Their replication expert.

ORACReproduction by Clinician Franton's method of group cloning has resulted in highly developed psychic faculties, telepathy being the most obvious example. These faculties are, of course, limited to the young since cloning was developed relatively recently.
AVONWe know all that.
ORACSince I lack sensors to assess what is or is not in your mind, I cannot assess what is or is not already known to you.
TARRANTListen, Orac, what about the disease epidemic Cally's talking about.
ORACIt's a high probability that because Auron has had a policy of neutrality and isolation, the planet has now been kept completely free of all disease for more than three decades.
TARRANTA sterile environment.
AVONWithout disease there would be no natural resistance to infection.
CALLYChecking up?
AVONWhy not?
CALLYThere's nothing Orac can tell you that I can't.
AVONMaybe not, but dispassionately, without prejudice or emotion.
CALLYSo what's Orac's dispassionate assessment? A trap?
AVONWe haven't got that far.
ZENDistress signal from Auron.
ZENSignal faint and intermittent.
CALLYCome on, come on.
ZENRequesting urgent help. Requesting medical facilities.

[Franton in treatment chamber]

GINKADiagnostic scan complete. Remove helmet for treatment. Grasp the support. Keep as still as possible. Feet on the marks. [Franton shudders]
DERALGinka, that is not clinician Franton.
GINKAIt tis, sir.

SERVALANRubbish. Ginka, who is this woman?
GINKAShe's Franton's daughter, in charge of the bio replication plant since her father's death several years ago.

SERVALANDaughter? Surely the man would have replicated in his own image.
GINKAIt seems she was born while he was still developing the process.

SERVALANAh. Born of natural birth.
GINKAEvidently. Excuse me, Madam. [Franton's sores disappear. She is released from treatment unit.] There's a mirror to your left.
DERALShall I have her brought in here, Madame?

SERVALANPlease don't interfere, Deral. I've already given Ginka his orders.
VOICEExcuse me Madame. Control. Liberator is on visual.

SERVALANThe prize, Deral. The way to re-establish the Federation more quickly. The single most powerful fighting ship left in space. With that, we can command the loyalty of all factions.

[Ginka enters flight deck with Franton]

GINKAClinician Franton.

SERVALANNo longer infectious.
GINKATotal cure.
FRANTONYour therapy unit is miraculous.

SERVALANThank you. Installed shortly before the Intergalactic War.
FRANTONAuron's people will be saved if we can reprogram our medical units.

SERVALANI only wish that were possible. Explain, Ginka.
GINKAIt's a pathogen introduced by the aliens during the War. Treatment is linked to the patient's individual tissue pattern.
GINKAThe best we can offer is for your people to come on board wearing protective clothing in batches of six.
FRANTONSix? Our entire planet's infected. If we could at least take the unit out to our medical centre-
GINKANo question of that. Batches of six, in suits.

[Six white suited figures stagger down a hall] CA-2: Six at a time. CA-1: Well, even if only a few dozen can survive...Where's clinician Franton? CA-2: She's gone back to the plant to prepare for evacuation of the genetic stock.

PATARLiberator arrival imminent, sir. CA-2: At last! CA-1: Patar. Offer immediate docking facilities.
PATARI did, sir, but they -- they said they're using teleport.

[Liberator teleport room]

CALLYWe're wasting valuable time, why don't we dock now?
CALLYBut this is a mercy mission, not a war.
VILAThose bugs could hit us too, you know.
TARRANTWe can dock once we've assessed.
VILAUh, volunteering for teleport duty up here.
AVONWe should leave two.
TARRANTDayna can bring one of them straight back up for analysis.
CALLYIt would be quicker if we took Orac down with us.
AVONIt would be stupid to compound the risk.
CALLYRisk! They're dying down there, dying by the thousands,.
TARRANTOrac stays, Cally.
DAYNACome on.
VILAGood luck. [operates teleport]

GINKAYes, sir?
DERALStand up.
DERALYou are addressing a superior officer, stand up!
GINKAAs you wish, sir.
DERALYes, Ginka, as I wish. I'm tired of your insubordination. I'm tired of your not very subtle attempt to undermine my authority.
GINKAIs this an official reprimand, sir? If it is, then I have the right to the presence of another officer to whom I may state my case.
DERALWhat exactly is your case?
GINKADo you mean you don't know?
DERALIs it because you were passed over for command?
GINKAYou admit that I was passed over then.
DERALClearly, since I was made captain and you were not. A fact you'd do well to bear in mind.
GINKAOh, I do bear it in mind, sir. I bear it in mind all the time.
DERALThen act accordingly, or I shall have you up in front of a court martial.
GINKAI don't think the president would go along with that. Sir.
DERALYou think she has some special regard for you, is that it?
GINKAI think she recognises a good officer, even if he doesn't have the right connections.
DERALAs I have?
GINKASurely. Since you were made Captain, and I was not.
DERALGet on with your work.

[Six white suited Aurons enter treatment chamber]

GINKA[on screen] The first six have arrived, Madame.

SERVALANGet them out of those suits.
GINKAShould I proceed with the scanning process first?

SERVALANThere is no point. They have to die anyway. See to it, Ginka, and get two of those suits up here. Deral and I will need them.
GINKAAt once, Madame.

SERVALANControl, is the Liberator docking?
VOICENo, Madame. It is in stationary orbit.

SERVALANAh. Then they're using teleport.

[Cally and Dayna manoeuvre Patar to be teleported.]

DAYNAIs he strong enough, do you think?
CALLYYes. Come on.
DAYNATeleport, Vila. [they teleport out]
AVONSo, one of your pilots was infected with an alien pathogen. CA-2: That's right.
AVONWhy didn't he report the sickness, warn you to have quarantine ready? CA-2: His communications were defective, auto systems as well. He managed the reentry on manual, but died during docking.
AVONDefective, how? CA-2: Ionic particle dislocation.
AVONDidn't that strike you as odd? CA-1: No doubt yet another residue of annihilation from your war.
AVONImpossible. No warfare pathogens or ionic reefs could have drifted this far, not so quickly. CA-1: Well, they evidently have. And our population is, is decimated.
CALLYAt lease Dayna has taken your traffic controller up to our ship. CA-1: One man.
CALLYWell, we have to start somewhere. He'll be scanned for both diagnosis and treatment. CA-1: And then what? How many can you possibly save? Everyone's infected.
AVONIncluding us, by now. CA-2: What about the genetic tissue? There are five thousand on standby for immediate dispatch.
TARRANTFive thousand? All uninfected? CA-1: Yes, of course.
AVONHow can you be sure? CA-2: It's in storage at our bio replication plant.
CALLYIs Zelda there? CA-2: Yes. With Clinician Franton.

[At bio replication plant]

ZELDAThere's someone in decontamination.
FRANTONCarry on, Zelda. [speaks thru door] Strictly no entry.

SERVALAN[through door] Let us in, please.
FRANTONThe infection risk.

SERVALANYou obviously have cleansing procedures. Besides, we are not diseased in any way.
FRANTONWhat do you want?

SERVALANA small matter of payment, in return for our medical services. I wish to use one of your gestation units.

SERVALANThat, I believe, is their function. Is it so much to ask?
FRANTONWe're preparing for evacuation.

SERVALANNo longer necessary. Thanks to us. And the Liberator.
FRANTONBut the disease pathogens will still be infecting the planet.

SERVALANNo problem. After the gestation process is complete, our medical unit can simply induct specific resistance into the...babies. The quicker you oblige, the quicker I can return to my ship and allow the treatment to continue.
FRANTONThe price of mercy.

SERVALANElementary commerce. [Zelda decontaminates them]

AVONHow do you feel?
TARRANTI just hope Orac can fix it.
AVON[Into bracelet] Liberator. [Beat] Idiot, where are you?
AVON[vo] This is not untypical. [Vila mouths answer in helmet] Vila, come in.
VILA[Vila removes helmet] Yes.
AVON[vo] Where were you?
AVONAgainst what?
VILA[vo] Plague.
TARRANTHas Orac got any results yet?
VILA[vo] No. CA-2: The first batch are just coming back from treatment. CA-1: Good. Get the next six ready.
CALLYWhere? CA-1: From the other ship.
CALLYWhat other ship? CA-1: The one that answered our distress call shortly before you arrived.

[Ginka suddenly enters with Federation troopers]

GINKAAbsolutely still, Tarrant! Bracelets off -- and guns. Quickly! CA-1: Who the hell are you? I give the orders here.
GINKANot anymore. I'm in charge. On the floor, double quick!
CALLY['path voice] Zelda. Zelda, listen. We're trapped in the Control Centre. We're trapped in the Control Centre.

FRANTONZelda! Prepare a placenta, please. [uses needle to extract Servalan's blood]
DERALIs that all it takes, then? A sample of blood?
FRANTONIt's the genetic print we need. All body cells with a nucleus carry that. The white cells are here. As long as they're capable of differentiation, they're capable of growth, into another you.

SERVALANExcellent. My blood line, Deral.
FRANTONOr gene stock.

SERVALANYes. [Franton drops blood on solution in tray] Where can I speak to your control centre?
FRANTONOver there.
DERALDo you need me, mum?

SERVALANNo, Deral, you can wait for me here. [leaves]
ZELDACally's trapped in the C--[Franton stops her as Deral approaches, then he picks up the tray]

DAYNARelax, Vila. Orac's found the cure.
VILAQuite sure?
PATARIt's even better than the other ship.
VILAWhat other ship?
PATARThe ex-Federation that answered our distress call.
VILANow he tells us! [Into comm] Cally, Avon, Tarrant. Tarrant. Answer, Tarrant.
DAYNAI'll go down.
VILAAnd land us into whatever mess they're in down there? You stay here until we know the score. [Into comm] Tarrant. Answer, Tarrant.
PATARWhat's going on?

SERVALAN[over comm] Hello, Vila. [Vila mouths, "Servalan."] [Servalan's flight deck] Time to surrender. We have your compatriots, Vila. Surrender the Liberator and they live. Resist, and they die. [vo] However, having some degree of personal regard for you, Vila, I am prepared to make you an offer.
VILAI'm listening.

SERVALANA position of senior rank.
VILASuch as?

SERVALANSay, a governorship? A planet of your choosing. Earth, if you wish it.
DAYNA[sotto voce] Lies!
VILAUh, I think I'll have a chat with Orac. [Breaks off]
DAYNAWe may have one advantage.
DAYNAUs. [Indicates herself and Patar] It's just possible she doesn't know we're here.

CA-2: Why? Why have you done this? CA-1: Yes, why? Why have you brought this on us? I just can't believe it. I can't believe that anyone can be so --

SERVALANSuccessful? Well now you know. [To Ginka] Take them out and shoot them. [They are escorted out by three guards] CA-1: I'm sorry. CA-2: You're not to blame. CA-1: Aren't I? I should have listened to Franton after all. CA-2: You did what you thought was right at the time.

DAYNAGo on, Vila.
VILAUh, Orac says to come up here and negotiate.

SERVALANDoes it really?
VILA[over comm] A question of trust. Orac can only assess veracity in person.

SERVALANI'll send a deputy.
VILAAll right. But unarmed.
GINKALet me go, Madam. I'll take the Liberator!

SERVALANNo. I think Deral would be a more suitable representative.
DERALWithout a weapon?

SERVALANHave one. [She hands him a gun.] But hidden. It's only Vila up there and he's a coward. Get control of that teleport, and the Liberator is ours. [into bracelet] My deputy is ready. His name is Deral.
VILAOne moment. [motions Dayna and Patar out of teleport room] All right.
DERALTeleport. [Deral teleports]
VILAUm, welcome aboard.
DERALSit down. [points gun at Vila]
VILAOver here? [sits at teleport console]
DERALMnn hmm.
DAYNA[enters with gun on Deral] Keep still! [takes his gun]
VILASo much for trust. Disarming, isn't she?
DAYNAOver there.
VILA[into comm] You tried to trick us, Servalan. Naughty. One hostage to us.

SERVALANAnd three to me.

ZELDABut listen, I have to go.
FRANTONSet foot outside this building and you'll be instantly infected.
ZELDABut not dead. I can still -
FRANTONI'm immune now Zelda, cured. One of us must stay and complete the packing. The genetic material must be ready for evacuation. It's Auron's only chance, now.
FRANTONAh, I'll manage.
FRANTONYou stay and alert Cally. Tell her to be ready.

DAYNAWhere is Servalan's ship?
PATARDown on the quarantine ramps.
DAYNAThreaten it, Vila.
VILA[into comm] You're cut off, Servalan. We have a neutron blaster sighted on your ship.

SERVALAN[over comm] Destroy it, and you destroy your three compatriots.
VILAThey're not on board.

SERVALANTrue, Vila, true. But they are infected with the disease. And the only cure happens to be on my ship. I think it quite safe to return. Ginka, bring the bracelets. Watch them.
DAYNAIs she telling the truth, Deral? Can she really cure them? Well?
DERALIf I help you, I'm finished with Servalan.
VILAFriend, you're dead meat to her anyway.

[Cally sees Franton in door window.]

CALLY[telepaths] Avon, Tarrant, look. [they look at her, then at the door. Franton knocks. Guard shoots at her. Guard One goes down the corridor in search of Franton. Guard Two starts after. Tarrant jumps Guard Two. Avon goes out into the corridor. Guard One fires at him, and Avon ducks back inside. Cally knees Guard Two and gets the gun away from him. Tarrant tosses Guard Two out into the corridor. Guard One fires and kills Guard Two.]
AVONNice shot. [Guard One heads away.] I'll take him. [Grabs the gun from Cally and starts off.]
FRANTON[Breaks cover. Avon takes aim at her.] I'm Franton. The guard's gone. You'll never get him now.
AVONHe'll alert Servalan.
CALLYHow far away is their ship?
AVONAs soon as she knows, she'll blast us.
TARRANTExactly. There's no point in staying here.
CALLYWhere shall we go, then?
FRANTONThere is one place that's safe.
AVONFrom those projectiles of hers?
FRANTONSimply because of what's in there. The replication plant. Come on.

SERVALANFool. [crumples cup, throws it at guard] Arm projectiles. Prepare to fire.

SERVALANThe Control Centre. [the control centre explodes]

FRANTONThe centre. Come on.

SERVALANThe control centre?

GINKAOur sensors are detecting movement.


SERVALAN[sees them on screen] They're heading for the replication plant.
GINKAReady to fire.

SERVALANWait. Use mark fives only.
GINKABut, Madame!

SERVALANGinka, I don't want that plant damaged. [Avon, Tarrant, Cally, Franton run across large expanse of concrete, bombs explode]

FRANTONNot much further. Hurry! [more bombs explode]

ZENProjectile attack in proximity of main control centre.
VILAThey stand about as much chance as a bubble in a black hole.
DERALUnless they head for the replication plant.
DERALIt's the one possible sanctuary.
DAYNAWhy? [more bombs]


SERVALANNo closer. Cease firing.
GINKAFiring ceased.

SERVALANTake in a ground force. You command.
GINKABut Madame--!

SERVALANGinka! Do as I say.

[Zelda decontaminates Franton. She enters biorep]

FRANTONThey're diseased, Zelda. [closes door]
TARRANT[in corridor outside biorep] They've stopped firing.
AVONI wonder why.
FRANTON[through door] Because of these. They're implanted with her cells.
AVONHer surrogate womb.
TARRANTBirth by proxy.
AVONAfter infecting the entire planet in the first place.
TARRANTYou must be Zelda.
ZELDAThat's right.
TARRANTCally? [Cally approaches door. She and Zelda place a hand each on glass of door]
AVONSo. Those little monsters give us a breather.
TARRANTNot that it'll do us much good without bracelets to get us up to the Liberator.

DAYNACould be. If they've somehow found out about Servalan's urge to breed.
VILABut how?
DAYNACally won't be short of telepathic vibes. Her sister's there remember.
VILAYes, but --
DAYNABut it's the only possible lead we have.
VILABut if it's wrong! If he's lying!
DAYNAJust be ready to bring me straight back up! All right, down. [Vila operates teleport]
VILA[to Deral] You'd better be right.

SERVALANI told you to take in a ground force.
GINKAI know. But I think you are mistaken, Madame.

SERVALANAbout what?
GINKAThe replication plant. Cally, Avon, and Tarrant - they must die now.

SERVALANNot in there.
GINKAWhy not? Surely you are not that concerned for Captain Deral's offspring.

SERVALANDeral? What are you talking about?
GINKADid you know he persuaded the woman Franton to remove some cells from one of the placentas and replace them with his own.

SERVALANWhose cells did he replace?
GINKAYou were with him all the time, weren't you?

SERVALANNo. I left him alone there, when I went to give you you're orders. The firing point - now! [Ginka smiles]

[Franton and Zelda prepare boxes for evacuation Dayna hands out bracelets to Avon, Tarrant and Cally]

DAYNAYou don't look well.
TARRANTI just hope Orac can sort us out.
DAYNARelax! Orac did a grand therapy job on their traffic controller.
TARRANT[through door] Franton. Zelda. You'll have to evacuate with us. They'll be here soon, Zelda, and it won't just be bugs they're bringing.
FRANTONHe's right, Zelda. [opens door. Avon, Tarrant, and Cally enter. Cally and Zelda embrace]
DAYNA[hands bracelets to Franton and Zelda] Get them on. Ready, everyone?
FRANTONWait! The gene stocks. [runs to grab boxes]
ZELDA[hears beeping] I think it's the nutrient flow balance.
DAYNAWhat are you doing?
ZELDAI have to adjust it.
AVONThere isn't time for that.
FRANTONLeave it, Zelda.
ZELDABut the foetuses will die.
AVONThey're going to die anyway. Vila, get us out of here. [Zelda removes bracelet. More beeping]
CALLYZelda! [Zelda adjusts settings on machine]

GINKAReady to fire.


CALLY[telepaths] You must get out of there, Zelda. Put the bracelet on.
ZELDA[telepaths] Even Servalan's children must have a chance, Cally. [works at unit] Servalan! [looks up] Cally! [explosions, Zelda screams]

[On Servalan's flight deck, Servalan watches screen as biorep is bombed. She jerks, shudders and weeps. In Liberator teleport room Cally faints. Dayna picks her up and carries her o.o.s]

FRANTONServalan must have destroyed the plant. Why would she do that? Why kill the babies? Even her own babies.

SERVALANGinka. Ginka!
GINKAWe got them!

SERVALANYou lied. You lied to me. They were mine. I felt them die. [presses button on small unit. Ginka screams, writhes, dies]

AVONDeral. [snaps teleport bracelet onto Deral's wrist]
DERALWhat? [Avon pushes Deral onto teleport platform]
AVONTell Servalan she missed us.
PATERIt was for nothing. All of it was for nothing.
FRANTONAnd tell her Auron's children will return.
DERALYou can't!
TARRANTNo? [he teleports Deral] Happy landings.

SERVALANDeral. Well?
DERALNo! [she kills him using the small unit]

[Dayna and Vila on flight deck couch. Tarrant enters]

DAYNAFeeling better?
TARRANTYes, thanks to Orac.
VILADid you look in on the others?
TARRANTYes, they're fine.
VILAAnd Cally?
AVONShe'll be all right, she's sleeping. Zen, course.
ZENCourse zero three two zero for the planet Kaarn.
ZENIt is within the specified parameters. An uninhabited earth type planet capable of supporting an Auron colony.
TARRANTFlight time?
ZENForty hours at present speed.
AVONIncrease speed.
TARRANTNo, Avon. Let's not rush it.
AVONWhy not?
TARRANTThe gene stocks that Franton has contain the potential for five thousand children.
DAYNAFranton and Pater are going to be busy on Kaarn.
TARRANTMaybe we should let them rest.
AVONMaybe we should. It's likely to be the last rest they get. Zen, maintain present speed.
DAYNAWhat about Cally? Do you think she'll want to go with them?
AVONCally will stay with us. We are closer to her than they are. Besides, a nursery of five thousand, would you want to go with them?

[all laugh, Dayna passes tray, Vila and Tarrant take wafers]

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