Editors: Linda Evans and Mary Arens
Publisher: Rabble Press
Date: May 1989

Mary Morris, "Or Else I could Choose Time" (S5; A-V)
Jeff Morris, "Finale" (S5; A-V)
Dana Stovell, "Lone Survivor" (S5; V-B)
Mary Arens, "Crime and Punishment" (S5; V-hc)
L. K. Cook, "Chasing Charles" (S1?; A-ocm child)
Donna D. Carroll, "Island of Felonia" (S3; A & V as cats)
Mary Morris, Linda Tomazi, and Linda Evans, "Ruined Rebels" (play; S5; humor)
Linda Tomazi, Mary Morris, and Linda Evans, "Ruined Rebels, Part Two" (play; S5; humor)
Sherry Freeman, "The Bellfriar Legacy" (S5)
Jeff Morris, "Only Mistaken" (S4; Rescue; C-B)
Mary Morris, "Just Rewards" (S5; A-V)
J. P. Hains, "Flake's 6 7/8, or, 'Even the Cat's Dead'" (AU humor)
Linda Evans, "Just a Slight Miscalculation" (alt-S4; Sapphire and Steel crossover)
Donna D. Carroll, "Avon Meets Freddy" (S5; Freddy crossover)
Jeff and Mary Morris, with Celeste Hotaling, "You Say It's Your Birthday" (B7, the Next Generation; S5; humor)

Zine ads Poetry:
Katherine Keetch, "Avon's Silver Blaster" (f, Maxwell's Silver Hammer)
Evelyn Adrian, "Restal's Band" (f, Those Were the Days)
Evelyn Adrian, "Dreamer" (f, Sounds of Silence)
Katherine Keetch, "Liberator" (f, Waiting for the Robert E. Lee)
Donna D. Carroll, "The Only Living Rabbler in Outer Space" (f, The Only Living Boy in New York)
Kim McCarthy, "Vila" (f, My Name is Luca)
Linda Evans, "Trust Like a Stone" (A-B)
Evelyn Adrian, "The Final Scene" (f, Mama Look Sharp; B)
Linda Evans cover A with gun; blast on transparent overlay
Dawn Evanson p. 29a "Adventures with Blakes Amazing 7" comic
p. 63 cartoon
Donna D. Carroll p. 31a Liberator in meteor storm;
illo for "Islands"
p. 33a A as half-cat
Celeste Hotaling p. 91a cartoon illo for "You"
p. 97a cartoon illo for "You"

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