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This is a greatly expanded entry from the Sevencyclopaedia. By Murray Smith.

The Way BackBlake said that he got vistapes from his brother and sister on Zeigler Five 'a couple of times a year'.
Foster told Blake that his brother and sister were executed 'four years ago', just after his trial.
Foster said that 'Four years ago' there was a great deal of discontent with the administration.
Foster said that the plan was to have at least one world declare its independence 'within the next two years'.
Varon said that the process of mental implantation was perfected 'years ago'.
Varon told Maja that he had gone Outside 'years ago'.
Space FallRaiker told Blake that he made a name for himself 'a few years back'.
Cygnus AlphaVargas said that for 'centuries' the followers had believed in the Curse of Cygnus and the efficacy of the drug.
Time SquadBlake said that 'centuries' ago on the early deep space flights, they kept the crews at extremely low temperatures to suspend the aging process.
Avon commented that the two projectile crew members in suspended animation were probably 'hundreds of years' old.
Blake said that the world they left would be dead 'years' ago.
Gan said that the revived crew member had been asleep for 'centuries'.
The WebSaymon, speaking through Jenna, said that they had waited for the coming of the Liberator's crew for 'many years'.
Blake said that experiments like those that created the Decimas were banned for 'centuries'.
Mission to DestinyJenna said that the Mark Three Galaxy Class cruiser went out of production 'at least fifty years ago'.
Avon observed, 'If the last of this mark is built half a century ago, this ship could have been here a very long time'.
Blake asked Dr. Kendall if Destiny was colonised 'about a hundred years' ago, and was told that it had.
Grovane said that the Ortega taking so long to get back to Destiny would set them back 'a full year!'
Blake told the Ortega's crew that they would have to think of the effects 'a year's delay' would have on the prospects of their planet's recovery.
DuelSinofar explained to Blake and Travis that her powers and Giroc's grew out of 'a thousand years of war'.
Giroc said that 'Every passing year' brought new ways to kill.
Giroc said that throughout 'the centuries' the war raged across their planet.
Project AvalonAvon said that the winter cycle of the planets northern hemisphere, called the Long Cold, lasted for 'the equivalent of eight-and-a-half Earth years'.
Avon said that 'About thirty years ago', the gemstones called ice crystals were discovered on the planet.
Avalon told Travis that 'Every year' more people defied the Federation.
BountyBlake said that it was 'seven years' since Sarkoff came into exile.
Sarkoff explained to Blake that he had the finest collection of 'twentieth century' Earth objects anywhere in the galaxy.
Sarkoff told Cally that in his 'last years' of office, he received an ambassador from Lindor.
Sarkoff told Blake that he was leader of Lindor's planetary government for 'five years'. In Deliverance, Ensor Junior explained to Maryatt that, because of security, he and his father enjoyed 'thirty-odd years' of complete independence.
Servalan said that there had been rumours about Orac for 'years'.
Servalan said that it would take 'years' to persuade the Federation to let her spend one hundred million.
Zen reported that the rocket's flight time would be 'Five hundred Earth years'.
OracAvon said that when Ensor was 'eighteen years old' he invented the Tarrial cell.
Avon explained that the microcells powering Endor's mechanical heart had a lifespan of 'about forty Earth years'.
Blake said that Ensor was fitted with this mechanical heart 'about forty years ago'.
Blake mentioned Ensor's 'four year old' son.
Ensor said that he hadn't been away from his laboratory for 'over forty years'.
ShadowBlake told Bek that he would give him 'three years' then come looking for him.
WeaponTravis said that cloning had been known for 'centuries'.
the second Blake clone told Travis that he was 'Thirty four' years of age.
HorizonZen reported that data suggested that Horizon was visited 'annually' by a Federation supply freighter.
Blake said that they knew that Federation only visited Horizon 'once a year'.
the Assistant Kommissar said that he had been stuck on Horizon for 'two years'.
Orac said that the Liberator had concentrated food for one person for 'a thousand years'.
Pressure PointBlake said that the Federation established Control 'Two hundred years ago'.
Blake said that he had collected all the information on Control for 'the past year'.
Avon said that if Control was destroyed, the Federation would be more vulnerable that it had been for 'centuries'.
Travis told Blake that Control was moved 'thirty years ago'.
TrialPar said that Samor hadn't left his flagship in 'years'.
Servalan said that Travis committed a capital crime 'Three years ago'.
Par told Travis that he was a 'twenty-year [service?]' man.
Par told Major Thania that he served a full tour of 'Five years' with Travis.
KillerBlake told Jenna that the Wanderer Class ship was 'Six, seven hundred years old'.
Blake said that even if it travelled at maximum speed, the ship would have taken 'three thousand years' to get this far out.
Jenna made a comment about 'Seven centuries', referring to the ship.
Orac said that the Wanderer Class One ship K47 went missing 'seven hundred years' ago.
Blake said that living in one of those ships was like living in a pickle barrel for 'thirty years'.
one of the recovery crew said that the fittings of the ship must be 'stinking centuries' old.
Bellfriar said, when reading what Blake handed him, 'Seven hundred years old?'
Bellfriar said that the body didn't look 'seven hundred years' old.
Dr. Wiler said that the age of the body he was examining was between 'thirty five and forty five'.
Blake said that Kemp, Wardin, and Tober went missing 'seven hundred years ago'.
Bellfriar said that the degree of biolysis found in the corpse was that got after one or two weeks, not 'hundreds of years'.
HostageBlake said that Ushton had been a prisoner on Exbar for 'years'.
Blake said that he visited Exbar 'years' ago.
Orac said that the code Travis's message was in was destandarised for general Federation traffic 'fifty years' ago.
Voice from the PastZen said that Asteroid PK118 was removed from serial orbit 'five years ago' for ore extraction.
Zen said that Asteroid PK118 was mined out in 'two years'.
Blake said that it was only 'a couple of years' since the asteroid was abandoned.
Van Glynd said that it was 'two years' since he and Blake met.
Le Grand explained to Blake that for 'years' Ven Glynd and herself had prepared for this moment.
Travis claimed that he hadn't see Docholli in 'two years'.
Servalan said to Jarriere that she had argued for 'years' that the Federation could no longer tolerate the existence of Freedom City.
Star OneAvon commented that even with the Federation's resources, it must have taken them 'years' to put the antimatter minefield in place.
AftermathDayna said that her father landed the space vehicle 'more than twenty years' ago.
Hal Mellanby said that Servalan came into power 'some years' after her defection.
Servalan spoke to Dayna about her father hiding away for 'twenty-odd years' on some remote outer planet.
Hal Mellanby told Avon that for the 'last twenty years' all he dreamed of was freedom to go where and do what he wanted.
Powerplaythe Chengan nurse told Cally her planet was settled 'about two hundred years ago'.
VolcanoCally said that Zen said that the volcano on Obsidian had been bubbling away for 'at least twenty years'.
Zen said that the Federation assessment team's atmospheric and ground tests had predicted no heavy volcanic activity for 'some years'.
Vila asked 'how many years' was some years.
Vila asked how many years was 'some years'.
Avon said that the phrase 'some years' was meaningless.
Dawn of the GodsCally, in telling about the Thaarn, said that 'A million years' went by before the gods returned to Auron.
Cally said that the gods were no older, even though 'a million years' had passed.
The Harvest of KairosZen said that Kairos had an orbital revolution of 'fifteen Earth years'.
Jarvik said that 'A few years ago', Tarrant had served as lieutenant on the Kairopan escort shuttle.
Jarvik said that 'Two millennia' later, people read the future from 'the remnant leaves of a herb in a drinking cup'.
Servalan spoke of losing 'fifteen years' supply of Kairopan.
Tarrant told Jarvik that he hadn't seen him for 'years'.
City at the Edge of the WorldBayban said that he had a crystal as a lucky piece for 'years'.
Kerril observed, after she and Vila went through the collapsed forcefield, Kerril observed that the locals had said that 'this lot' was 'thousands of years' old.
the builder of the security system told Vila and Kerril that by the time they heard his voice, he would be dead for 'over three thousand years'.
Children of AuronOrac said that Auron had been kept completely free from disease for 'more than three decades'.
Ginka said that Franton's father had died 'several years' ago.
Rumours of DeathAvon told Shrinker that it was 'several years' since he tortured Anna.
SarcophagusOrac said that the panel of keys on the egg-shaped device was pre-programmed 'many centuries' before its activation.
the alien told Avon that she had waited 'centuries'.
the alien again told Avon that she had been waiting 'Centuries'.
the alien spoke of 'Centuries' of waiting.
MolochZen said that it would take them 'One hundred and fifty nine Earth years' to get somewhere using maximum time shift.
Zen said that after 'one hundred and fifty nine Earth years' the time shift mechanism would cease to function.
Orac said that the Sardoans made exhaustive computer projections 'Two million Earth years' into their future.
Doran told Vila that in 'fifteen years' he hadn't seen the sun or a woman.
Servalan said that it took a clever man 'five years' in Space Academy before he even began to have the basic skills and experience to pilot an advanced star cruiser.
Dayna recalled that the Sardoans made a detailed projection of what their race would be in 'two million years' time.
Avon said to be able to evolve and survive for 'two million years', that person would have to be in control of his environment.
Death-WatchTarrant hadn't seen his brother for 'seven', maybe eight years, according to what he said to Max.
Tarrant hadn't seen his brother for seven, 'maybe eight years', according to what he said to Max.
Max told Tarant that Deeta had been First Champion of Teal for 'nearly four years'.
Max said that an officially declared war hadn't happened for 'twenty years'.
Tarrant asked if once 'every twenty years' was routine for a war. In Terminal, Zen said that Terminal was constructed 'four hundred and eleven years' ago.
Servalan claimed that Blake died on the planet Jevron 'more than a year' ago.
Servalan said that Terminal's evolution developed through 'millions of years'.
RescueDayna said that she worked for 'nearly a year' on a gun like Dorian's.
Avon said that Ensor spent 'the last twenty years' of his life in hiding.
Avon conservatively estimated that the sort of research and development taken by Dorian in trying four different approaches to a working teleport, working from basic theoretical principles, would have taken him 'twenty years' of uninterrupted effort.
Dorian corrected Avon, saying 'Thirty years'.
Dorian said that the mineral deposit from which the room below the base was carved out of was one he knew very little about, despite 'nearly two hundred years' of study.
PowerVila, after telling Pella that Dorian was dead, commented, 'Two hundred years' but he made it in the end.
Gunn-Sar said that his predecessor , Mavarik, was 'sixty three' years of age when killed by him.
Pella said that the Hommiks reverted to primitive tribalism 'hundreds of years' ago.
Dayna said that, according to the discs, it was as though history stopped 'twenty years ago'.
Cato spoke of 'Ten thousand years'' advancement destroyed in a day.
TraitorAvon said that it took the Federation 'years' to subdue the Hellots on their first expansion.
Vila said that if the Federation was expanding at that rate, they would be 'knocking on the door' in 'a couple of years'.
the General talked to Quute about the Fletch Expedition of 'twenty nine'.
the General said that Practor had been on the Federation Civil List for 'years'.
Practor said that 'Years' in the civil service had turned him into something of a pedant.
Leitz said that about 'a hundred years ago' the old monorail was sealed off.
StardriveVila told Dayna and Soolin that he was 'Fourteen' years of age when he was first sent to a penal colony.
Tarrant said that space choppers were a teenagers' craze 'two centuries' back.
Vila remarked that the Space Rats' closed circuit television camera system had probably not worked for 'years'.
Dr. Plaxton said that she made the decision to get mixed up with the Space Rats 'three years' ago.
Servalan was told that Bucol Two's planet was not used again until 'six years before the [Intergalactic] war'.
Servalan said that her information about Justin was that he was in underground bunkers, with enough food and water to last 'a hundred years'.
AssassinSoolin said that Domo was colonized by a group of space pirates 'About ten years' ago.
GamesGerren said that Belkov had milked Mecron 2 for 'twelve good years'.
Belkov said that it had taken him 'years' to get the things in his place together.
Servalan pointed out to Belkov that the Federation had been paying him for 'twelve years'.
Orac said that Gambit had evolved into its present form over a period of 'years'.
Garren told Servalan that Belkov had kept back half the Feldon he mined; he had been doing it for 'years'.
SandReeve commented that the tapes Servalan was looking at were 'Five years old'.
Servalan observed that there wouldn't be much left of Gina and Keller after 'five years'.
Avon said that they knew what happened on Virn 'five years' ago.
Tarrant, before he activated the food dispenser, commented, 'let's see you do it after five years'.
Tarrant asked why Keller's body was still in prefect condition after 'five years'.
Servalan said that Don Keller was once her lover when she was 'eighteen'.
Servalan said to Keller that he had waited 'five years' to show her that he was dead.
OrbitVila said that Egrorian hadn't been heard of for 'ten years'.
Vila wondered what Egrorian was like now, after being along 'all these years'.
Egrorian resented spending 'the prime of my years' on Malodar.
Vila said that he supposed living forever in luxury would get boring after 'the first fifty years'.
Servalan reminded Egrorian that 'Ten years ago' she risked her position in order to help him continue his work.
Vila said that Pinder was in his 'Late seventies'.
Tarrant said that Pinder was 'eighteen' when he disappeared with Egrorian ten years ago.
Tarrant said that Pinder was eighteen when he disappeared with Egrorian 'ten years' ago.
Tarrant said that Pinder should be 'twenty eight' years of age.
Avon asked if Pinder was really 'twenty eight'.
Egrorian said that 'Over a century ago' Hoffal predicted most of the properties that would be found in neutron material.
Egrorian said that, because Pinder was subjected to Hoffal's radiation for less than a millionth of a second, he 'aged fifty years' in as many seconds.
when Servalan said that Pindar must be left behind, Egrorian said, 'After ten years, quel domage'.
Pindar denounced Egrorian for him and Servalan planning to leave him behind after 'ten years', sixty of his.
Pindar denounced Egrorian for him and Servalan planning to leave him behind after ten years, 'sixty [years]' of his.
WarlordSoolin told Zeeona that her father was murdered when she was 'eight' years of age.

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