Script for Gold

by Colin Davis

(c) 1981 by the British Broadcasting Corporation. Series created by Terry Nation. This is a complete dialogue transcript for research purposes and is not for sale under any circumstances. Format (c) 1993 by David Sanderson and Micky DuPree.

Dramatis Personae

Kerr AvonPaul Darrow
Vila RestalMichael Keating
ServalanJacqueline Pearce
Del TarrantSteven Pacey
Dayna MellanbyJosette Simon
SoolinGlynis Barber
OracPeter Tuddenham
SlavePeter Tuddenham
KeillerRoy Kinnear
Doctor SlatenAntony Brown
Woman PassengerDinah May
Pilot (Captain Kennedy)Norman Hartley


Zerok Flight Controller

[*?] = unintelligible

[Scorpio docks with another ship.]

[On board Scorpio.]

DAYNAI'd better take a spare mag.
SOOLINSo who is this Keiller?
AVONAn acquaintance.
TARRANTHe says he's an old friend of yours.
AVONWell, he's wrong.
DAYNAWell, it sounded like he had an interesting proposition to put to us.
AVONHe may have, or he may not. That's what we are going to find out. I need hardly remind you to stay on your guard at all times.

DAYNAPersonally, I'm more worried about the in-flight link-up.
TARRANTThat's no problem so long as Slave can match vectors.
DAYNAWell, he says he can.
TARRANTHe says he's sorry most of the time. I don't believe that either. [Raising his voice.] Keep awake Vila. [Vila rolls his eyes.]

[Avon, Soolin, Dayna, and Tarrant cross over to the other ship.]

KEILLERWelcome, welcome to the Space Princess, everybody.
SOOLIN[Searching Keiller.] He's clean.
KEILLEROf course I'm clean, what do you take me for. Avon and I are old friends. It's good to see you, Avon.
DAYNAUh, nobody said move, Keiller. Just relax.
TARRANTBut not, too much.
KEILLERSay, Avon, what is this, Old Friend. Can't you keep your gang under control.
AVONThey're not my gang, Keiller. We are together for mutual convenience. I imagine that if I double-crossed them, they would try and kill me. Just as they will kill you, if you let them down.
KEILLERSo, ah, shall we go into the office. I'll explain everything.

[They enter the Pursers Office.]

KEILLERThis is the Space Princess. A bit of a played-out old pleasure cruiser. This is the Pursers Office of the Space Princess, and this [Indicating himself.] is the Purser of the Space Princess. Are you with me so far?
TARRANTYou're relaxing too much.
KEILLERLook, can't we keep this friendly.
TARRANTYou're not the pilot then?
KEILLERNo, I am not.
TARRANTSo, who is?
KEILLERAs of now, nobody. The ships empty, she's been for a refit. Look at all this, new stuff. She runs home on auto.
SOOLINWhere's home, Keiller?
KEILLERZerok. A frontier planet. You may not know it. Not very modern. I say home. She makes orbit herself and a pilot comes up to take her down.
AVONZerok, the gold planet?
KEILLERRight! [Chuckles.] You've got it, Old Friend. [Chuckles again.] So, shall we get to business.
SOOLINWhen we know what it is?
KEILLERSmart. It's money. Look [Keiller activates some monitors.] ...we don't only carry passengers on this ship. We have a small hold, and we carry cargo. Valuable cargo. Now can anyone guess what it is?
KEILLERRight first time. Only it travels incognito. We pretend it's fruit. Zerok's a natural source of gold. It's virtually mined out everywhere else, so Zerok's rich.
DAYNAWho buys it?
KEILLERThe Federation. Lots of places. It's still used as standard currency in fringe deals with planets that have no computer linkup. All the gold going from Zerok to the Federation goes by Space Princess.
SOOLINI don't believe you.
KEILLEROh, you should.
SOOLINThis is a pleasure cruiser. It's got no armor.
KEILLERI told you, it's incognito. Listen, every so often they send up a highly armed ship with security written all over it, bristling with guards. And every so often someone attacks it and gets killed. Which is crazy. Because that ship's carrying fruit. We carry gold with hardly any guards.
AVONHow do you know about this?
KEILLERMe? [Chuckles] Look at all this surveillance. I'm a little more than a purser, you see. I'm a security man. A poorly paid one.
AVONAnd you want us to help you get rich by stealing the gold from this ship.
KEILLERRight. Fifty-fifty, what do you say?
AVONWe will decide the terms. Why pick on us?
KEILLERYou have a ship for the getaway. And a reputation for daring.
TARRANTWhich you heard about where?
KEILLEROh, I've known Avon, long time. [Avon smiles.] We're old friends...
TARRANTThat's not what I asked.
KEILLEROn the grapevine, my friend. You're getting to be big news.

[Entering the empty hold of the Space Princess.]

AVONSeventeen billion?
KEILLERSeventeen billion. That's what it's worth in direct exchange for cash.
SOOLINThat's a lot of cash.
DAYNA[To Avon.] The idea's good, isn't it? Seems good to me.
TARRANTIt's all clear. Maybe Vila should be here, to give us his professional opinion.
DAYNAHe's one of us. He stayed on Scorpio.
SOOLINIn case of misunderstanding.
KEILLERThis Vila, is he, uh...
AVONHe's a thief, and a good one. But we don't need Vila to tell us the obvious, do we? That no one, but no one allows a fortune like that to travel in an unarmed crate with just two plainclothes guards. So. What's the snag, Keiller!?
KEILLERThe processor.
TARRANTThe what?
KEILLERAt the mine on Zerok, they process the gold. They change its atomic constitution. It turns black. And it's useless until it's reprocessed, and that can't happen unless you know the computer code that was used on Zerok the day it was processed. Zerok won't release that code until the gold is in the hands of the Federation.
TARRANTSo, if we could steal it, what use is black gold to us?
KEILLER[Chuckling-cough.] None what so ever.
SOOLINThat is a snag.
KEILLERBut, there is a way around it, Pretty One [placing his arm around Soolin.]
AVONWe are waiting, Keiller!
KEILLERThe mine on Zerok, it's underground.
DAYNALike most mines.
KEILLERAnd it's completely automated. The processed gold is even taken to the spaceport by underground conveyor.
KEILLERSo, Pretty One, we visit the mine and we tamper with the processor. That way the gold stays okay. When the gold's gone through, we readjust the processor and it's like nothing had happened. The computer says it's black, nobody checks. The gold is delivered here as normal.
DAYNAAnd then we steal it.
KEILLERThat's right. Billions!
TARRANTSo it can be done.
KEILLEROh yes, it can be done, but it's not easy.
TARRANTIf it was easy you wouldn't need us.
SOOLINWhat's it like on the surface, this mine?
KEILLEROn the surface, Pretty One [Soolin raises her gun.] uh -- it's a pretense, like me. On Zerok it's a vegetable reprocessing plant, but, uh, under guard.

[On the surface of Zerok. Keiller is hiding. Soolin and Avon teleport in behind Keiller.]

AVONWe're not late I trust.
KEILLERBut we arranged -- I was supposed to get you through the fence. How did you get in here?
SOOLINShort cut.
KEILLERAvon, Old Friend, I still don't understand how you got in here, but listen. They think I went out on that chopper. I'm no safer here now than you.
AVONGood. [To Soolin.] Clear?
SOOLINJust one guard.
AVON[To Keiller.] Let's go.
KEILLERRight. This way.

KEILLER[To guard.] They're with me. Visitors. [Soolin kills the guard.]

[Dayna and Tarrant teleport onto the planet surface, away from the others.]

KEILLER[To computerized lock.] Voice print: Keiller two two seven one nine three two six. [Long delay, then the door opens.]
GUARDWhat do you want?
KEILLER[Forcing his way past the guard.] I've got to look in here. [Avon kills the guard.]

KEILLERIt's up there. [Indicating the top of a ladder.]

[At the top of the ladder Avon waits for Keiller, who is having trouble climbing the ladder.]

AVON[Harsh whisper to Keiller.] Come on!

[Two guards move behind some plant equipment.]

KEILLER[Offscreen.] Look out. [Soolin kills both of the guards.] I say, you two, that was good shooting.
AVON[To Soolin] Not bad. [To Keiller] Soolin killed them both. [Clearing away from an opening.] After you.

[Inside a lift.]

KEILLERYour friend, Vila, he wants no part in this?
SOOLINHe doesn't trust you, Keiller. He thinks it's a trap.
AVONAnd frequently right. How much further?
KEILLERThe processing area is quite a way down.

[Dayna and Tarrant stand guard on the planet surface.]

DAYNANothing. [An alarm starts ringing.]

SOOLINThat's a security alarm.
KEILLERWe've got to get back up.
AVONNo! Down.
KEILLERBut now...
SOOLINTarrant and Dayna are up there, they'll cover for us.
KEILLERBut, how'd they get there, I don't understand?
AVONThat is because we didn't explain.

DAYNAWhat set that off?
TARRANTDon't look at me, I didn't touch anything. [They shoot at some guards and run.]
GUARDCome on!

[At the underground processing plant.]

KEILLERThis is it.
SOOLINHow long have we got?
KEILLERWhat, to stay alive? You tell me.
AVONTwo minutes, Keiller, while the gold goes through. Your estimate.
SOOLINCan you cope?
KEILLERIt's nothing. Just swapping a white leaf for a red.
SOOLINIf the radiation's as deadly as you say, I hope it really is that simple.

[At the entrance with the electronic lock.]

DAYNACan we defend this?
TARRANTHave we got a choice? [A small explosion goes off nearby.]
DAYNALooks as though we have.
TARRANTLet's get up there.

[At the top of the ladder.]

DAYNAAvon! Soolin!
TARRANT[*?] [NOTE: This is entirely inaudible. Lip reading is difficult do to the angle of Tarrants head. The following are two possiblities: 1. Better get in after them. 2. Let's get in after them. Both suggestions are in doubt, but are likely to be similar in meaning to the actual dialogue.]

[At the underground processing plant.]

TARRANTAvon! Soolin!
DAYNA[Pointing at Keiller.] Tarrant!
TARRANTKeiller, what happened? He's out cold. [Dayna looks through a door.] [To Dayna.] What is it?
DAYNATwo bodies, I think. The radiation hasn't left much.

[On board Scorpio.]

KEILLERWhere am I? How did I get here.
VILAIt's your lucky day. Then again, maybe it isn't.
KEILLERVila. You couldn't have landed this thing anywhere near the mine. How did you get it...
VILAA device called a teleporter. You weren't told about it?
KEILLERSeems there's a lot I wasn't told.
DAYNAIt saved our lives.
KEILLERAnd Avon, and the pretty one?
TARRANTAvon and SOOLIN are dead.
KEILLERI'm sorry.
TARRANTThat's something I suppose.
KEILLERThere was an ambush. Must have been a trap. I was working on the processor. Two guards were waiting.
DAYNAGuards? What were they doing there?
KEILLERI don't know, they shouldn't have been there. The gold was just about to go through, there was a fight, an explosion, a scramble to get out...
TARRANTWe were behind you in the corridor, Keiller, there were NO guards.
KEILLERThey must be dead as well. Like Avon and -- the pretty one.
VILAYou didn't set them up, I suppose? It wasn't a trap from the start?
KEILLERLook, I nearly died myself, what do you think? It's you that's keeping things from me, not me from you.
TARRANTThe main alarm went off outside the warehouse. You'd already dealt with the guard, so who set it off?
KEILLERNot me, I was working in the mine...
DAYNASomeone knew we were coming.
KEILLERLook, I didn't set you up.
TARRANTBut you know more than you're saying, don't you, Keiller?
DAYNAWe have to find out, you see. For the sake of our friends. For the sake of our dead friends.

[At the underground processing plant.]

SOOLINWell, they cleared up the mess, at any rate.
AVONThey would. Breach of security. It could be an embarrassment. They will arrange an accident, I expect, to account for the dead guards.
SOOLINIt worked. They think those corpses were us.
AVONWell, why not? This was just a robbery that didn't come off. They have no idea who we were. Nothing was stolen. Besides, the guards that jumped us down here weren't their men, anyway.
SOOLINThose men weren't Zerok security guards?
AVONTheir uniforms were perfect, but the guns were not standard issue. Didn't you notice?
SOOLINActually, no.
AVONSomeone else is using Keiller to get to us. It's the only logical explanation.
SOOLINSo let's check him out, him and that ship of his.
AVONWe'll go out through the conveyor tunnel. It leads directly to the space port.
SOOLINThat just leaves the problem of getting on board the Space Princess.
AVONAs long as it's still loading, that's NO problem.

[Space Princess Pursers Office.]

AVONCommunications records. You check the system, I'll go over the files.
SOOLINRight. So, how did Keiller do it?
AVONDon't touch a volume output. If the gold is on board, so is the security.
SOOLINWhen I find it, I'll avoid it. [Avon opens a cabinet.] Something useful?
SOOLINSomething useful.
AVONAh, this looks more promising.
SOOLINWhat is it?
AVONSome sort of log. Anything over there?
SOOLINI don't know yet, give me time. Ah! So, that's how Keiller did it. There's the hold. Plus gold. Plus security.
AVONQuite a lot of security in fact.
SOOLINAvon, what's that?
AVONSound track?
SOOLINSeems to be.
AVONWell, let's hear it, but make sure no one else does.
KEILLER[V.O., recording over office P.A.] We are now passing as close as we dare to the ferocious power which is Pyrrus, and which has been called the twelfth wonder of... [Avon changes recordings.] ...a harmless electrical phenomenon known as Stardust Blizzard Field... [Avon changes recordings.] ...and the strange beauty of this ice planet can make it difficult to realize that it is one of the bleakest solid surfaces in the known galaxy.
AVONSo, this ship goes directly from Zerok to Earth. The pleasure cruise is a sham.
SOOLINLike everything else on Zerok. I'm surprised the passengers fall for it.
AVONI imagine they have chemical help.
SOOLINYou mean they drug the passengers?
AVONAh! This is interesting. Keiller's record. Very impressive. His last employer was the Federation.
SOOLINWhat's he doing here on Zerok?
AVON[To himself.] On the President's personal staff. But which president?
SOOLINAvon, I think I've hit a volume output!
AVONWe'd better get out of here.
SOOLIN[Into comm.] Scorpio, Scorpio. Come in, Scorpio.
VILA[V.O., over comm.] Soolin!
SOOLINStand by to bring us up, Vila.
VILA[V.O.] Soolin, we thought you were dead.
SOOLINYou sound disappointed. Are you standing by?
AVON[Into comm.] Bring us up, Vila!
VILA[V.O.] Avon!
SOOLINNow, Vila.
VILA[V.O.] All right. All right. I'm doing my best.

KEILLERLook, do you all have to stare at me like that? I swear I didn't let you down. All right. I was told to contact you.
KEILLERI don't know. I don't -- really. But they play rough, I do know that. They blackmailed me, said they'd use my record against me... I've got a criminal record, you see.
VILAHasn't everybody?
TARRANTSo this was their idea, then, not yours.
KEILLERSome of it. Going to the mine was my idea.
DAYNAWhat did they want?
KEILLERBlack gold. It seems they've got a way of laundering it back through the bank in Zerok. I can't imagine how, but they offered me a reward.
SOOLINYou wanted more than a reward, though, didn't you, Keiller? You thought with our help you could get all that gold for yourself. I dislike greedy men, Keiller.
AVONWhat was the reward?
KEILLERSix billion. Quite a lot.
AVONThat's quite a lot less than seventeen billion.
KEILLERThat's what I thought... why I decided to go my own way. Look, Avon, these people are ruthless. I daren't go back to the Space Princess alone, they'll kill me.
TARRANTSounds reasonable.
KEILLERYou've got to take me with you, Avon.
VILANot a chance.
KEILLERPlease. Avon, if I go out there, I'm a dead man. Please!
AVONAll right, Keiller, we'll take you with us.
TARRANTWait just a minute, Avon --
AVONWe'll take you with us on one condition.
KEILLERWhat's that?
AVONThe robbery goes ahead just as you and your former associates planned it, with one minor modification. We will use the teleport to steal your gold.
ORACI fear that will not be possible, Avon.
AVONWhy not?
ORACThe processed gold will have undergone a subneutronic overlap shift. If subjected to the teleport process as well, it will reduce to dust irrevocably.
AVONAll right. We'll just have to use Keiller's plan as it stands.
VILAOr falls.

CONTROL[V.O., over comm.] [Beep] Space Princess, this is Zerok Control. Do you copy? [Beep]
PILOT[V.O., over comm.] Zerok Control, this is Space Princess. Go ahead. [Beep]
CONTROL[V.O.] Orbital clearance is on seven seven zero two. Confirm please. [Beep]
PILOT[V.O.] Confirm seven seven zero two.
CONTROL[V.O.] Have a happy trip. [Beep]
PILOT[V.O.] Twelve standard days in this crate? That's happiness. [Beep]

[On Board Space Princess.]

KEILLER[V.O., recording over P.A.] Good morning. Good morning. We are now one hour into our cruise, and this is Keiller, your Purser, welcoming you to Space Princess. We hope your trip will be a pleasant one. We'll be visiting some interesting places between here and Earth. And I, and the Captain, and the crew will endeavor to ensure that you gain maximum enjoyment and instruction from your voyage. Space Princess carries a number of special luxury facilities...
AVONI want to see the Purser.
KEILLER[V.O. recording continues.] ...Byro sauna units of the very latest kind...
KEILLERCome in, Avon. [Keiller turns down the Pursers Office P.A.]
KEILLER[V.O. recording continues from hallway P.A.] ...they reach the parts that other units don't even...
AVONHow many guards?
KEILLEROne in the hold. Two others change shift with him, but they won't be around, off-duty.
KEILLERTwo, on duty.
AVONAnd you know them.
KEILLERNo. Different department. But they stand out a mile. They don't eat the passengers' food, so they're not drugged. And they're rotten actors.
AVONIt's vital that Tarrant and Soolin know them all. Now about this drug you gave Dayna.
KEILLERDon't worry. It's quite safe. Causes symptoms, bad ones, but nothing else. They use it in psychological tests for security.
AVONThe plan was that she should fake it.
KEILLERThe regular doctor didn't turn up for the flight. The one they got as a last-minute replacement might not be the drunken 'alf-wit the other one was. Relax, Avon. It'll work, I stake my life on it.
AVONOh yes, indeed.

[Corridor outside of the Pursers Office.]

KEILLER[V.O., recording over P.A.] Good morning. Good morning. Keiller the Purser speaking. In a few minutes I shall be giving you the day's itinerary, but first, please tune all chronometers to frequency seven for synchronization with Federation Standard Time...
TARRANTExcuse me, do you know where I can find the Purser?
KEILLER[V.O., recording continues.] ...Thank you.
WOMAN PASSENGERNo, sorry. Have a nice day.
TARRANTAsk a silly question. I'm beginning to wish I was eating the same food as them. They seem to be having a good time.
SOOLINWhy don't we wait in the Pursers Office?
TARRANTWhat a good idea! [They enter the Pursers Office and check the monitor screen.] Any minute now.

[Entering the Space Princess hold.]

KEILLER[To guard.] It's all right, it's only Keiller. But this is Avon. [Keiller steps aside. Avon shoots the guard.] Keep clear of the camera, just in case. [Keiller hooks a device to the security camera.] There, that should keep us safe, Old Friend. As of now we're not here. [Avon and Keiller wheel in a gurney.] When we shoot the lock stand well back, Old Friend. They play tricks. Exploding catches, things like that.

[Corridor outside the Pursers Office.]

KEILLER[V.O., recording over P.A.] Good morning, passengers. Keiller again with your day's itinerary as promised. Will all passengers who wish to now refer to the star maps issued at the start of the cruise. Coordinates for the position obtained...

[A member of the ships crew enters the Pursers Office. He checks the monitors. Soolin and Tarrant are hiding.]

KEILLER[V.O., recording can be heard from corridor P.A.] which quadrant...

[Space Princess hold.]

KEILLER[Opening container of black gold.] Just look at that - will you look at that. [Small explosion from inside gold pile.] Avon, get down! Avon, quick help me get them off! Quick! Quick! Avon, help me get them off! Get them off! Get them off! Not with your hands! Not with your hands! Get something and get them off quickly! Quickly!
AVONWhat are they?
KEILLERKillers! When they're fired they ignite! If they hit you they go right through you, you've got about ten seconds. Am I clear? Am I clear?
AVONYou're clear!
KEILLERMake certain. Some of them don't ignite right away.
AVONYou're clear! [Keiller sobs.] Now, are there likely to be any more booby traps?
KEILLERNo. No, that'll be all. Come on.

[Pursers Office. The crew member leaves.]

KEILLER[V.O., over corridor P.A.] ...that's the end of our itinerary for the standard unit number six.
TARRANTAh, that was close.
SOOLINYes, he was nearly dead.

[Space Princess hold.]

KEILLERThat's it then, Avon, Old Friend. Round one to us, I think.
AVONPossibly. The cube isn't working!
KEILLERHuh? I must have knocked it when that firecracker hit me. Doesn't matter, though. If they'd found out, we'd be dead by now.

[Corridor outside the Pursers Office.]

KEILLER[To female passenger.] Have a nice day now. [Keiller enters the Pursers Office.]
SOOLINYou've done it?
KEILLERAvon's waiting in the lift with the gold. What about Tarrant?
SOOLINAll on schedule.

[The ships Doctor is examining Dayna, who appears to be very sick.]

DOCTORYou should have declared her condition before the flight. This will give temporary relief, nothing else.
TARRANTBut I don't understand. She had plenty of her tablets. She must have lost them.
DOCTORAddicts do you know. That's why it's an offense not to report to me before leaving Zerok.
TARRANTCan she survive 'til we reach Earth?
TARRANTThat's all right then.
DOCTORUnfortunately not. Being an alien she won't be given drugs on Earth.
TARRANTOh, but in that case she'll die.
TARRANTWhat hope is there then, Doctor?
DOCTOROnly to return to Zerok, and I can't see that happening. Can you?
TARRANT[Shakes his head. Barely audible.] No.
DOCTORHowever, we'll try. [To comm.] Sickbay to flight deck, this is Doctor Slaten. I need to talk to Captain Kennedy.

PILOT[V.O., over comm.] There's no doubt in your mind that she'll die, Doctor?
DOCTOR[V.O., over comm.] None at all, Captain.
PILOT[V.O.] Aborting the trip is out of the question, I'm afraid.
DOCTOR[V.O.] I realize that.
PILOT[V.O.] I could put out a mayday I suppose. See if there's a ship around could take her back. It's a very slim chance, though. [Keiller is eavesdropping on the comm-link.]
KEILLERYou'd be surprised.
DOCTOR[V.O.] It's her only chance under the circumstances.
PILOT[V.O.] I'll give a try then, Doctor.
DOCTOR[V.O.] Thank you, Captain.
KEILLERAnd so say all of us. Eh, Pretty One.

PILOT[V.O., over comm.] suffering from exobriddium addiction and requires immediate passage to Zerok. Mayday. Mayday. This is passage liner Space Princess. We have a medical emergency.
VILA[Into comm.] Space Princess. Space Princess. This is civilian freighter Scorpio calling Space Princess.
PILOT[V.O.] Go ahead, Scorpio.
VILA[Into comm.] We are enroute for Zerok. We can accept your passenger.

[Corridor of the Space Princess. Tarrant and the Doctor are pushing a wheezing Dayna to a lift.]

AVON[From inside the lift, to the Doctor.] Stand back and raise your hands.
DOCTORWho are you? What do you want?
AVONDo as I say. I shan't hesitate to kill you.
DOCTOR[To Tarrant.] Do as he says.
DAYNAAvon! [Knocks the gun from Avons hand. The Doctor runs.] The antidote.
AVON[To Tarrant.] Get after him!
DAYNAI'm dying.

DOCTOR[To Keiller.] Here! Look Out! It's some sort of hold up. [Keiller shoots him.]
KEILLERSee, Pretty One, I can shoot too.
SOOLIN[Raising her gun.] He wasn't armed.
TARRANT[Grabbing Keiller's gun.] Or dangerous.
KEILLEREveryone's dangerous.
TARRANT[In a disgusted tone.] Let's go.

AVONDid you get him.
TARRANTKeiller shot him. [Avon pauses.]
AVONGive me a hand with this. [They move Daynas gurney, containing the gold, into the lift.]

KEILLERI told you it would work. We're going to walk off this ship and no one's even going to try and stop us.
GUARD[Offscreen.] Stop them!
TARRANTGo! [Some shots are exchanged.] There's more!
DAYNAAvon, they're disengaging.
TARRANTWe've got about ten seconds before the airlocks close automatically.
AVONCome on! I'll cover. [Avon takes careful aim and fires while the others run. Avon then runs, but trips before reaching Scorpio.]
TARRANT[Offscreen.] Avon! [Avon and a guard are trapped between ships.]
GUARDThe door! Open the door! No! Come back! Help! Open the door! No!
AVONVila, I need teleport now, Vila. NOW, VILA!
GUARD[With a fading scream.] Agh!

AVON[To the crew entering from the airlock.] What kept you.
TARRANTAll right, Slave, get us out of here, full power.
SLAVEAt once, Sir.
VILADid you get the gold?

VILATry ten. [Avon looks at Dayna, who shrugs slightly. Avon smiles slightly and snorts. Dayna smiles slightly at him.]
AVONAll right, Keiller. Time to make contact.
KEILLERAnything to get this over with, Old Friend.
AVONYou were given a frequency, I presume. They can't be far away, can they?
KEILLERRendezvous where?
AVONBeta Five, in the Ark Rough Bennett Complex.
DAYNABut that's in Federation territory.
SOOLINIsn't that too dangerous.
AVONThe whole complex is remote, useless, and uninhabited. I don't think we need worry.
KEILLER[Timidly.] Beta Five, then. [More confidently.] Beta Five it is.
AVONOne more thing. The price is ten billion, not six.
KEILLER[Exhales sharply and gets a horrified look on his face.] That's ridiculous...
VILANo, It's good business.
AVONWe, have the gold.

TARRANTWe're well ahead of schedule.
AVONWe are going to need to be. We have to put Scorpio down on Beta Five, unload the gold, and get Scorpio back into orbit. All before they arrive.
DAYNAMakes you appreciate the teleport, doesn't it.
AVONVila, once we are down you take Scorpio back into orbit on your own, but stay within teleport range.
VILABut out of attack range?
AVONDid you want me to tell you to watch out for hostile ships.
VILAJust checking.
AVONAs for the rest of you. No risks, no heroics, please. Just stick to the plan.
SLAVEUh, Beta Five approach is vector achieved and holding, Master.
AVONThank you, Slave. Put it on the main screen.

[On the surface of Beta Five.]

VILA[V.O., over comm.] Avon.
AVON[Offscreen, into comm.] Yes, Vila.
VILA[V.O.] Orbit's established, and according to Slave's detectors your customer should be with you any time now.
AVONI can see them now. Be ready, Vila.
VILA[V.O.] Aren't I always.
AVONNo, you're not. [Avon turns off his comm-link.] [Louder, to the others on the planet surface.] They're on their way.

[A group of black clad people arrive.]

AVONAll right, everyone move back from the gold, slowly. Don't make any sudden moves. [The crew move back. A black clad figure moves forward and sets down a case. Avon moves forward, then drops down. Dayna chops Keiller and all the crew draw their guns.]
DAYNAQuite still, Keiller!
AVONI've been waiting for a chance to kill you...Servalan. [Servalan removes a facial cover, revealing her face.]

SERVALANCongratulations, Avon. I see you worked it out.
AVONKeiller was once on the personal security staff of the president of the Federation. That just had to be you. It wasn't hard to work out. But it wasn't meant to be, was it?

SERVALANI don't know what you mean.
AVONYou wouldn't leave me a clue like that. Not unless you really wanted to. You knew I wouldn't be able to resist it. You planned everything, every move, you even knew that Keiller would disobey you, and you hoped that I would trust him because of that.

SERVALANVery good.
AVONI almost did trust Keiller. When I found out it was you, I knew I was safe from him, at least. After all, he has nothing to gain from obeying you. Only in the end, it occurred to me that he might possibly imagine that you would keep your side of the bargain and pay him his reward instead of just killing him. He doesn't know you as well as I do.

SERVALANWho does? Avon, would you be careful with the gun. My guards have orders to shoot you first. The price of my life would be yours.
AVONWell, now. The sacrifice might be worthwhile.

SERVALANYou're not the sacrificial type.
AVONYou're right. We'll do business as arranged. That was very good bait, the black gold.

SERVALANI knew you'd like it. [They laugh.]
AVONBut I shouldn't imagine it's much use to you now. You'll just have to confess and pay up.
TARRANT[Into comm.] We're ready, Vila.
KEILLERAvon, what about me?
AVONWe can't take you with us, Old Friend. Vila was right, we can't trust you. So we're leaving you, to her. [The crew teleports up.]
KEILLERI'm sorry, I...I did my best. What do we do now.

SERVALAN[To the people in black.] Load the gold and watch him.
KEILLERI don't suppose I'll get paid now, will I, Servalan?

SERVALANWhat use would money be to
KEILLERBut're not goin' to...Servalan, nobody lives here. There's no shelter, no food. Let're not going to leave me here alone. [Servalan turns her back and smiles to herself.]

VILAWell, will you look at that. Two billion each.
TARRANTI've never seen currency of that size.
DAYNANeither have I.
VILAI just can't believe my eyes.
SOOLINAvon, why didn't you tell us that you knew who it was who was setting us up?
AVONWould it have made any difference if I had?
TARRANTYou know damn well it would. Servalan's not just some greedy gangster
AVONSurely that is exactly what she is.

[On the planet Servalan drives away with the black gold, revealing Keiller laying face down on the ground, apparently dead. Servalan looks upward and smiles.]

SOOLINAvon, you took risks with our lives.
AVONFor ten billion in cash and an outside chance of killing Servalan? Would you rather I hadn't?
ORACIt was not sensible.
AVONWhat's that supposed to mean?
ORACWithin the last few hours, Zerok has ceded to the Federation.
DAYNASo that black gold will be of use to Servalan. The Federation doesn't know how she's got it. She's made herself a good profit.
ORAC[Almost laughing] It's worse than that, unfortunately.
ORACThe Federation banking system will now take over that of Zerok. All bank notes drawn by the Bank of Zerok will be declared invalid within seven days and all private transactions will be illegal directly. The consequences of this are clear.
TARRANTYes, they're clear all right. Aren't they, Avon. We've just risked our lives, for nothing.
SOOLINNot for nothing, Tarrant. We risked our lives to make Servalan rich.

[Soolin throws some bank notes in the air. Avon laughs.]

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