Dawn of the Gods

Review by Ellynne G

Vila's Dawn of the Gods Entry:

Vila's log, stardate ten-four - No, wait. Carry the five.... Hmm, I didn't think stardates had that many numbers.... Oh, right, that's a fraction. OK, multiply - Blast, now, it's a negative number.

Oh, never mind. Vila's log, Thursday, March 13th.

All I can say is don't blame me. I _told_ them never to let Orac drive. It's always they same, "Oh, I know a short cut," "Oh, this side trip will just take a minute, no problem," or, like today, "Oh, the tourist brochure said there's this really unusual black hole over here. What say we just make a little detour and see it?" Or that's what he would say if he ever asked, which he never does.

It was just a mess. Naturally, with Orac driving, the ship got stranded by the side of the road (although the System never thought about seat belts, Avon did try to break out some protective gear. Naturally, Tarrant chose right then to start having combat flashbacks, go beserk, and started yelling something incoherent about everyone dying together. If he's ever unarmed and rational, I'll have to ask him about that [come to think of it, since Tarrant was the only survivor we picked up from his ship after the war, maybe I don't want to know]).

So, we landed and, naturally, I'm the one who gets sent out to change the flat tire and all that. We met some locals who we thought might give us a hand. What a laugh. Their response to a broken ship was to offer to buy it. Cheap. Some people are just vultures.

[log entry ends]

[log entry resumes]

Sorry about that. Cally came in and gave me one of her speeches about most people being good and decent if you give them a chance. She says it's all a matter of attitude. If you expect good from people, you usually get it back. Then Avon came in. They're still 'discussing' it but Avon said he could prove his point with some data from Orac, so now they're a few decks away downloading history files. I can't even hear them. Almost. I think Avon must be winning. Even Cally has to realize this is a pretty ridiculous idea.

Anyhow, we all got dragged off to jail and slave labor except for Cally, who was taken off to have tea with the ruler of the planet after about a five second conversation, when he fell in love with her. I gather he offered to make her queen of the universe and get her friends out of hard labor, but Cally (naturally) turned him down. She has strong feelings about dating ethics and wouldn't compromise them for something as minor as getting her friends an early release from prison, oh, no. So, we had to blow up the planet instead. She did help with that. A little.

She wouldn't marry the Evil Overlord, but I'm not sure if she didn't give him her phone number or something. She got awfully vague when we asked about him. Dayna says that probably just means she had to shoot him when he got fresh (and Dayna should know about these things [although all I did was ask her out for dinner and a movie. Honest]), but I don't know.

Anyhow, Avon had a long talk with Orac, told him he was grounded, and that he couldn't drive the spaceship again for a month. He also cancelled his allowance. No more breaking into the Federation banking system till Avon says.

He always lets him off easy. I never get away with stuff like that. If the ship were crashing because of me, Avon would toss me off so I hit the ground first. AND cancel my allowance.

Which reminds me. I've been a really good boy since that accident on Obsidian. I wonder if I can have my lock picks back....

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