Script for Traitor

by Robert Holmes

(c) 1981 by the British Broadcasting Corporation. Series created by Terry Nation. This is a partial dialogue transcript for research purposes and is not for sale under any circumstances. Format (c) 1993 by Micky DuPree. Transcribed by Neal Smith Marc Alan Holloway and Frances Teagle.

Dramatis Personae:

Kerr AvonPaul Darrow
Vila RestalMichael Keating
ServalanJacqueline Pearce
Del TarrantSteven Pacey
Dayna MellanbyJosette Simon
SoolinGlynis Barber
Orac and SlavePeter Tuddenham
LeitzMalcolm Stoddard
Colonel QuuteChristopher Neame
Major HundaRobert Morris
PractorJohn Quentin
ForbusEdgar Wreford
GeneralNick Brimble
The TracerDavid Quilter
AvandirNeil Dickson
Sgt. HaskCyril Appleton
IginGeorge Lee
Public Address
Both of which sound remarkably like Peter Tuddenham

[View of Helotrix from space. Cut to exterior view of city. Cut to Military Headquarters. Colonel Quute is questioning Igin, two guards stand at the rear. The Tracer is sat beside his console, watching the interrogation, not his instruments.]

QUUTEIgin, is that right?
IGINYes, sir.
QUUTEAnd you're attached to the fourth column of freedom fighters commanded by Star Major Hunda?
IGINYes, sir.
QUUTEStrange how you civilians give yourselves these impressive military ranks. What was Star Major Hunda Before the occupation? A hairdresser?
IGINNo sir. He was my first assistant at Liedenbrank.
QUUTEAh, a teacher. You know that Liedenbrank no longer exists.
IGINYes, we'd heard that most of it had been destroyed. [His manner is inappropriately casual.]
QUUTETogether with eighteen thousand defenders though they were given the chance to surrender. What was your position at Liedenbrank?
IGINI was the director of geological studies.
QUUTEIndeed? All right Igin, I'm going to let you rejoin your friends.
IGINYou're releasing me?
QUUTEOf course, why not? [pours wine into a glass] And you might tell Hunda that resistance is quite pointless. [Hands glass to Igin, who drinks.] By the way, what was your mission?
IGINWe wanted to find out how far the flood level below the city had receded.
IGINHunda thought it might be possible to tunnel under the Magnetrix terminal and lay explosive charges.
QUUTEClever. Yes that would have made a mess of things. Is the scheme feasible?
IGINNo, not at the moment. The water is still too high, We should have to tunnel over 300 metres.
QUUTEWell, that's something for you to report isn't it? All right Igin, off you go.
IGINThank you sir. [Igin leaves, Quute and Tracer exchange a laugh]

TRACERToo easy isn't it?
QUUTEJust like children, once they've been adapted. I don't know what the pacification police use, but I wish I could get a shot of it.
TRACERWhy, sir?
QUUTENext time I go on leave I could use it to get my entertainment for nothing. Check that he's registering.
TRACER[checks his instruments] Yes, we've a clear signal. He's heading out towards the refineries.
QUUTEGood. Call me when you think he has made contact

[A desolate landscape of flooded clay pits, many small spoil tips and several ventilator shafts. The sky is very overcast. Igin is seen crossing the background - Cut to Avandir waiting by shafts, watching IGIN in the distance]

AVANDIR[Into comm. unit] Command central, Avandir speaking. Post three. Tell Hunda that Igin is coming back. [Cut to Hunda nearby]
HUNDA[Into comm. unit] Hello Post Three, this is Hunda. Is Igin alone? [Cut to Avandir, then longshot of Igin]
AVANDIRAs far as I can see. [Back to Hunda]
HUNDARight. Hold him where he is. Tell him to take cover ... [Back to Avandir]
HUNDA[OOV]...and I'll send an escort party for him as soon as it gets dark. [Avandir flashes a message to Igin with a torch - longshot, a light responds - closeup of Igin crouched under cover]

[Bridge of Scorpio - Dayna and Vila are sat at their consoles. Avon and Soolin enter hurriedly]

AVONWhat is it Orac?
ORACYou asked me to report any extension of the Federation command network. Magnetrix terminal four-zero-six is now programmed in.
AVONWhat planet does the terminal serve?
ORACIt is the main terminal for the planet Helotrix. The fact is checked and confirmed.
AVONThat means the Helots are back in the empire. But they aren't the sort to cave in so quickly! It took the Federation years to subdue them on the first expansion.
DAYNAThey've retaken Lubus and Porthia Major in the last few weeks. If Helotrix has gone, that means the Federation now control most of Sector Four.
VILAIf they keep expanding at this rate, we haven't as much time as you thought. They will be knocking on the door in a couple of years.
AVONHow are they doing it?
VILAI don't know, but maybe we should start running now! I always thought your idea of having a combat base was crazy.
AVONVila, I won't run. We have to find out what it is they're doing. Why the old colonies are being conquered so easily. Then perhaps we could do something about it.
VILAThe five of us? Oh, and trooper Orac here.
AVONWe need to know how they are doing it. It's possible that the Federation have some new weapon, something we don't know about.
VILAAll the more reason to start running now.
DAYNAOh drop it Vila! Avon's right.
SOOLINIf it is something new how are we going to find out about it?
AVONThere's only one way. We have to go to Helotrix.

[Cut to Avandir and Hunda watching, and then a shot of Igin waiting on his own]

[Command centre - Quute and the Tracer are playing chess ]

TRACEROur duty target's nice and steady now sir. Hasn't moved for an hour.
QUUTEThen presumably Igin's got back to base. [in between chess moves] All right, prepare for a neutron strike.
TRACERAll launchers mobile, sir.
QUUTEReady launchers three and seventeen; 50 meter bracket pattern.
TRACERThree and seventeen locked on ...
QUUTE[simultaneously] Primary relay open.
TRACERSafety lock clear.
TRACERCountdown - four, three, two...

[Cut to long shot of Igin's position. Explosion. Avandir rolls down slope and joins Hunda]

AVANDIRThey must have had some kind of marker on him.
HUNDA(Grimly) It should have been me. It was my idea.
AVANDIRIgin volunteered.
HUNDAI should never have sent him. He was too old.
AVANDIRBut that's why he volunteered Hunda, don't you see? He wanted to be of use.
HUNDANevertheless, it was my idea, I should have gone. [Cut to their view; drifting smoke marking Igin's grave]

[HQ - the Tracer is seated at his scanners, behind him Quute and the General are eating an elaborate dinner, waited on by a man in uniform]

QUUTEYes sir, with any luck, the rebel's fourth column has just ceased to exist.
GENERALWell done.
QUUTEThank you sir.
GENERALMind you I have a sneaking respect for these Helots. I led a squadron of them once. Marvellous fighters, especially at close quarters. They love the hand-to-hand stuff.
QUUTENot really necessary, of course, these days sir.
GENERALDon't you believe it Quute. You can't do everything with missiles. Bunkers, strong points, inner city combat - you've got to winkle them out with cold steel. It's the only way of clearing the ground.
QUUTE[With his mouth full] Gas, sir?
GENERALIt's not always effective. Do you remember the Fletch expedition of twenty-nine?
QUUTENo, I don't think I do, sir.
GENERALFletch used gas, against the Wazis. Hmm. Complete massacre, bodies everywhere. Took dinner with his officers that night, suddenly the Wazis came over the wall, butchered the whole expedition. Seems the Wazis are gill breathers - they can lie dormant for days.
QUUTEAhh, that's very interesting sir.
GENERALYou'll send out a patrol to do a body count?
QUUTEOf course sir.
GENERALWell, don't use our own troops. We've got some adapted Helots under training.
QUUTEYes, I've seen them.
GENERALWhat do you think of them?
QUUTEThey seem like all Helots after adaptation: suggestible, obedient, glad to follow orders. They should make excellent troops.
GENERALI don't know. Something missing, I think. Fire in the belly, Quute. You can't fight without it.
QUUTENo, of course not, sir. [He lights the General's cigar]
GENERALI'm meeting the President-Elect later on.
QUUTEYes, I'd heard he'd arrived. He's a Helot they say.
GENERALPractor? Oh yes. Born and bred. It's a good idea getting one of their own to run the place.
QUUTEIs he adapted, sir?
GENERALIt's not necessary, Practor's been on the Federation Civil List for years. He knows all the ropes. So it shouldn't take too long to hand over. Then we can get on to Wanta.
GENERALThat's our next assignment. Something to look forward to, eh?
QUUTEYes, sir, [with patent insincerity] I'm looking forward to that no end. Where exactly is Wanta, sir?

[External rear shot of Scorpio going away - cut to bridge ]

AVONHow long till we make planetfall?
TARRANTJust over two hours.
AVONYou'd better check out which gun kits you want.
DAYNAD'you think I'll pass for a Helot?
AVONNo problem. When Helotrix was first settled, the old Stock Equalization Act was still in force. Every earth race had to be represented.
DAYNAI didn't know Helots were originally from Earth.
VILAEveryone came from Earth originally. That's a well-known fact.
SOOLINIt's a well-known opinion, actually.
TARRANTMost well known facts are.
AVONBut not in this case. Helotrix is one of the oldest colonies and the first to gain independence from the empire.
TARRANTUntil the Federation grabbed it back. Come on Dayna.
DAYNARight. [They exit]
VILAThat idiot's looking forward to it. He can't wait to go snooping around Helotrix
AVONHe's good material, is Tarrant. One of the best.
VILAHe's not the man for the job. Tarrant has about as much subtlety as a Tarzian Warg Strangler. All I'm saying is Tarrant's going to walk straight into trouble and get himself killed or captured. If he's dead he can't talk. But if the Federation find out we're hanging around, we won't stand a chance. Not in this ship. At least in the Liberator we could always outrun them.
AVONVila, if the Federation do have some new weapon, the Helots will know all about it. All Tarrant has to do is ask a few questions in the right places. Even your Tarzian Warg strangler might manage that.
VILAYou think so? Well you'd better give him a list of questions and then a map to find the right places. [Exits]
SOOLINDoesn't have much time for Tarrant does he?
AVONAh well. Tarrant is brave; young; handsome. [Chuckles] There are three good reasons for anyone not to like him.
SOOLINHe has a point all the same.
AVONAbout Tarrant?
SOOLINAbout the ship. It was never designed to tangle with Federation cruisers.
AVONOh I'm working on them.
SOOLINYou are?
AVONWith Orac's help. These old freighters are fitted with short burn boosters to help get their payloads into orbit. Orac is figuring out a way to redesign them to give us extra inflight speed.
SOOLINI thought he was keeping unusually silent.
AVONProbably sulking. One of the almost human things about Orac is that IT does not like to work. [Silkily] Orac.
ORACYes, Avon.
AVONAny progress with the booster problem?
ORACThere has been no reply yet.
AVONWhat do you mean, no reply?
ORACI passed the program to computers specializing in engineering design.
AVONYou mean you can't handle it yourself?
ORACThe art of leadership is delegation. [Avon smiles, then laughs]

[Cut to rebels outside - Hunda, Hask and Avandir and several followers]

HUNDAThey'll push out a patrol to check our casualties, so you'll have a chance to catch them in the open for once. Now, bait the ground well, and then deploy the rest of the column beyond post three. Any questions?
HASKWe'll be in the open too. If they send in gunships we'll be cut to pieces.
HUNDATake them by surprise. Hit hard and they'll have no time to call in gunships. And then you get out again fast, all right?
HUNDAWe don't take prisoners
HASKYou should be in command!
HUNDAI'm passing command to you Hask. Take over the column till I get back.
AVANDIRHunda, why don't you think again? Do you have to go?
HUNDAYes! If I'd have gone last time, Igin would still be alive.
AVANDIRAnd you might be dead!
HUNDALook, we're losing this war but if we can destroy the Magnetrix terminal we still may have a chance, and it's our only chance.
AVANDIRThere are plenty of others. I'm willing to try.
HUNDAYou're not a geologist. We need to know the exact point where we can start the shaft; how long it's going to take; what sort of equipment will be required. And a dozen other questions that only an expert can decide.
HASKHow are you going to get into the city? We haven't found an entrance yet that isn't covered.
AVANDIRThat's true. They probably got Igin on their detector screens before he got 50 yards.
HUNDAI'm going to swim in under the reactors. I doubt if they thought of that.
AVANDIRI doubt it too. That's an impossible swim, Hunda. Fifty metres underwater in almost total blackness. You'll never make it.
HUNDAI think I can. There are two places along that cooling system where it's possible to surface, and as long as I keep my face to the current I should be heading in the right direction. All right, Hask, you take over now. Get the column moving. If all goes well, I'll be back tomorrow night. [he moves off]
HASKGood luck Hunda.

[The President's quarters - Leitz is standing at a table pouring drinks]

GENERAL[Enters via the lift on the right, followed by Practor] This is the High Chamber Excellency. Still furnished to the taste of your predecessor, but that is easily changed. [to Leitz] Who are you?
LEITZMy name is Leitz, General. Commissioner Sleer sent me to act as His Excellency President-Elect Practor's liaison officer.
GENERALGood. Remarkable person Sleer, thinks of everything.
PRACTORThey think highly of Sleer at Federation headquarters.
GENERALSo they should. So they should. If it wasn't for Commissioner Sleer's pacification program, my task force would still be bogged down five star systems back.
PRACTORAdaptation program, General? Tell me about it. How is it done?
GENERALA new wonder drug isn't it Leitz?
LEITZYes sir, The Commissioner controls its manufacture. It's injected by medical laser. Acts immediately and has no side effects.
PRACTORIt changes the personality I believe?
LEITZNot to any great extent Excellency. It simply blocks the production of adrenalin. The result is that adapted natives no longer resist us.
PRACTORThey continue to work normally?
LEITZCompletely. In fact, the work ethic is often reinforced.
LEITZIndustrial production on Tarsius has risen nineteen percent since the natives were adapted.
PRACTORThat's very impressive. How many Helots have been adapted so far? Do sit down, General.
GENERALThe majority, I should think. Commissioner Sleer doesn't waste time.
PRACTORIt's simply that as my craft came over this afternoon, I saw some explosions out of the east. It seems that the fighting was still going on.
GENERALIsolated pockets of resistance. They're being mopped up rapidly now. You actually saw the destruction of a rebel unit.
PRACTORStrange that I didn't see any sign of life.
GENERALThey're very skilled at using cover.
PRACTORSo it would seem.
GENERALWe employed a live target for that particular strike.
PRACTORA live target general?
GENERALSleer's people picked up a rebel who'd been sent on an intelligence mission. He was adapted, given a tracer to swallow and sent back to rejoin his friends. When he reached their base, my missile commander just pressed the button.
PRACTORThat's very ingenious General.
GENERALAnd very effective. Well Excellency I'll leave you now. We'll meet tomorrow at the swearing in ceremony.
PRACTORThank you general. I'm grateful to you. [The General leaves in the lift ]

[Shot of Hunda swimming along a culvert under the reactor. Gets to exit ladder and climbs up]

[Scorpio ]

SLAVEWe now are holding station forty miles from the surface. I do hope that is satisfactory Master.
AVONSo Tarrant, this is your big moment.
TARRANTIf the teleport works.
VILAIt's working perfectly now, I checked it myself.
DAYNA[laughs] Yes, but would you use it yourself Vila? That's the real test.
VILAOh, get in there and disappear.
AVONRemember Tarrant, we are only interested in whether or not the Federation have some new weapon. Whatever else is happening down there, even if they are executing the entire population, YOU are not to get involved. All right?
TARRANTYou know me Avon.
AVONReport when you contact surface. [Dayna, Tarrant teleport down]

[On surface - a rocky area with trees and bushes]

TARRANTTarrant to Scorpio. We're on surface.

[Bridge of Scorpio ]

AVONScorpio to Tarrant. Message clear, report again in one hour.


DAYNAWhy aren't they answering?
TARRANTI don't know. Tarrant to Scorpio, are you receiving us?


SOOLINHe didn't hear.
SLAVEI fear that sensors indicate audio malfunction.
VILATell us something we don't know, Slave.
SLAVEOh, I do apologize most profoundly if I have given offense. I assure you that such a...
AVON[Interrupting] All right Slave, be quiet. You'd better check the audio beam.


DAYNAOh well, it looks like we're stuck here Tarrant. I knew I should have brought my night clothes.
TARRANTUmm. Well, they'll obviously be working on the fault - nothing we can do about it. Let's go.

[President's quarters]

LEITZ[Entering, followed by Practor] ... then from your private suite back into the reception chamber. This is, of course, a communication centre which gives you video contact by satellite with any part of Helotrix. You also have a direct audio link via the Magnetrix terminal with Federation headquarters.
PRACTORNot quite direct, then, is it, Leitz?
LEITZNo sir, I meant that it's private and priority coded.
PRACTORYears in the civil service have turned me into something of a pedant. You mustn't let it worry you Leitz. [Leitz turns on a display picture of Servalan]
LEITZ[In surprise] The Supreme Empress?

[Brief cut to Hunda in wooded area]

LEITZServalan? Is Your Excellency certain?
PRACTOROf course, I knew her well. Killed in the rear-guard action at Gedden.
LEITZI knew she was reported dead, sir. I never heard any details.
PRACTORThere was a great deal of confusion when the High Council were restored to power. Most of the Old Guard were killed in the fighting. They remained loyal to Servalan right till the end.
LEITZAnd a lot were executed later, weren't they? All the leaders were purged.
PRACTORThe penalty for choosing the wrong side. I myself was under arrest for a short time.
LEITZWell, I suppose it's better to die bravely in the field than to face execution later.

[Exterior - groups of citizens and guards, plus Dayna and Tarrant]

PAAttention citizens! Attention. This is a census call. Assemble in the concourse now. Use entrances One and Three only. I repeat, entrances One and Three only. [Helots move off, Dayna and Tarrant look around for a hiding place]
TARRANTLet's try over there. [Guard comes into view ] Ah, any ideas?
DAYNAWe'll have to go through him. [Hunda appears behind them ]
HUNDAThat's what they're expecting, friends. Follow me. [Tarrant and Dayna hesitate] If you want to stay alive. [Hunda, Tarrant, and Dayna hide in bushes]
HUNDAWe'll lie low until the check is over.
DAYNAWhat's the check for?
HUNDACatching people like us. The unadapted.
TARRANT"Unadapted"? What do you mean?
HUNDAYou're off-worlders! Who are you?
TARRANTYou got us right the first time. We're friends. Of anyone fighting the Federation.
DAYNANow what's this about people like us being ... "unadapted"?

[Ambush site - Dead rebels appear to lie everywhere. Column of adapted Helots approaches guns at the ready, walking like automatons - the wind whistles eerily. Hask rises, blows whistle, the `dead bodies' rise and start killing the patrol]

HASKAvandir! Behind you! [The patrol is wiped out. Dead bodies slip into lakes and litter the area. Avandir approaches a dead body and finds a communicator]
TRACER[OOV from communicator - very faint] Hello Red Leader. Is strike in progress? What is your position? [louder] Red leader? Are you receiving me? [Avandir points his gun at the communicator and blasts it]

[Command Centre]

TRACEROW! [leaps out of chair taking off his head-set] Sorry, sir. I think we just lost our Helots.
TRACERThey went out with a bang.
QUUTEYou mean the patrol's been ambushed?
TRACERIt reads that way, sir.
QUUTEThat Hunda and his rabble are becoming more than just a nuisance.


AVON[Holding a transporter bracelet, which beeps. ] Well. The teleport audio system seems to be working all right. Orac, how do the sensors check?
ORACThe sensors are clear.
SOOLINThen what went wrong?
AVONHard to say.
SOOLINWhat did you do?
VILAWhat any skilled technician does with solid-state circuitry: He kicked the living quartz out of it.
AVONIt's probably one of the relay triggers. We'll have to go over the whole system when we get back. All right, try and contact Tarrant now.

[In the woods - guards are chasing an unadapted citizen. Dayna, Tarrant and Hunda watch from under cover]

SOOLIN[OOV] Tarrant [Rest is muffled as Tarrant covers his bracelet with his hand as a guard is near.] Tarrant, come in please. [Guards corner the man and zap him with the medical laser. He stops, smiles and walks off dreamily with the guards]
TARRANTAvon certainly chooses his moments.
DAYNAWell at least they've fixed the teleport. And we've had a demonstration of the Federation's new weapon.
TARRANTIsn't there any defence against it?
HUNDAHuh. Only to shoot first. We can move out of here soon. They won't run another census today.


VILA[Agitated] What'd I say? Didn't I tell you Tarrant would blow it?
SOOLINWe don't know that for certain.
VILARight now he's probably strung up by the ears while they thread red hot filaments through his nerve centres, if he's got any. Then it'll be: `How did you get here? Are there any more at home like you?' For pity's sake Avon, get this ship moving while we still have a chance!
AVONSlave, I want an infrared surface sweep every thirty seconds, immediate notification of any launchings.
SLAVEAt once, Master.
VILAThat'll be too late.
AVONI don't think so. We can't be sure that anything has happened to them.
SOOLINMaybe it just wasn't convenient for them to answer.
VILARight, like their arms are being pulled out at the shoulders.
AVONVila, until we are attacked, we are staying.
VILABlake would have been proud of you, you know.
AVONI know, but then he never was very bright.

[Practor's private quarters - He hears a sound and walks to his console and presses a key]

COMPUTERHouse computer. You require?
PRACTORYou've allowed access to my private lift to whom?

COMPUTERA visitor. Top priority. [Practor gets up to go to the opening door. Sees a gun.]
PRACTORWhat are you ... [He is shot down, then the computer terminal and the portrait of Servalan are destroyed. The killer's shadow is seen on the floor, then a silhouette of the visitor getting into the lift.]

[Exterior - among the rocks]

TARRANTNo sign of him?
HUNDAIn the first days of the occupation this was always our meeting point but - maybe he's stopped coming.
DAYNADon't you have any other way of contacting him? I mean, you just turn up here at this time of day? It seems a bit haphazard.
HUNDAWe didn't have time to get organized.
TARRANTWhat, so you've no contact with other resistance units?
HUNDANone. Maybe mine is the only column still fighting. There's Leitz now! [Leitz joins them.]
HUNDAThese are friends. Dayna, Tarrant, they're from Earth. Enemies of the Federation. [They all crouch in the bushes]
HUNDAHave you any news of the other columns?
LEITZNothing good. Two has been practically wiped out. One and Three have suffered heavy casualties and have pulled back into the White Mountains to regroup.
HUNDASo mine is the only unit still functioning.
LEITZYou can expect to come under heavy attack in the next few days. The General is getting impatient.
HUNDAYes well, we beat off their last attack. Shot down two gunships.
LEITZI heard. How did you get into the city?
HUNDAI swam in under the reactors.
LEITZWell I'm sorry you took such a risk to hear bad news.
HUNDAWell, that isn't why I came. I wanted to see how far the flood level's fallen.
HUNDAWell, I had hoped we could tunnel in under the lower city and lay mines under the Magnetrix terminal, but the flood water's too high. [To Dayna and Tarrant.] In the early days of the fighting we blew the reservoirs.
DAYNAThe terminal is their communication centre?
HUNDAIf we could knock it out they'd be isolated!
TARRANTCouldn't you infiltrate and assault group or is it too heavily defended?
LEITZIt's not defended, but the city's sealed off.
HUNDAWhat is it?
LEITZSealed off! About 100 years ago they sealed off the old monorail, Hunda. If you could find it ...
HUNDAI know where it runs! It's still shown on the plans!
LEITZYou could bring an army in through there right into the heart of the city.
HUNDAYou're right! We could destroy the terminal and their command HQ in one strike. We'll win this war yet. I must get back to my column. [To Tarrant and Dayna.] I don't think we'll meet again. I hope you get the information you need. Oh, and Leitz...
HUNDARemember to keep your head down when we come in. [He leaves.]
LEITZWhat's the information you need?
TARRANTWe've come to learn what we can about the new drug the Federation's using.
LEITZPylene-50. What do you want to know?

[Communications HQ - The terminal screen comes to life. The Tracer is watching it]

|    Engine modification            |
|    ###     34                     |
|      # .. ## # ###-----#          |
|             1   /      ###        |
|             1  /         #        |
|    CONTROL  1 /      537 #        |
|    2 #------#--------------#      |
[CLS ]

|Trace control on 276               |
|T-L-73        PROGRAMME AUTHTY?    |
|              ORAC                 |
|T-L-73        ORAC          REPEAT |
|              ORAC                 |
|              ORAC                 |
|              ORAC                 |
|              ORAC                 |

[The ORAC appears line by line, and it and the REPEAT are flashing]

[Back to Leitz, Dayna and Tarrant]

DAYNASo Pylene-50 is actually made here?
LEITZIt has to be. It only remains stable for a few days, and then the enzyme bonds break up and it's no longer effective.
TARRANTIf we could find a sample for analyis ... Where's the synthesising plant?
LEITZYou're sitting on top of it, but it's guarded night and day.
DAYNAIt's worth taking a look.
TARRANTI wouldn't leave without.
LEITZWell, be careful. I wish I could help you, but I can't stay any longer.
TARRANTYou've been a great help already, Leitz. We're very grateful.

[Communications HQ]

QUUTEHave you fixed its position?
TRACERNot enough time sir, but it's above Roche's limit, so it must be a spacecraft.
QUUTEOr a spy satellite.
GENERALWhat's that thing called... Orac?
TRACERYes, sir.
GENERALMeans nothing to me. How did you detect it?
QUUTEA one in a thousand chance, General. The operator happened to pick it up while running a routine line-scan.
GENERALAnd what was this data it was taking from the terminal?
QUUTEStudy on freighter design modification. Information being relayed from the space centre.
GENERALSounds like a bit of commercial jiggery-pokery, Quute. I shouldn't worry about it.
QUUTEThat's not really the point, sir.
GENERALThese space-ship builders, they're always at each others throats. Underhanded bunch ...
QUUTEYes sir, but ...
GENERAL... most of them are Scalerians you know. Utter rogues, corruption's a way of life.
QUUTEYes sir, but ...
GENERALCan't fight worth a damn either.
QUUTEIt's a security problem General. It means that whatever's up there must be able to take information from databanks anywhere in the Federation.
QUUTEYes sir.
GENERALWhat, you mean ... troop movements that sort of thing?
QUUTEAn open book, General.
GENERALWell, then put a stop to it at once!
QUUTEYes sir, well if you would authorize a search and destroy mission.

[President's private quarters - Practor's body is on the floor]

LEITZNo, Commissioner, the video system has been destroyed.
SLEER[OOV, husky female voice over comm. link] All right Leitz. See nothing's touched, and inform the General.
LEITZI already have. He's here.
SLEER[OOV] Good. Tell him I'll take charge of the investigation. We need an arrest before Headquarters are told of Practor's death. [Lift opens. General enters.]
GENERALSomebody wanted to make very sure of him, eh? [Kneels by body]
LEITZCommissioner Sleer said to touch nothing, sir.
GENERALSleer's taking charge?
LEITZYes sir.
GENERAL[Rising] Well, it's a police job, I suppose. You searched the apartment?
LEITZYes, General.
GENERALThe computer must have let him in. So the killer is somebody Practor knew. I'd say that limits the field a bit. [Pours a glass of wine from a decanter and drinks] Where were you when he was killed?
LEITZI had to meet somebody on the concourse.
GENERALSo the killer could have seen you leave and knew he was alone.
LEITZIt's possible, sir.
GENERALOf course, you can prove you had this meeting.
LEITZThat might be difficult.
LEITZBecause my meeting was with Hunda, General, and two off-worlders. [Pours a glass of wine for himself. His manner is insolent]
GENERALHunda is a rebel leader.
LEITZYes. He managed to get into the city. You see, since I arrived here I've been coordinating the resistance. I've kept in contact with all the rebel columns.
GENERALThis is treason, Leitz. I could have you shot out of hand.
LEITZNo, I don't think so. I was acting under Commissioner Sleer's instructions. To obtain advanced knowledge of their plans.
GENERALYou mean you're a double spy.
LEITZIt was my information that led to the destruction of their second column. And Hunda's column is about to walk into a similar trap.
LEITZHe's planning a raid on the Magnetrix terminal. At dawn he'll enter the city by the old monorail. Once his column's inside the tunnel, all you have to do is blow it in General.
GENERAL[Disgusted] Blow it in, that's all I have to do? Yes I suppose so.
LEITZIt'll finish the resistance.
GENERALYou mentioned two off-worlders at this meeting.
LEITZYes, they're interested in the adaptation drug. I sent them to the laboratory. I expect they are dead now. [Leitz sits down in command chair. General looks at him with strong dislike]

[Outside the door to laboratory. Tarrant floors the sentry, then examines the door whilst Dayna searches the body.]

TARRANTIt's a photocell lock.
DAYNAHere's the key. [Tarrant goes towards the door.]
DAYNATarrant wait! Here's another one. What do you make of it?
TARRANTIt's a Tangran code.
DAYNAThat's what I thought.
TARRANTI wonder... [He puts one key in the lock - the door opens] You saved our lives.
DAYNAThat other one must have been booby-trapped.
TARRANTYes, that was the trick trying to confuse us.
DAYNANerve gas?
TARRANTI expect so. Just pray that there isn't a backup system. Ladies first.
DAYNAYou're so gallant. [She leads the way into the main laboratory and finds Forbus person in a wheelchair. His head is encased in a wired up frame and he wears a neck brace. He is holding a control switch]
FORBUSIn my hand I have an electrical contact. If it closes it will detonate 700 kilos of glycerotrinitrate. Put your guns away. Put them away! [They obey]
DAYNANitroglycerine is a bit outdated, isn't it?
FORBUSIt was all I could make with my limited resources. And it is still a highly effective explosive. You're not from the Federation, I gather?
FORBUSYour surreptitious entry told me as much. Who are you? Where are you from? Come now, I may be friendlier than you think.
DAYNAMy name is Dayna, this is Tarrant. We're Federation outlaws.
FORBUSYes, yes, I remember those names. There was a reward for your capture. You and your friends have a ship called the Liberator. Am I right?
TARRANTWe had a ship called the Liberator, it was destroyed fairly recently.
FORBUSMemory is one of the few faculties I have left that still functions perfectly. My name, by the way, is Forbus.
DAYNAThe inventor of Pylene-50!
TARRANTForbus, you weren't really going to press that contact were you? The explosion would have killed you too.
FORBUSThat would seem a waste at the present time. When I die I should like Commissioner Sleer right beside me.
DAYNABut you work for Sleer, manufacturing Pylene-50.
FORBUSI am compelled to work for Sleer. That inhuman devil is the cause of it - Sleer is responsible for what you see - and now only Sleer keeps me alive.
TARRANTWhat happened, what do you mean?
FORBUSPylene-50 used homeopathically, is simply a muscle relaxant. Sleer discovered that hundred times normal dosage totally subverts the will, tried to force me to part with the formula. I refused. I didn't understand Sleer's nature then. Totally callous savage ambition. There is a poison called Tincture of Pyrellic. Perhaps you've heard of it?
FORBUSIt is the extract of Pamporanian fungi, it cripples and eventually kills. Death is agonizing and there is no cure. I have Pyrellic poisoning - Sleer's doing. There is an antidote that prevents the poison spreading. As long as I take it daily I get no worse, but Sleer, of course, controls my supply.
TARRANTSo long as you manufacture Pylene-50.
FORBUSThat is the threat always over my head. To work for Sleer, or to die in agony. But, from time to time Commissionar Sleer comes in here to taunt me, to gloat. Now thanks to my outdated nitroglycerine, Dayna, I am ready. I hope Leitz comes as well. He usually does.
FORBUSAlmost as vile a sadist as Sleer. Yes, I should like Leitz to be here. Is something wrong?
DAYNABut Leitz told us he worked for the resistance.
TARRANTBut he didn't tell us about that booby-trap door did he?
DAYNAThen he must have set Hunda up too. That story about that monorail tunnel, it's all a trap.
TARRANTWe've got to tell Hunda and warn him. Forbus, we came here to get a sample of Pylene-50 [FORBUS: Ah!] in the hope that someone can devise ...
FORBUSSomebody already has, Tarrant. [Gives him a cylinder full of pills] These block the effects of Pylene-50 but unfortunately can't reverse them. This is the written formula.
FORBUS[Interrupts] Now don't waste time thanking me my friends, you must hurry!

[Communications control room]

TRACERFlight commander wants clearance to launch, sir.
QUUTEAll right, go ahead. [The General enters]
TRACERStrike leader, this is control, you have clearance.
QUUTEJust launching the search for that spy ship sir.
GENERALGood. What's the position regarding the monorail?
QUUTEThe sapper team have laid eighteen charges in the tunnel; They can be detonated either simultaneously or independently.
GENERALI suppose Leitz will expect a medal after this.


SLAVESurface launch, Master.
VILAWhat did I say!
AVONSlave, can you identify them?
SLAVEThe heat pattern indicates three B-one-nine cruisers.
VILAOh, come on Avon, hit that button!
SOOLINThat's a search formation Avon. They're not aligned for an attack.
VILASo they're searching. We're just going to wait here till they find us? Let's get out.
AVONThey must have picked up Dayna and Tarrant and realized we are up here somewhere. Slave, set the ship on an evasion pattern, maximum speed.
VILAThat's the first sensible ... [beep]
SOOLINJust a minute. This is Scorpio, come in Tarrant.
AVONHold that order, Slave.
TARRANT[OOV] Soolin, we're almost finished here.
VILATell him if he doesn't get the hell out, we're certainly finished here.


SOOLIN[OOV] Tarrant, we think Scorpio has been spotted. Teleport up now.
TARRANTI'm sorry Soolin, We're not receiving you very clearly.
AVON[OOV] Tarrant, Tarrant, list...[Tarrant cuts comm. link.]
TARRANTLet's go.


AVONTarrant! Tarrant!
SOOLINIt's no use, he`s cut off.
VILAWell that is it. With those ships out there we can't wait.
SOOLINThey might not be looking for us.
VILAAre you crazy? You said yourself that was a search formation.
SOOLINThey haven't picked up Tarrant, so why'd they assume a ship's out here?
AVONJust a minute, Orac that message from space centre - how was it relayed here?
ORACThrough Terminal Four-Zero-Zero-Six.
AVONThe terminal on Helotrix.
ORACOf course Avon. That is the nearest terminal to our position.
AVONThat's it. They must have intercepted the transmission.
SOOLINComputer logic, the nearest terminal.
VILASo Orac's thick - we all know that. Let's move!
AVONI'm going in under them.
AVONWe'll go down to cloud level. If we stay between them and the planet we may not show up on their scanners.
VILAOnce we're below them we'll be cut off. We won't stand a chance!
AVONSlave! Give me manual control! I'm banking on them searching outwards, not inwards.
VILAAnd if you're wrong?
AVONIf I'm wrong you can say "I told you so", provided you speak loudly and quickly.

[Cut to planet, and the rebel's fourth column which is moving under cover.]

AVANDIRThe entrance to the old monorail must be somewhere in the area. Probably under all that rubble.
HUNDAMust be just beyond that next ridge, near where the armoury used to stand.
HASKHunda! There's someone up there!
AVANDIRCover! [Hask dives to ground and looks and aims at two figures silhouetted against the skyline. One of the figures waves.]
HUNDAIt's all right. I know them. [Hunda goes up the hill to meet them, whilst Avandir and Hask cover him. They watch as Dayna, Hunda and Tarrant talk.]
HUNDARight! [Dayna and Tarrant follow Hunda down to the rest of the rebels.]
HUNDAThe raid's off.
HUNDAWe've been tricked. Leitz is a double agent.
TARRANTIf you go into that monorail you're as good as dead, but you could go in where we came out.
AVANDIRWe'd be picked up before we got anywhere near the terminal.
DAYNA[Handing capsules to him] Hunda, if you issue your men with these you'll have a fighting chance.
HUNDAWhat are they?
TARRANTSome new drug that counters the effects of their medical lasers.

[Command HQ]

LEITZThey should be entering the tunnel now.
GENERALWe'll let them get well in, then blow every charge. Make it as easy as possible for the poor devils.
TRACERWe have an entry signal sir, square 4K.
GENERALSquare 4K. A feint to draw attention from their main attack.
QUUTEThey seem to be coming through in some strength for a feint, General.
TRACERThey're moving towards the terminal.
GENERALWe'll cut them off on the concourse. Tell Commissionar Sleer I'll need a full troop of guards. I want to see this. You coming Quute?
TRACERWhat about the tunnel, sir?
GENERALBlow every charge now. [Turns and leaves. Tracer presses button. There is a series of beeps]

[Cut to tunnel. Series of explosions.] [Cut to woodland. They hear the explosions.]

HUNDAYou were right, Tarrant. That was the monorail. Let's move. [Group is ambushed by guards who fire medical lasers, to no effect]
SLEER[OOV] Put down your guns! [We see her for the first time - it is Servalan. Dayna and Tarrant recognise her]
HUNDANow! [Hand to hand fighting ensues, which Leitz observes from hiding. Tarrant jumps an officer and knocks him down. Sleer/Servalan makes a hasty exit. Col. Quute is attacked and felled. General enters, and kneels at the body]
GENERALYou see, I told you Quute. They're marvelous fighters, especially at close quarters. [Dayna comes up and kicks him. Fight ensues which Dayna wins. A true Helot! Leitz sneaks off. Dayna and Tarrant chase after Sleer/Servalan]
TARRANTShe got away!
DAYNAIt was Servalan, wasn't it?
TARRANTWell, we both saw her, and she seemed to recognize us.


TARRANT[OOV] Tarrant to Scorpio. We're ready for teleport.
VILAAbout time.
AVONStand by for teleport. Slave where are those cruisers now?
SLAVESector Twelve, Master. You outmanoevered them with consumate skill.
AVONThank you. Set a direct course for base, maximum speed.
SOOLINTeleport operating. [Teleport sound. Dayna and Tarrant arrive]
VILAWhat are you smirking about? Do you realize we've got half the Federation battle fleet looking for us?
AVONThe next time you two pull a stunt like that, I warn you it may prove fatal.
DAYNAWe've just seen an old friend of yours.
TARRANTAn implacable old friend.
SOOLINI thought you said she was dead.
DAYNABut she's not.
TARRANTShe's very much alive.

[Cut to Servalan and Forbus in the lab. She is between him and the bench.]

SERVALANYou tricked me, Forbus.
FORBUSNo, Sleer, I assure you ...

SERVALANYou did something to that last batch of Pylene-50.
FORBUSI did nothing - nothing at all. Look, let me show you the test sample. [Moves wheelchair towards the bench.]

SERVALANI'm going to cut off your drug supply for three days. That means you'll die about another ten percent.
FORBUSOh no, please, don't do that. Look. This is the test sample ... [He starts to reach for his detonator control on the desk.]

SERVALANI told you, [knocks away his hand - Forbus yelps in pain.] I'm not interested. I'll teach you to obey me if I have to destroy all your skinny little body. [She points a gun at him and fires. He falls from his wheelchair to the floor.] [Leitz enters]
LEITZIf you need a witness, Commissioner, I can swear it was self-defense.

SERVALANWhat are you doing here?
LEITZI followed you from the concourse. Those two offworlders seemed very anxious to find you as well. They seemed to think they recognized you.

SERVALANReally? [turns her back on him]
LEITZAnd of course, Practor recognized you as well. That's why you killed him. [He comes up behind her and fondles her, she shows no displeasure.]

SERVALANWhat do you want, Leitz?
LEITZThe presidency.

SERVALANAnything is possible.
LEITZAfter all, somebody has to take Practor's place. You could use your influence, I'm sure. And of course you'd know that your secret would be safe with me - Servalan.

SERVALANI'm sure it would. But I don't submit - to blackmail.
LEITZThere's always a first time. And it's better than being executed. [She turns to face him and puts her arms up behind his neck. They kiss]
LEITZAfter all, how many people've you killed to conceal your secret? [She slips a crystalline dagger from her sleeve.]

SERVALANYou mean now? [She jabs it into his neck - he falls] Twenty-six. So far.

[Exterior view of Scorpio heading away from the planet - Cut to interior]

TARRANTYou can't afford not to believe me, Avon.
AVONHow the hell did she get off the Liberator?
TARRANTI don't know.
DAYNALook, we both saw her. It was Servalan.
TARRANTYou're just running away from the truth!
AVONAll right, I believe you. I didn't want her to die like that anyway. I need ... to kill her myself.

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