Avon 17

comments by Joyce Bowen

Joyce speaks as a committed Blake fan whose primary interest is stories where Blake has a major role and is well represented.

AVON, unlike HORIZON which pretends to be a full service B7 club, has many fanzines where Blake is presented well, even if second to Avon. Thus AVON fanzines are actually better balanced than HORIZON's. AVON 17, FULL CIRCLE by Penny Kjelgaard, is a short story (32 small size pages) I recommend.

It's an a/u unusual story set approximately 20 years after Gauda Prime. (Not exactly, but I can't say otherwise.) In this story, Jenna and Blake crashed together after Star One on a remote planet and raised three children who are now teenagers when Avon finds them.

For us Blakies, it's too bad we don't find out a little more about those years Jenna and Blake have spent together. What is certain, though, is that Blake clearly adores Jenna, and she feels the same--even twenty years later.

"We were fugitives twenty years ago and we've made no progress." She caressed his bearded cheek. "Except now we're middle aged fugitives."

Blake laughed and pulled his coarse hands around her. "One thing is for certain, though."

"What's that?"

"Without a doubt, you are the sexiest middle aged fugitive I have ever seen."

"Flattery will get you everywhere," she replied, nuzzling her nose against his.

"I was rather hoping it might," he agreed, kissing her lips, her throat.

In this story, Blake is presented well, though, of course, the main character is Avon. It's an action story and, with the exception of a few plot holes, is well done. (But, I suspect it's next to impossible to write any story without plot holes. My main criticism would be all the ocm's that aren't well defined or explained.)

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