Mini Review By Sarah Thompson

Red Lipstick verges on adult, since the plot involves Avon stranded on a planet and taken in by a prostitute with the proverbial heart of gold. But nothing happens between them. This zine is an example of why I'm always pleasantly surprised when a self-published zine turns out to be good after all. Sample, from p. 20:

"'You know this Servalan?'

'Yes! We've met a couple of times.' Avon sneered with an smurk." [sic]


RED LIPSTICK (story by Diane Rabuano; S3; A-ocf)
Editor/publisher: [Diane Rabuano]
Date: [1988]
Format: digest, half letter size; [2] + 28 text pp. + [1] p. ads, pink paper cover, center staples

Diane Rabuano cover lipstick, lips
Brenda Costa tp lipstick, B7 logo
p. 7 Liberator
p. 10 room interior
p. 19 book, Liberator handgun
p. 23 B7 logo with kiss mark
p. 27 bag & bracelet on table

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