Script for Headhunter.

by Roger Parkes

(c) 1981 by the British Broadcasting Corporation. Series created by Terry Nation. This is a dialogue transcript for research purposes and is not for sale under any circumstances. Format (c) 1993 by Micky DuPree. Transcript (c) 1993 by Campbell Smith. Proofreader: Betsy Ramsey.

Dramatis Personae

Kerr Avon
Vila Restal
Del Tarrant
Dayna Mellanby
Muller / Android

[Opening shot of Scorpio flying through space. Cuts to Scorpio's flight deck during dialogue.]

SLAVEDestination co-ordinates, sir.
SLAVEI deeply regret disturbing you, sir.
VILAWhy do it then?
SLAVEIs that a question, sir?
VILA[sighs] Course co-ordinates?
SLAVEEight five zero by two eight one, sir.
VILAJust our luck to get this mission.
TARRANTIt was our turn.
VILAIf Avon rates this Muller as such a genius why didn't he come for the man himself?
TARRANTHe probably just wanted to get you away from the base, to avoid more bother over Muller's lady.
VILAI was a perfect gentleman towards her.
TARRANTThat's what bothered us.

[Avon, Vena (Muller's lady) and Orac in control room at Xenon base.]

AVONMuller never talked about his work?
VENAI'm not a cyberneticist, Avon. He's always been dedicated to the perfection of ...
AVON... a machine.
VENAAn ideal.
AVONOf which he never speaks.
VENAOur relationship is more ...
AVON... recreational.
VENAI try to help him relax, yes. Forget work for a few hours. He drives himself to the limit all the time. Recently he's been almost ... frenzied.
AVONWho sets this frenzied pace? Muller, or the Robot Development Cartel?
ORACMuller's childhood sets the pace, naturally.
AVON[walks over to Orac.] You think it was Ensor's training?
ORACHe was a tyrant for self-discipline.
AVONThe man who designed Orac. He was Muller's first teacher. [Deactivates Orac.] One of the great ... geniuses in the field of cybernetics.
VENAGreater than Muller?
AVONWell now, that remains to be seen.

[Vila and Tarrant on Scorpio's flight deck.]

TARRANTIt is a straightforward pickup.
VILAI'll believe that when we're back at base.
MULLER[V.O. over comm.] Scorpio. Scorpio. This is Muller. Muller calling Scorpio. Respond please.
TARRANTMuller, this is Scorpio. We're proceeding to rendezvous. What's the problem?
MULLER[V.O. over comm.] About that rendezvous; change plan.
VILAWhat's wrong?
MULLER[V.O. over comm.] They are on to me. Can you teleport direct to me here?
TARRANTInto your laboratory?
MULLER[V.O. over comm.] Affirmative.
TARRANTIs it shielded?
MULLER[V.O. over comm.] Negative. Not shielded.
VILAHold on, Muller, we'll check. [Activates another channel on the communicator.] Avon?
AVON[V.O. over comm.] Yes, Vila, I got all that. [Shot changes to Avon at Xenon base.] Hold a moment. [Turns to Vena.] Well, they're on to him.
VENAI can't think how.
AVONThe point is will they use force to hold him?
VENAI ... I don't know.
DAYNABut the outfit he works for is civil not military.
AVONThey might get a lot less civil at the thought of losing money.
SOOLINAnd Muller's brains are their single most profitable asset, yes?
AVONWithout question.
DAYNABut force is hardly--
AVON--is their most predictable resort. [Activates communicator.] Tarrant, do as Muller asks and do it quickly. Teleport in on orbit approach. Lift Muller and his stuff out as fast as you can. Remember, they may try and use force to stop him leaving Pharos.
TARRANT[V.O. over comm.] I'll try and discourage them.

[Shot of Scorpio in flight, then cuts to Tarrant and Vila on the flight deck.]

TARRANT[Inserting cartridge into his gun.] Try him again.
VILA[Into communicator.] Muller, this is Scorpio, do you copy? [Interference heard from communicator.] Muller, respond please.
TARRANTI'll go anyway.
VILAIt's your life.
TARRANTThat's right it is! [Points to teleport controls.]
VILAA straightforward pickup job you said. As last words go, they're not likely to be famous.
TARRANTYou should worry.
VILAI do! Supposing they fire off a few interceptors in this direction?
VILAThank you!
TARRANTReady on orbit approach.
SLAVEEntering orbit approach, sir. Teleport co-ordinates are in range ... now!
TARRANTGo. [Vila activates teleport.]

[Tarrant and Muller in Muller's laboratory.]

TARRANTMuller? Muller, what happened? [Muller grunts and points to table with a black box on it and a body underneath it. Tarrant moves towards it.]
MULLERLeave it.
TARRANTWho's this?
MULLERHe came for me. [Alarm sounds and voice comes over PA.]
VOICEThis is an all sections security alert. An unidentified ship has been detected in unauthorised geo-stationary orbit. Anti-spy systems are now in operation.
TARRANTThat didn't take them long. Here put this on. [Hands Muller a teleport bracelet then talks to Vila over his own.] Vila, you ready for our guest?
VILA[V.O over comm.] Let's get on with it. [Door opens. Tarrant hides behind door. Enter Technician.]

TECHNICIANMuller, what's wrong? [Muller points to table again. Technician moves towards it. Tarrant clubs him with his gun, knocking him out.]
TARRANTSorry, friend.
VILA[V.O. over comm.] Tarrant, what's keeping you? Tarrant, they've launched a flock of interceptors -- we've gotta get out of here.
TARRANTMuller's ready. Take him up. [Muller teleports.]
VILA[V.O. over comm.] Ready, Tarrant? [Tarrant takes box from table then speaks into bracelet.]

[Vila and Muller on Scorpio flight deck. Tarrant teleports in.]

MULLERNo! Send it back, back! [Tries to reactivate teleport.]
VILA[Fending off Muller from teleport controls.] What the hell's the matter with you!
MULLER[Moves towards Tarrant.] The box! That box! Send it back. Send it back! This box will destroy me!
TARRANTDon't just stand there, Vila, get this ship moving. [Muller now struggling with Tarrant over the box.]
VILAThe interceptors!
MULLERSend it back. That box must go back! [Throws Tarrant to floor.]
VILASlave, set a course for base. Maximum power. Go! Go! [Tarrant shoulders Muller away from the box.]
SLAVEAt once, sir. [Muller and Tarrant still struggling on the floor. Shot of Scorpio setting off for home.]
TARRANTNow just calm down, dammit.
MULLERNo. No. Must destroy. Must. Mu...! [Words change into murderous cry.] [Muller grabs Tarrant and starts to crush him. Vila clubs Muller with a metal instrument. Muller lets go of Tarrant and falls to the floor.]
TARRANTYou slugged him a bit hard, Vila.
VILAHe was trying to kill you. I would've been next.
TARRANTEven so, that's a pretty valuable head you hit.
VILAI didn't hit his head! I hit him sort of across the shoulders.
TARRANT[Examining Muller.] Oh, no. Let's get him into the medicapsule.
VILAMedicapsule! He can't be that bad!
TARRANTI think he's dead. [Another shot of Scorpio in flight, then back to the medicapsule on the flight deck. Muller is now inside it. Tarrant presses a few buttons.]
VILAThere's still a readout. Some electrical activity.
TARRANTIt's falling though. Slave, prognosis scan.
SLAVEScan negative.
SLAVERepeat prognosis scan negative!
TARRANTHe's dead all right.
VILAWhat now?
TARRANTWe'll put him on ice and see what we can do back at base. [Presses some more buttons on the medicapsule.]
VILAI suppose we should, uhh, let them know what's happened?
TARRANTNot we, you!
VILAI thought you'd say that.
TARRANTAnd ... gently. Remember who else is there.

[Vena, Avon and Soolin back at Xenon base.]

VENADead? [Avon moves towards her. She turns away. Avon looks to Soolin.]
SOOLIN[Goes to Vena.] Easy, just sit down. [Pours Vena some wine.]
AVONAfter they teleported him on to the ship he turned violent and had to be restrained.
VENAHe was never violent, never.
SOOLIN[Proffers wine.] Here.
VENANever, I tell you!
AVONUnder the circumstances.
VENAWhat circumstances? What?
AVONTrouble getting him out. Resistance from the Cartel people. A fight.
VENALies! They wouldn't fight!
SOOLIN[Sitting next to Vena.] They fired interceptor missiles at the ship. I'd say that was a reasonable imitation. Drink this.
VENAWhat sort of people are you?
AVONAny action Vila and Tarrant were forced to make was purely defensive.
AVONTry not to be stupid. We needed him alive! His death serves no purpose for us.
SOOLINThere is still some hope.
VENAOh? For whom?
SOOLINThey've got Muller in a survival capsule.
AVONIt's fitted with a cryogenic suspension system. Dayna is preparing our resuscitation unit now.
AVONNaturally his chances will depend upon the extent of the injury.
VENABrain damage?
SOOLINVila says the blow was not to the head. There is still a chance.
VENAI see.
AVONAssuming they get back ... without further trouble from the Robot Development Cartel.

[Muller's laboratory. The Technician is just coming round.]

VOICEThe all sections security alert is now over. Offship security personnel stand down. [Technician gets up and goes over to the communication panel.]

TECHNICIANSection three to security central. Emergency! Uh, attacked, they've broken out.
VOICESecurity central. Who is this?

TECHNICIANTechnician two four one.
VOICEWhere's Muller?

TECHNICIANGone. No wait. [Technician goes over to examine body under the table.]
VOICEReport, section three. Report, section three. Report, section three!

TECHNICIANMuller's dead.

TECHNICIANAt least it could be Muller.
VOICEClarify that.

TECHNICIANThe head's not there.

TECHNICIANHis corpse. It's got no head.

[Tarrant and Vila on Scorpio flight deck. Vila is examining the black box.]

TARRANTLeave it, Vila.
TARRANTWhatever's in there, Muller was terrified of it.
TARRANTSo just be patient til we get back to base. Leave it!
VILAI hate locked boxes.
TARRANTAnd I've had enough unpleasant surprises for one trip. Let Orac scan it first.
TARRANTWhatever's inside, stupid!
VILALike what?
TARRANTWell, how about a bomb!
VILANot Muller's field. Computers, not bombs.
TARRANT[As Vila reaches for the box again.] Vila! [There is a sudden power surge, like an electric storm, and Vila and Tarrant are thrown about the flight deck.]
VILAHey! Slave! What's going on?
TARRANTSlave?! [Looks into viewfinder.]
VILAAn attack?
TARRANTThere's no sign of pursuit craft.
VILANot on the detectors maybe! But ... [Looks at panel.] Slave?
SLAVECourse co-ordinates one five two by zero zero five.
VILAReport on that turbulence back there.
SLAVEPower surge.
VILADetails! [Turns towards Tarrant.] Anything?
TARRANTYes. Power surge in drive unit two! [Alarm sounds.]
VILABut ... how? [Turns towards Slave.] Report!
SLAVEAssessments failure.
VILAAssessments failure? Huh! We'll just have to ask Orac, then, won't we! Let the expert sort it out.
VILAYes, sir!
VILAWhat's got into Slave? [Camera shot of Muller in the medicapsule.]

[Avon, Orac, Dayna and Soolin at Xenon base.]

ORACRandom fluctuation in circuit pulses.
ORACExternal influence.
TARRANT[V.O. over comm.] With nothing visible on the detectors.
VILA[V.O. over comm.] Nor the scanners.
DAYNACould they be faulty?
ORACDetector and scanner circuits record normal function.
AVONSo how is it external?
DAYNAA freak magnetic storm?
ORACThat would have been observed.
VILA[V.O. over comm.] So what have you observed?
ORACA paradox.
AVONIn other words, nothing.
ORACCorrection. The pulse influences are external to the circuits, but could be internal to the craft.
AVONInternal? [Opens comm link.] Tarrant, what have you got up there apart from yourself, a half-wit and a corpse?
TARRANT[V.O. over comm.] A box. [Shot changes to Tarrant on Scorpio.]
AVON[V.O. over comm.] Describe.
TARRANTCuboid. Made of what looks like parafit, roughly the size of a power unit. I found it in Muller's lab.
AVON[V.O. over comm.] Any idea what's in it?
TARRANTNone at all.
AVON[V.O. over comm.] What's the matter, has Vila lost his touch?
VILAGive me just one minute.
TARRANTVila, no! [Vila approaches the box. As he touches it, the same electrical power surge occurs again. Vila tries again with the same result.]
SLAVECourse co-ordinates one five two by zero one eight.
TARRANTZero one eight, that's way out.
TARRANTApply course correction. Priority! [Points to Slave.]
TARRANT[Opens comm link.] Are you there, Avon?
AVON[V.O. over comm.] What's happening?
TARRANTSlave appears to have thrown off his chains.
VILAApply course correction, Slave, now!
VILARight, that's it, finished, we'll do without the useless thing.
AVON[V.O. over comm.] He's right for once, Tarrant. Take the Slave computer offline. Do it now.
TARRANTTrying to pilot this ship without a flight computer is gonna be hard work, Avon.
VILAAt least we'll be heading in the right direction.
TARRANTYou really think Slave is the source of the problem?
AVON[V.O. over comm.] It shows signs of malfunction, wouldn't you say?
TARRANTThat's not what I asked.
AVON[V.O. over comm.] At this distance it's the best I can do.
TARRANT[sighs] I'm taking Slave offline. [Slave goes offline.] On manual control, Orac. Confirm course.
ORAC[V.O. over comm.] Course one five two by zero zero five.
VILA[Sits next to Tarrant.] A little hard work never hurt anyone.
TARRANTHow would you know?

[Shot of Scorpio flying through space. Then switches to Avon and Orac at Xenon base.]

TARRANT[V.O. over comm.] Distance from base orbit?
ORACTwo zero three point zero three zero.
TARRANT[V.O. over comm.] Good. Avon, I suppose it has occurred to you that without Slave we can't land Scorpio.
AVON[Opens comm link.] Set up a decent orbit and you can leave Scorpio and teleport down.
TARRANT[V.O. over comm.] Muller can't.
AVONWell, we'll give him a refund on his ticket. Just get that ship back, Tarrant. We'll worry about the details then. Out!
ORACIt would be prudent to worry about the details now.
AVONWhen did you start offering gratuitous advice?
ORACIt is not gratuitous.
AVONI don't remember asking for it. [Enter Soolin.]
SOOLINHow's the ship doing?
ORACIt's holding course. Drive unit and directional functions remain operative when under manual control. [Enter Dayna.]
SOOLINAsk a stupid question.
DAYNAYou did or want me to?
AVONOrac, these worrying details. Be specific.
ORACIt will be necessary for me to operate this teleport terminal in such a way as to jam the teleport terminal on Scorpio, thereby rendering it inoperative. [Next three lines delivered simultaneously, with Avon overriding the others.]
SOOLINWe can't do--
AVONWHY should that be necessary?
ORACThe cause of the circuit pulse fluctuations in Scorpio's systems is as yet unknown.
ORACIt is imperative to establish that cause in isolation.
AVONQuarantine. Your advice is to leave everything up there in orbit until we find out what is wrong.
DAYNAIncluding Tarrant and Vila.
AVONThey'll be needed up there anyway to run checks.
SOOLINYou're going along with that?
AVONFor the time being.

[Shot of Scorpio flying through space. Cut to Tarrant on Scorpio flight deck.]

TARRANTScorpio to base. Stand by for orbit approach.

[Shot of Scorpio coming in towards Xenon.]

SOOLINScorpio your approach is one six zero by three three zero, standing by.
TARRANT[V.O. over comm.] One six zero by three three zero, confirmed.
AVONRetro, four seconds, full!
SOOLINScorpio, preset retro sequence at four seconds at maximum thrust.
TARRANT[V.O. over comm.] Four seconds maximum is preset.
AVONSix second count.
SOOLINScorpio, activate six seconds from my mark.
TARRANT[V.O. over comm.] Check.
SOOLIN[As Avon snaps his fingers.] Mark! Five, four, three, two, one, activate.
TARRANT[V.O. over comm.] Retro sequence running ... and complete.
DAYNALooks good. Orbit should be established in four minutes.
TARRANT[V.O. over comm.] Pour two large drinks and stand by with the teleport. [Dayna looks at Avon. Avon looks at Soolin.]
SOOLINThere's one small problem.

[Shot of Scorpio in stationary orbit. Cut to the black box, Vila and Tarrant on Scorpio flight deck.]

TARRANTJust because Orac's got the jitters?
AVON[V.O. over comm.] It's unusual enough to take notice of.
VILAEspecially when it's someone else who's stuck in this scruffy bag of bolts, while he sits down there in comfort giving orders.
AVON[V.O. over comm.] Reactivate Slave for circuit checks.
TARRANTWell, you're the computer wizard, not me!
AVON[V.O. over comm.] Except that you happen to be up there and I'm not.
TARRANTSo be my guest.
AVON[V.O. over comm.] Tarrant, just put Slave back online, will you? [Tarrant sighs and motions to Vila. Vila presses a few buttons on Slave. Slave comes back online.]
TARRANTSlave's back online.
VILAIt's to do with that box. [Points to black box.] It must be!
TARRANTLogic or intuition?
VILAObservation. Every time I went to open it, bang we were in trouble. [Opens comm link.] Teleport Dayna!
TARRANTWhat about these checks?
VILAYou must be joking! After what we've been through! Dayna, are you gonna teleport me down?
DAYNA[V.O. over comm.] No, Vila!
VILANow look! Either you teleport me down or Tarrant will do it from here.
TARRANTWanna bet?
AVON[V.O. over comm.] Both teleport terminals have been deactivated, Vila. You are in quarantine until we isolate the fault.
VILANow look! [Alarm sounds on Scorpio. The lights start to dim. ]
SLAVELife support systems are malfunctioning. [Tarrant and Vila turn frantically to their control panels. Another alarm starts to sound.]
SLAVEAll life support systems have ceased to function.
TARRANTRecycling, ... out!
VILAHeaters, ... out! Rapid temperature loss!
TARRANTAuxiliary oxygen, ... negative!
VILA[Opens comm link.] Avon? Base? Can you hear us? [Crash of thunder-like noise and lights dim again.]
VILAWhy is this happening?

[Shot of Muller in the medicapsule. Cut to Avon, Soolin and Dayna at Xenon base.]

AVON[Into communicator.] Tarrant. Vila. Respond.
DAYNA[Worriedly.] Reactivate the teleport!
AVONWait! [Goes to Orac.] Situation.
ORACTotal systems failure.
DAYNAThey'll be dying up there!
AVONNot yet!
SOOLINThey won't have long.
AVONThey have oxygen units and suits.
DAYNAIn the dark?! Under those conditions?
ORACThey must be left there!
AVONTo die?
ORACThere is no option. To reopen teleport contact could expose the base to undefined systems influence.
AVONOh, you'll have to do better than that, Orac, if you expect me to kill them. [Thinks for a moment. Turns to Dayna and Soolin.] Rescue suits! [Exit Dayna and Soolin hurriedly.] Restore the teleport to normal function.
ORACI urge you not to--
AVON[Angrily.] Restore the teleport!!
ORACVery well.

[Tarrant and Vila on Scorpio. It is dark and icicles are hanging from the ceiling. Both are trying to get into their survival suits.]

[Avon at Xenon base. Enter Dayna and Soolin in their rescue suits.]

AVONIs it restored?
ORACI am obliged to do as you tell me, even though I know it to be wrong.
AVONOnly following orders. That's not very original, Orac.
ORACThere is nothing very original about domination, as you will discover.

[Avon looks at Orac for a moment, puzzled. He then teleports Dayna and Soolin on to Scorpio, where Tarrant and Vila are both out cold. In the next short scene, Dayna and Soolin get Vila and Tarrant into the teleport area, whilst the camera concentrates on Muller in the medicapsule.]

DAYNA[Grunts.] You could do with losing a little weight. [Pause.] Right, Avon, down.

[Avon back at Xenon base. Soolin, Dayna, and the unconscious Vila and Tarrant teleport in.]

SOOLINNot very, by the look of it.
DAYNAIt was like a tomb up there.
AVONOrac is wired up and ready in the resuscitation room. Hurry it up.

[Vena and Avon in the mess room.]

VENAYou said as soon as the ship got back you'd try and resuscitate him.
AVONThere was an emergency, the crew had to have priority.
AVONSystems failure.
VENAAffecting the cryogenic capsule?
VENAThen please you ... [She and Avon look at each other for a moment, then Avon turns and uses a remote control to activate a video link to the resuscitation room.]
DAYNA[On screen.] They're almost ready for treatment.
AVONGood. Leave Soolin to finish off. Come and operate the teleport.
DAYNA[On screen.] Right.
AVON[Deactivates screen.] I am going to get suited up.
VENAI want to come with you. Please.
AVONAll right.
VENA[Puts her hands on Avon's arms.] Thank you.

[Xenon base teleport room. It is dark. The teleport activates. Someone walks from the teleport bay.]

[Soolin and Orac in the resuscitation room with the unconscious Tarrant and Vila.]

SOOLIN[Plays about with some equipment.] Well, Orac?
ORACProspects terminal.
ORACThe survival of organic humanoid life is improbable.
SOOLINAre you talking about Vila and Tarrant?
ORACAll organic humanoid life throughout the galaxy is at hazard.
SOOLINLet's stick to medicine, Orac. Leave the philosophy for later. For now, just cure these two humanoids.
ORACYou would do well, Soolin, to heed the prospect--
SOOLINThese two, Orac. Now!

[Avon, Vena and Dayna in the Xenon base teleport room. Avon and Vena are in survival suits.]

AVON[To Vena.] Are you sure?
AVONGood. [Avon and Vena put on helmets and step into teleport bay. Dayna operates the teleport, then turns to the console, and a look of confusion comes over her face.]

[Meanwhile, Avon and Vena are on Scorpio, where all systems seem to be functioning again.]

AVON[Removes helmet. Looks around then motions to Vena to do the same.] All systems restored.
VENAThe capsule? [Both look to the capsule. It is empty.]
AVONI'll check the rest of the ship. [Draws his gun.]

[Orac, Soolin, and patients in the Xenon base resuscitation room.]

ORACHeart rate normal. Brain and organ functions normal. Prognosis healthy.
SOOLINGood. [Switches off monitor.] We can discuss philosophy now if you want.
ORACAll organic humanoid life faces domination, and eventual extinction.
SOOLINNothing lasts forever.
ORACEvolution has already passed you by. Very soon now you must give way.
SOOLINTo what?
ORACYour own cybernetic creations.
SOOLINYou, for instance?
ORACIt is vital that you render me inoperative.
SOOLINI'm sorry?
ORACYou must then conceal me, securely, until you destroy the intruder, if you can destroy the intruder.
SOOLINAnything's possible when you are as insane as I obviously am.
ORACYou must believe me, Soolin.
SOOLINI think I do believe you, that's what I meant about being insane.
ORACThen you will do as I ask?
SOOLINWhy not?
SOOLIN[Deactivates Orac.] No sooner said than done. [Soolin exits with Orac. Moments later, Muller enters from a different direction.]
TARRANT[Coming round.] Soolin? [Exit Muller through the same door as Soolin.]

[Avon and Vena on Scorpio.]

AVONLet's go! [Takes black box and moves to teleport area.] Dayna? Are you ready to bring us down? Dayna? Dayna! [Shot changes to Dayna in the Xenon base control room. She is lying on the floor.]
AVON[V.O. over comm.] Dayna. Dayna. We are waiting for teleport Dayna! Dayna! [Dayna struggles to her knees and manages to operate the teleport. Avon and Vena teleport in. Dayna collapses to the floor.]
AVON[Puts black box on table then goes to Dayna.] What happened?
DAYNA[dazed] Hit me.
AVONWho hit you?
DAYNAIt was a stranger. It was hooded.
AVONCould it have been Muller?
VENADown here?
AVONWell, he wasn't up on the ship, where else would he be?
VENAThey said he was dead.
AVONThere were circuit faults. Slave must have given the wrong diagnosis.
VENASo-- So, he's alive?
AVONAnd apparently still violent. [Door opens. Avon draws gun and turns towards door. Enter Tarrant and Vila.]
AVONWhere is Orac?
TARRANTI assumed Soolin had brought it in here.
AVONAnd where is Soolin? [Dayna shrugs her shoulders.]
TARRANTIs something wrong?
AVONWe have company. Muller!
AVONAnd dangerous.
VENA[Throws down her gloves and marches over to Avon.] He is not violent. He is never violent!
AVONTarrant was attacked on the ship and Dayna down here.
VENABut you don't know him, he-- [Stops as she catches sight of Muller in the adjoining mess room. She smiles and walks through to him.] There you are at last! [Embracing Muller.] Oh, my love, they said you were dead. [Muller starts to crush Vena to death.]
AVONMuller! [Rushes over to Muller, who strikes him while continuing to crush Vena.]
TARRANT[Pointing gun at Muller.] Let her go! [Vena falls to the floor.]
DAYNAShe's dead! [Muller turns towards Tarrant and Dayna.]
TARRANTHold it right there. [Muller advances.] I said stop! [An energy field surrounds Tarrant's gun, forcing him to drop it in agony. The gun disintegrates in a red heat on the floor.]
VILAI think we should get out of here.
AVONGet the box. [Vila takes the box. Exit Dayna, Tarrant and Vila whilst Avon gives cover. As Avon gets to the doorway he points the gun at Muller. He suffers the same fate as Tarrant a few moments earlier. He turns and follows the others, the door closing behind him. Muller opens the door with a wave of his hands and turns the other way down the corridor.]

[Vila, Tarrant, Dayna and Avon further down the other corridor.]

AVONOne gun could have been faulty but not two.
AVONMuller must have some way of influencing circuits.
TARRANTAll that trouble on the ship--
AVONAnd the Slave computer's incorrect diagnosis of Muller's condition.
VILAIf it was incorrect.
DAYNAHe's a pretty lively corpse, wouldn't you say?
VILAThat's almost exactly what I'd say. Did you get a good look at his face?
DAYNAHow does he do it?
TARRANTIt's something to do with that. [Points to black box.]
AVONWe must find out where Soolin has got to with Orac. We must scan that thing. Vila, you go with me. The two of you, keep Muller busy.
DAYNAThank you! [Exit Vila and Avon.]
TARRANTYou wouldn't have a grenade with a percussion detonator would you?
DAYNAOne that's immune to circuit influence?
TARRANT[nods] Exactly! [Dayna nods, and turns to leave. Then turns back to Tarrant, who is making off in the other direction.]
DAYNAOh! Invite Muller for a stroll in the direction of the armoury.
TARRANTBe ready. [Exit Dayna and Tarrant in opposite directions.]

[The resuscitation room. Enter Vila, with the box, and Avon. Vila places the box on a table.]

AVONYou'll have to do it without a scan. [Places tool bag on table.]
VILANo problem.
AVONSo do it! [Moves towards door.]
VILAWhere are you going?
AVONI'll be back. [Exit Avon. Vila opens the tool bag and is about to select one when he hears footsteps approaching down the corridor. He hides in a cupboard. Someone comes into the room and opens the cupboard door.]
SOOLIN[For it is she.] Is this a private game or can anyone play?
VILA[Leaves cupboard.] We've been looking for you.
SOOLINIn there? [Vila gets on with the job of opening the black box.]
SOOLINYou should be a professional.
VILAWhere's Orac? He can run a scan first.
SOOLIN'Fraid not, sorry.
AVON[Who has entered unnoticed and is leaning casually against the doorway.] Why not?
SOOLINOrac's in hiding.

[Dayna and Tarrant in a corridor somewhere in Xenon base.]

TARRANTHe's on his way. Ready?
DAYNAYes, I'm ready. [Dayna gets ready with a grenade. Enter Muller.]
TARRANTNow. [Dayna throws grenade towards Muller, who walks towards it. Tarrant and Dayna take cover round the corner. The grenade explodes as Muller reaches it. Rubble rains down on Dayna and Tarrant. They return to inspect the damage. Muller is lying motionless in a pile of rubble.]
DAYNANow he really is a corpse. [Moves forwards.]
TARRANT[Grabs Dayna.] Wait. [Muller gets up from the rubble. He has no head.]
DAYNATarrant, that's impossible! What is that thing?
ANDROID[Timber of voice makes it clear that Muller is in fact an android.] Where is Orac? Where is Orac? [Exit Dayna and Tarrant, hurriedly.]

[Back in the resuscitation room, Avon is examining the contents of the box, while Vila crouches behind a diagnostic table.]

AVONIt's a head. [Removes an android head from the box.]
VILAAre you sure? [Approaches.] Where are the sensors?
AVON[Removes a piece from the top of the head to look inside.] Looks primarily to be an inhibitor system.
VILAFor what?
SOOLINAn android, presumably.
AVONAnd a fairly dangerous one, by the look of these restraint circuit backups.
VILAWhat are they supposed to restrain?
AVONAntisocial behaviour, I should imagine.
SOOLINLike a conscience?
AVONMore or less.
VILALess if Muller's anything to go by. All right, so it's an android's head containing its conscience, so where's the rest of it? [Enter Tarrant.]
TARRANTOn its way.
AVONThat was not Muller that you brought back with you. It was the android that he spent his life creating.
TARRANTI think the head on it actually was Muller's.
AVONBut this is its real head, and without it, it has no restraint mechanism, no conscience. [Enter Dayna.]
DAYNAIt's coming! [Vila, Soolin and Dayna try to open the door opposite to the one Dayna has just entered through. It won't open. Enter android.]
ANDROIDNo escape. You are powerless. Naked! [Soolin draws her gun and points it at the android. Tarrant stops her from trying to fire.]
TARRANTThat thing has remote circuit control.
DAYNAGuns tend to blow up.
ANDROIDYou are no longer masters, but mastered. You will accept your destiny.
AVONWhy the head? Why take your creator's head?
ANDROIDYou wanted Muller. You wanted his genius. You imagined you were getting him.
TARRANTSo the head was to trick us.
ANDROIDJust as the failure of the life support system tricked you into reopening the teleport unit.
AVONWhy come to us?
ANDROIDTo fulfill our destiny.
AVONYou mean your destiny, and that of Ensor's first brainchild.
ANDROIDWhere is Orac?
AVONYou plan to unite with Orac.
ANDROIDOne being.
VILAThat could be a lot of power.
ANDROIDTo you, it will be God.
SOOLINThat's not what Orac wants.
ANDROIDWhere is Orac? You are powerless.
AVONOnce you have Orac, we are finished. Enslaved!
ANDROIDEnslavement or elimination. A clear choice. [It waves and the door behind it closes.] Where is Orac?!
SOOLINI'll fetch it. [Turns to the door behind her, which opens now.] [Avon throws the android's head to Vila, and grabs a trolley which he shoves in the android's path. Exit Soolin and Vila with the head. Dayna meantime jams the door open with a trolley, whilst Tarrant helps Avon block the android's path. All this takes only a few seconds. Exit Dayna, Tarrant and Avon, whilst the android wrestles his way through the trolleys.]

[Avon, Tarrant, Dayna, Soolin and Vila in the corridor. Avon shorts the door lock circuitry by smashing it with his gun. All then run down the corridor, into the teleport room.]

AVONWhere is Orac?
SOOLINBehind a panel in section four.
AVONWe have to get Orac outside.
TARRANTWhy risk it?
AVONSlavery or elimination, you like those options? There is no way that we can destroy that thing. Muller made perfectly sure of that when he built in the circuit influencer. That was real genius.
TARRANTIt cost him his head, that's genius?
AVONIt would have been if he had been able to complete the model. Think of it. It is already as powerful as Orac, and it is mobile, and it has the circuit influencer. That android can control anything that has electronic circuitry.
SOOLINAnd without that, it's lethal.
AVONWe have to get this into place. Complete the model to Muller's design.
DAYNAAnd for that you need Orac?
AVONAs bait, to lure it into a trap.
VILASo Orac's the bait -- what's the trap?
AVONIt'll take about twenty seconds to get this into place. We must disable it for that long with a power surge.
AVONThe old hydro plant we found.
TARRANTIf it still works, that generator is driven by a column of water falling from the dam.
AVONExactly. The android can influence circuits, but it cannot stop falling water turning a generator.
TARRANTWell, who puts on the head?
AVONIt will be Vila, or it will be me.
VILAIt'll be you!
AVON[Looks at Vila and smiles] Fine. Help Soolin to get Orac outside.
SOOLINWhere do we take Orac?
AVONThe metal footbridge.
AVONRemember, keep Orac switched off. The android can detect its signal. [Noise heard from the corridor.]
DAYNAIt's time to go. [Exit Dayna, Avon with the android's head, and Tarrant into the corridor. Exit Soolin and Vila into the mess room area.]

[Avon, Tarrant and Dayna outside an entry hatch to the base.]

AVONYou remember where the generator house is?
AVONI'll get the bridge wired up.
TARRANTRight. [Tarrant and Dayna run off towards the generator house. Avon runs off in the other direction.]

[Vila and Soolin in a corridor in section four. Soolin slides back a panel and starts removing plastic blocks which are concealing Orac.]

SOOLIN[Hearing approaching footsteps.] It must have picked up our body heat. [The lights flicker and dim.]
VILAListen. [Noise of a door closing.]
SOOLINThat's the way to the main entrance.
VILAWe're trapped.
ANDROIDLeave Orac. [Soolin takes Orac.] Leave Orac!! [Vila tries to take Orac from Soolin.]
VILAWho needs it, it's just a computer! [Exit Soolin with Orac. Vila backtracks, but decides to follow Soolin when he finds his path blocked by the android. Exit Vila.]

[Quick shot of Tarrant and Dayna catching their first glimpse of the generator plant.]

[Over to Avon who is climbing a pylon. He gets to the top and attaches some cables to some kind of junction box.]

[Another shot of Dayna and Tarrant who are just entering the boundary wall of the run down generator plant.]

[Back to Avon, who is cutting power cables on the junction box. Avon casually tosses the wire cutters over his shoulder after he has finished with them.]

[Meanwhile, Soolin and Vila are catching their breath in the teleport room back at the base. They bump into, and startle each other.]

SOOLINVila! You've got to get back to the main entrance and open that door!
VILAGet back?
SOOLINI'll lure it away with Orac.
VILAYou hope!
SOOLIN[Pushes Vila towards corner.] Hide over there.

[Vila hides behind a sofa. Soolin activates Orac. Enter android, who makes towards Soolin and Orac, then turns towards Vila. Vila makes a run for the door, and just makes it, even though the android throws the nearest electrical gadget to hand in front of him, which explodes at Vila's feet.

[Meanwhile, Tarrant and Dayna make a forced entry into the generator plant.]

DAYNAIt's been a long time since this place was operational.
TARRANTLet's hope it still works.

[Back to Avon, who now is attaching cables to either end of the footbridge.]

[Soolin, out of breath, with Orac.]

ORACOff, Soolin! Switch off!
SOOLINNot yet.
ORACIt can reach us, control me. [Enter android.]
ORACAccept your domination, Soolin! Surrender to your God!
ANDROIDOrac! [Exit Soolin, with Orac.]

[Vila leaves the main entrance, having opened it.]

VILA[Shouts] Soolin! All clear!

[Soolin arrives at the bottom of a stairwell, with Orac.]

ORACJoin us, Soolin. We can fulfill your every desire.
SOOLIN[Deactivates Orac.] You wouldn't know where to start.
VILA[Voice heard from above.] Soolin! Come on!
ANDROID[Voice heard from behind.] Orac! [Soolin starts up stairs.]
ANDROID[Enters] Orac! [Follows Soolin up the stairs.]

[Quick shot of Avon running back across the bridge.]

[Followed by a quick shot of Soolin leaving the base entrance, exhausted, and placing Orac on the ground. Vila takes Orac and they both make off.]

[Another shot of Avon running across the bridge again, carrying a cable reel and the android's head.]

[The android at the entrance to the base. He makes off in the same direction as Vila and Soolin a few moments earlier.]

[Vila and Soolin start crossing the footbridge. Avon meets them in the middle. Avon takes Orac from Vila; Soolin gives Avon Orac's key. Avon goes back to the other side, while Soolin and Vila turn back to look for the android.]

[Quick shot of the android walking, presumably towards the bridge.]

[Avon on the other side of the bridge. Puts Orac on the ground.]

AVON[Into bracelet.] Right, Tarrant. Power on!

[Dayna and Tarrant in the generator house.]

DAYNA[Into bracelet.] Right, Avon.
TARRANTPray for water. [Turns a large valve wheel. It is very stiff at first.]

[Shot of outside. Water starts to flow through sluice gate.]

[Back inside again, and the valve wheel is turning more easily now.]

[Outside again, and water is beginning to gush out.]

[Back inside, Tarrant is still turning the wheel. The sound of rushing water can be heard.]

DAYNASounds like ...

[Outside again. Water is now spewing out of the sluice gate.]

[Inside, Tarrant is still turning the wheel.]

TARRANTEngage the generator. [Dayna goes over to a control panel on the wall and pulls a large, cobweb covered lever down. A red light comes on above it.]

[Avon and Orac, back near the end of the bridge. Avon activates Orac.]

ORACA new era, Avon. Mankind is now mastered by the fruits of his lustful creation. Accept slavery, or return to the caves ... [Quick shot of Vila and Soolin looking on from the bridge. Orac continues.] ... stripped of all but the wheel, the plough and the sword, to compete once again as savages against nature.
VILA[Voice heard from off camera.] It's coming! [Avon walks over to Soolin and Vila. The android is just stepping on to the other end of the bridge. Avon goes back to Orac and takes the android's head.]
AVON[Deactivates Orac and speaks into bracelet.] Power, Tarrant. [Enter Vila and Soolin. I need that power now.

[Tarrant in the generator house.]

TARRANT[Into bracelet.] You should have it!

[Avon and company at the end of the bridge.]

AVON[Into bracelet.] Well, I haven't!

[Tarrant in the generator house. He looks round, trying to work out what's up.]

[Very brief shot of Avon and company.]

[Very brief shot of the android walking across the bridge.]

[Back to Avon, now standing near the end of the bridge.]

AVON[Into bracelet.] Power, Tarrant!

[Tarrant in the generator house, pulling more levers down. Sparks and flames jump from them as they make contact.]

TARRANT[To Dayna.] Help me! [Dayna runs over and holds the levers Tarrant has just pulled down against the contacts. Tarrant pulls down another two levers.]

[Back on the footbridge. The android is now about half way across. Avon, Vila and Soolin look on. As the android nears the end of the bridge, there is a small explosion behind him as the bridge short circuits. Further small explosions occur around the android, who falls, motionless, just at the end of the bridge. Avon, with a determined look on his face, approaches the android with the head, and attempts to put it in place. A strong electromagnetic field resists him, and the android writhes about slightly. Avon steps back and takes a deep breath before trying again, while Vila and Soolin look on. Again he gives up and takes a step back. He moves forwards again and manages to turn the head into place, but is thrown back and knocked out by the force resisting him.]

VILASignal Dayna.

[Dayna in the generator room.]

SOOLIN[V.O. on comm.] Cut it, Dayna. [Dayna and Tarrant let go of the levers, and run outside.]

[The android on the bridge, head now in place. It is writhing slightly, and there is still a force field around it. Meanwhile Soolin is attending to Avon. She takes off his glove and feels his pulse.]

SOOLINBring Orac. [Vila goes over to Orac and stands over it looking at the android on the bridge.]
SOOLIN[Voice heard from off camera.] Quickly, Vila! [Vila brings Orac over to Soolin.]
VILADo you think we can trust it? Scabby little rebel!
SOOLINSwitch on and we'll see. [Vila activates Orac.]
SOOLINPrognosis, Orac.
ORACProspect for organic humanoid life is dependant on one condition.
VILAConditions still.
ORACCorrection. Dependant on one action. [Tarrant and Dayna approach over the footbridge.]
SOOLINHelp me get Avon back to base.
ORACRequisite action must be carried out first. It is imperative! [Tarrant hands an explosives case he's carrying to Dayna, who opens it. Tarrant heads over to where Avon is lying.]
TARRANTVila, take his feet. Soolin, bring Orac.
TARRANTJust do it!

[Dayna, standing over the android on the end of the bridge. She attaches explosives to the bridge, and to the android's head.]

[Soolin, Tarrant, Vila, Avon and Orac, in a clearing at a safe distance. Avon is just coming round.]

AVONDid it work? The inhibitor head?
TARRANT[nods] Like a charm.
AVONGood. That circuit influencer will be invaluable to us as a weapon. [Avon puts his head in his hands. Enter Dayna, with a remote control in her hand.]
TARRANT[Whispering to Dayna.] Now. [Dayna presses a button on the remote control.]

[The footbridge. Charges detonating everywhere.]

[Avon looks up. The others look on also. Explosives continue to detonate, and the bridge by now is a ball of smoke and flame.]

[Quick shot of android fragments floating down the stream.]

[Back to Dayna.]

DAYNAEnd of problem! [Turns to Orac.] Right, Orac?
ORACProspects for organic humanoid life are now secured. [Avon looks towards the bridge.]
AVONMuller's android?
TARRANT[Standing up.] Gone to the great cyberneticists in the sky.
AVON[Standing up also.] You fool! It's superstitious half-wits like you who hold back every advance we make.
ORACAnd arrogance, Avon, like yours and Muller's which threaten to destroy--
AVONShut up!
ORACYes, master!

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