Redemption '01 - Alison Page

Right. So this redemption thing. Attributes of B7 fans, including the stupid ones who don't agree with me:

- Bravery. As Napoleon said 'La courage de deux heurs de la matin, la courage de l'improviste'. If anyone wasn't scared I suppose that's brave too, but I guess most were as scared as me, in which case, very brave indeed.

- Creativity. This really hardly needs to be explained further. All the art forms, and the proliferation of art forms.

- Generosity. People giving out in lots of different ways. If people think I didn't notice well I did.

- Perhaps the definitive attribute of B7, B7 fans, and perhaps all fandom. What is the word for it. Being prepared to forget about being cool, and about what is appropriate or stylish. But through this route to be in some strange way highly stylish and cool. Shaky sets and dodgy bodies irregardless.


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