Script for HOSTAGE

by Allen Prior

(c) 1979 by the British Broadcasting Corporation. Series created by Terry Nation. This is a partial dialogue transcript for research purposes and is not for sale under any circumstances. Format (c) 1992 by Micky DuPree and Susan Hill.

Dramatis Personae

Roj Blake
Kerr Avon
Jenna Stannis
Vila Restal
Space Commander
Counsellor Joban


Female voice

VILAQuiet, isn't it?
ZENInformation. Forward sensors indicate Federation pursuit ships.
BLAKEZen, strategy three, immediate operation.
AVONBattle stations.
BLAKEGive me bearing and number of hostiles.
ZENBattle computers will specify three seconds.
BLAKEActivate the force wall.
JENNAWhat's happening
BLAKEPursuit ships homing in. Get us moving.
ZENSensors indicate two hostiles bearing one three seven
CALLYDistance five hundred spacials and closing.
BLAKEFull boost, Jenna.
JENNAFull boost.
CALLYTwo hundred spacials and closing fast.
BLAKEEvasion course.
JENNAEvasion course under way.
VILATwo plasma bolts launched and running.
JENNAChanging course delta one vector..two nine.
BLAKEIncrease speed to standard by ten.
ZENConfirmed. Speed increased to standard by ten.
JENNABlake, look.
VILATwo more pursuit ships. seven five
CALLYFour hundred spacials and closing.
BLAKEWe're turning into them.
JENNAI can see that. Compensating zero nine five.
BLAKEIncrease speed to standard by twelve.
VILAPlasma bolts launched and running.
AVONThey're well off target. No threat. Bolt strikes Liberator
VILAI don't call that off target.
AVONWhere the hell did that one come from?
BLAKEZen. Forward vision.
VILAFour more?
AVONTwo seven zero.
CALLYFour hundred spacials and closing.
JENNABlake, We're running out of room to manoeuver.
BLAKEThey're working to a pattern. Zen are the battle computers ready to project all enemy positions?
ZENAffirmative. Computers ready.
AVONBlake, there's a mass of ionized particles, vector three nine. If we can fly into it it could confuse their scanners for just long enough.
BLAKEAvon might be right. Tangent one eight. Go for it.
JENNABlake, at this speed even the smallest particle...
BLAKEQuench it , Jenna, full thrust.
JENNATangent one eight. Full boost is on. [Liberator enters cloud of particles]
BLAKEZen, nearest pursuit ship?
ZENNine hundred spacials. Liberator is now out of detector range.
AVONWe've outrun them.
BLAKEWell done, Jenna.
VILAI thought we'd had it that time.
JENNASo did I.
VILAI could murder a relaxant. Any chance?
CALLYIt's for medicinal purposes only. You know that.
VILAThis once?
CALLYWell, are you dying?
VILAI'm thinking about it. [Federation pursuit ship]

COMMANDERHas she picked us up yet?
MUTOIDNo. commander.

COMMANDERGood. Our detector shield is working. Give me her exact position in three minutes at present speed. Mark.
MUTOIDComputer running..

COMMANDERCommander to lead flotilla. Grid reference one zero seven three delta in two minutes twenty three sections. Mark. Attack in sections, Alpha section leads. Thirteen seconds between waves. Speed, time distort ten. Now we'll see what the Liberator is made of.
MUTOIDTwo minutes.

COMMANDERShe won't get away a second time.
MUTOIDDo we join the action, Space Commander?

COMMANDERNo. We just watch the execution.

ZENFederation pursuit ships registering on forward detectors now number twenty.
VILAOh, no.
BLAKEActivate force wall three sixty. Energy reserves?
JENNASwitched in
BLAKEZen, relative position?
ZENLiberator is centered on all flight paths.
JENNAWhat course?
BLAKEMaintain course Increase speed to standard by ten.
AVONZen, can we withstand an attack of this magnitude?
ZENNo information.
AVONThank you, that's very helpful.

MUTOIDAlpha section commencing attack run.

COMMANDERExcellent. This is what I've been waiting for. Goodbye, Blake. Liberator
AVONFour plasma bolts, launched and running.
BLAKEHang on, everybody. Command ship

COMMANDERThey've got her. And again. How many strikes now?
MUTOIDFive bolts, running true.

COMMANDERShe'll have to go. She'll never resist this. [Many shots strike the Liberator. Smoke fills the flight deck; the crew are thrown from their positions. Jenna gets back to piloting position. More shots, crew again thrown from their positions. Blake and Jenna scramble back to the controls]
BLAKEIt's all right Jenna, I've got it. [Federation pursuit ship]

COMMANDERShe's getting away. Alpha section, return to the attack. Repeat, alpha section, return to the attack. [Liberator flight deck]
CALLYBlake, we're losing them I think. Forward vision is now clear.
BLAKECally's right.
JENNABut how?
AVONA too intricate attack pattern. Their trajectories were too precise. They couldn't turn in time to match our forward velocity.
BLAKEMaintain course and speed. [Federation pursuit ship]

COMMANDERShe's flown right through us. How many hits registered?
COMMANDERWhat's her damage?
MUTOIDCannot specify.

COMMANDERBut there must have been a heavy drain on the neutron energy banks.
MUTOIDHow much our computer cannot determine.

COMMANDERWhat's our course and speed?
MUTOIDOne zero nine, time distort twenty. Commander:Twenty! Are you sure?
MUTOIDComputer confirms.

COMMANDERThen we can't possibly catch her. And I thought we had them for sure. Liberator
AVONUsed up half our energy reserves. Reading is forty-five percent of capacity.
BLAKEIt was the biggest attack they've mounted on us yet. We need time to recharge the banks, and ourselves.
AVONZen, are we clear of pursuit ships?
ZENAffirmative. Liberator is now out of detector range.
VILAYou said that last time. Avon, when are you going to repair that detector shield?
AVONWhenever we stumble across the parts I need.
CALLYMaybe we should give priority to getting them.
VILAYes, maybe we should.
BLAKELooks as though the Federation have developed a shield themselves.
CALLYYes, well they got very very close before we saw them.
AVONThat is the most depressing aspect of the whole affair. I was rather hoping to sell them the idea. [Flight deck. Vila is on watch, sleeping]
BLAKEVila, come on, wake up Vila.
BLAKEThat message, did you log it?
VILAWhat message?
BLAKEWell, I thought I heard a call sign numerative.
VILAAw, it's just Federation traffic I expect. Orac'll have it. Shall I ask him what it was?
BLAKEOrac, was that something? I thought I heard an identification Exbar. Was it Exbar?
ORACAutomatic monitoring confirms.The message appears to be directed to you personally.
AVONHave you decoded it?
ORACNot yet.It is a non-standard cipher.
BLAKEWhat was the origin of the message?
ORACPoint of origin was the planet Exbar. The sender is obviously aware of my unique intercept capability. Decode is now complete. Message carries a visplay.
AVONZen, transfer visplay to main screen.
ZENMain screen transfer complete. [Travis appears on the screen]
TRAVISBlake, I am sending from the planet Exbar. I have Ushton's daughter. Here she is. [Travis pulls Inga into the visplay] Her name is Inga, if you remember. Don't worry, I won't harm her. All I ask is come to Exbar and talk. Blake, this is not a trick. Like yourself, I am now a fugitive from the Federation. It is time we pooled our resources. Together we might survive. Alone the Federation will pick us off one at a time.
AVONStarting with him, we hope.
VILAHe could have a point.
TRAVISBlake, the girl is safe if you come to Exbar within twenty five time units. Teleport at grid reference B W one three zero. If you do not come, the girl, regretfully, dies.
JENNAWho exactly is Inga?
BLAKEShe meant a lot to me once.
AVONWhat about Ushton?
BLAKEHe's my father's brother. I thought he was dead. He ought to be dead. He's been a prisoner on that planet for years.
AVONWell, we didn't see him, so perhaps he is dead.
BLAKEI don't know.
AVONIt's a trap, of course.
AVONWhat else could it be?
VILAHe did say together we might survive.
AVONDon't be stupid.
VILAListen, I heard it as well as you did. He said we should pool our resources and I still say he may have a point.
AVONYou turn your back on him you might find it between your shoulder blades.
VILAThat's what you say.
JENNAVila, he wants to kill us.
VILAHe used to want to kill us. Now the Federation want to kill him. He's in the same situation as us.
CALLYAre you sure you recognize this girl?
CALLYYou want to go to Exbar, don't you.
BLAKEYes, I do.
JENNADo you know the planet?
BLAKEI visited it years ago. Spent some time there. It was a penal colony then. Only grade four offenders, allowed visitors, special privileges, that sort of thing.
JENNAAnd now?
BLAKEAbandoned, so I thought.
AVONYou're being irrational. That message, anybody could have picked it up.
BLAKENo. It was non-standard code. The Federation listening stations don't use it. That is correct, isn't it Orac?
ORACCorrect. That code was destandardized for general Federation traffic fifty years ago.
BLAKEThank you, Orac.
AVONTravis hates you, and all of us. He wants to kill us. What can he possibly offer us?
BLAKEI don't know.
AVONYou believe his story about our needing each other against the Federation?
AVONWell, then.
BLAKEYou heard him, he's got the girl. Do you believe that he won't kill her?
BLAKEThat's why I want to go to Exbar. I don't expect any of you to come with me, I just want you to put me down, that's all.
CALLYYou just want us to put you down and that is all you ask?
JENNAWell, if that's all..
AVONYou're being naive, all of you. Vila?
VILAWell, she has got a pretty face.
AVONNo. I still say that it is an unacceptable risk.
BLAKEIt is not unacceptable because I accept it. I want to save that girl, if I can. If I can't I might as well be a Federation slave like everyone else. As might you all. [He exits.]
JENNAZen, lay in a course for the planet Exbar

[Space command headquarters.]

SERVALANWhat do you mean, your force lost him? Your orders were to destroy Blake.

COMMANDER[on communications screen] We got close, Supreme Commander, but the Liberator stood the attack.

SERVALANDid you damage her?

COMMANDERWe must have.

SERVALANWhere is she now?

COMMANDERI don't know. I've put all patrol units in sector four on full alert.

SERVALANCommander, I'm not interested in your excuses. You will surrender your ship and place yourself under close arrest.

COMMANDERBut, Supreme Commander, I must protest.

SERVALANMutoid. [a gun is seen next to the Commander's head]

COMMANDERWe did very well to get close to the Liberator. It could have worked. [Servalan closes communication.] [communicator chimes]

VOICECommunications section. We've just received a rather odd signal. It's in top priority code one zero seven and it's tagged for your personal attention.

SERVALANFor me., by name?
VOICEYes, supreme commander

SERVALANHave your decoded It?
VOICENot yet.

SERVALANWhat is the origin of the message?
VOICEUnspecified. No Federation code sign was given.

SERVALANDecode at once.
VOICEAnd Counsellor Joban is here.

SERVALANSend him in. Counsellor Joban.
JOBANSupreme commander.

SERVALANAn honor, counsellor.
JOBANThank you. [sits down] Aren't you going to offer me a drink?

SERVALANYes, of course. [pours drink for Joban]
JOBANNot joining me?

SERVALANI prefer to keep a clear head.
JOBANVery wise. Personally, I like the edges a little blurred.

SERVALANI wish I could believe that.
JOBANSoftened, then,

SERVALANI find that even less likely.
JOBAN[lifts glass to salute Servalan.] It failed, then?

SERVALANI knew you were well informed, but..
JOBANAll that logistical output, and it failed.

SERVALANIt almost succeeded.
JOBANAlmost succeeded is not really good enough, is it?

SERVALANDid I suggest that it was?
JOBANSome members of the council are concerned. Many of our citizens now know of Blake's activities, and those of the renegade Travis.

SERVALANBut there have been no public spacecasts on either Travis or Blake.
JOBANPeople talk, Servalan. There's no way of stopping them.

SERVALANThis is a major breach of security. The punishment is total. Who are these people who have been talking? I want their names, counsellor
JOBANAll sorts of citizens from Alphas to labor grades know of Blake's defiance of the Federation. They talk of him as a sort of hero, many of them.

SERVALANWhat rubbish.
JOBANThere has been indeed progress, and more importantly order. Order, order Servalan. It is all that matters.

SERVALANI do not need you to remind me of that.
JOBANI supported your appointment. Perhaps I was wrong.

SERVALANPerhaps you were. There's a First time for everything, Joban.
JOBANI've always admired your willingness to take risks.

SERVALANCalculated risks.
JOBANI add up to a dangerous enemy.

SERVALANUmmmmm. So do I, counsellor.
JOBANThe council ask 'where is Blake's head?' And we have no answer.

SERVALANYou shall have it.
JOBANThe answer, or his head?

JOBANGood. I would not like to think I might have been wrong in my choice.

SERVALANCan I offer you another...
JOBANThank you, no. I must try to emulate your clarity of thought.

SERVALANI value our friendship.

JOBANGoodby, Supreme Commander.

SERVALANGoodby, Counsellor Joban. [Joban exits] [communicator chimes]

VOICEThe message reads ' Travis is on the planet Exbar.'

SERVALANIs that all?
VOICEThat is all, but communications have now established that its origin was somewhere in the fourth sector. We can't be more specific.

SERVALANThe fourth sector. Where was Blake's Liberator when it was attacked?
VOICESupreme Commander?

SERVALANDo we have a command ship available?
VOICEC twenty six has just returned.

SERVALANGood. Put it on readiness and plot me a course for Exbar.

[Flight deck of the Liberator]

ZENThe atmosphere on Exbar is breathable, but the envelope is narrow and oxygen begins to run out at relatively low altitudes. The terrain supports minimum vegetation which becomes increasingly sparse at higher altitudes. Near the top of the chalk escarpments, which are a feature of the area specified, the air is dangerously thin.
CALLYSo, it's very cold down there and you'll be short of oxygen on the higher ground. So move slowly and conserve your energy.
AVONBetter, still don't go at all.
VILAAt least don't go alone, not again. Let one of us go down with you.
AVONAre you volunteering?
BLAKEThanks for the offer anyway.
BLAKEWhy? We're approaching orbit.
AVONAt least let me make sure there are no Federation pursuit ships around.
BLAKEWhy should there be?
AVONWhy shouldn't there be?
BLAKEZen, any sign of a pursuit ship?
ZENNegative on main detectors.
AVONWhat happens if they arrive while you're down there.
BLAKEThen you'll have to leave me down there.
AVONThat could happen.
BLAKEI know. What's the matter with you, Avon?
AVONI'm just reminding you, that's all. You are still assuming that we will risk our lives for you.
ZENLiberator is now moving into stationary orbit over planet Exbar.
BLAKEI'm going to get ready. Vila.
VILAJust think what we're missing on Exbar. All that cold and shortage of breath. [Cally looks thoughtful]
JENNACally, what's the matter?
CALLYNo. I..I don't think it's important.
JENNAWell, it might be. You've been right before.
CALLYNo, leave it,'s nothing.


BLAKEDown safely. I seem to remember the place when I was a boy. There's an old pathway going up a slope. I think I'm near the right place. I'm moving off now.

[Flight deck of the Liberator]

JENNAIt's not safe, staying in orbit like this. We're a sitting target.
CALLYWell there should be no danger. Does anyone know we're here? Avon?
CALLYI said who knows we're here?
AVONHow do I know who knows? I still say anybody could have picked up that message.
CALLYNo they couldn't. You know they couldn't. Why are you so worried?
AVONWhy don't you get on with your job?
VILAWhat's all that about?
JENNAI've no idea.


BLAKEUshton? Ushton.
USHTONWho are you?
BLAKERoj. Roj Blake.
USHTONRoj Blake? Roj. [Both laugh]
BLAKEIt's good to see you again.
USHTONYou've grown.
BLAKEIt's been a long time.
USHTONYes, I suppose it has.
BLAKEWhere is Travis.
USHTONTravis. Well, we'll get to him later. First I must take you to a fire, and under cover.
BLAKEYou're limping.
USHTONYes, broke my leg last winter, fell down a crevasse. Inga got me out.
BLAKEIsn't there anyone else around here to help you?
USHTONNo. They're all too busy trying to stay alive. Trying to get enough to eat.
USHTONThe Federation. They leave us alone now. Nothing else they want on Exbar. Hmph. Well, good to see you. Come on.
USHTONHere we are?
USHTONThat's my dugout.
USHTONThere. Heheheheheh Come on.

[Flight deck of the Liberator]

AVONI'm going down.
AVONI said I'm going down. Vila, come and operate the teleport.
VILADid you hear that?
JENNAYes, but I don't believe it.
AVONBlake may need some help.
VILAAnd that concerns you?
JENNABut you've been against it all until now.
AVONI know, but I'm still going down. Vila?
JENNA[to Cally] You know what all this is about, don't you?
CALLY[nodding] I think I can guess.
JENNAIt is a trap, isn't it?
CALLYAvon thinks so.
JENNAWell Avon always thinks so.
CALLYThis time he feels responsible.
JENNAWell why should Avon feel responsible?
CALLYThere can only be one reason.

[Exbar. Avon teleports down, looks around and runs up cliff]

[Exbar. Ushton's dugout]

BLAKEThank you. Tell me about Travis.
USHTONOh, He turned up here six days ago with men and guns.
BLAKEHow many men.
USHTONFour. Crimos.
USHTONWell, I've never seen them before but that's what they were, all right.
BLAKECriminal psychopaths.
USHTONSo I hear.
BLAKEYou know what they can do, don't you?
BLAKEAnd they have Inga.
USHTONYes. Well, Travis seems to have them well in hand. He says he doesn't want to hurt her. He just wants you to join him up there.
BLAKEDo you believe him?
USHTONI had no choice. He had the crimos and the guns. He took us by surprise. His ship must have landed on the lower plain.
BLAKESo, where is he now, do you know?
USHTONYes, he's in the tower at the top of the escarpment. It's an old communications center, deserted, but it's still got an oxygen plant and the power to run it.
BLAKEWhy didn't you go after him?
USHTONOh, it's absolutely impossible. With this leg I couldn't even get up there.
USHTONHow did you come to hear about all this?
BLAKETravis sent me a summons.
BLAKESaid come, or he'd kill the girl.
USHTONSo you came.
BLAKEWhat else could I do?
USHTONWhat does he want?
BLAKETo talk, so he says. More likely to kill me.
USHTONand you knew that and you still came. That was good of you.
BLAKESo, how do I get up there?
USHTONI'll show you. You should go up the back trail. Come at them from behind. Surprise them.
BLAKEOh, by the way, how do I get into this tower?
USHTONWell there's only one door.
BLAKEYes, I was afraid of that.

[Exbar Ushton points out the trail. Avon watches from hiding.]

USHTONRight. Now, just go up here and you'll see a ridge. Climb the ridge and you'll find the tower. Oh, take this. [hands Blake a knife] It's quieter than that thing.
BLAKE[laughs] I'll manage. [starts up the ridge.]
USHTONGood luck, Roj. [returns to dugout, not limping]
AVON[on teleport bracelet] Jenna. Send Vila down. I need him. Adjust coordinates to zero, two, four six.

[Ushton's dugout. He takes communicator from concealment and calls Travis]

USHTONHe's on his way up.
TRAVISI know. I saw him. [to Inga.] He's coming up. The back trail. Did you hear that, Inga? Your champion is coming to rescue you. He's very gallant, your Blake. Foolish, too. All right Molok.
MOLOKGet him.
TRAVISI think my crimos are going to enjoy this.
INGAYou're going to kill him.
TRAVISDon't worry, I won't kill him, yet.

[Federation pursuit ship]

SERVALANEstimated time to Exbar?
MUTOIDPlanetfall will be at twenty one fifty nine standard.

SERVALANAre we at full capacity?
MUTOIDWe are calculating at time distort nine. That is our safety maximum.

SERVALANI thought this ship was capable of time distort ten?
MUTOIDThat is the emergency maximum.

SERVALANThis is emergency, time distort ten.
MUTOIDYes, Supreme Commander. Time distort ten.

SERVALANMutoids. Don't you ever question anything?
MUTOIDThis is not our function. Our function is to obey without question. [chime] Computer reports message from Counsellor Joban.

SERVALANIgnore it.
MUTOIDIt is from headquarters Supreme Commander.

SERVALANI said, ignore it.
MUTOIDIt is directed to this ship.

SERVALANIs it directed to you?


SERVALANTo whom is it directed?

SERVALANAnd I said ignore it. Understood?

[Liberator, teleport area]

JENNANow Vila, have you got everything?
VILAYes, I think so.
JENNAHave you checked your thermal suit?
VILAUn yes.
JENNAAll right then. Let's go.
VILAYou know Zen Said it was cold down there. Shouldn't I have some more clothes on?
VILA[as he is teleported] What about a handwarmer?

[Exbar. Vila is teleported down]

AVONQuiet. Listen, there's a man in that cave. Do you think you can keep an eye on him?
VILAI suppose so. I've got me gun.
AVONDon't use it unless you have to.
VILAIs that the old man, Blake's uncle or whatever.
AVONYes,it is. I don't trust him
AVONHe had a limp. When he went back into the cave he didn't have a limp.
VILAPerhaps he's a fast healer.
AVONI think Blake's in trouble. I'm going after him; you stay. If the old man tries to go up the trail, stop him.
AVONKill him.
VILAOh, marvelous. Kill Blake's old uncle.
AVONKeep under cover.
VILAYes, yes.
AVONStay alert. Talk to the Liberator every ten minutes.
VILAYes, yes. I'm freezing.
AVONWell, freeze in silence. [Avon follows Blake's trail]
AVON[on bracelet communicator] Blake, this is Avon. Where are you?
BLAKE[on bracelet] Hold on, Avon. [He continues climbing.]
AVONBlake, Blake, this is Avon. Respond. [A hand is seen reaching for Blake's face. The crimo grabs Blake; they struggle, Blake rolls down the hill] Respond. [Blakes steps in a trap.]
AVON[on bracelet] Blake. Where the hell is he? [Blake strains to reach his bracelet, a crimo lifts it with a stick.] [Liberator teleport area]
JENNAAvon, are you all right?
AVONI can't contact Blake. He's up the trail somewhere. Have you heard from Vila?
AVONI told him to report in.
JENNAI'll try and contact him now.
AVONAll right. I'm going on. Out.
JENNAVila, vila, come in please. Vila. Vila.

[Exbar. Vila's bracelet chimes, he wakes up but Ushton is there]

USHTONWho are you.
VILAChilly, isn't it. [Ushton's dugout]
USHTONOf course, I don't want to hurt you son, but you leave me little alternative.
VILAI thought that you were Blake's uncle.
USHTONI am. I also happen to be Inga's father and Travis has Inga so I do as I'm told, don't I.
VILAYou tricked Blake into coming here, or helped to.
USHTONWell, I had to.
VILAWell, it's been..very..very nice meeting you. [Vila starts to leave]
USHTONJust a minute. [Ushton pulls Vila back]
USHTONFor the last time, are you the only one to come down from that ship, or are there others.
VILAOnly me, I swear.
USHTONWhen people swear I have to ask myself why they are swearing Is it because they want me to believe them when they're telling me a lot of rubbish. Now are you telling me the truth son, because if you're not...

The tower. Crimos bring Blake in. His hands are bound.

TRAVISAh, Blake. Come in, Welcome.
BLAKESome welcome.
TRAVISSit down. You know your cousin Inga of course. She and her father have been looking forward to meeting you again.
INGAI'm sorry, Roj.
BLAKEAre you all right?
INGADon't believe him. My father would never do the things he says.
TRAVISYou're wrong, Inga. You should listen to me. I am the only one you can trust.
INGAHe says my father has betrayed you.
TRAVIS[communicator chimes. Travis picks it up and speaks into it] Two more? You will? good. Thank you, Ushton? Inga, that was your father. He is being very cooperative.
INGAHe wouldn't spit on you. [Travis strikes her]
TRAVIS[to crimos] Two more coming up the trail. Go and get em. [Crimos exit]
TRAVISNow, Blake, you and I have business, I believe.
BLAKEI can't think what.
TRAVISI am tired of being hunted by Servalan and the Federation. Sooner or later I shall be cornered. My problem is, I want the Liberator.
BLAKEI see, yes of course.
TRAVISIt is the fastest, the most powerful ship in existence.
BLAKENot a chance, Travis.
TRAVISWe'll see.


AVON[into communicator] Jenna, this is Avon. I'm up near the plateau. Anything from Vila?
JENNANo communication with Vila at all.
AVONSomething is very wrong. I don't know, I think Ushton must be.. [Avon is captured in a net]
JENNAAvon. Avon, are you all right? Come in , please. Are you all right. Can you hear me? As Avon is being pulled up a cliff in the net his bracelet chimes. Ushton and Vila, his hands bound come along the trail just as the chime sounds
USHTONWait. Get that bracelet.
USHTONOn. [Pushes Vila] The tower.
BLAKEI said I wouldn't give you the Liberator, Travis, and I won't.But I think you're probably right. Together we stand more chance than operating as single units. I am prepared to do a deal with you.
TRAVISMost cooperative of you, since you have no choice. Inga struggles with Molok, gets free and runs out the door.
MOLOKBring her back.
TRAVISFutile gesture. The girl's a fool. She actually wants to die. Can you understand that Blake?
BLAKECan you?
TRAVISOh yes, I understand shame very well. Now, you were telling me about your change of heart. About sharing the Liberator. Pity, I was beginning to enjoy it. Molok brings Inga back.
TRAVISYou wanted to die, Inga. Why was that?
INGAYou wouldn't understand.
TRAVISSo that Blake wouldn't hate your father? But he does.
BLAKEI do not hate him.
TRAVISUshton betrayed you. You must hate him; I would in your place.
BLAKEThat is the difference between us Travis. Travis backhands Blake.
BLAKEThat, too
TRAVISTake him in there. Blake is pushed into another room

Liberator, teleport area

JENNABlake, Blake, come in please. Avon. Vila. Nothing.
CALLYOf course it's a trap. Let's go down.
JENNANo, we'll wait.
CALLYFor what?
JENNAIt's Travis's move. We still control the Liberator.
CALLYA sitting target.
JENNANot for him.
CALLYNot for anybody.
JENNAWhere are you going.
CALLYI'm going to clear the neutron blasters for firing,
JENNAWell, what are you going to fire at?
CALLYAnything that moves.

The tower

USHTONNow you've got all three. So let me have my daughter.
USHTONYou promised.
USHTONLeave her alone.
TRAVISOld man, don't be difficult. She was ashamed of you. She tried to run away.
USHTONI may be an old man, but if you cheat me Travis..
TRAVISWhy should I. I've got Blake in there; now I've got the other two. You kept your part of the bargain. It'll be dark before long and you can take your daughter down in the morning. All right?
USHTONall right.
INGAWhy did you do it.?
USHTONI had to.
INGANo you didn't, Father.
USHTONHe would have killed you, Inga.
INGAI would rather he had.
TRAVISTake them in there.
AVONI thought you wanted to do a deal with us, Travis?
TRAVISI've changed my mind, Avon.
AVONAnd you believed him.
VILAHow was I to know he'd change his mind. Vila and Avon are put into the room with Blake.
BLAKENice of you to drop in.
AVONThe old man betrayed us.
BLAKEI know.
AVONI won't say that I told you so.
BLAKEThank you.
AVONAt least we are still Alive.
BLAKEFor the time being.
VILAWhat does that mean?
AVONThese gentlemen do not mean us well, or haven't you noticed.
VILAWell, why should they want to kill us?
BLAKEBecause they enjoy it.
AVONAll we can hope for is that it's quick.

Main room of the tower. Molok is twisting Inga's shoulder. She screams.

TRAVISWho is the weakest.
USHTONWhat do you want to know for?
TRAVISWho is the weakest?
INGADon't help them anymore, Father. [Screams as Molok twists her shoulder]
USHTONThe one they call Vila.
TRAVISVila, Bring him out. Leave the other two in there. Seal off the door. [Turns tap attached to pipe.]
USHTONWhat are you doing? You're going to kill them, aren't you.
TRAVISWhat else did you think I was going to do with Blake, you old fool.
VILANow wait a minute. Let's not be hasty.
VILAThere's no need for violence, is there?

BLAKESo what happens now? [pulsing sounds]
AVONThey turn off the air and we suffocate?

TRAVISYou're going to help me, Vila. How do these things work?
VILAI don't know. One of the others always does it for me. I'm not very good with technical things.
VILADon't play the idiot with me.
VILAYou're gonna kill us any way so why don't you get on with it.
VILAWhat are you doing?
TRAVISNow you see Molok has a bracelet on. All you have to do is talk. Demonstrate. Tell us the word.
VILAI'm saying nothing. Travis arms bionic hand.
TRAVISThe word. Tell us the word.
VILA[sotto voice] Teleport.
TRAVISI'm sorry, we didn't here the word, did we Molok.
VILAI'm not helping you, never.
TRAVISNow, for the last time, tell us the word. The Word The Word. [to Molok] Switch the bracelet on The Word the Word, The Word.

teleport area

CALLYJenna, did you hear that?
JENNAYes, it sounds as though Vila's in trouble. I'm teleporting him now.
CALLYI'll be with you Jenna operates the teleport. Molok appears.
MOLOKDon't move. Keep away from those switches
JENNAWho are you? what do you want?
MOLOKYou are Jenna. What is the state of the ship?
JENNAWe're in stationary orbit. We're on automatic.
MOLOKYou will fly the ship for Travis. Cally enters.
MOLOKWait. Over there. Quick.
MOLOKYou are Cally.
JENNAWhat's happened to our friends?
MOLOKThey're dead.
CALLYI don't believe it.
MOLOKShow me the ship; I must learn about it.
CALLYYou're a crimo, aren't you?
MOLOKI have an high intelligence quotient but I enjoy inflicting pain. In that I am a true crimo. so don't be stupid, do as I say, show me the flight deck.
JENNAIf you kill us, you won't be able to fly this ship on your own.
MOLOKI'll take that chance. Will you? Move.

[Vila is thrust back with Blake and Avon]

AVONWhat happened.
VILAThey teleported one of the crimos up to the Liberator.
AVON[knees Vila in the groin] You told them how to do it.
VILANo I didn't. Travis tricked me.
AVONThat wouldn't be too difficult. So now they have the Liberator.
VILAWhat have I done to deserve this?
AVONHow long a list would you like?
BLAKELeave him alone, there's no point.
AVONBlake, listen.
BLAKESit down, don't talk. Save oxygen.
AVONListen. I sent a message to Space Command headquarters, to Servalan, that Travis was here.
BLAKEyou did what?
AVONI set the dogs on Travis. What's so strange about that?
AVONIt seemed the only rational thing to do. I thought they would get there ahead of us, get Travis and save us the trouble.
VILASo this all your fault.
AVONHow do you arrive at that conclusion?
VILAI'd still be on the ship if it wasn't for you.
BLAKEShut Up. We must conserve the air for as long as possible.
VILAHow long have we got?
VILAHow many?
AVONI'll let you know. Teleport area. Cally and Jenna are marched in by Molok.
MOLOKWait. Turn round.You were wise to cooperate. You [gestures at Cally] You and I are returning to the planet. You [indicates Jenna] you will stay here. When we come back we'll have Travis with us. If you try to move the ship or cause any kind of trouble she'll be dead. Now put us down. Cally steps into teleport area. Molok joins her, then notices she is not wearing a teleport bracelet.
MOLOKWait. Put your bracelet on. [Cally puts on a bracelet and returns to the teleport area] Operate the controls. Do it. I will count to three, then I'll kill you. One. Two. Cally kicks Molok in the groin. He doubles up, as Cally moves out of the teleport area. Jenna moves the levers to teleport Molok.
CALLYWhere did you send him?
JENNAInto space. There won't be much left of him by now.
CALLYWhat is it Zen,
ZENMain detectors indicate a single federation pursuit ship approaching planet Exbar.
CALLYI know they're still alive. We've got to go down and try and find them.
JENNAGet my bracelet and the guns.
JENNAZen, how long before the pursuit ship's planetfall?
ZENFifteen minutes.
JENNAHow long before her detectors pick us up?
ZENTwelve minutes.
JENNAWe can't go down, if that's all the time we've got.
CALLYThat pursuit ship may be alone, or it may be the first of a flotilla.
JENNAEither way, all we can do is wait. Tower room
VILAI'm dying.
AVONNot yet. Soon.
VILA[goes to door and calls through window] Travis, let us out. We'll drive the Liberator for you.
TRAVISI like to hear you scream for mercy Vila.
VILAYou'll never fly her on your own.
TRAVISYou underestimate my crimos. They can fly my ship Why not yours?
VILATravis, please.
USHTONTravis. She's run off.
TRAVISGet her. [all the crimos run after Inga] Ushton hits Travis over the head
USHTONInga. [she comes out of hiding as Ushton restores the oxygen to the room] Get them out of there. I'll deal with Travis. [Ushton drags Travis out and dumps him down a cliff] Inga lets Blake, Avon and Vila out
AVON[to Vila] What's the matter with you.
VILAPins and needles.
USHTONBlake, you fit?
BLAKEJust about.
USHTONLet's get them before they get us.
BLAKECome on, Vila
VILAI don't think I can make it.
BLAKEInga, stay and look after him.
AVONBlake, come on.
INGA[to Vila] You all right?
VILAI'm not sure. Oh!
INGAWhere does it hurt?
VILAEverywhere. Ushton, Blake and Avon chase crimos.
USHTONThat way. Travis calls to crimos from where Ushton dumped him.
TRAVISCrimos. Crimos. forget the girl, the prisoners are free. Come on this way, Follow me.

TRAVISCome on. Blake, Avon and Ushton roll boulders on the crimos and Travis. One crimo is crushed.
USHTONThat's one gone. I'll get the other two, you get Travis.
BLAKEYou're unarmed.
USHTONI'll manage. Travis is alone, calling for his men.
TRAVISCrimos. Crimos. Crimos. [He sees Blake and Avon and hides as they run past him.] Ushton defeats two crimos with a stick. Blake and Avon have pinned Travis down in some brush. Ushton throws crimo down a cliff into water. As he finishes another crimo grabs him. Travis decoys Blake's shot by moving a patch of grass. Blake and Avon give away their position by shooting where they think Travis is hiding. As they get up to run Travis shoots and hits Avon in the arm. Avon falls to the ground. Blake bends over him.

BLAKEHow bad is it?
AVONI don't know.
BLAKELet me look.
AVONLeave me. Watch yourself.
BLAKEWe've got to get you back to the Liberator.
AVONLeave me!
BLAKECome on.
TRAVISDon't move.
BLAKEStill no deal, Travis
TRAVISI'm not gonna bargain with you Blake, I'm gonna kill you. Two for the price of one. Ushton throws net on Travis.
USHTONGet him.
AVONWhy don't we kill him while we still have the chance.
BLAKENo. We'll leave him for the federation
USHTON[to Avon] Are you badly hurt?
AVONI'll survive.
BLAKE[to bound Travis] That is your way. Pushes Travis to the ground. [to Avon] We've got to get you to the Liberator quickly.
AVONWhat about the crimos?
BLAKEThat's the last of them. Come on, let's go. Tower
INGADid you get them.
BLAKEWe got them.
INGA[to Avon] Oh, you're hurt.
AVONIt's just a scratch.
BLAKEHe'll be all right once he gets to the Liberator.
VILABlake, we've only got two bracelets.
BLAKEI know. [into bracelet] Jenna.
JENNABlake are you all right?
BLAKEYes. Get a voice fix and bring three bracelets.
JENNAThere's a Federation pursuit ship landed somewhere on Exbar. It may have a flotilla behind it.
BLAKEYou'd better get a move on then.
BLAKEYou're both coming with us.
INGANo, we can't.
BLAKEWhy not?
USHTONIt's too late for me, but you could go.
INGANo. Travis left us a legacy. We could never break into this place, but he managed. it.
INGAThat storage room contains enough food to feed every starving mouth on this planet. If we can find them all, get them together, organize them, we can survive.
BLAKEWhen that's done, Inga, I'll come back for you.
INGACould take a long time.
BLAKEIf you want me to come back. Jenna teleports down.
INGAI'd like that.
JENNA[coldly] We could be running out of time, Blake.
BLAKEBlake and Inga kiss chastely. Good luck.
USHTONThanks, my boy.
BLAKEYou all right, Jenna?
JENNABring us up, Cally.

INGACome on, father.

SERVALANHello, Travis.

SERVALANHas Blake gone?

SERVALAN[to mutoid] Release him.
TRAVISI wanted the Liberator.

SERVALANI thought it must be something like that.
TRAVISAre you and I still enemies?

SERVALANOfficially, yes. Unofficially, you lead me to Blake whenever you can. If you help me get him I'll see you officially listed as dead. There's no one as free as a dead man. Flight deck
JENNAHow's Avon?
BLAKEHe'll be all right. Flight plan ready?
JENNA[tersely] Quite ready
BLAKEThen take us out of here, speed standard by twelve.
JENNAStandard by twelve.

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