Script for Project Avalon

Written by: Terry Nation

Directed by: Michael Briant

(c) 1977 by the British Broadcasting Corporation. Series created by Terry Nation. This is a complete dialogue transcript for research purposes and is not for sale under any circumstances Format (c) 1993 by Micky DuPree.

Transcription: Malcolm Mladenovic.

Proofreading: Dave Owen and Sue Clerc.

Dramatis Personae:

BlakeGareth Thomas
JennaSally Knyvette
AvonPaul Darrow
CallyJan Chappell
VilaMichael Keating
GanDavid Jackson
ZenPeter Tuddenham
TravisStephen Greif
ServalanJacqueline Pearce
AvalonJulia Vidler
ChevnerDavid Bailie
MutoidGlynis Barber
ScientistJohn Baker
TerlocJohn Rolfe
GuardsDavid Sterne, Mark Holmes
Walk ons:
Chris HomesMichael de Wilde
Christina HalsteadRoberta Kingsley
Kelly VarneyKavid Ianson
Bruce GuestJohn Cannon
John JensenDoug Roe
Peter DukesBunty Garland
Gaye HopkinDavid Charles
Monique BriantJay Dyer

[Scene: Near blizzard conditions on a planet. Travis and a mutoid enter a cave mouth.]

TRAVISThe temperature's dropping quickly.

MUTOIDIt'll be dark soon. Then it'll freeze.

TRAVISThe Long Cold. I find this planet...unnerving. Come. [They go in and down. A man is crouching hidden in rocks above the passage.]

TERLOC[softly] Travis.

TRAVISWhere are you?

TERLOCShhh! Softer. The sound travels in the caves.

TRAVISYou're late.

TERLOCThey would've missed me had I come sooner.

TRAVISWhat have you got for me?

TERLOCAvalon is moving to Winter quarters, in the ice caves. I've drawn a map. [He throws a paper down to Travis]

TRAVISBut contact -- has Blake made contact with Avalon?

TERLOCYes. She's asked for transportation to a safer planet.

TRAVISAnd Blake has agreed?

TERLOCHis ship has already entered out star system. The rendezvous is expected within fifty hours.

TRAVISGood. Go back and join Avalon. Now. You understand what you have to do?

TERLOCI understand. [He crawls away.]

TRAVIS[To Mutoid] It's working; just as I predicted. [To himself] This time we'll be ready for you, Blake.

[Scene: Liberator flight deck. A planet appears on the viewscreen.]

BLAKEZen, can you get an estimated surface temperature from this range? [The viewscreen shows wintry scenes on the surface.]

ZENSensors indicate a temperature of minus one hundred and twenty degrees and still falling.

VILAThat's on the cool side, you'll need thermal suits. [Exits]

BLAKECally, are you still getting Avalon's signal?

CALLYIt changed position by about eight miles but it's stationary now and switched to automatic.

BLAKEWell, lock onto it and get a precise fix. Jenna, when Cally's got a fix, let her take us into orbit. You're the only one who's ever seen Avalon, I need you down there with me. Go and get kitted up.


BLAKECally, we want an orbit just inside teleport range. [Avon enters the flight deck, standing just inside.]

GANBlake, there are four...five interceptors orbiting the atmosphere now. They're all below the horizon at the moment.

BLAKETrack them.


AVON[Simultaneously] And don't imagine they will maintain the same orbit. [Moves onto deck and hands data to Blake.] I've summarized the relevant data.


AVONWe've come at the worst time, of course. The northern hemisphere is just entering its winter cycle. They call it the Long Cold. Something of an understatement, it lasts the equivalent of eight-and-a-half Earth years.

BLAKEDoes it support any intelligent life?

AVONDoes the Liberator? [Blake and Jenna exchange looks.] There are humanoid creatures called subterrons. They live in caves. Quite what that says for their intelligence, I really wouldn't know.

BLAKEWhy are the Federation there?

AVONMinerals. About thirty years ago it was discovered that deposits were seeping down into the ice and forming gem stones of outstanding purity and hardness. They are called 'Ice Crystals'. The Federation uses them in heavy duty lasers. They are mined by the subterrons as a slave labour force.

BLAKEAhh, that is why Avalon is here.

AVONPerhaps, but the ice crystals are unique and as such quite valuable.

BLAKENo, Avalon has started resistance movements on a dozen Federation planets.

AVONAnother idealist, poor but honest. I shall look forward to our meeting with eager anticipation.

BLAKEIs your anticipation eager enough to come down there with me?

AVON[Avon looks at the screen] Not quite. I think I shall contain my enthusiasm here in the warm.

[Scene: A mutoid watches a guard below her position, then jumps him and after a brief struggle strangles him. Then she signals to various groups of mutoids with a morse-code like sender. The groups move through caves. A number of mutoids surround a group of people in a cavern. Travis is in the background.]

MUTOIDStay where you are. [Travis moves forwards]

TRAVISWhich of you is Avalon? [He holds a nearby man and places his gun to the man's head.] I want Avalon -- now. [A figure moves forward. Another puts out a hand to stop her, but she continues forwards. Travis hits the man he was threatening, knocking him over.]

AVALONWho betrayed us?

TRAVIS[To mutoids] Take her.

MUTOID[Indicating homing beacon] Shall I smash it?

TRAVISNo. Give Blake his homing beacon -- make it easier for him. Finish it.

TERLOCNo, no, please wait. It's me, Terloc, I helped you. I gave you Avalon. I gave you Avalon. [The mutoid pushes him over with her foot] Ughh. Uh, ah. They're going to kill us. [Mutoids systematically shoot everyone amid lots of screams and shouts, then leave.]

[Scene: Blake and Jenna enter the flight deck.]

CALLY...and holding. Orbital drift compensators?


JENNAConfirm position and status.

ZENAll systems confirm instrument readings. Orbit is established, status is firm.

JENNA[To Cally] Very impressive. I think I might have taught you too well.

ZENNavigation computers register positional error -- point zero zero zero one zero one. Automatics are compensating.

JENNAThank you, Zen, for that small compensation.

BLAKEHm. Are you ready, Jenna?


BLAKE[to Avon] Have you got the teleport co-ordinates?

AVONAll computed.

BLAKEAll right, let's go.

JENNAKeep sensors on full alert. Those pursuit ships are still around.

GANDon't worry -- we're watching.

JENNAGood luck.

CALLYYou, too.

[Scene: Teleport section, Vila is at the controls when Blake, Jenna and Avon enter.]

VILASurface temperatures are down to minus one eighty, better wrap up warmly.

BLAKE[To Jenna] Set your suit to seventy-five percent. [They adjust their suit controls] Right, stay at the controls. If all goes well we'll be back in fifteen minutes.

AVONWe'll be ready. [They put on bracelets and Blake takes a number of spares.]

BLAKERight. [to Jenna] Is your suit fully heated?

JENNAAbout ready to burst into flames.

BLAKEPut us down.

[Scene: Blake and Jenna materialize in a tunnel and find the guard's body.]

[Scene: In the cavern where the massacre occurred, Chevner reaches for a rifle and hides. Jenna and Blake enter and see the bodies and the homing beacon.]

BLAKEFederation security must have found them -- looks like their handiwork.

JENNANone of them are armed.

BLAKEThat's what I mean.

JENNAWeapons are still in the racks.

BLAKEThey probably tried to surrender.

JENNALet's get out of here, Blake.

BLAKENo, we must find out if Avalon's one of them. No, we must know for certain. This homing beacon's still transmitting. Once Federation security found that they wouldn't have any trouble getting onto this place. [Chevner collapses and drops the rifle.]

JENNABlake! [They move over to him.]

BLAKEHe's still alive. [He and Jenna help Chevner sit up.]

JENNACareful, he's been hit in the shoulder.

BLAKEIt's all right, it's all right, we're friends.

CHEVNERThe others, what about the others?

BLAKEI'm afraid they're dead.

JENNAWhat about Avalon? Was she with you? Can you remember whether she was with you when you were attacked?

CHEVNERTerloc betrayed us -- it was Terloc.

BLAKEWhere is Avalon?

CHEVNERShe was with us, she... They took her out, before the firing started.

[Scene: A large laboratory inside the Centre.]

COMPUTERProject A-six security green now in operation. Stand by yellow release to project A-eight. Doctor Ellisdee to area blue-six basement main control area. [Travis is working on a hand computer -- a mutoid enters.]

MUTOIDThe Supreme Commander's ship has landed, they've already disembarked.

TRAVISGood. I think we're about ready. Oh, I'll need a human to assist in a test. Check with the detention block, see if they can give you someone.

MUTOIDAny special characteristics?

TRAVISNo -- an ordinary unskilled labour grade will do -- an expendable.

MUTOIDIf there isn't one in detention?

TRAVISThen detain one!

MUTOIDYes, Commander. [Travis goes to an adjoining area -- Avalon is restrained in an interrogation machine.]

TRAVIS[To scientist] Any problems?

SCIENTISTNot that I can see. A good healthy specimen. No deformities or unusual features. The standard triple omega should provide a perfect basis.

TRAVISGood. Can you complete quickly?

SCIENTISTI think so. We have an experienced team standing by, everything's ready.

TRAVISGood, good. Remember if you need any further equipment you have an absolute priority rating. Demand whatever you want -- on my authority.

SCIENTISTThank you, Commander.

TRAVIS[To Avalon] You should be flattered by all this special attention.

AVALONAnyone who opposes the Federation knows what to expect if they get captured. It's a risk we're all prepared to take.

TRAVISObviously; but whatever the risks, no one really ever expects to get caught, do they, hmm? Still, I wish I could find the same urge to sacrifice among my subordinates.

AVALONThey have no cause.


AVALONEvery year more people defy the Federation, thirty planets in this sector alone, and others will follow -- many others.

TRAVISYes. Well, you'll tell us about those, won't you? Their leaders, locations, their plans. I'm sure we'll be able to convince them that loyalty to the Federation is after all in their best interests.

AVALONI know enough about these machines to realize that I will tell you everything. You will murder hundreds of people, maybe thousands. But you won't end the opposition, you'll never end it.

TRAVISPerhaps not. However, we shall persevere. You're right, of course, you will tell us everything. But first we need you for a far more important venture. We've codenamed it Project Avalon.

AVALONI won't help you. You can't force me to help you.

TRAVISDon't be naive. I can force you to do anything. It isn't necessary, though. You're already helping me. Just by being here you've set in motion a chain of events that's been absolutely predetermined.

AVALONI don't understand.

TRAVISNo? Do you think your capture at this particular point was a matter of chance? It was a carefully calculated strategy. You're worth a great deal to me. You're going to give me Blake, his crew, and his undamaged ship. The Federation wants the Liberator -- you and I are going to give it to them.

[Scene: The cavern. Blake and Jenna are tending to Chevner's wound.]

BLAKEThere, how does that feel?

CHEVNERNot too bad, thanks.

JENNAAre you sure that they took her to the Centre?

CHEVNERThey abandon the outer complex when the Long Cold sets in. Anyway, the main interrogation units are in the Centre.

BLAKEThat's where she'll be all right. Have you ever been inside the Centre?

CHEVNERNo. I helped build the outer complex, but the labour gangs were restricted in their movements. I don't exactly know my way around.

JENNACould you get us in there?

CHEVNERTo the Centre?

JENNAMmm hmm.

CHEVNERNo. Can't be done.

BLAKEListen, Avalon knows all the resistance movements in this star sector. Places, names, everything.

CHEVNERShe'd die before she told anybody anything.

BLAKENot a choice she'll be given. In a couple of days they'll know everything she knows. It'll be disaster for the resistance.

JENNAAnd a lot of people will die.

BLAKESo we have to get her before that happens.

CHEVNERWell, you'd never make it through any of the normal entrances. They're computer-linked and manned by mutoid guards.

BLAKEWhat about ventilation shafts?

CHEVNERNo, they're closed off during the Long Cold. The atmosphere is recycled. The regeneration plant. It's outside the Centre and linked by inlet and outlet channels. We might just make it through there.

BLAKEAll right, we'll have to give it a try.

CHEVNERThere's no guarantee it'll succeed. They're bound to have all sorts of security devices linked into it.

BLAKEWe have our own specialist in that area. [Into communicator] Blake, do you read? [The scene cuts between the cavern and flight deck.]

CALLYCally, we hear you.

BLAKE[in the cavern] Vila, get on a thermal suit and come down here fast.

VILAMe? Oh, now wait a minute, it's cold out there, and I'm very susceptible to low temperatures. I've got a weak chest.

AVONThe rest of you's not very impressive.

BLAKEYou're wasting time. Come down here and bring your bag of tricks.

VILAI don't know why it always has to be me. I'm tired of being indispensable.

BLAKEGan. [V.O.] Any space activity?

GANYes, a ship came in and docked about half an hour ago.

BLAKE[V.O.] Can you identify it?

GANWell, the detectors read it as a military command cruiser and the trajectory suggested it could have come from Federation space headquarters.

BLAKEIt could be something to do with Avalon's capture. Maybe they're going to try and ship her out of here.

JENNAWe'd better get moving quickly.

[Scene: Teleport section. Avon enters and then Cally.]

CALLY[Hands over data.] The teleport co-ordinates based on the voice fix. [Vila enters wearing a thermal suit and puts on a teleport bracelet.]


VILAJust a minute, I want to set this to maximum. [Turns up temperature on his suit -- it is obviously too high.] Ah, ah!

CALLYTurn it down, Vila!

VILANot a hope, I'd rather fry than freeze. [Cally and Avon watch Vila putting on extra clothing and exchange smiles after Avon teleports him.]

[Scene: The cavern.]

BLAKEVila! This is Chevner. [To Chevner] Come on, you lead, we'll follow.

VILA[To Jenna] What's the, er, problem?

JENNAAvalon's been taken prisoner, we've got to get her out.

VILAOh no.

[Scene: The Centre laboratory. Travis is watching Avalon and the scientist on a monitor screen, the latter comes over to the camera.]

SCIENTISTWe're finished -- we've everything we need.

TRAVISGood. Prepare to take her down to transfer. They're standing by.

SCIENTISTRight. [mutoid enters with man]

MUTOIDWill he do?

TRAVIS[Examines the man and hits him in the stomach.] Yeah, he seems healthy enough -- he'll do. [Servalan enters with mutoid guards.]

TRAVISSupreme Commander, it's good to see you. A safe journey I trust.

SERVALANNothing is safe any more. You've heard, of course, that there have been two attempts on my life.

TRAVISI have. I was very concerned.

SERVALANI consider Blake to be responsible. [Slides fur coat off and drops it on the floor.] Oh, not personally, of course; but stories of his exploits are still circulating. They excite people. The fact that he is still free gives them hope. And that is dangerous, Travis. Hope is very dangerous.

TRAVISThe loss of it can be fatal, and the source of it all is about to be wiped out.

SERVALANI think you should know that there's been considerable criticism of your handling of the Blake affair.


SERVALANWell, so far your operation has been very costly and there have been no worthwhile results.

TRAVISThat's not entirely just. There have been two occasions where I could have destroyed Blake. It was only the Administration's insistence that the Liberator be captured undamaged that stopped me.

SERVALANI have made that point in your defence but I can't go on making excuses. I've been under considerable pressure to replace you.


SERVALANOh, so far I have resisted that pressure. But now, I need your reassurance that my confidence has not been misplaced.

TRAVISI think Project Avalon will silence the critics.

SERVALANIt does seem an excellent plan. It should have every chance of success.

TRAVISI'm glad you approve.

SERVALANOh, Travis, you know better than that. In my position one never approves anything until it is an undisputed success.


SERVALANHowever you have my full support, unofficially, of course.

TRAVISOf course.

SERVALANOfficially, you have my presence and my attention. [They move over to the viewscreen which shows Avalon.]

SERVALANSo, this is the famous Avalon is it? I'd expected something more impressive.

TRAVISAll the checks have been made. They're ready to take her down to transfer.

SERVALANWell, don't let me delay you.

TRAVISTake her down. SCIENTIST{?}: [Off screen -- very faint] Right.

SERVALANTravis, I think the labs have come up with what you wanted. It's totally new -- and very costly. [Travis takes a spherical phial out of a box held by a mutoid.]

TRAVISThis is the only element that was missing.

SERVALANWhen will you test it?

TRAVISNow. Everything's prepared.

SERVALANExcellent -- I'm curious to see it work myself. [They move over to a screen showing an inner chamber in which the 'expendable' is restrained in a seat. Travis introduces the phial into the chamber.]

TRAVISCheck door seals.

MUTOIDDoor solid -- seals are firm.

TRAVISWe're ready.


TRAVISActivate. [The phial is smashed by remote control. A fungus appears to grow over the man's head and body. Another screen indicates the passage of time.]

TRAVISTwenty-three seconds. It's fascinating. How long before it neutralizes? [The screen indicates that it has neutralized.]

SERVALANIt'll be clear now. [They move from the screen to a window. The man's body is now a skeleton.] Satisfied?


[Scene: A security robot enters a tunnel.]

[Scene: A tunnel: Blake, Jenna, Chevner and Vila approach a door at the end of a short side tunnel.]

BLAKEVila. [Vila starts working on the lock.]

CHEVNERIf he sets that alarm off...

BLAKEHe knows his job. [The security robot approaches.]

JENNASecurity robot. [They crouch down against the side of the tunnel as the robot crosses the entrance from the main tunnel.]


[Scene: Flight deck.]

ZENSensors report spacecraft approaching.


ZENAnalysis indicates they are Mark Four Federation interceptors.

CALLYCompute course, speed and range.

ZENInterceptors are bearing directly on this position. Speed standard by two. Range two million spacials.

CALLYHave they seen us?

ZENHull sensors register scanning beams.

AVONSo they know we're here. [He checks a console.] We'll be within their attack range in minutes.

CALLYWe must tell Blake.

[Scene: The tunnel. The robot moves past and away.]

BLAKEAll right, Vila. [Vila sets to work again. Blake spots the robot again.] He's coming back. [They flatten themselves against the wall again. Blake's communicator beeps and he muffles the sound.]

[Scene: Flight deck. Cally is pushing buttons on the force wall console communicator.]

CALLYHe's not answering.

GANThey're coming in very fast. What do we do now?

AVONRun for it -- we daren't risk a fight now.

CALLYBut that'll leave them trapped down there if they need to get out quickly.

AVONIf we stay here there might not be anything to get out to. Our only hope is to make a fast orbit, lose those interceptors, then come back onto station. Well, have you got any better ideas? [Gan and Cally don't reply.] All right, then let's get the hell out of here! Cally, take her on manual.

[Scene: The tunnel. The robot moves away again.]

BLAKEOK, Vila. [Into communicator] Avon. Cally.


BLAKEThere's no response.

JENNA[Into communicator] Avon. Cally. [To Blake] Jammed.

BLAKENo. Well, let's hope they're back on station by the time we need them. Come on, Vila.

CHEVNERHere we go.

BLAKERight. [They clamber through as Vila packs up his tools.] Vila, move it!

[Scene: The Centre laboratory. Servalan and Travis are seated in a sort of waiting area.]

MUTOID[Into communicator] Yes. Understood. [She moves over in front of Travis and Servalan.]


MUTOIDSpace security report. Our interceptors have detected an alien ship.

TRAVISHas it been identified?

MUTOIDAvailable data suggests it could be the Liberator.

TRAVISSuggests? Suggests? Of course it's the Liberator. What action's been taken?

MUTOIDOur ships are in pursuit.

SERVALANShouldn't you call them off?

TRAVISNot really. I know they can't match the Liberator's speed but it would look suspicious if they took no action.


TRAVISHmm. If I read my man correctly we can expect him to penetrate the Centre within the next twelve hours.

[Scene: Another tunnel. They reach another door.]

BLAKE[To Chevner] Try this one or move on to another?

CHEVNERWell, I think we should be well inside the main Centre now. Let's give it a go.

BLAKEVila, you're in business again.

VILAThat has Klyber fastenings on the other side. You need a lot of explosives or a genius to open that.

BLAKECan you do it?

VILAOf course.

BLAKEAll right, we'll applaud you later. For now just get on with it.

[Scene: The Centre detention block, the scientist is putting Avalon in cell F2.]

TRAVISAh, are you finished with her?

SCIENTISTYes, we've just put her in her cell.

SERVALANWas everything satisfactory?


COMPUTERInterrogation team one report to duty control. Repeat. Interrogation team one report to duty control. [Travis manipulates a control panel to show cell F2.]

COMPUTERF-two. Avalon.

TRAVIS[To guard] You've drawn your new weapon from the armoury, I see.


TRAVISGood. Stay alert.

COMPUTERStand by medic unit and report to area control. [Pause] [Chevner looks into the centre through a doorway] Doctor Ellisdee to area blue six basement main [(fades out).]

[Scene: Chevner backs through the door into the tunnel where the others wait.]

CHEVNER[To Blake] It's clear.

BLAKERecognize the area?

CHEVNERNo -- it must be one of the sublevels, but I don't know which one.

BLAKEAll right, let's find out. [The group moves into the Centre.]

COMPUTERYellow release now on project A-eight. Stand by blue control... Interrogation team one report to duty control. Repeat. Interrogation team one report to duty control. [Blake, Jenna, Vila and Chevner advance.]

COMPUTERAttention block seven, report to duty control. Project A-six security green now in operation.

BLAKE[Very quietly] There's a guard coming. [He stands in the hallway and claps his hands.]

VILA[Whispering] What are you doing?

BLAKEGetting us a guided tour! [Loudly] You, there! What are you doing in this section?

GUARDI was posted here by the security commander.

BLAKEMy orders were that no one should enter this area. What is your security commander's name?

GUARDSergeant-Major Garven, may I have your name and authority, sir?

VILA[Prodding him with gun.] His name is Blake, and this is his authority.

BLAKEYou have a woman prisoner here called Avalon. Where is she being kept?

GUARDAll prisoners are being held in the main detention block. [Chevner scouts ahead to the nearest corridor junction.]

BLAKERight, take us there, now.

VILAHe said "now".

[Scene: Flight deck.]

ZENSensors indicate that Liberator is no longer being scanned.

CALLYI'll make a fast turn so that they do not pick us up again, then we must return to position.

GANHow long will that take?

ZENMinimum possible transit time is thirty-seven point zero one minutes.

GANThat's a long time to hold on if you're in trouble.

AVONThen let's get on with it. Speculation and fast turns aren't going to make it any shorter.

[Scene: Detention block. Blake, Jenna, and Vila are around the guard.]

BLAKE[To the guard] Right, remember to do exactly as I told you. And remember there are two guns right behind you. [To the others] All right, let's go. [Jenna holds both men's' guns on the guard as he marches Blake and Vila down the hall as if they were prisoners. They approach the guard at the entrance to the cells.]


GUARDI have two prisoners to be confined in detention unit four.

COMMANDERThis area is under maximum security and totally off limits.

GUARDDown, it's Blake! [He shoves Blake and Vila into the other guard and takes off down the hall.]

BLAKEChevner! [A fight ensues.] Jenna!

COMPUTERDetention block seven -- condition red. [Alarm starts.]

BLAKEGet after him, Jenna. [Blake manipulates the control panel -- various detainees appear on the monitors as he does so.]

COMPUTERA-twelve Istar. S-eight Hend. N-fifteen Raiker. T-five Kalor. G-one Pelar. F-two Avalon.

BLAKEI hope she's all right.

JENNA[Returning from chasing the runaway guard.] I lost him, he must have got down a transit shaft.

BLAKERight, cover this end. [Giving him a teleport bracelet] Chevner, put this on. Get down and cover the other corridor.

BLAKECome on, Vila. [He and Vila go into an inner corridor.] F-two -- there, open that. [Into communicator] Liberator, come in Liberator, stand by to teleport. Liberator, do you read me? [Jenna, Chevner, and the guards engage in a gun battle as Vila opens the door and during the ensuing conversation and escape.]

BLAKEAvalon -- I'm Blake. We had hoped to get you out sooner, we've had a bit of trouble.

VILA[Noting the brief tunic Avalon wears] She'll freeze to death dressed like that.

BLAKE[To Vila, giving him his utility belt and gun] Take this, and this.


BLAKE[To Avalon, giving her his outer top] Put this on. Right. Let's move it...Right Vila, fall back...Go...Jenna. [To Avalon] Right, go! [They make their way out of the Centre, exchanging fire with the guards.]

CHEVNER[To Vila] Come on. [Blake is hit in the shoulder.]


BLAKEI'm all right -- go on. [The chase continues until they exit the original outer door. Avalon is shot in the leg and must be helped out by the others.]

BLAKEChevner, the security robot. [Into communicator] Avon! Cally! Bring us up!

[Scene: Cuts between the Liberator and the tunnel.]

ZENLiberator has resumed original position and status.

AVONYou'd better switch on the communication channel. [Gan crosses flight deck and switches it on.]

BLAKE[V.O.] Liberator, we need teleport now. Come in, Liberator, Liberator, do you read me? We need teleport now! [End V.O.] Do you hear me? Bring us up! Avon! Cally! [Avon rushes into the teleport section. The teleport activates just in time to save them.]

AVONWelcome back.

BLAKEVila, Jenna, get the ship moving. Gan, take care of Avalon -- put her down in a cabin. If the Federation find out where we are, they'll send up everything they've got after us.

AVONWhat went wrong?

BLAKEI was about to ask you that.

[Scene: The Centre. Travis and Servalan are standing at a communication screen.]

GUARD[On screen] We have a firm location reading and an accurate track.

TRAVISHave the pursuit ships been launched?

GUARDYes, sir.

TRAVISGood. Keep me informed. Couple of hours and it should be all over.

[Scene: A room on the Liberator. Chevner, Cally, and Avalon -- now changed out of her tunic -- are sitting round. Jenna enters.]

JENNA[To Avalon] How are you feeling?

AVALONI'm fine. I'm perfectly all right. But my tunic -- it is very important, my tunic.

JENNAIt's all right, relax, I'll go and get it for you.

CALLYYou just rest for a while. Perhaps we could talk later. I've admired your work for the resistance for a long time. [Chevner looks strangely at Avalon.]

[Scene: Flight deck. Blake is examining a Federation gun. Avon and Gan are looking at a control console. Jenna enters.]

JENNAAvalon seems to have recovered.

BLAKEJenna, there's something wrong. There's something about our escape that bothers me.

JENNAWell, like what for instance?

BLAKELike the fact that we did escape. Federation troops are very efficient, they're highly trained and they totally outnumbered us and yet we still managed to escape.

JENNAWell, we were lucky.

BLAKEYes, we were. One of those guards got a clear shot at me. The impact knocked me over, that's all.

JENNAThat should have ripped your shoulder off.

BLAKEYes, and Avalon was hit in the leg. [Shoots at a tumbler on a table. It falls over. He picks it up and inspects it] A nasty kick, that's all. Avon, what do you make of this? [Tosses the weapon to Avon.]

AVONIt's not standard issue. Low energy bolt discharge. This could bruise or stun, but it couldn't cause any serious injury.

GANA dud gun doesn't make sense.

BLAKEExactly. I think they wanted us to escape.

AVONThat's an interesting idea but I don't see the logic.

BLAKENeither do I.

AVONThe Federation chases you all over the galaxy with the highly understandable desire to destroy you, then when they've got you pinned down they let you go. Why?

JENNAThey could have got all of us, but there were still three of you left on the Liberator.

BLAKEThe Liberator! That's it! They must want the Liberator. The only way they could do that is to put somebody here on board. The whole thing has been set up and we have fallen for it beautifully.

GANNot Avalon. I mean, we are sure that woman is Avalon, aren't we?

JENNAWell, yes, I've only met her once, but, yes, that's her.

AVONThen it must be Chevner.

GANChevner. How do you think he'll do it?

BLAKEI don't know. We've got to find out. Gan, you stay here. [To Avon and Jenna] You two come with me.

[Scene: They hurry to the room and discover Cally unconscious. Avon goes in to check on her.]

AVONShe's alive.

BLAKE[To Jenna] Warn the others. Start searching. He's got to be found. [to Avon] You stay and look after her.

[Scene: Blake and Vila meet in a corridor.]

BLAKEJenna tell you?

VILAYes, but there's no sign of him in any of the cabins.

BLAKERight, let's try the hold.

[Scene: Avalon enters the flight deck and finds Gan alone there.]



GANCome and sit down. Here, let me help you. Are you feeling better now?

AVALONI'm fine, thank you.

GANAh, good. There. [He helps her to the couch.]

AVALONWhere's Blake?

GANHe's gone to look for Chevner. Wait a minute, wasn't... wasn't Chevner with you?

AVALONYes, but he attacked Cally and then he dragged me out. I thought he was going to use me as a hostage, but then he just went off somewhere.

GANSo Blake was right. Well, they'll find him -- don't you worry. Is there anything you want?

AVALONOh, yes, my tunic. There is something I need.

GANAh well, I...I'll go and find it for you.

[Scene: Jenna returns to the room and finds Cally alone, slumped in a chair. As she is tending to her, a very badly injured Chevner staggers towards them.]

JENNAAhhhh! [Chevner collapses, Jenna goes over to him, he mouths something that is indistinct over the background noise.]

[Scene: Teleport section. Gan and Avalon enter.]

GANJenna had your tunic in here. She must have left it around somewhere. Ah yes, here it is. [He retrieves it from behind the console and gives it to her.]

AVALONThank you.

GANThere. [Avalon takes the phial out of the tunic and holds it up, dropping the tunic]

JENNA[Entering from the corridor] Gan, that's not Avalon. [Avalon drops the phial and it lands on her tunic. She struggles with Jenna and Gan, but is obviously stronger than they are. Blake and Vila arrive and the four of them overpower her.]

BLAKE[To Jenna] Get something to tie her up with!

[Scene: Flight deck. The phial is under the dome in front of Zen.]]

ZENPreliminary analysis suggests the phial contains a virus artificially mutated from the delta seven-zero-six classification subset two-zero-five originally known incorrectly as the Phobon plague. This mutation appears to have a short life cycle and be self-eliminating.

GANIf she'd managed to crush that we'd have been wiped out and the Liberator left totally unharmed.

AVON[Examining Avalon's head, from which he has removed a portion of plastic and hair.] It very nearly worked, too. They've made a perfect replica. This is the best robotic engineering I've ever seen.

JENNAI never had a moments' doubt that it was Avalon.

CALLYI talked with her, about her work. Not details, but her reasons and beliefs. I still find it hard to believe.

AVONBrilliant programming. They transferred complete key areas of Avalon's personality. It's really quite impressive.

BLAKEAnd the only one it didn't completely fool was Chevner.

JENNAAh, but he'd known the real Avalon for quite some time. He must have been suspicious of this one.

AVONThat's why it killed him.

VILAHe shouldn't have tried to tackle it alone.

AVONHe probably didn't. Just being suspicious would have been enough. A machine of this type would have recognised that easily, more easily than we would.

BLAKECan you make it safe?

AVONI can deprogram it, scramble its brain.

BLAKECan you reprogram it?

AVONNo. A few minor functions, perhaps, not much else.

BLAKEThat's enough. Jenna, take us back into the precise orbit we were in. Cally, I want an exact locator fix on that laboratory. We still have to get Avalon out of there.

[Scene: The Centre. Servalan and Travis come through a door into a corridor, followed by a group of mutoids and guards.]

SERVALANI think I'll stay on during Avalon's interrogation. I have the feeling she's going to tell us a great deal.

TRAVISThere's no doubt of that.

SERVALANWhen will you begin?

TRAVISI want to finish with the Liberator first. As soon as it's confirmed they've put a boarding party on her we'll get started. [An intercom beeps and Travis answers it.] Travis. What!? Are you sure of that? Keep checking, I'm coming up. I don't understand. Space track control say the Liberator's moved back into orbit.

SERVALANIt must be another ship.

TRAVISNo, no, no, they seem very certain. [Alarms start to sound and a Mutoid enters]

COMPUTERDetention block one zero...

MUTOIDBlake is here, sir, in the main laboratory.


MUTOIDHe is demanding to see you.

SERVALANHe is demanding?

MUTOIDI report only what I have been told, Commander. He also says you are to bring Avalon with you.

TRAVISHow many of them are there?

MUTOIDJust Blake, sir.

TRAVISRight, I'll deal with this. Bring the prisoner.

[Scene: The Centre laboratory. Blake, with the Avalon robot beside him, holds several scientists and guards at gunpoint. Travis and Servalan enter.]

BLAKEAhh, Travis. Didn't work. It was very clever but it didn't work.

TRAVISHow did you stop it?

BLAKEDoes it matter? All I want to do is finish what I started. I'm going to take Avalon out of here.

TRAVIS[Raising his artificial arm] I don't think so.

BLAKE[Taking out the phial] That would not be very clever.

TRAVISYou wouldn't do it.

BLAKEWhat have I got to lose?

TRAVISIt's not a pleasant death, Blake.

BLAKESo I gather, but it would have its compensations: I'd share it with you -- and the Supreme Commander. Are you quite sure I wouldn't do it?

SERVALANBring the prisoner in. [Travis grabs Avalon as she walks past him.] Let her go. [He doesn't.] I said, let her go.

TRAVISYou still have to get her out of here, Blake. Are you sure your teleport's fast enough to stop me killing you both?

BLAKE[Takes bracelet from the robot and gives it to Avalon.] Put this bracelet on your wrist. [To Travis] I'm afraid we've had to reprogram your machine slightly. It's nowhere near as sophisticated as it was but it will perform a few basic functions. [To the robot] Raise your arm. Enough. Open your thumb and forefinger. [He holds the phial between her finger and thumb.] Close the thumb and forefinger. Enough. [To Travis and Servalan] The robot will crush the phial in response to one of three triggers. A particular word, a specific sound or a certain movement. You had all better be very, very careful about what you say and do. [Into communicator] Bring us up. [Blake and Avalon teleport out.] [Travis edges forwards and manages to catch the phial when the robot drops it.]

SERVALAN[To Travis] Project Avalon has failed totally. There will be a full inquiry. Until that time you are relieved of your command.

TRAVIS[To himself] If it takes all my life, I will destroy you, Blake. I will destroy you. I will destroy you.

SERVALANLaunch the pursuit ships.

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