Posted 09th of September 2001

Gareth Thomas in Rutherford

Gareth Thomas will be playing Rutherford in Rutherford and Son at the Playhouse Theatre, Salisbury from 4th to 27th October 2001. Rehearsals will begin on 10th September.

This is directed by Joanna Read, who directed Equus at the same theatre in March 2000.

Info From the Theatre


By Githa Sowerby
Directed by Joanna Read
Designed by Tim Meacock
Lighting by Jim Simmons

"You're my son - my son that's got to come after me" Rutherford

John Rutherford has built up the business like his father before him and he naturally expects to pass it on to his eldest son.

However, his son has other plans. He has something to sell, an invention that will release him from his father's tyranny and a future following in those laborious footsteps.

With aspirations to achieve independence, make their own futures and find love, Rutherford's children have choises to make that may jeopardise the business and the family.

This Edwardian classic and powerful drama is on par with the work of Ibsen, Gorky and Granville Barker. It enjoyed huge success in London and New York, and was hailed as a remarkable play.

Post Show Talkout: Tues 25th Oct.

Tickets: 8 to 16 with various discounts for Groups etc.

Box Office: 01722 320333

Address: Salisbury Playhouse, Malthouse Lane, Salisbury, Wilts SP2 7RA.

The Playhouse's Website.

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Gareth's appearing in Rutherford and Son at Salisbury Playhouse. The play is directed by Joanna Read who also directed him in Equus (which was one of the best performances I've ever seen).

As Salisbury is within easy reach of home and the play's on over my birthday, this is one that I'm definitely not going to miss.

Picking the Saturday nearest to my birthday, I'm therefore forming a group to go and see the play on 13 October (it runs from 4-27 October). Anyone who would like to come along is more than welcome.

As usual, I'll book tickets for the group to make sure we get adjacent seats. Anyone needing help with B+B, etc, just drop me a line. (I've got floor space for the skint and can provide sleeping bags, but you'd have to make your own way into Salisbury and as there's no good public transport connection we'd need at least one person with a car. A taxi might be affordable if shared. But B+B might be simpler.) If anyone wants to do the usual sightseeing, I'll find some interesting places to visit.

The theatre is a pleasant one and serves light meals in the theatre bar. Gareth's usually willing to meet up with us before/after the show.

Drop me a line if you want to come.


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