Script for Rescue

by Chris Boucher

(c) 1977 by the British Broadcasting Corporation. Series created by Terry Nation. This is a complete dialogue transcript for research purposes and is not for sale under any circumstances Format (c)1994 by Caroljean Hanson and Micky DuPree.

Chris Bouchers original script had several additional bits, there are links to these where appropriate.

Dramatis Personae

Kerr Avon
Vila Restal
Dayna Mellanby
Del Tarrant


[Planet Terminal. Exterior. There is a continuous background sound, a throbbing, much like a heartbeat. Avon is kneeling on snow covered ground. He scans the terrain below with binoculars. Dayna is squatting beside him, a federation assault weapon on the ground beside her.]

DAYNAServalan told us it was an old ship.

AVONIt's what she didn't tell us that interests me.

[Animal noise]

DAYNA(picks up the Federation assault weapon) There's something moving down there.


DAYNABy the main lock.

AVON(looks through binoculars) (v.o.) It's just a link.

[Exterior. A portion of a space craft is visible. The main hatch is open. A dark, furry biped climbs into the ship through the hatchway.]

AVON(v.o.) It's going in. (rises and starts to run) Move.

[Exterior. Snow covered ground. Dayna rises and follows Avon. They run. There is an explosion.]

AVONDown. (lies flat on the ground)

[Dayna lies flat beside him. He shields her.]

AVONCover your eyes.

[Explosions continue. Debris begins to fall around them. Explosions subside.]

AVON(sits up) So much for what Servalan didn't tell us.

DAYNAIt's quite a booby trap.

AVONHalf a booby trap to be exact. Come on, let's go. (rises)

DAYNAHalf a booby trap?

AVONI don't imagine she would mine the ship and leave the living quarters intact.

DAYNA(rises) We've got to warn the others.

AVONTake it slowly, Dayna.


AVONIt's going to be no help to them if we walk into something hungry on the way back.

DAYNAI don't intend to walk into anything.

AVONDon't be stupid.

DAYNAGet out of my way, Avon.

[Avon steps aside and lets her pass.]

DAYNA(calls over her shoulder as she moves off) I'll see you at the base.

AVON(watches her go) I doubt it.

[Planet Terminal. Exterior. Another stretch of snow covered ground. Dayna moves hurriedly. There is an animal shriek, loud and close. Dayna slips and loses her footing. She falls to the ground and a gigantic snake-like creature looms threateningly over her. There is the sound of a weapon discharging. The snake's head explodes.]


AVONAre you ready to take it slowly now?

DAYNADon't you ever get bored with being right?

AVONJust with the rest of you being wrong. Try and keep a sharp lookout. We can't afford to waste any more ammunition.

DAYNAIf you're right about the base...

AVONIf I'm right about the base the charges will already have been triggered.

DAYNAWhat do you mean?

AVONUltrasonic fuses keyed to pick up the explosion from that ship. That's how I would have done it.

DAYNAWell then they're already dead.

AVONWell, that's what we're going to find out.

[Planet Terminal. Exterior. The entrance to the underground base. Vila is dragging an unconscious Tarrant out of the open entry and down the slight slope nearby.]

VILA(struggles with the inert form) Uh. Come on you great oaf. This is no time to take a nap.

[Vila drags Tarrant to safety and puts him down, sitting on the ground beside him.]

VILAIf I've broken my back hauling a corpse about, I'll never forgive you Tarrant.

[Vila rises and returns to the entry. He looks down the shaft.]

VILA(calls, the sound echoing) Cally. Cally. (turns and starts back to Tarrant)

CALLY(v.o. weak) Vila.

VILACally. (runs back) Hang on Cally I'm coming. (climbs over the edge of the entry and begins to descend)

[The entry hatch begins to close on him. He scrambles out of the entrance. It closes and there is a series of explosions. He crawls back to Tarrant and shields him from the falling debris of the explosion.]

CALLY(v.o. scream) Blake.

[Space. Exterior. A freight ship called Scorpio is in flight.] [Scorpio. Interior, flight deck. A blonde man is the only occupant of the flight deck. His name is Dorian. He bends over to check something on the ship's instruments. Finished, he moves around the flight deck.]


SLAVEYes, Master.

DORIANHow long before we make planet fall?

SLAVEOne hour, Master. That is Earth standard time, of course. I hope that is satisfactory.

DORIAN(sits at one of the forward flight positions and manipulates controls) There's still no sign of the Liberator on our screen.

SLAVEI fear not, Master.

DORIAN(checks readouts) I'm getting a heavy radiation shadow. Focus looks to be zero zero one to our present heading. Check it.

SLAVEAt once, Master. It appears to be the residual of an explosion, Master. An analysis of the radiation pattern suggests it could have happened near the planet of our dest... destination.

DORIANAnd it generated a lot more power than the death of any normal ship would have done.

SLAVEYou are correct as always, Master.

DORIANDo you think it was the Liberator?

SLAVEThought is beyond my humble capacities, Master.


[[Original Script Extra Bit 1]]

[Space. Terminal is visible.]

[Planet terminal. Exterior, night. A crude camp has been made. A small fire burns in the center. Dayna, Tarrant and Avon are seated around the fire. Avon has Orac in his lap and is attempting to repair it.]

TARRANTVila rescued me?

AVONYou were injured trying to rescue Cally. He rescued you. Suddenly I am hip deep in heroes.

TARRANTWhere is Cally?

AVONCally is dead.

TARRANTAre you sure?

AVON(pause) Yes, I'm sure.

DAYNAHe went back in.

TARRANTYou wanted to be a hero too?

AVONWe needed Orac. (disgusted, throws down tool into the interior of Orac) We still do.

VILA(enters carrying wood for the fire) Orac got a bit dented. For which he blames me. It seems I rescued the wrong one.

[[Original Script Extra Bit 2]]

AVONFirst light, we'll make for the high ground to the south.

[[Original Script Extra Bit 3]]

[Planet Terminal. Exterior, morning. Avon, Vila and Dayna move single file across the snow covered ground. Dayna is carrying Orac. Avon is in the lead. He carries the Federation gun. They halt.]

AVONWhere's Tarrant?

VILAHe was right behind us.

DAYNAI'll go back.

AVONStay here.

VILAYou wouldn't like to leave the gun?

AVONThat's right, I wouldn't.

VILAI'll come with you then, shall I?

AVONStay here. (moves in the direction from which they have come)

DAYNA(sets Orac down) You were supposed to be keeping an eye on Tarrant.

VILAI saved his life once. Am I supposed to make a career of it?

[Dayna starts to go ahead.]

VILAWhere are you going?

DAYNAI want to see what's up ahead.

VILAAvon said to stay here.

DAYNASo stay here. (leaves)

[Planet Terminal. Avon is retracing their route, searching for Tarrant.]

[Planet Terminal. Vila is standing in the clearing, scanning the distance with the binoculars. There is the shriek of one of the snakes. Vila drops the binoculars.]

VILADayna. Dayna. (follows the path Dayna has taken. He leaves Orac and the binoculars on the ground in the snow.) Dayna.

[Planet Terminal. Exterior. Avon finds Tarrant lying face down in the snow, unconscious. Avon walks over and nudges Tarrant with his boot. Tarrant stirs.]

[Planet Terminal. Exterior. There is a clearing. Vila runs in.]

VILADayna. Dayna.

DAYNA(v.o.) Vila. Help me quickly.

VILAWhere are you?

DAYNA(v.o.) Over here.

VILAComing (begins to run in the direction of her voice)

[Vila slips and falls over a ledge and slides down a slope. He grabs a root to slow his descent. Dayna is clinging to another root beside him. He screams as he falls.]

DAYNAThat's a big help, Vila.

[Snake undulates and shrieks as it attempts to reach the two clinging to the slope.]

VILAHelp. Help.

DAYNAStop it, Vila. You'll have us both down there.

VILAHelp. Help. Help. Help. This is all your fault, Dayna. Help. Help. Well, don't just hang there. Do something.

DAYNAWell, I'm open to suggestions.

DORIAN(from the top of cliff) That's what I like to hear.

VILAGet us out of here.

DAYNAHelp. Please.

DORIANRelax. Your problems are over. (draws a hand gun) [Planet Terminal. Exterior. Avon is crouched next to Tarrant. Tarrant sits drinking from a canteen.]

AVONPass out again and I'll leave you, Tarrant.

TARRANTI'm surprised you came back this time.

AVONWe stand a better chance as a group.

TARRANTWhat? While something is eating me you can get away?

AVONOr visa versa.

TARRANT(grins) I'll drink to that.

[[Original Script Extra Bit 4]]

[There is the sound of a weapon discharging some distance from them.]

[Planet Terminal. Exterior, top of the cliff. Dorian assists Dayna, then Vila. Vila groans and rubs his arms.]

TARRANT(enters) You all right?

DORIANHow many more of you are there?

AVON(enters, weapon leveled at Dorian) Just one. Stand still. Drop the gun. Now move away from it. Slowly.

[Dorian steps away from the gun. Tarrant retrieves it and moves to stand beside Avon.]

DORIANName's Dorian. And in case you hadn't noticed, I just saved your friends lives.

[Avon looks at Vila, who nods in response.]

AVON(smiles) You know what they say. No good deed goes unpunished.

[Planet Terminal. Exterior. Scorpio in a large open area.]

[Interior. Scorpio flight deck. Dorian enters, Avon follows with gun. Vila comes behind, carrying Orac.]

DORIANSee I told you I was alone. Oh, now will you stop pointing that gun at me. It's beginning to make my teeth itch.

[Avon makes no move to lower the weapon. Vila sets Orac down and looks around the flight deck.]

AVONWhat are you doing on this planet?

DORIANI could ask you the same thing.

AVONYou could, but I have the gun.

DORIANI'm a salvage man.

AVONWho are you working for?

DORIANOh, there's no profit in working for anybody, except yourself.

VILAIt all looks standard enough. (turns toward what appears to be a teleport bay) Except for that.

DORIANYou tell me. I bought the ship second hand. That was part of the fixtures and fittings. I've never been able to work out what the hell it was for.

VILAYou know what it looks like, Avon?

AVONShut up, Vila.

DORIANAvon and Vila.

AVONYou've heard of us?

DORIANShould I have done? Are you in the salvage game too?

VILAYes, that's right.

[Dayna and Tarrant enter from the aft section of the ship.]

DORIANI thought I knew most of the independents working this sector.

TARRANT(descends the stairs onto the flight deck) All the holds and drive section are clear. There's no one on the ship except us.

DAYNA(follows Tarrant) And I've dogged the main hatches. So if there is anyone else outside that's where they're going to stay.

AVONAny reason why we shouldn't just take off?



DORIANI've come a long way to go back empty.

TARRANTWhat did you expect to find?

DORIANSame as you, friend.

DAYNAAnd what was that?

DORIANLook, saving your necks was obviously crazy but I'm not basically stupid, right? I do know my business.

VILAHis business is salvage, Dayna. Same as ours.

DORIANAnd I know this is Terminal. I know it's an artificially modified planet. I know that underneath the surface there's a load of valuable gear waiting to be stripped out.

DAYNANot any more.

DORIANYou mean you've got it already?

AVON(to Tarrant at the main flight position) Can you fly this ship?

TARRANTIt's just a Wanderer class planet hopper. Mark II by the look of it. Obsolete, but functional.

AVONI want it flown, not cataloged.

TARRANTNo problem.

DORIANUh, one problem. It happens to be my ship.

AVON(points the gun at Dorian) No problem.

[[Original Script Extra Bit 5]]

[Tarrant sits at the primary flight position. He activates a control. The flight deck seals. Dayna appears to be nervous.]

VILAIt's all right. On these old cargo ships only the main deck is pressurized in flight.

DAYNAOh, that'll be cozy.

VILAWould you rather be snuggling up to those snakes? (tries to put an arm around Dayna)

DAYNACan I think about it? (steps out of his grasp) And let you know.

TARRANT(to Dorian) Anything special I should watch for?

DORIANYou want me to help you hijack my own ship?

TARRANTListen, if I get it wrong, you'll be as dead as the rest of us.

DORIANYou're the pilot. You work it out.

[[Original Script Extra Bit 6]]

[The ship lurches suddenly. There is the sound of explosions outside the ship.]

VILAWhat was that?


TARRANTIt was outside the ship.


SLAVEYes, Master.

DORIANAnalyze exterior disturbance.

SLAVEIt is an earthquake, Master.


[Slave does not answer. Avon points his gun at Dorian.]


SLAVEFurther subsurface explosions of great depth and power. Magnitudes and positions are as follows...

DORIAN(interrupting Slave) Skip that. What do we expect to happen next?

SLAVEMy poor abilities do not allow expectations, Master. Readings do indicate an imminent earthquake, followed by severe volcanic activity in this entire region.

DORIANIt'll be quicker and safer if I take her up. (starts toward the controls)

[Interior. Scorpio flight deck. The ship lurches again. Dorian falls and hits his head.]

[Planet Terminal. Exterior. A volcanic eruption is taking place.]

[Interior. Scorpio flight deck. Dayna and Vila pick up Dorian and put him in one of the forward flight seats. Avon moves to the flight position beside Tarrant.]

AVONMain gyros.

TARRANTCheck. Clear.

AVONDrives one and two.

TARRANTCheck. Green.

AVONOrbital booster.

TARRANTCheck. Primed.

AVONThrust computer.

TARRANTCheck. Running.

[Planet Terminal. Exterior. Additional volcanic activity.]

TARRANTAll pilot systems are green. Count is two minutes and running. Better strap down tight. I haven't lifted these into orbit too often.

DAYNAHow often?


VILAWhen was that?

TARRANTIn about one minute and forty five seconds.

AVONIf we last that long.

[Planet Terminal. Exterior. Increased volcanic activity.]

VILAGet this thing off the ground, Tarrant.

TARRANTTen seconds.

AVONMain drives running true.

TARRANTAll drives on. Lift you scruffy bag of bolts. Lift.

[Planet Scorpio. Exterior. Scorpio lifts off.]

TARRANTOrbital booster fired.

[Exterior. Space. Scorpio is under way.]

TARRANTPrimary orbit achieved. As I said, no problem.

AVONAs he said, one problem.

[Scorpio changes course automatically.]

DAYNAWhat's going on?

AVONWe are.

VILAWhat have you done Tarrant? I didn't save your life so you could keep risking mine.

AVONDorian has pre-programmed the flight computer.

VILATo do what?

TARRANTTake him home, presumably.

DAYNATo where his friends will be waiting, presumably.

VILAAnd any friend of Dorian's is unlikely to be a friend of ours. Given the way you pushed him around.

DAYNA(to Avon) Can you override the program?

AVONYou heard how Slave reacted. It's obviously keyed to Dorian's voice pattern.

TARRANTWell, there must be a way 'round that.

AVONOh there is. If you want to disrupt every system on board this ship, including life support.

DAYNACould Orac do it?

AVONIf I had the necessary equipment to repair Orac. Which I haven't.

DAYNASo we're stuck.

VILAI think it's time to start being very nice to Dorian.

TARRANTWhat shall we do?

AVONWhy don't you check the flight readouts. Run some calculations. See if you can work out where we're going.


AVONDayna, see if you can find a gun locker anywhere around. Oh, and then I want your professional opinion of that. (He tosses her the gun)




AVONJust keep an eye on our host.



DAYNAOpen this, will you?

[Vila pulls a lock pick from his boot and opens the gun locker.]

VILALooks like Dorian's a gun freak.

DAYNAThere's nothing freaky about these. They're beautiful. Look. (She hold one out)


DAYNALook. Each of these is a different mode. You clip them into the basic handgun and you've got a weapon for every occasion. Laser, plasma bullet, percussion shell, micro grenade, stun, drug. They're all here. I worked for nearly a year on a gun like this. I never did get it right.

VILAJust goes to prove what I've always said. Stealing's quicker.

TARRANT(to Avon) I thought Liberator was the only ship with teleport.

AVONOh, it was. This was just someone's unsuccessful attempt to develop something similar.


AVONIt seems unlikely. Did you run the calculations?

TARRANTYes. Xenon. Mean anything to you?


TARRANTPity. Doesn't mean anything to me either. It's in a planetary system outside Federation territory though.

AVONBefore the war?

TARRANTIt was outside Federation borders even then. It's well outside now their empire's contracted. You could even say it was safe. If we knew what the hell was waiting for us there. The computer won't give me any data worth a damn.

AVONI didn't think it would.

TARRANTIsn't it rather a sophisticated piece of equipment for a salvage hauler?

AVONIt's very sophisticated by any standard. Someone spent a lot of time modifying a basic machine.

DAYNAAnd someone else spent a lot of time developing these guns. They're the best I've ever seen.

AVONWell now, it begins to look as though Dorian has got a lot of very bright associates.

VILAAnd we've go a lot of trouble.

DAYNACheer up, Vila. You've got a lot of very bright associates too.

VILAOh yeah? Name six.

[Exterior. Scorpio in flight.]

[Planet Xenon. Interior. Control room, Xenon base. An alarm is sounding. A blonde woman enters. She is Soolin. She shuts down the alarm and opens a comm channel.]

SOOLINScorpio. Scorpio this is base. Do you copy? (waits for a response) Scorpio. Scorpio this is base. Do you copy?

[Exterior. Scorpio in flight.]

[[Original Script Extra Bit 7]]

SOOLIN(v.o.) This is Xenon base calling Scorpio. Do you copy?

[Interior. Scorpio flight deck.]

SOOLIN(v.o.) Come on, Dorian. If I had to wake up I don't see why you shouldn't. Wake up, Dorian.

AVON(points gun at Dorian's head) Do as the lady says, Dorian. Wake up now or sleep for good. The choice is yours.

DORIANHow did you know?

AVONThat little tap on the head didn't put you out for more than ten minutes.

DORIANWhy did you wait 'til now?

AVONBecause there wasn't anything you could do for me until now.

SOOLIN(v.o.) Dorian. I'm going to override that creepy flight computer of yours, and leave you in orbit while I catch up on my sleep unless you answer me now.

AVONAnswer her.

DORIANYou're going to kill me anyway. Sooner or later.

AVONYou would prefer it sooner?

DORIAN(reaches for a control and presses it) Xenon base, this is Scorpio. Do you copy?

[Planet Xenon. Interior, Xenon base control room.]

SOOLINAbout time, Dorian. I have satellite visual confirmation. Orbit and landing sequences are green. Confirmed?

DORIAN(v.o.) Confirmed.

[[Original Script Extra Bit 8]]

[Interior. Scorpio flight deck.]

DORIAN(turns to Avon) You'll never get away with it, you know.

TARRANTWe're approaching the atmosphere. Better get strapped in again. Are your automatics adequate?

DORIANSlave can handle the landing.


VILACan't be any rougher than the take off.

DAYNAWhy call a computer Slave?

DORIANJoke, I suppose.

AVONSomeone has a very expensive sense of humor.

DORIANEverything has it's price, Avon. You have to decide whether you want to pay it or not. That's all.

VILAWell, I don't believe in paying.

DORIANYou mean you're here by choice?

[Planet Scorpio. Exterior. There is a rectangular opening in the side of a mountain. Scorpio enters the opening and lands on an elevated pad. The pad begins the descent to the docking bay. At the bottom it rotates the ship to bring the hatch to the boarding ramp and entrance to the base.]

[Planet Xenon. Interior, Scorpio control room. Soolin shuts down the various controls and exits.]

[Interior. Scorpio flight deck.]

AVON(to Dorian) You can carry Orac.

DORIAN(pointing at Orac on the deck) This?


[Dorian picks up Orac.]

AVONNow lead the way. Carefully.

[They all follow Dorian. At the last minute, Vila hesitates, looks at the Scorpio weapon he is carrying and turns back to retrieve the Federation gun.]

[Interior. Corridor, Xenon base. As the last one steps through the door leading to the landing silo, the door slides closed behind them.]

VILAAvon, a security door.

AVON(to Dorian) How is it opened?

DORIANIt isn't. Unless I choose to open it.

AVON(as Dorian begins to walk on) Stand still.

DORIANIf you kill me you'll never get back into that silo. And that ship is the only way off this planet.

VILATerrific. We're marooned again.

TARRANTYou expect us to believe that?

DORIANYou'd be surprised how little difference it makes to me whether you do or not.

AVONThe difference between life and death?


TARRANTAvon's quite capable of killing you, you know.

DORIANI never doubted it.

DAYNABeneath that cold exterior, beats a heart of pure stone.

DORIANShall we go? (exits)

AVONWhy not?

[Interior Xenon base lounge. Soolin sets out glasses on a tray. She stops, regards the tray and then takes another glass from the shelf. She begins to pour wine into the glasses. Dorian leads the group into the lounge. Dorian grabs her and kisses her.]

[[Original Script Extra Bit 9]]

SOOLINAre you all right?

DORIANA little tired. It took me longer than I expected. (to the others) May I present Soolin. My... companion.

AVONWhere are the others?

SOOLINThere are no others.

[Soolin offers Avon a drink. He refuses. Soolin drinks from the offered glass.]

DORIANI wouldn't poison a good wine, Avon. If I wanted you dead there are much more direct ways of achieving it. I could snap my fingers. (He snaps his fingers. Soolin draws her gun and aims it at Avon) And you're dead. Fast isn't she? (Soolin holsters her gun) Be so good as to pour my guests some wine, Soolin. Surely now you can allow yourselves to trust me.

AVONHe who trusts can never be betrayed, only mistaken. Cally once told me that that was a saying amongst her people.


AVONCally was murdered. So were most of her people.

[Soolin offers glasses of wine to Tarrant, Dayna and Vila.]

TARRANTSeven glasses.

SOOLINI'm sorry?

TARRANTYou've laid out seven glasses. One too many.

VILANot to worry. I'll drink the extra one.

DAYNAYou know if Cally had escaped with us, there wouldn't be an extra one.

VILAIt's just coincidence.

DORIANIf you'll excuse me, I have things to attend to. When you are ready Soolin will show you to your quarters. You'll find everything there you need including fresh clothes. We'll talk again when you are rested. (Dorian pauses beside Avon) You really are most welcome here, my friend. (exits)

TARRANTWhat do you think?

AVONI think his taste in wine and women is impeccable.

[[Original Script Extra Bit 10]]

[Planet Xenon. Interior. A room below the base. There is a circular staircase leading upward. A mist hangs near the floor. There is a constant sound rising and falling. The walls of the room seem to glow with a dim, bluish light. A hatch opens in the ceiling above the staircase and Dorian descends. His appearance is altered considerably. He seems to have aged. He moves with difficulty.]

DORIANAre you there? I have them. They're here.

[At the other side of the room is a natural archway. A dark shape is outlined in the dimness. The shape moves toward Dorian.]

DORIANThat's close enough. (coughs) One of the group was killed before I got there. But the group remains. Bound together by time and pain and the need to survive. The death of the telepath will make it more difficult. But they can still be used. (coughs)

CREATURESoon. It must be soon.

[Dorian convulses, screams and collapses on the floor. Opposite him, the creature writhes in pain.]

[[Original Script Extra Bit 11]]

[Interior, corridor Xenon base. Vila is attempting to open the door to the landing silo. Tarrant and Dayna stand watching him.]

TARRANTGet on with it, Vila.

VILAWill you keep your voice down.

DAYNAWell, can you get it open or not?

VILANot. I told Avon that. Didn't I say there was no point in trying?

TARRANTYou always say there's no point in trying.

DAYNABut you usually manage to come up with something.

VILANot this time. Not without a lot of equipment, peace and quiet, and cooperation. And in case you hadn't noticed it the lady with the gun is not a particularly cooperative person. I don't think she'd be all that happy about us trying to borrow her boyfriends ship. Especially without his permission.

DAYNALook, maybe there's another entrance.

TARRANTIt's worth a look.

VILANo it isn't. Even if there was another entrance, it would still have the same security system as this.

TARRANTYou're probably right. So you stay here and keep working on that.

DAYNAWe'll let you know if we find an easier one.

VILAWhat about Avon?

TARRANTTell him where we've gone.

VILAHe won't like it.

TARRANTIt's a pity about that. (they exit)

VILA(turns back to the door, then stops) No. Why should I? I don't have to justify my existence by going through the motions of trying to open a door which I know is impossible. I'm the expert. If I say it's impossible, then it's impossible. To hell with it. I wonder where they keep that wine.

[Interior. Xenon base lounge. Orac has been repaired and is switched on. Dorian is interrogating the computer.]

ORACI naturally took the opportunity to study all the systems on the Liberator. A few, a very few were of minor interest. I would not, however, number the teleport system amongst these.

DORIANBut you do know how it worked?

ORACOf course I know how it worked.

DORIANThen you will tell me. Now.

ORACThere seems little point in wasting time on such an explanation since you would be incapable of understanding it.

DORIAN(angry) Don't be insolent.

ORACA statement of fact cannot be insolent. Besides, insolence implies an emotional relationship which does not and could not exist between us.

AVON(entering) Orac must make a refreshing change from that flight computer of yours.

DORIANCome on in, Avon.

AVON(inspects Orac) Neat job.

DORIANThank you.

AVONI thought you would probably have the necessary equipment somewhere around, but I didn't expect you to do the work as well.

DORIANWho designed it?

AVONHis name was Ensor.

DORIANI should have known. He was never a gracious man. Orac reflects his personality.

AVONOrac was the culmination of his life's work. (Avon pulls out Orac's key) He bequeathed it to an associate of mine... who bequeathed it to me. You must have been very young when you met Ensor.


AVONHe spent the last twenty years of his life in hiding.

DORIANWell, then I must have been very young.

AVONDid you do the modifications to the flight computer?

DORIANYes, I created Slave.

AVONWhat about these? (He draws his gun)

DORIANThose as well.

AVONAnd all this?

DORIANI found the chambers and tunnels already here. I merely had them adapted to my particular needs.

AVON(laughs) What did you do in your spare time?

[Interior. Xenon base. A spiral staircase. Dayna and Tarrant are making their way down the stairs.]

TARRANTMaybe this wasn't such a bright idea after all.

DAYNADon't tell me you're tired already.

TARRANTAll right, I'll keep it a secret.

[They resume their descent.]

TARRANTLook, we must be at least four levels below the landing silo by now.

DAYNAAt least.

TARRANTWherever this leads, it isn't to an under floor access tunnel.

DAYNAProbably not. But aren't you curious to find out where it does lead?

TARRANTIn a word... no.

DAYNAWell I am.

TARRANTI was afraid of that.

DAYNALook, you can always stay here. Or I could carry you.

TARRANTListen, you'll be old yourself one day. Then you'll be sorry.

DAYNAI don't know what you're moaning about. Vila's probably got the other door open by now.

TARRANTThere's an irritating thought.

DAYNAThought you'd like it.

[Interior, Xenon base lounge. Vila is alone, drinking.]

VILAYou know, Avon could be right about getting out of here. There's something very suspicious about a man who keeps his booze under lock and key.

[Interior. Xenon base, a small rectangular room. The spiral staircase ends here. Dayna and Tarrant come down the stairs.]

TARRANTDead end.

DAYNAIt can't be. I mean, why bother with all those stairs?

TARRANTGood point. I seem to remember making it on the way down.

DAYNAI hate people who say "I told you so."

TARRANTYeah, well I do too. But sometimes it's irresistible.

DAYNA(starts examining the walls) There must be something here.

TARRANTLook. Come on. Let's get back. If Avon gets to the ship and we're not there I wouldn't put it past him to leave without us.

DAYNAHe needs you to fly it.

TARRANTOnly if Slave won't accept his orders.

DAYNAWhich he won't.

TARRANTHe will if Orac's working. Now come on. We're wasting time. (starts to climb)

[Dayna does not follow, but continues to explore the small room. A hatch slides open in the floor.]

DAYNAI knew it. Tarrant.

TARRANT(v.o.) Get a move on, Dayna.

DAYNAI found it.

TARRANTFound what?

[Dayna descends into the chamber where Dorian spoke with the creature. She hears the creature approach. She tries to shoot, but the gun does not work.]

DAYNATarrant. Tarrant.

[She hurls the gun at the dark shape coming closer and starts to back away. Dayna tries to flee up the stairs. The hatch closes, blocking her escape.]

[Interior. Xenon base, staircase. Tarrant turns back toward the sound of Dayna's voice.]

TARRANTDayna? What's wrong?

[Interior. Xenon base control room. Dorian and Avon are inspecting portions of what appears to be a teleport system.]

DORIANI was hoping you might be able to help me with it.

AVONIt's not really my field.


AVONNo. But for what it's worth, it looks to me as though you need to start again from scratch and try a different approach.

DORIANI've already tried four different approaches.

AVONI mean go back to basic theoretical principles.

DORIANThat's what I did.

AVONWorking alone?

DORIANOf course.

AVONAt a conservative estimate, that sort of research and development would have taken you twenty years of uninterrupted effort.

DORIANThirty years, actually.

AVON(draws his gun) All right Dorian, let's stop playing games.

DORIANYou disappoint me Avon. You of all people should know the intellect is a much more powerful weapon than the gun. Particularly when the gun doesn't work. (Avon tries to shoot him.) Soolin removed the magazine and replaced it with a dummy. (takes the gun)

AVONWhile I was bathing.

DORIAN(inserts live ammunition clip) Shall we go?

[Interior. Xenon base lounge. Vila is sitting, drinking. He hears someone coming. He takes his bottle and climbs a staircase to the rear of the room. Avon and Dorian enter.]

DORIANSit down. (pours himself a drink) Wine?

[Avon shakes his head curtly. Vila sneaks back down a few stairs, gun in hand. He crouches on the stairs.]

DORIANIt is necessary that you should understand what is to happen to you.

AVONNo it isn't. Just kill me and get it over with.

DORIANIn case you're expecting help, I should warn you. Your friends' guns are also useless.


[Vila looks at the gun in his hand and retreats back up the stairs.]

DORIAN(sits down opposite Avon) Deep in the rock below this base is a room. I found it when I first came here. As far as I can tell it was carved from some mineral deposit. A pocket of some element which I still know very little about despite nearly two hundred years of study.

AVONIf at first you don't succeed...

DORIANYou think I'm insane, don't you?

AVONIt had occurred to me.

DORIANThe room exists, Avon. And since I found it I haven't aged one day. It cleanses me of all the corruptions of time and appetite.


DORIANI can do anything, Avon.

AVONMost madmen can.

DORIANI can indulge any taste, any sensation, any vice I wish and the room ...

AVONCleanses you.


AVONYou really are insane, aren't you?

DORIANBy now I probably would be.

AVONIf it wasn't for this mysterious room.

DORIANAnd what it contains.

SOOLIN(enters) And what might that be, Dorian?

DORIANAh, Soolin. I was just about to summon you.

SOOLINNot with a gun in your hand. What does the room contain, Dorian?

DORIANAll the madness and rotting corruption which would have been mine. It contains horror, Soolin.

AVONAnd this horror? It shows itself to you, does it?

DORIANIt will show itself to all of us.

SOOLINI think not.

DORIANYou underestimate me, my dear.

SOOLINThe smallest movement is all it takes, Dorian.

DORIANShe could do it too. Soolin was taught by the best.

SOOLINThe second best actually.

DORIAN(laughs) Oh, of course you killed him didn't you? He was one of the men responsible for the death of her family. She killed all the others too. She's a formidable enemy.

AVONBut not without a gun.

DORIANThat's right, Soolin.

[Soolin examines her gun.]

SOOLINYou're right. I did underestimate you, my dear.

DORIANFrom the tracer reading I was getting, I think we'll find your friends are already waiting for us. Now move. Both of you.

[Soolin and Avon precede Dorian from the room. Vila comes down the staircase and finishes the contents of his bottle. He tosses it away and retrieves another. As he moves to the counter, he kicks the forgotten Federation assault rifle. He bends and picks it up, then looks from the rifle to the bottle.]

[Interior. Room below Xenon base. The hatch opens and Tarrant, Soolin and Avon come down the stairs followed by Dorian.]

DAYNATarrant. Tarrant. There's something there. (He holds her. She sobs.) Something there in the dark.

TARRANTIt's all right. It's all right. You're not alone any more.

DORIANThat's why I came for you. You care for each other. After what you've been through together, you couldn't fail to care for each other. Even you, Avon.

AVONSpare me the amateur psychology.

DORIANI wouldn't expect you to admit it. But you belong to them, Avon. Just as they belong to you. That's why I rescued you.

AVONI thought you wanted the teleport system.

DORIANOrac will give me that. What you will give me, all of you, is life.

TARRANTKilling us won't give you life.

DORIANSoolin is a stranger to you. But one outsider can be absorbed in the gestalt.


DORIANTogether you will become one creature. The Gestalt. It will be a strong creature. It will absorb much more than an individual could before it dies.

[The sounds within the room grow louder and the bluish light becomes brighter.]

DORIANYou see. It will work. It begins. I knew it would. The room accepts you. It will make you one and give you my death.

SOOLINWhat is it? Can you hear it?

AVONI underestimated you too, didn't I?

DORIANI knew you'd see it, Avon. My creature will need to understand. It must warn me of approaching death. Yours will be it's understanding.

SOOLINWhat is it?

DORIANThat's what you're going to replace, my dear. You and the others.

AVONI imagine it was once a man. One of a long line who died in his place.

DORIANThey die quickly now. My corruption has become too much for one man to bear.

AVON(steps in front of the others) Who was the first, Dorian?

DORIAN(troubled) My partner. We entered this place together. Like you, he could never leave it.

AVONWhen he started to die, you had to replace him. And you've had to go on replacing him.

DORIANYou will last much longer than the others.

AVONYou're short one man, in case you hadn't noticed.

DORIANVila will join you later. Now make your goodbyes. Your lives, your consciousness are over. (laughs insanely)

[From above Vila hurries part way down the stairs.]

VILAAvon. (hands him the gun)


[Avon takes aim and shoots the creature. Dorian screams and collapses to the floor. He begins to change and dies. All that is left is a pile of dust on the floor. It blows away.]

DAYNA(kneels by what had been the creature) Look.

[The creature is no longer there. The body of a curly haired young man lies on the floor in its place. As they stand, looking at the body Soolin quietly climbs the stairs, leaving the group.]

VILAI'm going to give up drinking, you know. It'll be pink asteroids next.

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