Time Squad

by Terry Nation

(c)1977 by the British Broadcasting Corporation. Series created by Terry Nation. This is a complete dialogue transcript for research purposes and is not for sale under any circumstances. Format (c)1993 by Micky DuPree and Ruth Hanson.

Dramatis Personae

Roj Blake
Jenna Stannis
Kerr Avon
Vila Restal
Olag Gan
Alien 1
Alien 2
Alien 3

[Exterior. Liberator moves through a star field]

[Interior. Liberator flight deck. Blake is at the main pilot's console. Jenna is beside him. Gan, Vila and Avon are at their usual flight positions.]

BLAKE(manipulates controls) Check.

JENNARight, one more time. Cut primaries, reverse thrust.


JENNAStabilize and trim back to stationary.


JENNA(to Avon) Negative anti-gravs. (Avon presses buttons) Compensate for orbital drift and hold. (points to button) Hold.

BLAKEAll confirmed.


BLAKERight. Let's check with the expert. Zen, report status.

ZENLiberator is stationary and is stabilized in an anti- orbital posture.

VILAWhatever that means.

BLAKEIt means we got it right.

JENNATogether we can fly this ship manually.

GANI think we make a good team.

AVONWell, hurray for us.

VILAWhat's eating you now?

AVONI'm just wondering how long we're going to live to enjoy our new found skills.

BLAKEZen, three sixty degree survey. Put etheric detector beams on maximum. Report any space vehicles within range. Vila, put visual survey on the screen.

ZENNegative on all systems. There are no space vehicles within detector range.

JENNAWe've lost them.

VILASo much for federation pursuit ships.

GANAt least we know we can outrun them.

VILAOutrun them, in this we can out stroll them.

AVONDon't get too relaxed about it. They'll keep on coming.

VILAWe have the whole universe to hide in.

BLAKEExcept that we're not going to hide. Very soon now the Federation ships will know exactly where we are. Or at least where we've been.

VILAI don't follow you.

AVONOh, but you do. And that's the problem.

BLAKEUp until now we've only been a minor irritation to the Federation. I think it's about time we hurt them.

JENNAI don't like the sound of that.

AVONNeither do I. I thought it was agreed we wouldn't do anything without discussing it thoroughly.

BLAKETrue. It was also agreed that anybody could opt out at any time. Just tell me when you want to leave.

AVONOh, I will. But in the meantime I think we have a right to know what it is you're planning.

BLAKEZen, set a course for Saurian Major, speed standard by two.

ZENSpeed and course confirmed.

AVONThat falls a little short of my idea of a thorough discussion.

GANWe can talk and travel. We're safer on the move.

AVONAnother one who's prepared to let Blake do his thinking for him.

BLAKEEnough, Avon.

VILASaurian Major?

BLAKEZen, visual star sector four two point six one. It's there, on the edge of the system. One of the early self-governing colonies subsequently annexed by the Federation. When the settlers declared their independence again, the Federation crushed them with typical efficiency.

JENNAHow typical?

BLAKEHalf the population were butchered. The other half were rounded up and transported to frontier planets. A few managed to escape to the hills and form guerilla bands.

VILAWhy are we going there, though? I mean I feel for them. But we've got problems of our own.

BLAKEThey've built a vast transceiver complex there. All Federation signals and navigation controls are beamed into Saurian Major, boosted and redirected. It's a vital nerve center in the Federation space control system. Destroy that, and you blind, deafen and silence them. That's what we're going to do.

AVONA blow for freedom.

GANYes, our freedom. For a clever man you're not very bright. Deaf, dumb and blind how are they going to catch us?

AVONI'm sure Blake will manage it somehow.

[Exterior. Liberator moves through a star field]

[Interior. Liberator flight deck. Jenna is at one of the flight positions. Blake is dozing on the forward seating. A steady beeping noise is heard.]


BLAKE(half asleep) Hmm.

JENNAAre there any artificial satellites on our course?

BLAKEI don't know, I'll check. (presses a variety of controls on the console next to him.) Well, none to be seen. Are you getting something?

JENNAYes, something.

BLAKEHow long has it been registering?

JENNACouple of minutes. Signal's getting stronger.

BLAKEZen, visual detector scan and computer analysis on grid one one five, please.

ZENThe signal is mechanical. It emanates from a space projectile of unidentified origin. Translator units categorize the signal as a distress call.

BLAKEEstimate the projectile's speed and course.

ZENNo indication of motive power. The projectile's movement is only subject to space drift and orbital influence.

JENNAIf they've lost power, they're in real trouble.

BLAKEWe don't have much option then, do we? (to Zen) How far away are they?

ZENOne million seventy three thousand spacials and closing.

BLAKEWell, re-program course and speed to rendezvous with the projectile. Lock off on one hundred spacials.

ZENSpeed and course confirmed.

BLAKEYou better tell the others.

JENNAAll right. (walks toward the passage off Liberator flight deck, then stops)


JENNAPutting out a false distress signal. It's a trick used by space pirates.

BLAKEWell then, we'll have to be careful.

JENNAI'll get the others. (Jenna leaves Liberator flight deck)

[Exterior. Liberator still under way]

[Interior. Liberator flight deck. Entire crew is present]

AVONThere's nothing coming back except the same distress call. It must be on a mechanical repeater.

BLAKEDo you recognize the type?

AVONNo. Primitive. Too small to sustain a full life support system by the look of it.

JENNADoesn't seem to be any heavy armament.

BLAKECould be a high speed transporter.

JENNATo transport what?

VILADo we care?

JENNA(slight laugh) Getting nervous?

VILANo, I've been nervous all along. I do not like the look of that thing.

BLAKEZen, have the sensors picked up any sign of life?

ZENNo information can be given.

BLAKEThat is not what I asked. I want to teleport across there.

ZENThere is room.

BLAKEAnd life support?

ZENThere is life support for a (pause) limited (pause) period.

BLAKEI'll go and take a look then.

JENNAI'll come with you.


[Blake and Jenna leave the Liberator flight deck]

ZEN(with difficulty) It is in... in... in...

AVONI'll have to overhaul that (pause) thing.

ZEN(drawn out) ...sane.

[Avon leaves Liberator flight deck]

GANI wonder. It's almost as if Zen has a limiter.

VILAA limiter?

GANSomething that stops him from helping us too much. Or maybe it's someone who stops him.

VILAGan, if you're trying to scare me, you're succeeding.

[Exterior. Liberator approaches the alien craft.]

[Interior. Liberator teleport room. Avon is at the console. Blake and Jenna are preparing for teleport]

BLAKELet's see just how precise you can be.

AVONAre you sure you can trust me?

BLAKEFor as long as we're useful to each other. We'll keep the voice channels open. (to Avon) All set?



AVONAs I'll ever be.

BLAKE(to Jenna) All right?


BLAKERight. Put us across.

[Avon teleports Jenna and Blake]

[Interior of the alien projectile. Blake and Jenna materialize. The interior is cramped. There are three oblong containers visible, taking up most of the available space. To the rear is a hatch to another compartment]

BLAKEMore by luck than judgment.

JENNAAh, don't tell him that.

BLAKE(into communicator) Thank you, Avon. (to Jenna) You ever seen anything like this before?


BLAKE(examines the lock on the rear compartment, then moves forward) Well?

JENNAControls are very basic. Just enough instruments to make a safe landing. Everything's manual.

BLAKEWhy put manual controls in an unmanned craft? What's that?

JENNADistress relay. Probably cuts in automatically when a major fault develops. Ah, here it is.


JENNAThe fault. Circuit tracer. There's a malfunction reading on the auto-navs. That's what must have activated the cut outs on the propulsion units.

BLAKEWell, that explains why they're drifting. But you don't put circuit tracers in an unmanned craft. There must have been a crew on board.

JENNAWell, the locks on the inner hatch are still secure. (indicates rear compartment) What about this one here?

BLAKEIt's locked.

JENNASo if there was a crew ....

BLAKEThey're still here. (Opens the outer cover on one of the containers. There is a male alien in it)

JENNABlake, look. Look at his eyes. He's alive. (They bend over and look into the container. Blake touches the outside surface of the unit and draws his hand back quickly.) What is it?

BLAKEIt's cold, it almost took the skin off my fingers.

JENNAThat's it. This is the same process they used centuries ago on the early deep space flights. They subjected their crew to extremely low temperatures to suspend the aging process. This is a cryogenic capsule.

BLAKE(Opens the outer cover on the other cryogenic capsules. One of the occupants is dead; the other, alive.) There's not much we can do for them here. Re-animation will be a slow process.

JENNAWe can't just leave them here.

BLAKEYeah, we'll worry about that when we get back. Our air is running out, in case you hadn't noticed.

JENNAI hadn't wanted to worry you.

BLAKE(Into communicator) Avon, do you read?

AVON(v.o.) I hear you.

BLAKEBring us back. (Pause) (v.o.) Bring us back.

[Interior. Liberator teleport area. Avon is at the console. Gan is there]

AVONI can't. The teleport control is burnt out.

[Vila enters Liberator teleport area]

JENNAWhat did you do?

AVON(v.o.) Not a thing. It blew all by itself.

BLAKE(v.o.)Can you repair it?

AVONNo need. There is an automatic repair system and it's working.

BLAKE(v.o.) How long?

AVONI don't know.

BLAKE(v.o.) Why not?

AVONZen won't tell us.

BLAKEOur air is running out.

AVON(v.o.) Yes, I was afraid of that. How long?

BLAKEMinutes. Get Zen to maneuver the ship 'round and bring the entire projectile on board.

AVONI'd already thought of that. Zen refuses to do it.

BLAKE(v.o.) Then you'll have to.

AVONThat's very chancy, Blake. If Liberator so much a nudges that ship--

BLAKE(v.o.) Then you'd better get it right.

AVON(To Vila and Gan) Shall we get on with it?

[All three exit to Liberator flight deck]

[Interior. Alien projectile]

BLAKEWhy didn't Zen warn us?

JENNAI think he tried to.

BLAKEI'm sorry.

JENNAI'm all right.

[Interior. Liberator flight deck. Avon is at the main pilot's console; Vila at the flight position to his left, Gan to his right]

AVONLock the inner hatches, positive pressure.


AVONEqualize the lower hold pressure.


AVONOpen the main locks.

[Exterior. View of Liberator hold opening]

AVONVisual. (A view of space from the interior of the hold is displayed on the main viewscreen.)

VILARamp fully open.

AVONGood. Moving to line up. Right lateral, minimum power.

VILAToo much. You're overshooting.

AVONLeft lateral. That's enough. Hold.

VILASquare on.

AVONGive me a fall line projection. Good. We're aligned and we're ready to go. Do you two know what you have to do?

GANUh huh.

AVONI hope so. Commencing docking procedure (pause) now.

[Interior. Alien projectile]

BLAKEHe's taking his time.

JENNAIt's delicate maneuver. He'll get there.

BLAKEI'm breathless with anticipation.


[Exterior. Liberator moves closer to alien projectile]

[Interior. Liberator flight deck]

AVONThat's very good. Gently. Easy. Easy. Good. Alignment is exact.

[Exterior. Projectile veers out of alignment with Liberator]

[Interior. Liberator flight deck]

VILAShe's turning.

AVONRight lateral.


GANShe's drifting under the laser projection.

AVONDown degree point zero one.

VILAYou're too close. She's going to hit the ramp broad side on.

GANGet around.

AVONDown another point. More lateral.

[Interior. Alien projectile. Blake and Jenna]

[Interior. Liberator flight deck.]

VILAYou're too close. Pull away, Avon.

AVONNo time. She's coming 'round. Gan, when the tail is on the laser projection, I'll go straight in.


[Exterior. Projectile is brought on board Liberator]

[Interior. Liberator flight deck]

VILAYou've done it. You've done it.

AVONClose the main locks. Zen, transfer to inner hold number five.

ZENTransfer process commenced.

[View from hold. Outer doors close]

[Interior. Liberator flight deck]

GANHull re-pressurized.

VILAInner hatches released.

AVONSwitch the visual.

[Main screen view changes to projectile at rest in inner hold]

VILAVery delicate. You know, with hands like that and a decent upbringing, he might have made a respectable pick pocket.

AVONYes. We better go down and check that they're all right. Keep a watch, Gan.

[Avon and Vila leave Liberator flight deck]

[On board projectile. Jenna and Blake open outer hatch. They step out of projectile into inner hold]

VILA(entering hold) There you are, you see. Nothing to worry about. What have we here?

BLAKETake a look.

[Avon enters hold]

BLAKE(to Avon) Thank you.

AVONGlad to be of help.

JENNAYou don't sound too sure about that. Thanks anyway. Nice flying.

[Blake goes to intercom]

GAN(v.o) Gan.

BLAKEBlake. See if Zen's back on our side yet.

GAN(v.o) I don't think he ever left it.

BLAKETell him to resume course for Saurian Major, speed standard by two.

GAN(v.o.) Understood.

BLAKE(to Jenna) Anything?

JENNA(examining hull of projectile) Most of it's been scraped away.

BLAKEMust of been in space a long time.

JENNAI wonder where it came from.

BLAKE(laughs slightly) More interesting is where it was going and why. Let's see if Avon's got any ideas.

[Interior. Alien projectile]

BLAKE(to Avon) What do you think?

AVON(seated at flight controls) It's an old ship. Or from a technologically backward culture. Sublight drive. So obviously the destination was outside the star system from which it was launched.

VILA(sitting beside Avon) Obviously. Why?

AVONThey wouldn't bother to put the crew into suspended animation unless the journey was likely to last longer than the natural life span of a man. The cryogenic system halts the aging and the decay. These two are probably hundreds of years old.

BLAKEIs there any idea of where they were going and why?

AVONNo, but they weren't planning on coming back. All the instruments are set for landing. There's nothing for take off.

BLAKEThere'd be no point in going back. The world they left would be dead years ago.

AVONNo sign of any weapons. In fact there isn't much equipment at all. Either they were headed for a civilized destination where they expected a friendly reception or ... we are missing the point entirely.

[Avon rises and moves back to the cryogenic capsules]

VILAIt all seems a bit single minded to me.

AVONI've cut in the re-animation unit. It will take a little while, but these two should come out of it and then they'll be able to tell us what it's all about.

BLAKECan we speed it up?

AVONIt's programmed. Interfere with it and you could kill them.

BLAKEWell, there's no point in waiting around. We'll take a look at them in a couple of hours.

AVONOh, wait a minute. There is something we could do. We could take out the program in the autonavigational unit, link it into our own computers and take a reading on planet of origin, the course and the destination.

BLAKEIt's worth a try.

[Avon moves back to flight controls. Inside one of the capsules, the alien moves his hand.]

[Exterior. Liberator is once again under way.]

[Interior. Liberator flight deck. Jenna is at the main pilot's console, Avon and Vila at their usual positions. Blake enters]

BLAKEHow are you getting on with that?

AVONI'm still waiting for the decoders to work out the notational system. It's taking rather longer than I thought.

BLAKEHas anyone been down to see our guests lately?

JENNAVila went down a little while ago.


VILAThawing nicely. Couple of hours, we should be able to talk to them.

ZENLiberator is now in stationary orbit one thousand spacials from the surface of the planet Saurian Major.

BLAKEThen it's time we went. Vila, I shall want you down there with me.

VILAOh. Right.

BLAKEBring your bag of tricks. Avon?

AVONIsn't he enough?

BLAKETheir detectors are concentrated on neutral space. We came in from Federation territory. They won't have spotted us yet. But they will, sooner or later, and I can do what needs to be done faster with your help.

AVONNo doubt.

BLAKEJenna will teleport us down.

[Interior. Liberator teleport area. Vila and Gan are loading box. Blake, Avon and Jenna enter teleport area.]

BLAKE(to Jenna) Put Zen on constant scan. I want to know immediately if those Federation ships come into this system.

JENNAOf course. (goes to teleport controls)

BLAKEGan, help Jenna keep an eye on those aliens. And remember, one of you must be on standby at all times we may have to get off Saurian quickly.

GANDon't worry.

JENNAHow long are you going to stay down there?

BLAKEDepends on what we find. Saurian day is about thirty six hours that should be all we need. (to Avon) Are you ready? [Avon, Blake and Vila move into teleport alcove] Right. Put us down.

[Jenna teleports Avon, Blake and Vila]

[Exterior. Surface of Saurian Major. The ground is rocky. There are strange plants dotted here and there around the area.]

VILA(touches plant, then draws his hand back) Ehyeh.

AVONDid it sting you?

VILAIt's warm. Clammy. A bit like flesh.

[Avon reaches out to touch plant]

BLAKEYou have to be careful of the planet life around here. Some of it's carnivorous.

[Avon draws hand back quickly]

BLAKESome species even have an intelligence rating.

VILAThat's a comfort. I should hate to be eaten by something stupid.

BLAKE(holds up pocket chart) Now look. This is the communications complex. This is where we are.

VILALooks like a long trek.

AVONHow do you intend to make contact with the rebels?

BLAKEIf they're any good, they'll make contact with us. We won't make any secret of our presence. Just set up camp and wait.

VILAAnd if the security forces get to us first?

AVONThey won't patrol this far from the complex.

BLAKEA small fire first, I think.

[Avon and Vila move off]

[Interior. Liberator flight deck. Jenna and Gan are present]

JENNANo sign of pursuit ships yet.

GANOh, they'll find us. Sooner or later.

JENNAAnd then we'll fight.


JENNAI keep wondering whether it wouldn't be better to opt out of all this. Find a safe planet. Hide.

GANThey'd still find you.

JENNAI suppose.

GANBut if you wanted to leave, you know Blake wouldn't try to stop you.

JENNANo, I know. What about you? Are going to stick with him?

GANI have to. I... I want to stay alive. And to do that I need people I can rely on. I can't be on my own.

JENNAWhat do you mean? (pause) Gan?

GANI killed a security guard. They said it was murder. But he had a gun. I was unarmed. You see, he killed my woman.

JENNAThat must have been terrible.

GANI'm sorry, my head aches. I'll be all right in a little while. I suppose I should go and look at our frozen friends.

JENNARelax, I'll go.


[Jenna leaves Liberator flight deck]

[Interior. Liberator hold five. Jenna enters and climbs into projectile. She closes the outer cover of the cryogenic unit containing the dead alien]

JENNA(looking at the other units) Surely we left these open.

[Jenna opens the outer cover on one of the units. The inner cover is fogged. She opens that as well. She reaches down and feels the pulse of the alien inside. His hand moves and grabs her wrist. She frees herself. She opens cover on the remaining unit. It is empty. She checks the lock on the rear compartment, then climbs out of the projectile into the hold.]

JENNAI know you're here. We're not going to harm you.

JENNA(walks cautiously around) There's no need to hide. Can you understand me, we're not going to harm you.

[An object is thrown and hits Jenna. She grabs her arm and moves to the communicator. It has been smashed. Jenna runs for the exit. The alien pursues her. As she steps through and closes the door, alien grabs for her. She bites his hand. Alien screams. Jenna slams the door and locks it.]

[Interior. Liberator flight deck. It is empty. Jenna runs in]

JENNAGan, one of them... Gan where are you?

[Gan enters Liberator flight deck from opposite direction]

GANWhat's happened? What's the matter?

JENNAGan, one of them attacked me. I tried talking to him but I couldn't make him understand.

GANIt's all right, you're safe now. Where is he?

JENNAHe's in the hold. I've locked the door. He threw something at me. I think he's practically broken my arm.

GANLet's take a look at it, eh.

JENNA(Jenna rolls up her sleeve, to reveal bruise. She sighs in pain) I tried to get you on the communicator, but he'd smashed it. Then he rushed me.

GANHe's probably frightened.

JENNANo, he didn't look frightened. He just looked murderous.

GANCould be, he's been asleep for centuries. Then, he wakes up in a strange place. Not knowing what's happening. (applies healing pad to Jenna's arm) Or why.

JENNAHe could be confused, I suppose. We have no idea what mental damage can be done by long term cryogenic suspension. (Looks at her healed arm) That's amazing. Thank you.

GANYou stay here. I'll go and sort him out.

JENNAGan. (hands Gan a gun) Be careful.

[Gan leaves Liberator flight deck]

[Communicator chimes]


BLAKE(v.o.) Blake. We haven't made contact with the rebels yet. We're moving. Reference three three four zero. I'll call in again when we get there.


BLAKEAnything happen with the crew of the projectile.

JENNAOne of them... They're recovering. Everything's under control.

[Exterior. Saurian Major]

BLAKEGood. I'll check with you later. (into communicator) Blake, either of you found anything yet?

AVON(v.o.) Not a thing.

VILA(v.o.) Several plants with designs on my body. Apart from them, there's nothing else in sight.

BLAKEAll right, come on down. We'll try somewhere else.

[Blake begins to put out fire. From behind a red-clad figure knocks Blake off balance. Blake rolls down hill. Cally slides down after him, and plants a foot in his chest.]

CALLY(telepaths) Who are you? (pause) Will you answer my question? Who are you? I ask you for the last time, who are you?

BLAKEDo you mind if I get up. (lunges at her)

[Cally quickly goes around him and knocks him flat again.]

CALLY(telepaths) Try that again and I'll blow your head off. Now what are you doing here?

BLAKEMy name is Blake. I'm trying to make contact with the resistance group.

CALLY(telepaths) How did you get here?

BLAKEWe came from.... (looks quickly to the side).

[Cally also looks to the side. Blake grabs her and throws her over his head. Blake disarms her. Points the gun at her on the ground]

CALLYMay you die alone and silent.

BLAKEWell, you can talk then. You may be telepathic but you certainly can't read minds or you never would have fallen for that, would you.

CALLYI will tell you nothing.

BLAKEI'm not with the Federation security force.

CALLYI do not need to read minds to know that you lie.

BLAKEI came here with two of my crew a few hours ago.

CALLYI keep a check on the landing area. Nothing has come in or gone out.

BLAKEI'm hardly likely to use the landing area am I? I need to contact the resistance fighters.

CALLYYour words are meaningless to me.

BLAKEWe came here to destroy the communication center. Your people have information that would be invaluable to us.

CALLYOh, it is quite clear that you seek information.

BLAKE(disables the weapon) I'll make contact some other way. Take it. (puts the gun down in front of her) We'll manage without you. (walks away)

CALLY(picks up gun and gets to her feet) Can you prove what you say?

BLAKEIf I can get inside that center I'll prove it with the biggest explosion you've ever seen.

CALLYI might be able to help you. Perhaps.

BLAKEWell, make up your mind I've got no more time to play games.

CALLY(restores weapon function) What is it you want to know?

BLAKELet's start with who you are.

CALLYCally, my name is Cally. (crouches and spins toward a noise, gun raised) Out.

VILA(comes out with hands raised) No need for belligerence, pretty lady. I'm harmless. (moves down the slope to join them) Quick, isn't she?

CALLYIs he one of your crew?

BLAKEOne of them.

AVONAnd he's useless as he said. (comes out from cover) I've had a gun on you the whole time. You were dead as soon as you broke cover. (Avon comes to join them)

VILAHarmless was the word I used.

AVONYou couldn't even get that right. (to Cally) How do you come to be telepathic?

CALLYI am from the planet Auron. I was sent from there to aid the freedom fighters of this planet. But my people are the Auronar.

AVONAnd they are telepathic.

CALLYAnd quick. I would not have died alone.

VILAWhy can't you read our minds?

CALLYBecause you are not telepathic.

VILACould I read yours?

CALLYYou could receive my thought if I wished you to.

BLAKECally, how do we contact the resistance force?

CALLYThere is no resistance force. They're all dead.

BLAKEAll of them?

CALLYWe were getting stronger. The security forces kept hunting us, but we knew the hills and jungles too well. We made an attack on the main generating plant. And for the first time, they saw us a real threat.

AVONWhat happened?

CALLYThey released poison from the sky. All the fighters died, except me. Perhaps because I am alien to this planet.

BLAKEYou've been working alone ever since.

CALLYMy work was in communications. But there will be companions for my death. I plan to raid the complex. To destroy until I am destroyed.

BLAKEWell, our aim's the same. But I wasn't planning a suicide mission.

VILAI should hope not.

CALLYHe fears death?

VILAI plan to live forever. Or die trying.

BLAKEIf you can get us inside that complex, we'll provide all the destruction you want. And still get out safely.

AVONOr die trying.

CALLY(telepaths) I will guide you. (starts away)

BLAKE(follows Cally, then turns back to Avon and Vila) She said yes.

[Avon and Vila exchange glances and follow]

[Jenna enters Liberator teleport area, looking for Gan. The lights dim, then resume normal operation]

JENNA(into intercom) Gan, are you all right?

[Interior. Various areas of the Liberator]

JENNA(v.o.) Gan, respond please. Report your location.

[Interior. Liberator hold five. View of broken communicator.]

JENNA(distorted v.o.) Report your location.

[Interior. Liberator teleport area]

JENNAGan, where are you?

[Jenna draws her gun and begins making her way to the hold. She reaches the hold, opens the door and enters.]

[Interior. Liberator hold five. Jenna enters.]

JENNA(whispers) Gan.

[There is a heavy cable connecting the projectile to the main power supply in the hold. Jenna goes to the projectile and looks in.]

[Interior. Alien projectile. Jenna is visible through the open hatch]

JENNA(whispers) Gan.

[The sound of a door slamming shut. Jenna moves away from the hatch. A hand reaches up from inside one of the cryogenic units.]

[Interior. Liberator hold five. Jenna is moving back toward the exit. Alien drops down from above. They struggle. He draws his knife. Jenna shoots him. Gan climbs out of projectile and slumps down]


JENNA(moves to him) What happened?

GANJenna, couldn't stop them. Couldn't stop them. Implant.



JENNABrain implants.

GANLimiter. Not possible for me to kill now.

JENNAGan, what happened in the projectile.

GANNever wanted to. They kill. Anyone, everyone who isn't theirs.

JENNAOne of them is already dead.

GANThe other one. I saw his face. Jenna, despises us.

[Exterior. Saurian Major, outer edge of the communications complex. Blake, Avon, Vila follow Cally]

CALLY(telepaths) It's clear.

[They move on. They penetrate the interior of the complex. It is heavily guarded. Arrive at heavy door.]

BLAKEThis is it. The control room for the paraneutronic generator. If we can sabotage the limiter settings, the chain reaction will blow this entire complex off the planet.

AVONWe'll need to blast the door. That will alert the guards before we've even started.

VILA(to Avon) Listen fingers, computers are yours, doors are mine. Right?

BLAKEYou can open it?

VILAOne side please. (picks the lock) There you are.

BLAKE(opens the door) Good, Vila. Very good.

VILAIt was almost nothing.

[They begin to move through the open door. Guard spots them and yells]

BLAKEEverybody inside. Come on, quick.

[An alarm sounds. All run down the inner corridor and into the generator room]

[Saurian Major. Interior. Generator room]


BLAKE(closing door) Avon, can you do it?

AVON(crouching near control panel) Five minutes. (pause) I know. Make it two.

[Liberator teleport area. Jenna enters. Second alien attacks her. They fight. He is about to kill her. Gan comes in with gun, but cannot fire. Alien takes gun from Gan. Jenna fires and kills alien.]

JENNA(coughing) It's all right. We got them. Everything's over.

[Saurian Major. Interior. Generator room.]

AVONAdjuster. (Cally hands him a tool)

BLAKEThe door won't hold much longer.

AVONI'm nearly finished. Magnetic probe.

VILAThat's running up into the danger level.

AVONI have to neutralize the safety circuits. Otherwise it will close down the reactor.

[Saurian Major. Interior. Guards in the corridor are firing at the door.]

BLAKE(gives Cally teleport bracelet) Put this on.

CALLY(takes bracelet) What is it?

BLAKEOur way out. Put it on.

[Cally puts on bracelet]

[Interior. Liberator teleport area. Jenna and Gan. The lights dim again]

JENNAGan, the aliens have linked their ship to our power source. I'm getting a very heavy power loss. I'll have to disconnect. You'll be all right, won't you?

GAN(nods) Yes.

[Jenna leaves Liberator teleport area for the hold. Gan leaves for the Liberator flight deck.]

[Interior. Liberator flight deck. Gan comes down the stairs and falls.]

ZENOlag Gan. Basic decoding of projectile's autolog is now complete. Occupants are identified as programmed guardians. They are conditioned to eliminate any life form which could be a threat to the brood units and genetic banks contained in the rear section of the projectile. Liberator crew are such a threat and will be attacked. There are four guardians. Repeat, four guardians.

GAN(Gasping for breath) Jenna. (gets up and starts back out) Jenna.

[Interior. Liberator hold five. Jenna is inspecting the power hookup]

[Interior. Liberator teleport area. Gan enters, moves guardian's body.]

GAN(yells) JENNA! (passes out)

[Interior. Liberator hold five. Jenna begins to disconnect power cable.]

[Interior. Alien projectile. A hand unlocks the rear compartment]

[Saurian Major. Interior. Guards in the corridor continue their barrage.]

[Saurian Major. Interior. Generator room]

AVON(pulls out a part of the control mechanism) Got it. Reaction's building. Nothing can stop this generator now. (smashes the part with his foot)

BLAKE(into communicator) Jenna, we're ready. Stand by to bring us up. (pause) Control.

[Interior. Liberator teleport area. Gan regains consciousness, pulls himself up, trying to reach teleport controls]

BLAKE(v.o.) Control. Now! Jenna. Gan. Teleport NOW. (Gan makes another attempt at the controls) Can you hear me?

[Saurian Major. Interior. Generator room]

AVONIt's going. It's going up.

BLAKETeleport now.

[Interior. Liberator teleport area. Gan operates the controls]

[ Saurian Major. Interior. Generator room. The group is teleported. The security forces break into the room. The control unit explodes, killing the guards.]

[Interior. Liberator hold five. Jenna is still working to disconnect the power cable.]

[Interior. Alien projectile. Rear compartment is opening.]

[Interior. Liberator teleport area]

BLAKEWhere's Jenna?

GANJenna. In the hold.

BLAKELook after him. (runs out of Liberator teleport area)

[Interior. Liberator hold five. Guardian creeping up on Jenna, his knife drawn. Blake enters]


[Jenna falls. Blake pushes alien. Alien falls against power panel and is killed]

[Interior. Liberator flight deck. Entire crew and Cally are present. Main screen on, explosions]

BLAKEThat should give them problems for a while.

CALLY(telepaths) You have my thanks.

BLAKEPleasure. (pause) Do you wish to return to Auron?

CALLYI cannot return to my people. I have failed.

BLAKEThen stay with us.

CALLYThank you.

JENNAWhat are we going to do about the projectile.

BLAKEDump it in deep space.

JENNAThanks a lot.

GANI don't like the sound of that. It's murder.

AVONWould you rather it was hooked back into the power system. You heard Zen. A single cell from those genetic banks can be incubated into fully grown adult in one point six minutes.

VILAWe could be up to our armpits in homicidal maniacs within the hour.

BLAKEMaybe that's why Zen was so uncooperative.

JENNAIt seems to me it should have taught us something. Something about the wisdom involved in bringing aliens aboard.

BLAKESeven of us can run this ship properly.

VILASix surely.

BLAKEYou forgot Zen.

AVONYou're not counting that machine as a member of the crew.

BLAKEOh, what do you say to that Zen?

ZENPlease state course and speed.

BLAKEVery diplomatic. Set a course for Centero, speed standard by two.


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