Script for Volcano

by Allan Prior

(c) 1978 by the British Broadcasting Corporation. Series created by Terry Nation. This is a complete dialogue transcript for research purposes and is not for sale under any circumstances. Format (c) 1992 by Susan Hill and Micky DuPree.

Dramatis Personae

Battle Fleet Commander

[Volcano eruption Tarrant and Dayna teleport to Obsidian's surface.]

TARRANTSafely down.

[Teleport area]

CALLYKeep us informed of what's happening.

TARRANT[v.o.] Right. Out.

[Obsidian surface]

TARRANTWhat's that?

DAYNAThe volcano. [Dayna looks at hand-held sensor which beeps continuously.]

DAYNAI think we've come down on the wrong side


[They begin to climb rocks at the base of the volcano.]

TARRANTWhen were you last here?

DAYNAI've never been here before.

TARRANTYou said you had.

DAYNAI didn't. I said one of the people here knew my father.

TARRANTThen let's hope they remember him.

[They have reached a plateau and look down into the volcano.]

DAYNAZen told us it was here.

TARRANTHe didn't tell us how big it was. I don't have much faith in Zen, or anything else on the Liberator.

DAYNAThen why didn't you stay up there and leave this mission to me?

TARRANTI don't trust anyone except my self. That's why I'm still alive. Which way?

DAYNAZen's groundplot said due north. And don't look so warlike.

TARRANTComing from you that's almost funny.

DAYNAThese people are our friends.

TARRANTSo you keep saying. [Camera tracks to a detector set in the rock wall.]

[Obsidian base] [Hower and Bershar are looking at Tarrant and Dayna on a monitor.]

HOWERWho are they? You know?

BERSHARThey mean trouble. Look at their weapons.

HOWERI thought we'd kept them at bay. The Federation High Command know our position as far as their foolish wars are concerned.

BERSHARThese people look more like mercenaries.

HOWERObviously they come from that ship. [The Liberator appears on the monitor.] The satellite's got a clear picture now.

HOWERDo we know anything about this type of ship.

BERSHARNothing. Looks powerful. Shall we approach these mercenaries?

HOWERThey're heading towards us, anyway.

BERSHARExcuse me. [He leaves the room.] [Robot brings Hower a drink and a tablet.]

[On volcano slope]

TARRANT[To Liberator] No contact so far. We're following Zen's groundplot as agreed.

[Teleport area]


TARRANT[v.o.] It all seems quiet enough if you don't count the volcano. I should let Orac take over. I think its going to be some time before we find these friends of Dayna's.

CALLYAll right, but keep in touch. Heroic rescues can be embarrassing if you're not actually in danger.

TARRANT[v.o.] Right.

CALLYOrac, operate teleport as instructed. Orac?


CALLYDid you hear what I said?

ORACTeleport operation is a menial task much more suited to one such as yourself.

CALLYJust do it please, Orac.

ORACVery well.

[Flight Deck. Avon is fiddling with bits of equipment, ignoring Vila.]

VILAIt is odd, though ,isn't it? An unusual phenomenon. We haven't come across it before, have we? I said it's odd, isn't it.

CALLY[coming onto flight deck] What is odd?

VILAThat damn great volcano right in the middle of the planet. The only active one in the entire place according to Zen, sitting there bubbling away.

CALLYWhat, Zen?

VILAThe volcano.

CALLYWell, Zen also said it has been bubbling away for at least twenty years.

VILAJust the same, sooner them than me. Does anyone know why this planet...what's it called?


VILAObsidian. Even the name sounds nasty. Do you know why it escaped the galactic war?

CALLYIf it did.

VILAWell, Zen says there's no sign of any battle fleet wreckage on the surface.

CALLYNot as far as we can see.

VILANobody wanted it, that's what I reckon. And very sensible, too.

AVONLet us settle this neurotic little worry. Zen, do you have sufficient information to be able to tell us when the next major volcanic eruption on the planet Obsidian is to be expected?

ZENFederation report one zero sub five, date code three zero three...

VILAThat's a long time ago.

ZENAtmospheric and ground tests undertaken by Federation assessment team, collated in Federation teletext predicted no heavy volcanic activity for some years.

VILAHow many years is some years?

ZENNo more detailed prediction was made.

VILAWonderful. And why did the Federation assessment team stop bothering, does anybody know that? Zen, do you know?

ZENThat information is not available.

VILAVery helpful.

CALLYAvon, those Federation assessment teams were always followed up by invasion and colonization.


CALLYDo you know of another case when they weren't?

AVONNo, and the phrase 'some years' is meaningless. Perhaps it was meant to be. The Federation came and looked at Obsidian and decided it wasn't worth colonizing, simple as that.

CALLYBut if you are right those two are wasting their time down there.

AVONThat's always a possibility. Dayna says the people are friendly, but then sometimes one's friends can be more of a liability than one's enemies.

VILAThey're gonna check out that rumor too, don't forget.

AVONThat Blake was here? It's getting to be a fairly common rumor. We could spend the rest of our lives chasing down the ones we've picked up so far.

CALLYStill, now we're here.

AVONOh, yes, now we're here.

[Tarrant and Dayna are walking in a meadow. Bershar and two others are on rocks above Tarrant and Dayna. Bershar shoots liquid from some sort of gun.]

TARRANTCan it be raining?

DAYNAI don't know. [Bersharr shoots again; Dayna and Tarrant fall to the ground.]

[Flight Deck]

VILAMaybe we should tell them.

CALLYTell who what?

VILATarrant and Dayna about the Federation not wanting the planet.


VILABecause there's something wrong about it. I think we should tell them.

AVONI think you should get back to recalibrating the weaponry systems.

CALLYThey'll be reporting in soon, we can tell them then.

VILAThat could be too late. [Avon and Cally ignore him.]

VILAAll right.

[Tarrant and Dayna lie on a bed, unconscious. Hower examines their faces, then turns their heads. When he releases the heads Tarrant and Dayna turn them back as before.]

HOWERWas it necessary to treat them like that?.

BERSHAROf course it was, father. You know what these people are like.

HOWERThey are victims of their own aggressive instincts. They have not learned to control them, that is all.

BERSHARThat doesn't make them any the less dangerous, Father.

HOWERNo, true.

[Tarrant and Dayna sit up.]

TARRANT[To Dayna] So. These are your friends. [To Hower and Bershar] Where are our guns?

HOWERWe do not allow offensive weapons on Obsidian.

DAYNAAnd our wrist communicators.

HOWERAll six of them Why so many, I wonder?

TARRANTReplacements. They break down easily.

HOWEROh. They will be returned to you when you leave.

TARRANTOh, we will be leaving? At least that's something.

HOWERWhy should we harm you? You have done us no harm.

TARRANTWho are you?

HOWERMy name is Hower, I am first citizen on Obsidian. This is my son, Bershar. He has special duties.

TARRANTLike capturing us.

HOWERDo you feel ill, or upset in any way?

DAYNANo. What was it, some kind of narcotic spray gun?

HOWERSomething like that. Quite harmless, I assure you.

TARRANTI'm glad to hear it.

BERSHARWho are you? Why are you on Obsidian?

TARRANTI was a Federation captain, a long time ago. We are survivors of a galactic war.

BERSHARIf you are looking for somewhere to hide we cannot shelter you.

TARRANT[Looks at Dayna.] Maybe you'd better explain it to them.



DAYNAI am Dayna, the daughter of Hal Mellanby

HOWEROh, are you? Your father...

DAYNAMy father is dead.

HOWEROh dear.

BERSHARThen how do we know you are his daughter?

DAYNAYou studied with him at the Federation Central Science complex. [Holds up medallion around her neck.] This is his graduate medallion. You have one like it.

HOWERI used to have one like it. But unlike your father I lost faith in that sort of scientific development. I think that homo sapians have reached a point where further technological development is useless.

TARRANTAnd you are at that point?

HOWERI believe we are.

BERSHARNever mind that. Tell us who the people are in that ship and why you are here. [Tarrant and Dayna look at each other.]

BERSHARWhat do you want here?

[Servalan's ship]

SERVALANHere are your instructions. That is the target to which you are being taken. [Points to chart.] That is the Liberator in orbit over the planet Obsidian in the sixth sector. You will go there, get the Liberator, and bring it back.

MORIYou make it sound very simple... Madam President.

SERVALANIt is very simple. Two of their party are already on the planet.

MORIHow do you know that?

SERVALANThat is not your concern. They are there.

MORIWhy should they land there? I mean, what's so special about the planet Obsidian?

SERVALANThey are investigating its strategic value, which is real. And a rumor, which is not. Obsidian is at a vital point in the sixth sector. It could control command and supplies and be a real acquisition for us. But, your immediate mission is to capture the Liberator and bring it back.

MORIAnd those on board?

SERVALANKill them.

[Flight Deck]

CALLYOrac hasn't picked up anything. They've been out of contact for an hour now. I think it's time to start worrying.

VILAI've been worried all along

AVONWe agreed to wait for them to contact us.

CALLYBut not this long.

AVONWe don't draw attention to the bracelets without a good enough reason.

CALLYI think this is a good enough reason.

AVONZen was picking up a signal from the ground. It could have been some kind of beam approach detector.

CALLYYou didn't say anything at the time.

AVONNo, I didn't.

CALLYWhy was that?

AVONBecause I wasn't sure.

CALLYThat wasn't the reason, Avon.

AVONNo, it wasn't.

VILAYou gonna let me in on the secret?

AVONYou wouldn't understand it if we did.

VILAMy classification might be grade four ignorant but I'm not stupid. I bought that classification from a friend at the testing center. I didn't want to be a space captain now, did I? And I was right. They all ended up getting killed, didn't they?

CALLYTarrant survived.

VILAOh, yes, Tarrant says he was a space captain, but then he says a lot of things, and you don't have to believe it all, do you?

AVONI'd be more inclined to believe that he was a captain than that you could have been.

VILAWell, never mind about me. But it's Tarrant you should be worried about. And not just because he's been out of contact for an hour.

CALLYAnd what about Dayna? Don't you trust her either?

VILADayna's a different case entirely.

CALLYWell, she's pretty, for one thing.

VILAPretty? Yes, I suppose she is. I hadn't really noticed.

AVONWe've seen you not really noticing, frequently.

[Obsidian base]

BERSHARHow many are you?

TARRANTThere aren't many of us yet, but we do have an advantage that no one else has: the most powerful fighting ship in the galaxy. Our armament, offensive and defensive, is better than any other mercenary group can muster.

BERSHARThe why do you come here?

TARRANTSurely we're not the first.

BERSHARWhat do you mean?

DAYNAA man called Blake. Hasn't he contacted you? We heard he'd been here.

BERSHARNo one has been here.

TARRANTWe need a planet as a home base, somewhere that's not been ruined by the war, and we need recruits. This might do. You are situated in a very important strategic position.

BERSHARObsidian, this is to be your base?

TARRANTTemporarily, if you were to agree, naturally.

BERSHARAnd what would you offer us for this favor?

TARRANTA portion of any spoils, and there will be spoils, once we're strong enough to take them.

HOWERYou were once a Federation space captain, you said.

TARRANTYes, I was, for a time, until I deserted.

HOWERYou still sound like one.

TARRANTAnd you, sir, with great respect, sound like somebody who doesn't realize the danger he's in.

DAYNATarrant! Be careful. These are friends.

TARRANTThen they deserve the truth. How they've escaped occupation by somebody before now is beyond me.

HOWERPerhaps we are cleverer than you think, Captain Tarrant.

BERSHARWhat is the this danger to us that you speak of? Where does it come from?

TARRANTAny petty warlord, any mercenary, anybody with enough ships and weaponry to take you over.

DAYNAWhat Tarrant is saying is that your pacific attitude is all very well in theory, but not much use against a battle fleet with ruthless leaders.

BERSHARAnd you are not in this category?

DAYNANo, we're not. If you say no to us, then we will go peaceably--won't we, Tarrant?

TARRANTBut I hope we can convince you, things being in the state they are, that you need friends.

HOWERWho are you afraid of, Captain Tarrant?

TARRANTI'm sorry.

HOWERYou must be afraid of somebody. People who need recruits, allies, whatever. They wouldn't need them if they didn't have enemies. Who exactly are your enemies?

[Servalan's ship]

MUTOIDLong range sensors are registering a slight volcanic tremor from the planet Obsidian.

SERVALANThat's all right, it's normal.

MORIYou're quite sure about that, I suppose?

SERVALANOf course I'm sure. I'm going there, aren't I.

SERVALANApproach planet Obsidian on a bearing of one four five. And prepare for planet fall on grid reference zero one three seven.

MUTOIDApproach bearing zero one four five. Planet fall on grid reference one three seven.

MORIWhat's so special about that bearing and grid reference? So we don't land in the volcano?

SERVALANSo the Liberator does not pick us up as we approach.

MORIAre the people down there likely to give us trouble?

SERVALANMost unlikely.

MORIThey were right in the middle of the war zone where some of the greatest battles of the galactic war took place, yet the planet survived untouched. Why?

SERVALANI promise you it had nothing to do with fear of the inhabitants. You'll be safe.

MORII don't doubt it.

SERVALANYou'll have no problem with the Pyroans. They have outlawed war.

MORIOh, really, how interesting.

SERVALANMori, it is because they have outlawed war that they are still alive.

MORIWell, let's hope we are at the end of it.

SERVALANRemember, you will be my supreme commander, if you succeed. And your ship will be the Liberator.

MORIThat, Madam President, is why I am going at all. That and my personal loyalty to you.


MORIWith that ship, the Liberator.

SERVALANSo. Careful at first, then you know what to do.

MORIYes. [Slight bow to Servalan.]

[Teleport area]

CALLYRespond, please, Tarrant, Dayna, this is Cally, respond please.

VILAIt could be a communications blind spot. The volcano.

CALLYThey are not wearing the bracelets.

AVONIt would seem that Dayna's friends are not so friendly after all. Have you set the coordinates?

CALLYYes. I still think you're too near the volcano.

AVONAt least I know what to expect from that.

VILAA bootful of burning lava.

AVONIf they have been picked up, perhaps I won't be. [Stands in teleport bay.]

VILAI'd rather be picked up than burned up.


AVONYes. Put me down.

[Obsidian surface, near volcano]

AVONDown and safe--well, just about. I'm going to make my way to where Dayna and Tarrant came down. [Looks at sensor.]

[Teleport area]

CALLYAvon, repeat that. Message indistinct. Repeat that.

VILACommunications blind spot. Or maybe he landed in the volcano.

CALLYNo, I think he's all right.

VILAYes, of course he is. There isn't a volcano alive that would dare to swallow Avon.

CALLYBe quiet Vila.

VILAHe's cold enough to put out the fire anyway.

CALLYLook, why don't you go down and keep an eye on those long range detectors?. We aren't the only ship in space, you know.

VILAZen's got it covered.

CALLYWell, Perhaps he'd like some help.

VILAHis trusty battle computers never sleep.

CALLYAvon, confirm contact, confirm contact. [She turns up gain on communication equipment.]

[Obsidian surface. Servalan, Mori and three troopers walk toward some rock.]

MORIThat volcano sounds pretty active to me.

SERVALANI'm told it's a regular small tremor, nothing to worry about.

MORIWhat about those over there? Are they something to worry about?

[Two Pyroans approach from a distance. They appear and disappear; each time they reappear they are closer.]

SERVALANLet me speak to them. [to approaching Pyroans] We're friends.

MORIMust be more of them. [Troopers surround Pyroans.]

SERVALANAre either of you called Milus?

MILUSI am Milus. This is my brother Nettin.

SERVALANI am Servalan. You have a message for me.

MILUSYes, it is here. [He hands a small object to Servalan.]

SERVALANThank you, Milus. [She fits the object into a blue device she takes from a trooper.] [To Mori] Kill them.

MORIWhat? [To Pyroans] Well, run, go on. [Pyroans don't move. Mori shoots them.] They didn't run. they weren't even scared. They're like tame animals.

[Obsidian base]

HOWERI am very sorry to hear of your father's death. If there is anything I can do for you I will. [Takes drink and tablet from robot.] But you will not get any recruits here.

DAYNAYour son seems interested.

HOWEROh, no, he isn't.

[Tarrant and Bershar are in another part of the room.]

TARRANTYour levels of volcanic activity are high.

BERSHARNot dangerously so. We monitor the volcano constantly.

TARRANTCould you control it, if it became necessary?

BERSHARIt a way, if it became necessary. Come, let me show you our operational complex. And then perhaps you will see we are not as helpless as we seem. You will excuse us, Father.

HOWERYes, of course. [Tarrant and Bershar leave.]

HOWERMy son, like the rest of us, hates war, conflict, aggression.

DAYNAWho doesn't? But as the galactic war has just demonstrated, aggression seems to be programmed into the human psyche.

HOWERIt can be programmed out, perhaps.

DAYNAWould that be wise, even if it could? Would homo sapians be able to live without conflict? Wouldn't they just die from lack of excitement?

HOWERWe have not found it so. It is our belief that every man is at war with himself. His reason is at war with his instinct, his animal and his spiritual natures clash together and the brain of homo sapians has developed too much for the animal to bear.

DAYNAYou mean your people have become passive because you have reduced their brain power? Is that it?

HOWEROn the contrary. We have taught them peace from the cradle, and we have blocked, usually with a minute electric shock, every tendency towards an aggressive act. Plus of course, daily psychological propaganda.

DAYNADoes it work?

HOWERWe have no war, no fights among ourselves, no lawlessness, no crime. Our people devote themselves to creation and not destruction. We are at peace here on Obsidian.

DAYNANo violence at all? It's breathtaking, if it's true.

HOWERThe truth is absolute.

[Obsidian surface. Avon finds bodies of Milus and Nettin. Calls Liberator.]

AVONThis is Avon.

[Teleport area]

CALLYAvon, are you all right?

AVON[v.o.] Yes, but I think there is a Federation patrol down here somewhere.

CALLYWhy do you say that?

AVON[v.o.] Because I've seen people killed with Federation handguns before. Stay by the teleport, Cally. Out.

CALLYFederation patrols. How would they have got there?

VILAProbably survivors from the war. We're not the only ones looking for a home base you know.

[Obsidian control room]

BERSHARWe have an efficient detector system. We picked you up very early in your approach.

TARRANTLook, I know you have to toe the party line with your father, but can I talk to you independently?


TARRANTYou have responsibility for the defense of Obsidian.

BERSHARThat is so.

TARRANTI don't think you're as idealistic as your father is, or am I wrong? I don't think you believe in your heart that you are safe here on Obsidian forever.

BERSHARPerhaps not.

TARRANTLook, there's a sizeable remnant of the Federation battle fleet still functioning. We need a base and you need protection. Is it possible to do a deal of some kind without involving your father?

BERSHARIt will be difficult, but not impossible.

TARRANTLet me tell you what I can offer you.

BERSHARYou talk of a battle fleet. Do you know a woman called Servalan?

[Obsidian surface]

MORIWhat now?

SERVALANFollow the tone. [hands Mori the blue device.] As it gets louder you're closer to the point. When you get there, everything will be as I told you.

MORIIt's too easy.

SERVALANThere will be difficulties. I expect you to overcome them.

MORIAnd you?

SERVALANI shall return to the cruiser.

[Avon is hiding behind some rocks and sees Mori and three troopers.]

AVONCally, bring me up, quickly. [Teleport area]

CALLYWhat happened?

AVONStill no contact with Tarrant?


AVONKeep trying Servalan is down there.


AVONAnd a patrol.


AVONAsk her, but something big is happening. Tarrant and Dayna are probably prisoners.

VILABut these Pyroans are supposed to be friendly.

AVONThat is what I mean.

[Obsidian surface. Mori and troopers approach door in the rock, using the blue device.]

MORIThis is the place, and this is the time. [All hide nearby.]

[Tarrant, Dayna and Bershar come out of the door. Bershar is carrying four teleport bracelets.]

BERSHARWe do not come to the surface any more than we have to. The air is not very pleasant.

TARRANTI've noticed. [Troopers come out of hiding, guns drawn.]

DAYNA[Looks as Bershar] You?

BERSHARI'm afraid so. I had no choice.

MORIIf you even so much as move an eyelid you're dead. Have you got the bracelets? [Bershar drops bracelets at Mori's feet instead of handing them to him. He is now carrying the gun used on Tarrant and Dayna earlier.]


BERSHARThey were recruiting.

TARRANTYou weren't quite what we had in mind.

[Servalan's ship]

MUTOIDComputers confirm that we are clear of the planet's detectors and screened from the Liberator's detectors by the planet itself. We are maintaining relative orbital position as instructed.

SERVALANWhere is the battle fleet?

MUTOIDBattle fleet is holding at nine eight six grid four awaiting instructions.

SERVALANGood. Patch me into the battle fleet commander.

MUTOIDCommand frequency is open.

SERVALANThis is Servalan calling Federation battle fleet commander.

COMMANDERBattle Commander.

SERVALANYour position is confirmed. Maintain until further instructions.

COMMANDERVery Well, Madam President. But I would remind you I do have fuel problems. Can you bring me nearer the objective?

SERVALANWe cannot risk them detecting your presence. Hold position until advised. It won't be long, commander. Out.

[Trooper ties Dayna and Tarrant.]

DAYNAWhy are you doing this?

BERSHARAs I told you, I have no choice.

TARRANTI suppose you're going to kill us?


DAYNASo much for your principles. All that was just talk, was it?

BERSHARNo killing. They will remain with me. You know what to do, do it.

MORIMy orders were to..

BERSHARDo it, or I alert the Liberator. I mean it.

MORIVery well, you can argue it out with Servalan. [To troopers] Come.

[Servalan's ship]

MUTOIDSignal from the planet Obsidian on channel four.

MORI[v.o.] Mori here. First stage of operation accomplished. Second stage begins now.

SERVALANVery well. We'll begin approach now. Estimate units will be in firing range in approximately seven minutes forty seconds

[Flight deck]

AVONZen, have the detectors registered any firing on the planet surface?


AVONIs there any weaponry activity of any kind registering on Obsidian?


AVONNone whatsoever? Run the scan again.

ZENScan completed. Data is confirmed. The Liberator's present geostationary orbit makes the far side of the planet permanently inaccessible to the detectors. Data therefore refers to approximately half the planetary surface only.

AVONI am aware of that.

[Teleport area]

CALLYTarrant, Dayna, respond please.

VILAYou're wasting your time. The friendly hostiles have probably eaten them. And I'm not joking. There's been cannibalism on some of the planets. [v.o.] Teleport. Teleport.

CALLYTarrant? [v.o.] Teleport.


VILAIt's them.

CALLYI don't know.

VILAWhat's the matter?

CALLYI don't know. Something's wrong.

VILAOf course something's wrong. They're in trouble. Bring them up.

[Vila works the teleport. Four troopers appear in the teleport bay.]

[Flight deck]

AVONZen, there were three major battles in this sector during the galactic war. [He takes off his gun belt and puts it on the couch.] Is that correct?

ZENThat is correct.

AVONDid either side land survivors or damaged ships on the surface of the planet Obsidian?

ZENAvailable data suggests that they did not.

AVONThat's what I thought. Zen, do you have any information as to any neutral status accorded the planet Obsidian?

ZENNo official neutral status was accorded the planet Obsidian.

AVONThen what have they got that protects them?

ZENInformation. Medium range detectors indicate eight Federation cruisers approaching at attack speed from orbital blind side.

[Teleport area. Troopers advance toward Cally and Vila.]

VILAWe're under attack.

MORIQuick of you to notice.

CALLYWho are you? [She backs up.]

MORIThe winner and new champion. That's far enough.

VILAWe are under attack.

MORII know.

VILAFriend, that means you are under attack as well.

MORIWho's operating this ship?

[Flight deck]

AVONPut them on main screen.


AVONSpeed of approach.

ZENTime distort eight.

AVONHow long before they reach their attack range?

ZENTwo minutes.

AVONPut up the radiation flare shields. Clear the main blasters for firing.

ZENMain blasters are cleared for firing.

AVONBattle and navigation computers on line.


AVONCompute an initial evasion course to take the flank ship in delta seven out of line and into strike range.

ZENGrid one zero four, standard by six.

AVONExecute. Stand by the force wall.


[Teleport area. Vila and Cally are bound and gagged.]

CALLY[v.o.-telepathing] Avon, please listen to me.

[Flight deck]

AVONCally, Vila, where are you? Fire main blasters.

[A Federation ship is destroyed.]

[Command ship]

COMMANDERServalan, I have a ship destroyed. Do I continue the attack?

[Servalan's ship]

SERVALANYes, but do exactly as instructed. I repeat, do not deviate from your instructions.

[Command ship]

COMMANDERWill comply. Out.

[Flight deck]

CALLY[v.o.-telepathing] Avon, listen. The enemy are on board. Avon.

AVONAre they maintaining formation?


AVONWhen will they be in range?

ZENThey have been in range for one minute, eight seconds.

AVONThen why aren't they firing?

ZENPlasma bolt launched and running.

AVONShould have kept my mouth shut. How many bolts?

ZENOne only, running true. Five seconds to strike.

AVONActivate the force wall. [Bolt strikes the Liberator.] Are they all in range?

ZENAll hostiles are in range.

AVONThen why aren't they all firing?

ZENBattle computers can offer no explanation.

AVONThey must be holding back for a concerted effort. They are all going to fire at once.

[Mori and a trooper enter flight deck, holding guns on Avon.]

MORIWrong. If they did that they would destroy the ship, and we don't want that, do we Avon. That battle command is coming in to corner you and if you don't let him I'm gonna kill you.

CALLY[v.o.-telepathing] Avon, there are three of them.

AVONWhat do you want?

MORII want you to get away from that control panel.

ZENBattle fleet, seven elements, closing fast.

AVONThey will ram us.

MORINo they won't. Where's your open channel? [Finds communicator and speaks into it.] This is Commander Mori. I have taken control of the Liberator. Do not fire.

SERVALAN[v.o.] Message received. Battle fleet, withhold action.

[Two troopers enter, one carrying Orac.]

AVONServalan's people, aren't you?

MORII ask the questions. So, this is your magic computer, Orac, isn't it?

ORACI assume your use of the word magic means that I am incomprehensible to you. While that may well be the case, your use of the word is inappropriate.


ORACYour use of the word magic is inappropriate. I am simply the sum of the thousands of data stores which are available to me.


AVONYes, he's very efficient., but then so is the whole ship. [Begins walk toward Zen.] The greatest single factor is our armament, together with our main computer, Zen, as targets bear, main blasters will fire. Nine zero, full thrust.


[Liberator fires. Federation ships return fire. As bolt strikes the Liberator Avon grabs his gun from the couch and shoots one trooper, then ducks behind couch. Mori shoots at Avon and misses. Avon rises and shoots another trooper. Mori shoots again, hitting Avon in the right arm. Avon falls.]

MORIThey'll blast us. Grab that. Come on, get out of this.

[Trooper grabs Orac and he and Mori leave.]

ZENTargets bearing one zero. [Zen fires again, destroying another ship.]

[Teleport area]

MORITeleport us down. [Unties Vila and frees Cally's feet. Pulls Cally toward teleport bay.] Get up. Teleport us down.

VILAAll right, all right.

CALLY[v.o.-telepathing] Vila, no.

VILA[Puts bracelet on Cally.] Be reasonable, Cally, you'll be safer down there.

MORICome on.

VILATeleport, now. [He moves teleport levers; Cally, Mori and trooper with Orac teleport] I just hope I was right.

[Flight deck]

ZENTwo plasma bolts struck midsection. Force wall was not penetrated. Target bearing one five one. [Avon stirs on the floor.]

[Command ship]

COMMANDERBattle Fleet Commander to Servalan. I am breaking off the attack.

[Servalan's ship]

SERVALANWhat has gone wrong?

COMMANDER[On viewscreen] Liberator is still firing. I'm retreating out of range. All ships take evasion course. I repeat, all ships disengage.

SERVALANThis is Servalan calling Commander Mori. Are you still on the Liberator?

[Flight deck]

SERVALAN[v.o.] Servalan calling Commander Mori on open channel. Are you on the Liberator? Reply.

VILANo he isn't but I am. What can I do for you, Servalan?

SERVALANVila, are you in command of the Liberator?

VILAFor your information, Madam President, we are all here, ready and waiting. I think I can see you on the screen. Yes, I know exactly where you are. You are at grid reference one three seven zero. Better start running. [He drops to Avon, who is sitting up.]


VILAWhere does it hurt?

[Servalan's ship]

SERVALANEight ships. Picked men. [To mutoids] Course for space command headquarters. Speed time distort ten.

MUTOIDCourse computed and laid in. Speed, time distort ten.

SERVALANWithout that ship we've lost a strategic advantage.


SERVALANBut, no one else has gained it. Without Blake the Liberator's no immediate threat to our plans.

MUTOIDNo, Madam President.

SERVALANWell the crew have no political ambitions.

MUTOIDThey are merely criminals.

SERVALANSo they'll keep. Until the rule of law has been restored. Until my rule of law has been restored.

[Flight Deck. Vila has a drink, Avon's right arm is bandaged.]

AVONWhat's happening?

VILAAll gone.


VILAGone as well. Cheers. (he takes a drink)

AVONThe battle fleet?

VILARan away. Expect they'll be back.


VILAThey took her when they took Orac.

AVONA mess.

VILANever mind. We're still here. [Avon touches the bandage on his arm.]

VILAIt's not serious. The pad'll take care of it, if you don't fiddle with it. You did very well there, I must say.

AVONMust you?

VILAHere, go on. [Offers Avon his drink.] Adrenalin and soma. It's very relaxing.

AVONNo thanks. [A panel at one of the stations explodes with a lot of sparks.] I need my wits about me.

VILAIf you say so.

[Obsidian control room]

TARRANTSo, no battle fleet.

BERSHARThey'll be back.

TARRANTHow do you know?

BERSHARYou're not the only one who wants Obsidian. Servalan will regroup and rearm her battle fleet.

DAYNAYou made a mistake, Bershar. You backed Servalan and you lost.

BERSHARNot yet, not yet.

DAYNAYou know what Servalan is.

BERSHARAnd are you any better? Out of my way. [Starts to leave the room.]

HOWER[Entering through the door Bershar is trying to use.] You are not going anywhere, my son.

BERSHARLet me go.

HOWERYou somehow overcame your peaceful conditioning. When you were a child the therapists said that you were at risk. I welcomed this possibility, because I needed, I thought, one man who could think aggressively like my enemies.

BERSHARI have not renounced the theory of peace. Servalan is more powerful than these people. Tomorrow or the next day they will go, and Servalan will be back with her battle fleet.

TARRANTGuided here again by you, no doubt. It is very plain what has happened Hower.

BERSHARMy choice was to make Servalan our ally. I never took these people seriously, nor should you Father. I don't want to die.

HOWERYou have taken the vow.

BERSHARWhat choice did I have? What choice have any of us had? You've turned us all into peace puppets. We're at anybody's mercy, and I tell you, Servalan will return.

HOWERThen the vow will be put into effect.

BERSHARYou're mad. You're all mad. We've no way of keeping the vandals out. We must defend ourselves or we'll die, all of us. I don't want to die, not for a stupid ideal that can never work. Homosapians cannot be changed, don't you understand that?

HOWERMy son, the animal rules you.

[Bershar backs away.]

BERSHAROh, no, for pity's sake.

[Robot shoots Bershar with silver gun similar to that used on Dayna and Tarrant.]

HOWERBefore you ask, it was a lethal dose.

DAYNAYou heard what he said. Servalan will be back.

HOWERRelease them. [The robot emits a purple ray that loosens the bonds]. Give them their bracelets. [Two Pyroans bring the guns and last two bracelets.] You are free to go. If you stay any longer you will be in danger. Come.

TARRANTWhat is this vow you spoke of?

HOWERWe are all dying, very slowly. The whole planet is contaminated with radioactive fallout.

DAYNABut you've had no wars here.

HOWERThere is a nuclear device buried deep in the heart of the planet. One touch of that button and it blows.

DAYNAYou'd never do that.

HOWERYes, we would. We warned the Federation of it and we warned Servalan of it. How do you think we survived the war? We warned any fleet that landed that we'd blow them up and ourselves with it. So they never landed.

DAYNABut you'd never do it.

HOWERWe would, it is the truth we live by.

TARRANTBut this radioactive fallout, why? The device in the core of the planet, is it seeping, is it defective? Is that why you are all dying? Is the volcano spraying it out?

HOWERNo more questions. You must go while you can.

TARRANTGoodbye, and good luck.

[Tarrant and Dayna leave.]

HOWERMy son was wrong. There must be peace.

[Outside the door to Obsidian base.]

DAYNAWhat now? Back to the ship?

TARRANTHave we still got a ship to go back to?

[Flight deck]

TARRANT[v.o.] Tarrant to Liberator.

AVONYes, are you all right?

TARRANT[v.o.] Yes, are you?

AVONNot really, we took some heavy shots. Our steering control is damaged and the energy banks almost exhausted. Zen got a little over-enthusiastic.

[Obsidian surface]

TARRANTMy information is that the battle fleet will be back, possibly reinforced, possibly very soon. Are you in a position to take them on? [Flight deck]

AVONI will be very lucky to be in a position to run. Suggest you come back aboard immediately, except..

TARRANT[v.o.] Yes, what?

AVONThe Federation commandos got Orac and Cally. [Obsidian surface]

TARRANTWhere did they teleport?

AVON[v.o.] About two miles due north of your present position.

TARRANTThat brings us near the volcano.

AVON[v.o.] What do you want to do?

TARRANTWe'll look for them. [Flight deck]

AVONAll right, but you haven't much time. If you are not back here in an hour I shall have to consider the safety of the Liberator as the first priority. Do you understand me? [Obsidian surface]

TARRANTYes, I do. One hour.

DAYNALet's move.

[Tarrant and Dayna climb rocks at the base of the volcano.]

DAYNAI hope that old man's wrong about homo sapians.

[A cave near the volcano. Cally is tied but not gagged. Mori and one trooper are also there, as is Orac.]

MORII don't know why we brought you.

CALLYI'm useful as a hostage, aren't I? If the Pyroans get you, you'll be killed.

MORIThey wouldn't kill us; they wouldn't kill anybody. Besides, no one's gonna come this close to that. [Indicates volcano.] We know that Servalan is coming with more reinforcements. We know that we're safe here until she does. We also know that we're going to get at least a million credits from her for this little toy. So, Orac, I'm talking to you. You can provide Servalan with a flight path that evades the long range detectors on this planet. That will come in very useful. Can you do that?

ORACI have access to the necessary data banks. It is really quite simple. If an attacking force comes in at zero three seven degrees approach they will find the blind spot in the detectors and thence can use tactical missiles with impunity.

[Servalan's ship]

MORI[v.o.] If you come in that approach, you will find no detectors to pick you up, and no opposition.

SERVALANExcellent. We will regroup immediately and approach on that bearing.

MORI[v.o.] Right. And don't forget us.

SERVALANHow could I? [Turns off speaker.] You have Orac.

SERVALANBattle Fleet Commander, You heard that.

COMMANDER[On viewscreen] Yes.

SERVALANI think it's time we tested the determination of the Pyroans.

COMMANDER[On viewscreen] I agree.

SERVALANUse limited tactical missiles. You should get a ninety percent kill on the first strike.

COMMANDER[On viewscreen] Thank you for the honor. We will not fail you this time. What about the Liberator? Is it damaged beyond possibility of repair in the time? We can destroy it for you, Servalan.

SERVALANNo. Yes, destroy it, Commander. Destroy it completely.

[Flight deck]

AVONZen, correction thirteen twenty seven on steering calculation. Is function restored yet?

ZENAutorepair systems are still operating.

AVONWhat is the state of the energy banks.

ZENOne fifth of capacity only.

AVONUsing emergency booster, can I set a course?

ZENNegative information

AVONAll right. That means I have to take a chance. Zen, put all emergency circuits into action.

AVONZen, do you hear me? Put all emergency circuits into action.

ZENEmergency circuits are not yet available.

[Cave near the volcano.]

MORIWhat's that? [Goes out of cave.] I thought I heard someone. Come on, or we'll have no room to maneuver. Outside. [Other trooper gags Cally, then follows Mori.]

CALLY[telepathing] By the rim. They're waiting by the rim.

[Above the volcano. Dayna and Tarrant take cover amid the rocks.]

CALLY[v.o.--telepathing] By the rim. By the rim

TARRANTIs this it?

DAYNARound here, yes. They can't last long in this heat.

TARRANTThey can if coming out means they're dead. Come on.

CALLY[v.o.--telepathing] They are waiting by the rim.

DAYNAJust a minute.


CALLY[v.o.--telepathing] By the rim. By the rim.

DAYNAI can hear something, a voice.

TARRANTNo, it's the heat.

DAYNANo, can't you hear it?

TARRANTNot a thing.

DAYNAI can. Maybe it's in my mind... Cally?

TARRANTWhat does it say, this voice?

DAYNAIt-it says to go forward, there.

CALLY[v.o.--telepathing] By the rim.

TARRNATThat's towards the center of the volcano.

DAYNATo the rim, that's what the voice says.

TARRANTAll right, that's what we'll do.

[They start forward]

CALLY[v.o.--telepathing] Look out, to your left.

[Mori and trooper appear and shoot at Tarrant and Dayna.]

TARRANT[clutching his leg] Aaaah! [Tarrant and Dayna scramble for cover in the rocks.]

DAYNAAre you all right?

TARRANTDon't mind me, get them.

DAYNARight. You only had to ask. [Takes grenade from her boot and throws it at troopers, felling one and knocking the other into the lava.]

TARRANT[Standing above volcano.] Cally? Are you there?

[Teleport area. Tarrant, Dayna, Cally and Orac appear in the teleport bay.]

VILAI get an eerie feeling every time Orac does that. You're just in time, we've company coming.


VILAThe battle fleet's on its way, it's been moving for two minutes.

TARRANTWhy aren't we moving?

VILABecause we can't.

[Flight deck]

AVONZen, flight status?

ZENThe energy banks still require two minutes before power will be available to make navigation speed.

AVONWe'll be dead by then

ZENOne minute fifty nine seconds

AVONWe are sitting here waiting.

TARRANTWe'd better take our combat positions.

DAYNALook, one of them's peeling off. It's the lead ship, it's gonna make an attack on Obsidian.

ZENVoice contact from the planet Obsidian

AVONPut it on the main speaker.

HOWER[v.o.] Hower calling Liberator.

TARRANTThis is the Liberator, go ahead.

[Obsidian control room]

HOWERMy friends. The Federation have launched an attack. We do not intend to give in. We will not be colonized by the federation or by anybody else. We will honor our sacred vow. Withdraw immediately. We bid you farewell.

[Flight deck]

AVONWhat was that about.

TARRANTZen, put up the force wall.


[Hower pushes button. Planet Obsidian explodes. Force waves shake the Liberator.]

TARRANTThey did it. They really did it.

DAYNARather than live as slaves.

TARRANTThey were gonna die anyway, remember.

VILAServalan's battle fleet's moving away.

TARRANTAny damaged?

VILAHard to tell.

AVONZen, flight status.

ZENEnergy banks are now at the lowest workable capacity

TARRANTWell, let's go, while we can.

AVONExecute preprogrammed course.


DAYNAI didn't believe they'd do it.

TARRANTNeither did Servalan.

AVONShe just didn't care. Her options were to take it or to destroy it. Either way, she won.

CALLYI don't think so. She lost, and we lost. Only the Pyroans won.

VILAIf that's winning, I'll take losing every time.

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