Script for Gambit

Written by Robert Holmes

Directed by George Spenton-Foster

(c) 1979 by the British Broadcasting Corporation. Series created by Terry Nation. This is a complete dialogue transcript for research purposes and is not for sale under any circumstances. Format (c) 1992 by Kay Teel and Micky DuPree.

Dramatis Personae

Roj BlakeGareth Thomas
Jenna StannisSally Knyvette
Kerr AvonPaul Darrow
CallyJan Chappell
Vila RestalMichael Keating
OracPeter Tuddenham
ServalanJacqueline Pearce
TravisBrian Croucher
Guest cast:
KrantorAubrey Woods
DocholliDenis Carey
ChenieNicolette Roeg
CroupierSylvia Coleridge
CevedicPaul Grist
ToiseJohn Leeson
JarriereHarry Jones
ZeeMichael Halsey
The KluteDeep Roy

Unnamed henchman
Unnamed male voice
*? = unintelligible

TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: Within the body of the transcription, the speed chess moves are not recorded. However, appended to the transcript is a record of the speed chess games, thoughtfully provided by Eddie Clarke.

[A bar in Freedom City. Zee limps across the floor to Docholli's table.]

ZEEGet up!

DOCHOLLIHello, Zee. So you're getting around. How's the leg?

ZEEYou drunken butcher. Look what you did!

DOCHOLLIYou're lucky to have it, my friend.

ZEELucky? You crippled me, Kline. [Puts hand on crippled leg.]

DOCHOLLIWhen they brought you to me after that explosion you had no leg at all. I built that out of pieces!

ZEEGet up!


ZEE[Produces gun] I want to see you fall down. All right, I'm gonna count to three. [Points gun at Docholli.] One... Two -- [Sound of a gun. Zee grabs his hand and shouts in pain.] Ah!

DOCHOLLIThanks. Next time don't leave it so late. [Travis appears from the shadows.]

TRAVIS[To Zee] Get out. [Zee walks off.]

DOCHOLLIUngrateful scum! Have a drink, Travis.

TRAVISOne of us has to see straight. Better be me, I think. [Travis departs.]

CHENIESo, you're a surgeon.

DOCHOLLIUsed to be.

CHENIEI heard about that business on the Barlee.

DOCHOLLIA secondary burner blew out. I did what I could for the survivors.

CHENIEAnd is he one of them?

DOCHOLLITravis? No. He was a passenger, and now he's my bodyguard.

CHENIEI see. And do all your ex-patients try to kill you?

DOCHOLLIThirty of them have every right, Chenie. I should never have done it. Never! [Drinks]

[Teleport area on Liberator. Cally and Jenna are standing on the teleport pad. Vila is at the controls. Blake enters.]

BLAKEThis is a picture of Docholli. He'll have changed his name, of course. [Hands picture to Jenna and Cally.]

CALLYWell, he could have had a face job done by now as well.

BLAKENo, he hasn't had time. Servalan's been on his heels from the moment he escaped with the location of Star One.

VILAWell, he's out of her reach now.


JENNAHow do you mean?

BLAKEWell, Freedom City may be outside the Federation, but that won't stop Servalan. Oh, she'll find some way of getting to him, but if she gets to him before we do...

VILAGoodbye Docholli!

JENNAAnd goodbye to any chance of finding the Federation control center.

BLAKERight. You know what you have to do, Vila. I want you or Avon on stand-by in the teleport the entire time we're in Freedom City.

VILAYes, you said.

BLAKERight, let's go.

JENNA[Waves to Vila] Bye.

[A casino in Freedom City. A floor show is beginning.]

CROUPIERSpeed chess. The only game of skill in this establishment. [Points her baton at the Klute.] The Klute challenges all comers. [The Klute stands up and bows.] A win or a draw gets you a million -- one million credits, _mes amis_. Win or draw against the Klute. The biggest prize in the galaxy. Now come on, all you space trekkers. Put your life on the line and beat the Klute at speed chess. Win a fortune!

[At another end of the casino, Toise approaches Servalan, who holds a mask to her face. Jarriere sits next to her.]

TOISEKrantor will see you now. [Servalan hands the mask to Jarriere.]

SERVALANWait here, Jarriere.

[Krantor's room in the casino. Krantor is sitting at his mirror. He gets up as Servalan enters with Toise.]

KRANTORAh! Commander Servalan. Welcome, welcome, welcome! This is indeed a pleasure. [To Toise] You may go, Toise. We so rarely receive an emissary from the Federation here in Freedom City. I am, Commander, transfixed with delight! [Kisses her hand.]

SERVALANSupreme Commander.

KRANTORAh! My apologies. Supreme Commander. Pray, be seated. [Servalan takes a seat on the bed. Krantor joins her.]

SERVALANYou appear to have misunderstood my message, Krantor. I am not here officially.

KRANTORBut of course. I understood -- perfectly. Discretion and delicacy are the very watchwords of my organization. Just tell me your requirements and I will see that you are provided with the most sophisticated -- and subtle -- forms of satisfaction.

SERVALANYou have misunderstood. I am here unofficially but on Federation business.

KRANTOROh, how sad. Try a pataki cake. [Offers her a tray of small cakes.]


KRANTORThey contain the distilled venom of a local reptile, and the effects are highly stimulating.

SERVALANNo, thank you. [Takes tray from Krantor and puts it on bed.] There is a man here named Docholli, a cyber-surgeon. I am willing to pay two million credits for him, dead or alive.

KRANTORMy dear commander, there are many wanted men here. They come to Freedom City because we are outside the Federation.

SERVALANNot very far outside.

KRANTORI do hope that is not as threatening as it sounds. That would be ... most unwise. Are you sure I can't tempt you? [Offers plate of cakes.]

SERVALANQuite sure.


SERVALANThere's a second man here named Travis. He has an artificial arm and an eye patch. I am interested in finding him also.

KRANTOR[Laughs unpleasantly] An eye patch! Oh, how quaint.


KRANTORPlaced as we are, we must necessarily maintain a position of strict neutrality.

SERVALANAnd what does that mean, exactly?

KRANTORYou will not be impeded in your search for these men.

SERVALANKrantor, I don't have time for that. It is vital I find Docholli before certain ... insurrectionist elements contact him.

KRANTOROh, I see. Insurrectionist elements?

SERVALANMm. A Federation problem which we intend to eliminate.

KRANTORReally, Commander --

SERVALANSupreme --

KRANTORSupreme Commander, you make my blood run cold. I wonder if I emphasized sufficiently how highly we value our neutrality. I'm sure I must have done.

SERVALANHow highly?

KRANTORAlso, my casino ... very profitable ... four million credits a week.

SERVALANYou have a suggestion?


SERVALANEight -- for both Travis and Docholli.

KRANTORMy dear Com -- Supreme Commander -- I always say we are sent to help each other. What is this life if we cannot be of some service to our fellows? Give me two hours.

SERVALANThank you. [Gets up to leave, pauses at door.] I have booked room one hundred at the terminal.

KRANTORI know. [She departs. Krantor stands as Toise enters.]


TOISETravis came in on the Barlee's last trip. He spends all his time down on the rink. [Krantor makes an acknowledgment, then does a double-take.]

KRANTORToise, are you sure that head gear is part of the uniform?

TOISEIt is of the period, Krantor.

KRANTORIt looks a little heavy.

TOISEMay I say that your own costume is ... is quite magnificent. It really suits you.

KRANTORYes, it does, doesn't it? My designer tells me that it is patterned upon the attire of someone called the Prince Regent. Oh, what a pity that everyone doesn't enter into the spirit of Carnival -- of _Mardi Gras_ -- as wholeheartedly as you and I. [Suddenly serious] Docholli?

TOISENo record under that name, but there is a Kline who carried out emergency surgery on board the Barlee after an explosion there. He too stays down on the rink, drinking heavily.

KRANTORWorth investigation.


KRANTOR[Sits on bed] The fact that Servalan was so willing to pay so much in order to stop her political opponents from contacting him ... Very interesting.

TOISEIt indicates that he possesses some important Federation secret. [Sits on bed.]

KRANTORWhich we can extract before giving her his body. Krantor wins both ways. Rule of the house. [Feeds Toise a cake.]

[Teleport area on the Liberator. Vila is sitting at the controls. Avon sits on the steps. Orac is next to him.]

VILAThey say it's wide open.

AVONWhat is?

VILAFreedom City.

AVONSo I've heard. Wide, wide open.

VILAGot everything a man ever dreams of, they say.

AVONSpace City pales by comparison, they say.

VILAYou know, if it was a desert down there, so hot your eyeballs frizzled, poisonous snakes under every rock --

AVONBlake would have sent us.

VILAYou can bet on it.

AVONBet! Why not? It's perfect.

VILAWhat is?

AVONThere is a casino down there. It is called the Big Wheel. No stake limits. Why don't we bust it?

VILABecause we're up here and the casino's down there.

AVONWe go down there. We can get Orac to operate the teleport. He can do it just as well from down there as up here.

VILAYou mean take Orac with us?

AVONOf course we take Orac with us. You dummy. You haven't caught on, have you?

VILAWhat's on your mind?

AVONThe Big Wheel is run by a computer that fixes the odds at five percent in favor of the house, right?


AVONRight. Orac reads computers.

VILAOhhhh, that is beautiful! Avon, there are times when I almost get to like you.

AVONYes, well, that makes it all worthwhile.

VILAI mean, you give me a warm feeling right here, around the money belt.

AVONWe are going to need some kind of casing for Orac.

VILAWait. Suppose Blake wants fetching up while we're on surface?

AVONOh, he'll be several hours looking for Docholli. We can break that casino and be back up here inside of one hour. He need never know that we were gone.

VILAI just needed convincing. I'm convinced.

AVONI'll get a casing for Orac.

VILAJust a minute. Look at Orac. I mean, look at it. It's a bit on the bulky side for smuggling into a casino, wouldn't you say?

AVON[Considers, then inserts Orac's key] Orac, are you familiar with the theory of molecular reduction?

ORACAm I to assume that you refer to a stabilized atomic implosion?

AVONYes. Vila and I were just discussing it --

VILAWe were?

AVON-- and I was assuring him that the whole idea is an absurd fantasy.

ORACOn the contrary. It is neither absurd, nor is it a fantasy.

AVONAre you suggesting that you know more about the subject than I do?

ORACIt is not a suggestion; it is a statement of fact.

AVONDo you seriously expect me to believe that you could -- for example -- reduce your size without affecting your function?

ORACI could.

VILAFor how long?

ORACIt would depend on the degree of reduction.

AVON[Sets his hands at roughly 1/4 Orac's size. Vila compresses them to 1/8.] Approximately one-eighth of your current size.

ORACTwo hours, six minutes.

VILATalk's cheap.

ORACDoes that mean something?

AVONIt means he doesn't believe you, and neither, as a matter of fact, do I.

ORACI take it you wish me to prove it.

AVONWhy not? [Orac shrinks. Avon and Vila shake hands.]

[At Chenie's bar, Docholli has passed out. Travis and another man lift him. He grunts.]

CHENIEPut him in the back. [Travis and the man carry him off. Travis returns.] Why does he do it?

TRAVISHe gets thirsty.

CHENIEYou want a drink now, Travis?

TRAVISI'll have a vitazade. [Sits.]

CHENIEEarlier tonight he said that thirty of his ex-patients tried to kill him. What does that mean?

TRAVISIt means he gets drunk.

CHENIEWell, whatever he's got on his mind, it can't be that bad. I hear he was quite a hero at the Barlee.

TRAVISPerhaps he was trying to pay something back.

CHENIEThey say he was one of the first in the burner. When the fumes got too much for him, it was you who dragged him out.

TRAVISOh, yes. I'm a hero, too.

CHENIESo. You've saved his life twice. Why?

TRAVISIt's my noble nature.

CHENIEOh, yes, Travis. I can see. It shines from your one yellow eye. Nobility?

TRAVIS[Slams down the glass] Thanks for the drink.

[Travis is walking outside bar. Cevedic and a unnamed henchman are waiting for him. Cevedic holds a weapon.]

TRAVISWhat's this about?

CEVEDICYou're being collected. We're Krantor's rubbish collectors.

TRAVIS"Collected?" [He rushes at them. In the shadows we see him struck down.]
CEVEDIC(off-screen): No. Don't kill him. Not yet.

[In Servalan's room.]

JARRIEREOh, you don't trust Krantor.

SERVALANHe is a despicable animal. When the Federation finally cleans out this cesspit, I shall have that vulpine degenerate eviscerated with a small and very blunt knife.

JARRIEREUm, if the Supreme Commander feels like that about him ...

SERVALANFor the moment we need Krantor.

JARRIEREEven if he cannot be trusted?

SERVALANOh, he can be trusted to do anything for money. He'll deliver Travis.

JARRIEREAnd Docholli?

SERVALANI told him Docholli, dead or alive. Already he is wondering why a corpse should be worth so much.

JARRIEREThen, ma'am, we are likely to get the corpse.


JARRIEREAfter Krantor has learned the answer to that question.


[Outside the bars, Blake, Cally and Jenna are walking.]

BLAKELet's try the dives along there.

JENNAShouldn't we split up? We may cover more ground.

BLAKEI think we'd better stick together.

CALLYBut he's not likely to be here anyway.

BLAKEWhy not?

CALLYThe Federation's top cyber-surgeon? Why should he be?

JENNAShe's right, Blake. He's led a privileged life. He's got money.

BLAKEHe's also been on the move for a long time.

JENNABut even so, a man with his skills can always earn it.

BLAKENot enough. When you've been on the run for as long as Docholli has, everything costs: false identity papers, phony visas. I mean no one's going to stick out their neck helping him unless they stick out their hand first. No, I don't think Docholli's got much now. That is why I think we'll find him somewhere like this.

[Krantor's room. Krantor looks into his mirror. Servalan's face appears.]

KRANTOROh, Supreme Commander, how prompt you are. Such an admirable, military virtue. The matter of which we spoke earlier.

SERVALANGet to the point, Krantor.

KRANTOR[Rebuffed] The first package is already on its way and naturally I do expect payment on delivery.

SERVALANNaturally. Travis, I imagine.

KRANTORThe second will follow in due course. But if you find time is, um, dragging, I can provide some very original forms of diversion which I guarantee will give you immense pleasure.

SERVALANDocholli is all I want from you, Krantor. [Krantor "switches" off. Toise enters.]


KRANTOROne of these days, Toise, I am going to have Supreme Commander high-and-mighty Servalan ravaged until she does not know what month she's in. I'll have her screaming for death. I --

TOISEKrantor! We have a trekker ready to challenge the Klute.

KRANTOROh! And so early, too. It's usually much later, when they're drunk, or desperate. I say, what a profitable start to the evening.

[The casino.]

CROUPIERCome on, my friends. Gather round. You are about to witness the most important spectacle in the history of sport.

KRANTORFriends and patrons! We have here a young trekker as you can see. His name is ... [Consults with the man] Thrills. And he is challenging the mighty Klute at speed chess. Your applause for his courage, please. [He leads Thrills to the speed chess table.]

CROUPIER_Alors_. The rules of speed chess are _tres simple_. [Explains] Simple. Each contestant has five seconds to make his move. If he exceeds that time -- _tant pis_ -- he loses a pawn.

KRANTORIf Thrills wins or forces a draw, then he wins one million credits which I myself will present him. If he loses, he will never need money again, his chair being connected to an electrocution key. And if the Klute wins, he has the right to press that key. That is the Klute's only reward. Ahhh. Please stand well back from the chair. Are we ready now? [Addressing Thrills] Thrills! You have the advantage of the white pieces and the first move. [The chess game starts. Thrills becomes nervous as the Klute remains calm. Thrills loses. The Klute laughs, and presses the button. Thrills is electrocuted.]

VILAHe must have been crazy, staking his life.

AVONJust risking money isn't always enough.


AVONIf you're a gambler that's the biggest gamble you can take. That's the real "kick."

VILAWell, he got his kick all right. Straight up the spine.

[Krantor's room.]

TOISE[placing a box of money on Krantor's desk] Four million credits.

KRANTORExcellent payment for damaged goods. I take it Travis was damaged?

TOISEYou know Cevedic.

KRANTORAnd now he is searching for Kline, who is probably Docholli.

[In Servalan's hotel room, Jarriere is inspecting an unconscious Travis.]

JARRIEREHe's had a bad beating, Commander. Concussion, I think.

SERVALANHe'll soon come round. Travis is very strong. [She goes to inspect Travis.]

JARRIEREOh, he once worked for you?


JARRIEREAnd now he's an outlaw? Uh, what happened?

SERVALANHe outlived his value. [She finds a listening device on Travis. She motions to Jarriere, who joins her. She shows him the "bug" and replaces it in Travis's clothes.] But now he can perform one last service for us.

JARRIEREIn what way, Commander?

SERVALANTravis has been here weeks. He will have found out where Docholli is hiding.

JARRIEREPerhaps not, Commander, if he's no longer interested in the affairs of the Federation.

SERVALANI know Travis better than he knows himself. He has one single dominating obsession. And that is to kill Blake.

JARRIEREThe revolutionary?

SERVALANThe political criminal. And Travis knows that Blake also is hunting Docholli.

JARRIEREBecause he wants the information that only Docholli has?

SERVALANExactly. And that is why Travis is here. Shadowing Docholli, waiting for Blake to arrive.

JARRIEREIf you're right, Commander, when he comes round, we can force him to tell us where to find Docholli.

SERVALANThat might take too long. Travis has a high pain threshold, and we don't have the proper facilities here. No. I have a better idea. Disconnect that artificial arm.

[Krantor is listening in. We hear Servalan and Jarriere through the "bug."]

JARRIERE (V.O.) What are you going to do?
SERVALAN (V.O.) Turn Travis into a walking bomb. Uncouple those neural relays, Jarriere. [Pause] Good. [Pause] Now pass me a nitro grenade.
JARRIERE (V.O.) You're going to put it in his arm?
SERVALAN (V.O.) Just draw the pin first. [Pause] There. [Pause] Now we put the arm back again. [Pause] Careful.
JARRIERE (V.O.) What about the connections?
SERVALAN (V.O.) Leave them. When Travis finds his gun arm isn't working, the first thing he'll do is go to Docholli to get it fixed.
JARRIERE (V.O.) And as soon as he takes the arm off-- [Makes exploding noise.]
JARRIERE (V.O.) They both die. That's brilliant, Commander.

[Servalan's room. Travis is on a bed, waking up.]

TRAVIS[groggily]: So you've arrived, Servalan. Where's Blake? Is he heading here?

SERVALANFor once I'm not interested in Blake. I want Docholli.

TRAVISI can't help you there.

SERVALANYou have Docholli staked out. You're waiting for Blake.

TRAVISI haven't seen Docholli in two years. [Starts to get up.]

JARRIERE[Points gun at Travis] Just stay where you are.

TRAVISThat your new muscle, Servalan? Looks like a powder puff.

SERVALANYes, well, let's forget the pleasantries. Tell me where to find Docholli, I'll let you have Blake.

TRAVISYou haven't got Blake.

SERVALANTravis. We could forget the past. Wipe it out. I'm willing to help you again.

TRAVIS[Looks at his arm] My arm. What have you done to my arm?

SERVALANWhy? What's the matter with it?

TRAVISDamn you, Servalan!

JARRIEREIt must have been damaged when you were brought here.

TRAVIS[To Jarriere] Shut up! [To Servalan] So, you're working with Krantor.

SERVALANJust bought a little help. Travis, you know why I want Docholli. His mouth has to be sealed. Why don't we trade? [A beeping sound, then Krantor's voice bellows forth.]
KRANTOR (V.O.) Good news, Supreme Commander! My men have just collected the second part of your esteemed order.

SERVALANYou have Docholli?
KRANTOR (V.O.) We believe so. He will be delivered as soon as we are certain of his identity.

SERVALANI can identify him.

[Switches to Krantor's room. We see Servalan in the mirror.]

KRANTORNot necessary, Commander. We have the most advanced forms of questioning. ["Switches" mirror off.] [To Toise] That may win us a little time. But she's as perfidious and devious as a snake. Get word to Cevedic. Forget Docholli for the moment. I want Travis found and killed at once.

[Servalan's room.]

SERVALANTravis, we no longer need you.


SERVALANYou're afraid I'm going to kill you at last. Probably I shall if our paths cross again. At the moment, you are too small to bother with. Get out.

[Krantor listening in with device.]

SERVALAN (V.O.) Before I change my mind.

[Blake, Jenna and Cally sitting at bar. Blake sips a drink.]

CHENIEYou just got in?


CHENIECame by freighter, eh?

JENNAWas that a guess?

CHENIEWell there've been no passenger liners here in a month. We're near the docking cradles, you see, so we know everything that comes and goes. Even the planet hoppers.

BLAKEIt's an interesting life you lead.

CHENIEYou planning to stay?

CALLYFor a while, maybe.

CHENIEWell you'll find no work here.

CALLYWho said that we wanted work?

CHENIEWell if you had money, you wouldn't have come by freighter. So you need work.

BLAKESuppose we do?

CHENIEWell you'll do better on the upper level. Try the Big Wheel. The girls have got class. Krantor might hire them. [Cevedic enters and stands between Jenna and Cally. He gulps down a drink, then puts his hands around their waists.]

CEVEDICNice trade you're doing these days, Chenie.

CHENIEUntil a minute ago.

CEVEDICStay around, girls. [Comes to face Chenie at the side of the bar] Where's Kline?


CEVEDICOh, you know who I'm talking about. The surgeon who came in on the Barlee.

CHENIEWell how should I know?

CEVEDICHe drinks here, Chenie. Now where is he?

CHENIEI've no idea. He left here an hour ago.

CEVEDIC[Puts a hand on Chenie's cheek] Now you wouldn't be lying to me, now would you, Chenie?

CHENIENo. I've no idea where he goes when he leaves here.

CEVEDIC[With both hands holding her face] 'Cause if you're lying to me, I'll tear your face off. [Chenie slaps his hands away, and goes towards the back room.] What's in there?

CHENIEThis is private, Cevedic.

CEVEDICWhen Krantor wants somebody, nowhere's private. Now out of the way.

CHENIELook, I swear I don't know where Kline is.

CEVEDICChenie, I'll be back. [He leaves.]

JENNAWho's the ape man?

CHENIEKrantor's professional killer.

BLAKEThe same Krantor that runs the casino?

CHENIEThe same Krantor that runs Freedom City. [Chenie goes into back room.]

CALLYShe was lying, Blake.


CALLYAbout Kline. He's in the back.

JENNAAnd I'll give you any odds that he is Docholli.

[At the casino, Avon holds his teleport bracelet to Orac.]

ORACFifteen black. [At roulette table, Vila, holding his wrist with bracelet to his head, bets. The wheel spins. He wins. Croupier looks at Toise. Toise nods.]

[Krantor's room.]

TOISEKrantor! Someone is having a run on the wheel.

KRANTORA big win is good for business.

TOISEThis fellow's hit seven shots in a row. He's riding half a million credits!

KRANTORYou're right, Toise, that's too big. [Goes to mirror.] Which is he? [Mirror shows Vila.]

[Back room at bar. Docholli is coming out of his stupor.]

CHENIEDo you understand what I'm saying? Come on. Drink this. [Gives him a drink.] You've got to get away from here.

DOCHOLLI[Drinks] Krantor ... no reason for him to be after me. There's someone behind him. It could only be Servalan.


DOCHOLLIServalan. She represents some people I once worked for. Augk. [Drinks] I knew they'd get me in the end.

CHENIEYou've got to get out of Freedom City. Away from this planet. You can't stay here now!

DOCHOLLIDon't worry, Chenie. I won't involve you.

CHENIEIf I want to be involved ... Now listen. There's a Trantinian planet hopper leaving here in a couple of hours. I think I can get you on it.

DOCHOLLITrantinian ship?

CHENIEThe captain's a regular here. He owes me a favour or two.

DOCHOLLIHe'd never take me. I'm a Federation citizen ... was ... Trantinians would never accept me.

CHENIEThis is a planet hopper, Kline! They'll drop you off on some remote spot. You can completely vanish. No one will ever find you.

DOCHOLLI[Laughs] To be safe! At last! [Embraces Chenie] Oh, Chenie, I could never repay you!

CHENIEYou don't have to. I told you, he owes me. Now, listen. You know where the loading bays are. Well there's a ship loading at Bay Ten. You'll have to hide there until the ship's released from the cradles. The captain will collect his clearance card, and then walk through the bay on his way back. That's where you can join him. It's only fifty yards to the ship. If anyone sees you, the chances are they'll think you're one of the crew. Now, have you got all that?

DOCHOLLIYeah. [Hesitates] Suppose he doesn't agree?

CHENIELeave it to me. Now, come on, you've got to be on your way. Go this way. It leads down to the rink. Oh, and good luck, Kline. [They embrace. He leaves through the back door. Chenie goes into front barroom.]


CALLYWhat did you call me?

JENNAA cheap little space tramp.

CALLYYou slut!

JENNAA ten-credit touch!

CALLYWhat -- [Tosses drink at her]

JENNAYou do that again, I'll break your -- [Catfight ensues.]

CHENIEBreak them up. [Blake sneaks into back room. He finds Docholli's surgical kit. He replaces it where he found it and leaves through the back exit.]

[Cally and Jenna emerge from bar.]

JENNAAnd the same to you!

CALLYWe've got news for you. We don't want to come back anyway!

JENNAYou can keep it!

BLAKEJenna! Cally! Over here.

JENNADid you find him?

BLAKEI missed him by a couple of minutes. There's a back entrance. Something must have scared him.

CALLYCevedic, presumably.

JENNAWell he could be anywhere by now.

BLAKEHe's left his surgical kit behind. He may come back for it.

JENNAWell, why?

BLAKEIt's his living.

JENNAWell, right now I doubt he's thinking about his living -- just keeping alive.

BLAKEWell, it's the only lead we've got. Chenie's obviously befriended him. I think he'll be back.

CALLYSo what do we do?


[Servalan's room.]

JARRIEREIt's over an hour, Commander. Krantor should have delivered Docholli by now.

SERVALANKrantor doesn't have Docholli. He was lying.

JARRIEREI don't understand.

SERVALANKrantor had planted a bug on Travis. He overheard everything that went on in this room.

JARRIEREOh, yes, but I--

SERVALAN[Interrupting] He overheard us planning to use Travis to kill Docholli. That pathetic little ploy was just an attempt to gain time while his men find Docholli.


SERVALANDo you, Jarriere? Do you see at all?

JARRIEREUmm. Krantor doesn't want Docholli killed until he's learned what secret he carries.


JARRIEREIt's a risk, Supreme Commander. Suppose Travis doesn't get to Docholli first?

SERVALANHe probably won't. Krantor will try to kill him.

JARRIEREBut if that's what you expected--

SERVALANNot just expect, Jarriere. I want Travis killed. Because that will establish, beyond doubt, Krantor's intentions.

JARRIEREAh, you mean ... uh ... I'm not following.

SERVALANKrantor has Travis killed to protect Docholli. Later he will send us Docholli's body. It will be obvious that he has extorted the secret of Star One. Therefore Krantor himself will be placed on the Council's death list. Now do you see?

JARRIERE[Shakes his head]

SERVALANThe secret of Star One's location is of no use to a criminal like Krantor. However, that knowledge can bring about his death. Not only that. With any luck the Federation will be finally convinced, as I have argued for years, that we can no longer tolerate this pestilential rathole so close to our own territories. Freedom City will be finally burnt out.

JARRIEREAnd this was all in your mind before we came here, Supreme Commander?

SERVALANEradicating this planet has long been in my mind, Jarriere. Events, and Krantor, have played into my hands.

JARRIEREThen all that can go wrong, Excellency, is if Travis eludes Krantor's men and reaches Docholli.

SERVALANEven then, it won't go wrong. You see, I've allowed for that possiblity, too, Jarriere.

[In front of bar. A man walks toward Jenna, Blake and Cally, who are hiding in the shadows.]

JENNAIt's Travis!

BLAKEShhh. [Travis walks past, stops, waves a gun. Seeing nothing, he puts the gun away.]

[Krantor's room.]

KRANTOR[Watching the mirror] I don't know how he's doing it, Toise, but he's taking us.

TOISEHe must be stopped, Krantor!

KRANTORWatch him. Watch him, carefully. Every time, just before he makes a bet, he moves his left hand up to his ear.

TOISEOr his head.

KRANTORWe must find out how he's doing it.


AVON[Speaking into bracelet] Vila, come on. Let's quit. VILA (V.O., over bracelet): One last spin. We're nearly four million up, Avon.

AVONAll right, just once more. But after this, I warn you, I'm walking out -- to be sick.

[Vila is shown at the roulette table.]

[Avon holds bracelet to Orac.]

ORACRed fourteen.

[Roulette table.]

CROUPIERMake your bets. _Messieurs et mesdames, faites vos jeux. Rien ne va plus_. [Vila bets. The ball stops on red fourteen on the roulette wheel. Vila draws a pile of chips toward himself.]

[Krantor's room.]

KRANTORWhat do you mean, you can't find Docholli?

CEVEDICHe's gone to ground in that maze by the docking cradles.

KRANTORCevedic, you know I don't tolerate failure. Your orders were to kill Travis.

CEVEDICAs soon as it gets light, Krantor, I promise, he won't survive an hour.

KRANTORThat may be too late. I want him killed tonight. We put an audio tab on him. That may tell us something. [Switches on listening device.]
CHENIE (V.O.) He's not here, Travis.


TRAVISSo it is true. Krantor has got him.

CHENIEKrantor? No. Why do you say that?

TRAVISI heard. So, Krantor was bluffing.

CHENIEThings got too hot for him, but he's all right now. I've found him a safe passage out.

[Shows Krantor holding the listening device.]

TRAVIS (V.O.) Where is he?
CHENIE (V.O.) In a safe place.
TRAVIS (V.O.) I must find him. You must tell me where he is.


CHENIEHe doesn't need your help, Travis.

TRAVISAll right, all right, Chenie, but I need his! My arm.

CHENIEWhat happened?

TRAVISThe neural circuits have gone. He's the only man who can fix it for me.

CHENIEOh, I don't know.

TRAVISI'm crippled. Helpless. You can't leave me like this!

CHENIEI've never been sure of you, Travis.

TRAVISOh, for --- Chenie, do you think I'll give him away? I've saved his life -- twice. The least you can do is tell me where he is.

CHENIEOh, all right. But if anything goes wrong, I warn you. [Points finger at him.]

TRAVIS[Grabbing her wrist] All I want is my arm fixed!

CHENIE[Pulls her arm away] He's in loading bay ten. By the docking cradles.

TRAVISThat's better.

CHENIEOh, and Travis, if you want your arm fixed, you'd better take his instruments. He left them in here. [She goes to the back room.]

[Krantor's room.]

KRANTORLoading bay ten. You better hurry.

CEVEDICYes, Krantor.

KRANTORAnd when you have disposed of Travis, don't forget to bring me Docholli. [Cevedic departs.] Now, for our other problem. [Looks at mirror.] Tell the croupier to shut the wheel down, Toise. It has developed a mechanical fault.

[Travis leaves bar holding Docholli's surgical kit.]

BLAKEThat is Docholli's case he's carrying.

CALLYAre you sure?

BLAKELet's go. Keep in the shadows.

[In the loading bay.]

CEVEDIC (off-screen whisper) Docholli's in there somewhere, but he's not a problem. First we get Travis.

CEVEDICOver here behind the machine.

[Casino. Vila is at the roulette wheel, surrounded by other customers.]

VILAThank you, thank you. It's a pity the wheel broke down. I was just hitting my stride. For you, my dear. [Offers Croupier a chip. She slaps it away.]

[Krantor's room.]

KRANTORHow much has he won?

TOISENearly five million, Krantor.

KRANTORI want that money back, Toise. Have him picked up the moment he leaves.

TOISEUnfortunately, Krantor, Cevedic took all the men when they went to look for Travis. They're still combing the city.

KRANTORWell just don't stand there! Do something!

[Casino. Vila joins Avon.]

AVONI expect you'll be leaving now.

VILAI'm just waiting for my winnings, old boy. Can't leave them behind. Even if it is only money.

KRANTORMy dear sir, my congratulations! Five million! That is a record. While your money is being, uh ... packaged, I wonder if you would do Krantor the honor of joining him for a little celebratory drink ... in my sanctum.

VILAWell, thank you kindly, Krantor. Thank you kindly. [Vila goes off with Krantor.]

[Loading bay. Docholli hides behind barrels. Travis enters.]

DOCHOLLICareful, Travis! There's two of them. [Travis sets kit down on a barrel. He draws his gun, and goes to look behind barrels. Sound of gunfire. Switch to Blake, Cally and Jenna as they hear the gunfire.]

CEVEDIC[Injured] Just luck. Ahhhh.

TRAVISI went to a better school, Cevedic.

CEVEDICYou're a fool, Travis. You're going to die anyway.

TRAVISNot as quick as you.

CEVEDICSoon as they take that arm off -- kaputt.

TRAVIS[Grabbing Cevedic] What do you mean?

CEVEDICThey leave you like that, you die of gangrene. Take it off and you die quicker. Oh, Servalan fitted you up well, Travis. [Cevedic falls to floor.]

TRAVIS(off-screen): Docholli. Where are you?

DOCHOLLIOver here. Who told you my name was Docholli?

TRAVISI recognized you.


TRAVISFirst time we met. [Blake, Cally and Jenna appear. Blake points a gun at Travis.]

BLAKEJust drop the gun, Travis.

TRAVISBlake. I've been waiting for you. I knew you'd come.

BLAKEI'm glad I didn't disappoint you. Is Docholli there? I want to see him.

DOCHOLLIWhat do you want with me?

BLAKERoj Blake. You may have heard of me. I have a ship called the Liberator.

DOCHOLLIYes, I've heard of you, Blake. I repeat: what do you want with me?

BLAKEOne piece of information: the location of Star One.

DOCHOLLIThen you're going to be disappointed.

[Krantor enters casino with Vila.]

KRANTORFriends and patrons! Your attention, please. I have an important announcement. Vila, this gallant sporting gentleman, has agreed to end the evening with one final wager. Friends, he has agreed to challenge the Klute at speed chess! [Avon, surprised, spits out his food.]

KRANTORThe terms of the game are: if Vila loses, he pays the usual penalty, but if he wins or draws, then I have promised to double his winnings. Yes, friends, he will leave here with ten million credits. [Avon joins Vila and Krantor.]

AVON[To Vila] Are you out of your skull?

VILA[Drunkenly] Ah, Avon. Good ol' Avon. And good ol' Krantor. We're gonna have another game. [They go to the speed chess table. Vila sits.]

AVONVila, what happened?

VILA[Suddenly sober] What's going on? What am I doing here?

KRANTORVila. The Klute offers you the white pieces and the advantage of the first move.

VILAThat drink -- I've been tricked.

KRANTORDid you say something?

VILAI don't want to play.

KRANTORMy friend, it is too late. The stakes have been laid. If you withdraw now, I shall have no alternative but to declare your five million credits forfeit.

AVONPlay, Vila.


AVONOrac'll give you the moves.

VILABut the Klute isn't a computer.


KRANTOR[To Avon] Stand aside from your friend's chair, sir. If he loses the game, you might share his shock.

CROUPIER_Les jeux sont fait._

[Loading bay. Blake is standing beside Docholli, his gun aimed at Travis.]

BLAKEI find that hard to believe.

TRAVISWhy should he lie? He's out of the Federation now.

BLAKEYou never knew the location of Star One?

DOCHOLLII was a surgeon, Blake. I thought if I kept out of Federation politics --

TRAVISDocholli! My arm. You've got to fix it.

DOCHOLLIWhat happened?

TRAVISThe neural circuits. I brought your case.

DOCHOLLIA needle will do. Turn round.

CALLYBut you operated on the people who built Star One.

DOCHOLLIThe technicians, yes, thirty of them. I had no choice.

JENNAThen you must know where Star One is located. How could you not?

DOCHOLLII erased their brain prints, their lives. I left them total amnesiacs. It was only towards the end that I ...

BLAKEGo on, Docholli.

DOCHOLLIAs I came to the end I realized that Servalan would never believe that I hadn't scanned the brain prints, that I myself would be the last to be treated.

TRAVISDocholli! Get on with it.

DOCHOLLISomehow, it was only then that I realized the enormity of my crime, can you believe that?


BLAKEYes, I can believe that.

DOCHOLLIAnd that's when I decided to run for it. I faked the operation on the last of my victims. Ah! [Opens arm up.] What the devil?

BLAKE[Taking the arm] It's all right, it's not primed. Hmm! So, Servalan thought we'd all die together. She must have some other plans.

TRAVIS[Snatching the arm] All right, Blake, if you're man enough, kill me now.

BLAKEOur quarrel is with the Federation, not with you.

JENNAGive me the gun, then.

BLAKEThat would be mercy. Are you feeling particularly merciful?

[Avon holds communicator bracelet to Orac.]

ORACBishop takes pawn. Check. [Vila and the Klute play speed chess. The Klute becomes anxious. At last Vila smiles.]

CROUPIERThe Klute offers a draw! [Vila runs from chair, grabs the pile of money, and joins Avon, who draws his gun.]

AVONLet's get out of here. [They leave.]

KRANTORI don't understand, Toise. What happened?

TOISEWhat happened?! I'll tell you what happened, Krantor -- you blew it!

[Chenie enters the loading bay with a man in space gear.]

CHENIEWhat's going on?

DOCHOLLIIt's all right, Chenie. They're friends. They're friends.

CHENIEI didn't know you had any.

DOCHOLLII have some, these last minutes.

CHENIEWell, get moving. Can't you see the man here is getting worried?


BLAKEDocholli. That last operation. You said it was faked. Does that mean he can still remember?

DOCHOLLIAs far as I know, Blake. I certainly hope so.

BLAKEWho is he?

DOCHOLLIHis name was Lurgen. He was a cyber-surgeon like myself. Perhaps that's why I changed my heart. Anyway, we faked the operation between us. We didn't erase the brain print, we took a copy of it, and then we both ran. He took the copy with him. I heard that he'd gone to earth on a planet called Goth. Later I heard that one of their tribal chiefs had his brain print on a thong round his neck. Well, either it was the print, or his head. They're a crude lot on Goth.

CHENIEYes, well, good luck, Kline, whatever your name is.

DOCHOLLI[Kisses Chenie on the cheek] I'll see you again, Chenie.


[Liberator teleport area. Avon and Vila run to teleport panel. Vila unloads his winnings and Orac.]

AVONQuickly, Vila. Hide the money! BLAKE (V.O. through communicator): Liberator, do you hear me?

AVONReading you, Blake.
BLAKE (V.O.) Bring us up, Avon.

AVONBringing you up now. [Operates teleport.] Welcome back. How did you get on?

CALLYWe managed to reach Docholli.

AVONOh, great. Wonderful. Terrific.

BLAKEWe didn't get the location of Star One, though.

VILA[Comes from behind teleport panel carrying a small chess set] I think it's my turn on call, Avon. [To Blake] Oh, you're back.

BLAKEVila, I don't like that innocent look. What have you two been up to whilst we've been away?

VILAMe? Nothing. Had a little sleep.

AVONPlayed a little chess.

VILAPlayed a little chess.

AVONAnd that's all. [They exchange glances, then look back at Orac (still small). They turn to Blake. Sound as Orac changes back to full size.]

VILAThat's right, Blake. We had a real quiet time.


The Speed Chess Games Transcribed by Eddie Clarke.


White: Thrills
Black: The Klute

1.      e4      e5
2.      Nc3     Nc6
3.      g3      f5
4.      exf5    d5
5.      Qh5+    Ke7
6.      d4      exd4
7.      Bg5+    Nf6

We don't see what happens for the next six moves but the position after move 13 is:

8 R . B Q . B . R
7 P P . . . . P P
6 . . P . . N . .
5 . . K P . p . q
4 . N b . . b . .
3 . . . . . n p .
2 p P p . . p . p
1 . k . r r . . .
  a b c d e f g h

Now we see them play:

14.     Be3+    Kxc4
15.     a4      Nxc2

We miss the next seven moves. The position after move 22 is:

8 q . . . . B . R
7 P P . . . . P P
6 . . P . B . . .
5 . . . . . . . .
4 p . . . P p . .
3 K . . . b . p .
2 . P . . . . . p
1 . k . r N . . .
  a b c d e f g h
Then they play:

23.     Rxe1    Bb4
24.     Qxh8    Ba2+
25.     Kc2     Bc4
We don't see the last moves but from the final position they are probably:

26.     Rd1     Ka2
27.     Qxg7    Bc3 mate


White: Vila (with help from Orac)
Black: The Klute

In the second game we don't see so many of the moves. Here is the position after Vila's 12th move:

8 R . B . . R K .
7 P P . . B P P P
6 . . . . P N . .
5 Q . . . b . . .
4 . . b . . . . .
3 . . n . . . . .
2 p p p . q p p p
1 . . k r . . . r
  a b c d e f g h

Up to this point the only clue to the moves is from Orac saying, "Bishop takes pawn check." This is what we see of the game:

12.     ...     b6
13.     f4      Bb7
14.     Rhf1    Rac8
Position after white's 19th move:

8 . . R . . R . .
7 P B . . B P K .
6 . P . . P . . .
5 Q . . N . . . .
4 . . . . . p q .
3 . . n . . . . .
2 p p p . . . p p
1 . . k r . r . .
  a b c d e f g h

19.     Qg4+    Kh8
20.     Qh5+    Kg7
21.     Qg4+    Kh8
22.     Qh5+
The Klute now offers a draw.

For reconstructions of the games, the reader is referred to the publication Gambit 9.

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