Script for Bounty

Written by Terry Nation

Directed by Pennant Roberts

(c) 1977 by the British Broadcasting Corporation. Series created by Terry Nation. This is a complete dialogue transcript for research purposes and is not for sale under any circumstances. Format (c) 1992 by Susan Schnitger and Micky DuPree.

Regular Cast:
Roj Blake Gareth Thomas
Jenna Stannis Sally Knyvette
Kerr Avon Paul Darrow
Cally Jan Chappell
Vila Restal Michael Keating
Olag Gan David Jackson
Zen Peter Tuddenham
Guest cast:
Sarkoff T. P. McKenna
Tyce Carinthia West
Tarvin Marc Zuber
Cheney Mark York
Amagon Guard Derrick Branche
Two male voices
Doug Charlton Rex Browne
Bob SutherlandRonald Nunnery
John Aston Paul Berry
Bernie LawrenceKeith Norrish
Derek San-SellusAndy Dempsey
Geronimo SehmiNeville Rofaila
Roberta Gibbs

[Cally looks around cautiously in a wooded area. She hides as two Federation guards walk by. Blake is approaching her and carrying a box.]
CALLY[V.O., telepathing] Guards! Don't speak or make a sound. [Blake quietly crouches beside her, and they watch as the guards confer and then depart.]
CALLYMy reflexes are dull. They almost fell over me before I heard them.
BLAKEI've forgotten how useful telepathy is.
CALLYOh, I must practice that, too.
BLAKENo sign of him.
CALLYJust patrols, lots of them.
BLAKEI think I've found where he's being kept.
CALLYIs it as we were told?
BLAKEIt's certainly very strange, the weirdest prison I've ever seen.
BLAKEKeep down. [They watch as Sarkoff, Tyce and a guard pass in an old-style open automobile.]
CALLYWhat was it?
BLAKEI don't know. But in the back position, that was Sarkoff, wasn't it?
CALLYThat was President Sarkoff, yes.
BLAKECome on, let's go. [They enter the compound and unknowingly pass a sensor.]

[A field. Cheney and some other Federation guards.]

CHENEY[Into communicator] Yes?
VOICE[V.O.] I think we've got some intruders.
CHENEYAre you sure?
VOICE[V.O.] Electronic surveillance is usually reliable.
VOICEOur electronic surveillance is usually reliable.
CHENEYVery reliable, yes. Last time it turned out to be a local rodent digging a hole under one of your listening devices. We spent two hours chasing our tails on that occasion.
VOICE[V.O,] That wasn't our fault.
CHENEYAll right, give me the coordinates.
VOICE[V.O.] Five one ....

[Blake and Cally continue walking through the woods.]

CHENEYIf they are there then they've already penetrated two of our security perimeters.
VOICE[V.O.] Have you got them all?
CHENEYYes. Subcommander Cheney to all units. This is a red alert. I repeat, this is a red alert. Electronic security reports intruders in Sector Three. All units are now on Red Standby. Out. [To surrounding guards] At the double, move it.

[The car reaches a building that resembles a small castle with the Eiffel tower grafted onto it.]

SARKOFFThank you, Tyce. You may put the automobile under cover now.
TYCEDon't forget the base commander's gift.

SARKOFFAh, yes, it was very courteous of the base commander, don't you think, to spend part of his leave getting this and then to bring it all the way from Earth.
TYCEHe values your friendship.

SARKOFFYes, I think he does.
TYCEAnd he's a social climber. Probably works your name into every conversation. "My friend, ex-President Sarkoff."

SARKOFFTyce, that is a most ill-mannered remark.
TYCEIt's the truth.

SARKOFFCivilization has always depended on courtesy rather than truth. And I need civilization. Now, more than ever. [Sarkoff enters the building. Blake and Cally have been watching from the nearby trees.]
CALLYHe looks older.
BLAKEHe is older. It's seven years since he came into exile. [Into bracelet] Liberator, come in, Liberator.

[Flight deck of the Liberator]

GAN[Repeats three times in the background] Liberator to space craft. Liberator to space craft. Can you hear us?
JENNALooks like some sort of cruiser.
AVONNot making much headway.
BLAKE[V.O., over communicator] Blake to Liberator, do you read me?
JENNAWe read you.
VILADo you think he's ready to come up?
BLAKE[V.O.] We've run into more security than we expected. It's going to take longer.
JENNAListen, Blake, we've got a problem. There's an unidentified ship moving in on our position.
BLAKE[V.O.] Federation?
JENNAZen says not, but Gan can't make a voice contact. Seems to be closing in all the time.
BLAKEWell, what do you want to do?
JENNA[V.O.] Investigate.
BLAKEWell, be careful.
AVONWe can handle things. If it turns out to be hostile, we'll do a part orbit and lose it.
JENNAWe can't just wait for it to close in.
BLAKEWell, if you've got to move off-station, you've got to, but be as quick as you can, and don't take any stupid risks. We're taking enough of those down here.
JENNADon't worry.
BLAKE[V.O.] Well, I will if you're not back in time to get us out.
JENNAWe'll be here.
BLAKE[V.O] Good luck!
JENNAYou, too.
VILAI don't like the look of that.
GANNot again, Vila.
VILAI'm entitled to my opinion.
AVONIt is your assumption that we are entitled to it as well that is irritating.
JENNAWhat do you think?
AVONAs a matter of fact, I don't like the look of it either.
VILA[To himself] He agrees with me.
AVONThe flight path is too erratic.
VILA[Still to himself] Makes it all seem worthwhile somehow.
AVONIt looks deliberate to me.
JENNAIt could be an injured pilot.
AVONIt could be a trap.
GANIt's not a very good one, then. We're suspicious of it already.
AVONThe test is not whether you are suspicious but whether you are caught.
JENNAThen we'll make sure we're not. Vila, clear the neutron blasters for firing. Zen, put up the radiation flare shields.
JENNA[To Gan] Keep trying to establish a voice contact. I'll fly her on manual. [To Avon] If you'll read the detectors and scanners.
AVONFirst sign of trouble, we get out, right?
JENNAGoes without saying.
AVONI only wish it did.

[In woods near the castle. Blake rejoins Cally after scouting the area.]

CALLYWe attack the guards or climb.
BLAKEThere's a door on the ground floor, it's the only entrance. There is an open window round the back but it's high up. We've got to get onto that roof.
CALLYWe climb.
BLAKEWe don't want to risk raising an alarm. Come on.

[In woods. Cheney and the guards are examining some footprints.]

CHENEYIt's not a burrowing rodent this time. Looks to be two intruders, two at least. [Into communicator] Cheney to all units. Red Standby Alert is now Red Mobilization, repeat, Red Mobilization. All units to move in on the residence.

[Flight deck]

GANLiberator to spacecraft, Liberator to spacecraft.
AVONYou're closing too fast for me to get an accurate scan.
JENNAAll right, I'll reduce speed.
AVONThank you.
GANLiberator to spacecraft. Can you hear us?
VILABlasters are ranged and ready to fire.
AVONNo sign of any external damage. Carries no heavy armament.
GANI'm getting a voice, very faint, lot of static.
JENNABoost it to the main channel.
AMAGON[Static] ...Star Queen. General distress call, general distress call. This is the civilian cruiser Star Queen. If anyone can hear me, we need help. Please help us. General distress call, general distress call [Fades]
GANZen, are we in teleport range?
ZENLiberator will be within teleport range of the civilian cruiser Star Queen in seven minutes.
GANThey need help!
AVONDo they?
GANWell, you heard him.
AVONIt's not quite the same thing.
JENNAAvon's right. We need more information.
GANLet me go across and get it. If it is a trap I'll warn you. Then Vila can open fire.
VILAWith you on board?
GANIf necessary.
VILAYou feeling all right?
AVONYou would give the instruction for your own death -- you expect us to believe that?
GANYes. I expect you to believe that.

[Base of the castle wall. Blake gets some climbing rope and a grapnel hook out of the box.]

BLAKECover me whilst I climb, then hide the box. [Blake scales the wall. Cally spots a guard heading their way]
CALLY[V.O., telepathing] Blake! A guard is coming! [The guard reaches the part of the wall where they were. No one is there, but then he looks up and spots Cally. She drops down on him and knocks him out.]
CALLY[V.O.] You must get to Sarkoff. I will hide this one and then follow you.

[Vila is alone on the flight deck.]

VILA[To himself] Come on, Gan. What's taking so long?
AVON[V.O., over communicator] His time's nearly up. Stand by to fire on that ship, Vila.
VILAI still don't think this is such a good idea.
AVON[V.O.] I didn't ask for your opinion. Are you standing by to fire?
VILAWe don't want to do anything hasty.
AVON[V.O.] Vila!
VILAYes, I'm standing by. [Avon and Jenna are in the teleport room.]
GAN[V.O., over communicator] This is Gan. It's all right. You can bring me back across now. There's no danger to us, but they need our help all right. 'I've got all the details. Bring me back. [Vila starts to exit the flight deck.]
ZENInformation. Analysis of voice print confirms that was not Olag Gan speaking.
VILA[Into communicator] Avon! Avon!
JENNAAll right, bring him up. [Avon initiates teleport.]
VILA[V.O.l] Avon! Avon! Avon! Answer me! [Normal] Avon! It's not Gan! ... Avon? Jenna? Now don't let's be silly. Answer me, one of you. [To himself] I shall come out in a rash. Zen, has something happened to them?
ZENData is not available.
VILAI don't want data, I want to know what's happening.
ZENIt will be necessary for you to make a personal investigation.
VILAOh, you're a big help. "Personal investigation." [Straps on a weapon] "Personal investigation." The next time Avon wants to make a personal investigation on how you work I shall make a personal point of handing him the instruments, personally. [Leaves the flight deck, reluctantly]

[A room in the castle. Blake enters and surveys the relics from "old Earth" that fill it. He is touching a display box of butterflies when Sarkoff enters.]

SARKOFFBeautiful, aren't they. Earth insects of the order Lepidoptera.

SARKOFFAh, so you're an historian, are you?
BLAKENo, but I did study some natural history.

SARKOFFIt's interesting, isn't it, that when that term "natural history" was originated, it referred to the study of living things. It was much later that it came to mean the study of things long since past and dead. History in its more conventional sense.
BLAKEYou don't seem surprised to see me.

SARKOFFI've been expecting you. Oh, not you, specifically, but someone. Do you know, uh, what this is? [Picks up a phonograph record and places it on a victrola.]
BLAKEWhy are you expecting someone?

SARKOFFAssassination has always been a legitimate tool of statecraft. Its respectability and public acceptance has varied from civilization to civilization, but its practical application has remained remarkably consistent. [Starts the record playing.]

SARKOFFEchoes of a more civilized age.
BLAKEI didn't come here to murder you.

SARKOFF[Shushing him] You know [Stops and removes the record] this is the finest private collection of Twentieth Century Earth objects anywhere in the galaxy. Even on Earth itself you would find no collection like it. This building is a replica of a typical residence of that period, set in an authentic Earth garden.
BLAKEI said, I'm not a murderer.

SARKOFFI'm grateful for your semantic precision. Political assassination I can ... live with. To be murdered would the final, sordid indignity. [Picks up a gun.] Now my educated friend, do you know what this is?
BLAKEUh, it's a projectile weapon.

SARKOFFIt's called a revolver. Explosive charge here, projectile emerges with great force and considerable accuracy, over short distances anyway. Primitive, but [Cocks the hammer] efficient enough for my purposes. [Points it at Blake.]
BLAKEPresident Sarkoff, I must speak with you. Will you listen to what I have to--

SARKOFF[Pulls the trigger, producing nothing more than a click.] EX-president. [Lowers gun]
BLAKEI haven't got time for the niceties of this game that you're playing.

SARKOFFJust time for a hasty rationalization.
BLAKEI just want you to listen.

SARKOFFI've wasted my life listening, listening to people who are arrogant, or vacuous, or just plain vicious. I smiled and acquiesced in the face of prejudice and stupidity. I've tolerated mediocrity and accepted the tyranny of second-class minds. But now all that is over. I am ready to die, here among the things I value. I am ready to let you kill me but I am not ready to listen to you justify the act. [Tyce has entered quietly, and holds a gun to Blake's head.]
TYCEQuite still. [Removes Blake's weapon, picks up and holds a second gun on him as well.]
BLAKE[To Sarkoff] Very good.

SARKOFFI meant what I said. Put those down, Tyce. [Blake turns to confront Tyce.] I'm afraid they do work. [To Tyce] I said, put them down.
TYCEI heard what you said, I heard every feeble, self-pitying word. Why should they send assassins for you, you're already dead, Sarkoff. [To Blake] Before I kill you, who are you and what do you want?
BLAKEI came here to take President Sarkoff back to his people. My name is Blake.

[Outside the castle, Cheney and three guards are in front, Cally at the back.]

CHENEYIdiot, why didn't you report this to me immediately? You two, around the rear. [Cally climbs the rope and pulls it up just before a guard would have seen it.]

[In the castle.]

SARKOFFI won't do it. No, Blake, what you ask is impossible. It would be a mistake for me and the people of my planet. I am NOT the same man.
BLAKETo them you are.

SARKOFFI am no longer a politician. But if I were, I would tell you that your timing is wrong, anyway.
BLAKEAnd if I were, I would tell you that if you wait any longer it will be too late.

SARKOFFYou don't understand.
TYCE[Brings Cally into the room at gunpoint.] Blake?
BLAKEShe's with me.
CALLYI did tell you that.
TYCEAre there any more?
BLAKENo, just Cally.
CALLYSomething has alerted the guards. Are we safe in here?
TYCEYes. But I'll go and check. [Exits]
BLAKEDid you hide the box?
CALLYOf course. Is he ready?

SARKOFFWell, Cally. Must I listen to you, too?

SARKOFFHave you no opinions?
CALLYNone. You are needed to unite your people.

SARKOFFI see. Facts, not opinions.
CALLYWould we have risked our lives for an opinion?

SARKOFFWhat do you think of my collection?
CALLYAh, it is most ... ah, impressive.

SARKOFF"Impressive", only? Ah, but then your people don't originate from Earth, do they?
CALLYMy people are the Auronar.

SARKOFFYes, I remember in my last years of office, we received an ambassador from Auron. His name was --
CALLY-- Lehan.

SARKOFFYes, Lehan. I remember how alone he seemed.
CALLYHe did not return to us.
BLAKEBecause he failed.

SARKOFFBecause I failed him? I wanted that alliance.
CALLYSo did we. To resist the Federation.
BLAKEYou seem to have shifted your ground somewhat since then.

SARKOFFI was leader of the planetary government on Lindor for five years. During that period I resisted political pressure to join the Federation, even from factions within my own party. Eventually I decided to settle the issue by trying to get a vote of confidence. So I called elections.
TYCEAnd he was beaten.
BLAKEOf course he was beaten.

SARKOFFMy friend, I was totally annihilated, complete rejection. And no precise decisions followed my political disgrace. Lindor did not join the Federation. You see, it wasn't a rejection of my policies, the vote was merely a rejection of me.
TYCESo he ran away and hid, here on this empty, nameless planet which the Federation so generously provided.
CALLYTogether with a security force.
TYCEAnd you're right, something has stirred them up. Since there's nothing else that's any threat to them, they must know you're around here somewhere.

SARKOFFI'm afraid that Tyce has never been able to accept that I am no longer important.
BLAKEIt's a very impressive bodyguard for someone who is no longer important.

SARKOFFCourtesy. Besides it would be politically embarrassing for them if I were to be killed while I was their guest.
BLAKENot unimportant, then. Not naive, either. I mean, surely you must realize you're a prisoner here.
TYCEOf course he does. Don't you see it, Blake, he relies on them keeping him here.

SARKOFFNo, no that's not true.
CALLY[V.O., telepathing] Blake, we're running out of time.
BLAKEPresident Sarkoff, your planet is in total chaos. There are dozens of factions fighting for power. They're on the brink of civil war.

SARKOFFThat cannot be true. I get regular reports.
BLAKEWhen the fighting starts, the Federation will move in a peacekeeping force. They'll take over the administration and the government and your planet will have lost its freedom. Just swallowed up into the Federation. All quite legitimate and not a single voice raised in protest.

SARKOFFThat cannot happen. I know the situation on Lindor. I get regular reports--
BLAKEFrom the FEDERATION communications, yes?

SARKOFFYes. But I have proof of their authenticity--
BLAKEThe Lindor Strategy. That's what they called it. It began with the rigged elections which removed you from power and will only end when you return to your planet as the puppet leader of a subjugated people.
TYCEI knew!

BLAKENo. We captured a Federation cipher machine. Now before they changed the code, we picked up a lot of information. Our computers have been unravelling it ever since. One of the things they came up with was the Lindor Strategy. We have checked. It is happening.

SARKOFFWhy should I believe you?
BLAKEWell, what have I got to gain by lying?
CALLYYou are the only man who can reunite your planet. If you act now, you can save it from war and from the Federation.
BLAKEWell? [Sarkoff walks away.]
TYCEHe won't go with you.
BLAKEHe must.
TYCEHe was broken, can't you see that? If you'd known him before, you'd understand. He was a very special man, brilliant and proud. Failure never occurred to him.
CALLYBut the elections were rigged.
TYCEIt was still failure.
BLAKE[To Cally] That's something you should understand.
TYCEI thought I could help him.
BLAKEHe must come with us, by force if necessary.
TYCEI know. You will take us both?
BLAKEPut this on. [Fastens a bracelet on her wrist] And put one on him. [Hands another bracelet to her.]
CALLYI'll go and check where the guards are. [Leaves]
BLAKE[Into bracelet] Liberator, are you back on station yet? Respond, please. [V.O.] Liberator, do you read me? Respond, please. [Normal] Liberator, do you read me?

SARKOFF[Holding a bracelet] What is this?
BLAKEIt's a teleport device. L--

SARKOFFSomething to do with getting me to your ship?
BLAKEYes, when I can contact them.

SARKOFFWell, I shan't need it. I'm not coming with you. [Puts the bracelet down.]
BLAKEI'm sorry.

SARKOFFSo am I. It's too late, Blake, it's been too long. Defeat has become a habit.
TYCE[Handing Blake a cylinder] Blake, if you ignite this it explodes. I thought it might be useful.
CALLY[Enters] The whole of the front is cordoned off and there are two men searching the woods at the back.
BLAKELooking for the missing guard. Do you think they'll find him?
CALLYWell, I should think so.

SARKOFFVery soon they'll check in here, too. You two must go now while you still have a chance.
BLAKELiberator's still not back on station.
CALLYWell, perhaps we'd be safer on the move.
BLAKEIt depends how long they take to get back.
TYCEThere is a place you could hide, safer than this. Deserted mine workings.
BLAKEHow far?
TYCEAbout twenty miles.
CALLYWell, that's too far.
BLAKEThat vehicle you use--
TYCEThe automobile?
BLAKEYes. Can you get to it without being seen?
TYCEI think so.
BLAKEAll right, come with me. Cally. [Blake, Cally and Tyce leave the room. Sarkoff puts another record on the victrola ("Blow The Winds Southerly") and listens to it. After a minute, Blake returns. He checks outside and then checks his watch.]

SARKOFFWhat are you planning to do?

SARKOFFI wish you hadn't involved Tyce in whatever it is--
BLAKEShe is coming with us.

[At base of castle wall. Cally and Tyce climb down the rope.]

[Room in the castle. Blake commences looking at his watch.]

SARKOFFI should have realized.
BLAKERealized what?

SARKOFFThat Tyce wouldn't stay with me, not now.
BLAKEDoes it make any difference?

SARKOFFTo my decision? Of course not.
BLAKENo, of course not. [Checks watch a final time then looks up] Right. Stay here, please. [Exits]

SARKOFFWhere else would I go? This is all I have left.

[On the castle roof. Blake throws and then shoots the cylinder that Tyce gave him. It explodes.]

[In front of castle. Cheney and three other guards.]

CHENEY[Alerted] The rear, quickly!

[At the car. Cally and Tyce climb in and drive off.]

[Room in the castle.]

BLAKE[Enters] Right. Come on. [Sarkoff doesn't react.] You must come with us.

BLAKE[Removes the record from the victrola and smashes it, then picks up the butterfly collection] All of it. Piece by piece. [Makes as if to drop it]

SARKOFFNo! No, please! All right. All right. All right, I'll come.
BLAKE[Holding a bracelet out to him] Put that back on.

[Outside the castle. Blake and Sarkoff exit the front door as Cally and Tyce drive up in the car. The engine dies as Sarkoff gets in.]

SARKOFFThe starting handle. [Tyce gets out and tries to crank over the engine.]

[Behind the castle, Cheney and other guards.]

CHENEYIt's a trick, the front, they're at the front!

[Front of the castle]

BLAKE[To Tyce] You get back inside. Let me try. [Starts the car just as Cheney arrives. Blake crouches behind the car.]
CHENEYHey! Get out. Everybody get out. [Blake slips up behind him and knocks him down, and they all drive away.]
CHENEYCheney to all units, this is Blue Mobilization, I repeat, this is Blue Mobilization.

[Driving along in the car.]

BLAKE[V.O.] Liberator, this is Blake. Do you read me? Respond. Liberator, respond please. Liberator! Do you read me? Come in! [Into bracelet] Liberator, we need teleport, now! [They vanish just seconds before the now-empty car crashes into a roadblock.]

[In the teleport room, empty except for the party that just teleported up.]

CALLYWhere are they?
BLAKEI don't know.
TYCEWhat is it?
BLAKEStay here with them, Cally. [To Tyce and Sarkoff] Wait here, please.

SARKOFF[Surveying his surroundings] Yes. Well, it's faster than the automobile but, uh, not as amusing. Ah. [He hands the box to Cally.]

[The flight deck]

BLAKE[Enters] Where are they, Zen?
ZENPlease specify question more precisely.
BLAKEThe others. My crew. Where are they?
ZENTheir absence from the flight deck is the only data available.
BLAKEThank you, Zen. [Exits]

[The teleport section.]

BLAKEJenna! Where are the others?
JENNAThey're all dead.
JENNAI still don't know what happened -- there was a distress call and.... [Covers her mouth and nose with her hands]
BLAKEYeah, but I mean ... how did all the ... what, are you all right -- [Whirls and an Amagon sprays him with a gas. He falls and loses consciousness.]

[In a room aboard the Liberator, being used as a cell. All the crew except for Jenna are there, wearing neckbands. Blake comes to with his hands cuffed behind him.]

BLAKEThat was stupid.
AVONNone of us showed conspicuous intelligence on this occasion.
VILA[Working on Blake's cuffs. Blake wriggles.] Keep still.
BLAKEWho are they?
CALLYThey're Amagons.
BLAKEAmagons? I thought smuggling was the Amagon speciality.
AVONIt is, but they also manage a little robbery, piracy, murder...
VILAAnything to turn an honest profit. [Frees Blake's hands] There.
BLAKEThank you.
GANThis lot are headhunters.
VILA[Fingering his neckband] I wish you wouldn't call them that.
GANBounty hunters. They're going to sell us to the Federation.
BLAKEBut how did they get on board?
VILAIt wasn't Gan's fault.
GANThey used me and a voice synthesizer. It was very well planned.
BLAKEWas Jenna behind it?
AVONNo. But when it was clear that we had lost, THAT is when she changed sides.

[On the flight deck]

TARVIN[Removes Jenna's neckband and tosses it aside] Good to have you back with us, Jenna. [Touches her]
JENNA[Walks away] This is purely a business arrangement, Tarvin.
TARVINYou weren't always so cold.
JENNAYou weren't always a bounty hunter.
TARVINHave you forgotten Zolaf Four?
JENNAIs it worth remembering?
TARVINJust the two of us in the mountains.
JENNAAnd three hundred customs guards.
TARVINYou saved my life.
JENNAWe all make mistakes.
TARVINI thought you liked me.
JENNAOh, I did. Then.
TARVINHave I changed so much?
JENNAOne of us has.
TARVIN[Detonates Jenna's discarded neckband] I just saved your pretty neck.
JENNAI didn't like the price.
TYCEYou paid it.
TARVIN[To Jenna] What's Blake to you? We'd have got him anyway.
JENNAI don't think you would.
TYCEYou just made it easy for them. As betrayals go, it was really rather ordinary, wouldn't you say? [Jenna starts to leave.]
TARVINJenna! Stay here.
JENNADon't you trust me?
TARVINI trust you. HERE.
JENNAThen shut her up.
TARVIN[To Sarkoff] Keep your woman quiet, or I'll do it.

SARKOFFDon't presume on my gratitude too much, Tarvin.
TARVIN[Laughs] I wonder if there's a price on your head anywhere?

SARKOFFNo. But I imagine there is on yours, though.
TARVIN[Laughs] I'd be ashamed if there weren't. Computer, how long before we rendezvous with the Federation ships?
ZENTwo hours and seventeen minutes.

[In the cell]

VILA[Fiddles with Blake's neckband] I can't do it, Blake.
BLAKEKeep trying.
VILALook, there are two ways to set this thing off. One is that control box they all carry--
AVONMicrowave transmitter. Just point it in the direction of the neckband and press the button.
VILAThe other way is to force the lock --
BLAKEYou're not going to force it, are you?!
VILA-- and if I get it wrong, bang, no head.
BLAKEI trust you.
VILAAnd if it blows up and I'm right behind you -- !
BLAKEThat's why I trust you. [Avon exposes the insides of the door lock, removes his right shoe, takes a device out of the heel, and goes to work on the lock.]

[On the flight deck.]

TARVINComputer, give me a visual. We ought to be in range by now. [Zen shows a scanner image, no ships in sight.] I suppose I can wait a bit longer.
JENNATarvin, how much are the Federation paying you for this?
TARVINThirteen million credits for the crew and ship intact. Or, twelve million if I don't give them you.
JENNASupposing I made you a better offer?
TARVINYou're a pretty woman, Jenna, but not THAT pretty.
JENNAIf you hand over this ship, you'll lose a fortune.
TARVINMe? How can I lose?
JENNAOh, I'd expect a share.
TARVINOf what?
JENNAThree hundred million credits. Give or take the odd ten million.
TARVINYou always did underestimate me, Jenna. It seems that now you take me for a fool.
JENNAOh, no. I think you show great public spirit, giving up all that wealth just to bring Blake to justice.
TARVINYou can prove what you say, of course?
JENNAOf course.
TARVINYou mean it's actually on the ship, this fortune of yours?
JENNANaturally. Why else do you think that I'd remain with Blake and his friends?
TARVIN[To Amagon Guard] Go with her.
JENNANo one is going with me.
TARVINDo you think I should let you run around loose?
JENNANow you take me for a fool. Do you think that I'd show him where the money is?
TARVINThen stay here. I'll be satisfied with thirteen million credits. Or twelve million, if the fancy takes me and I decide to keep you.
JENNAVery well. Come on. [Jenna and the Amagon Guard leave the flight deck.]
ZENInformation: Federation ships are now within scanner range.
TARVINWhere? [Zen displays a scan showing three Federation ships.] Yes. Look! It's almost done.

[In the teleport room. Jenna overpowers the Amagon Guard and takes his gun.]

JENNA[To herself] Tarvin underestimates me. [Places the gun behind the teleport console and exits]

[In the cell. Gan hurls some manacles to the floor in frustration. The others jump. He mouths, "Sorry."]

VILAI told you I couldn't do it.
AVONI believed you all along.
VILANobody could open it.
AVONI thought you could open anything, that's always been one of your more modest claims.
VILAI could open that door in two minutes.
AVONThis door is not quite the problem at the moment, is it?
VILAIt seems to be a problem to you!
BLAKEKeep your head, Vila! That way I might have a chance at keeping mine.
VILAYes. Avon?
VILAShut up. Please.

[On the flight deck.]

SARKOFFBlake is finished, I'm afraid.
TYCEYou really want to believe that, don't you?

SARKOFFI want you to recognize a fact.

SARKOFFBecause I'm afraid for you.
TYCEDon't be.

SARKOFFAccept it, Tyce, or it will destroy you.
TYCEYou gave up. You were wrong. You are still wrong.

SARKOFFTell me, Tarvin. You Amagons recognize facts.
TARVINYou talk too much.

SARKOFFYes, it's an occupational hazard, I'm afraid. What then is your reality?
TYCEIs that all?
TARVINWhat else?

SARKOFFWell, as the rallying cry for a crusade, it lacks a certain... inspiration.
TARVIN[Indicating scanner display] There's my inspiration. The Federation are coming to me. I summoned them. I'm going to sell them a crusader.

SARKOFFYou'd sell your grandmother, wouldn't you?
TARVINI did. She was going to sell me, I got in first.

[In corridor. Another Amagon Guard spots Jenna.]

AMAGONYou! Stop! What are you doing here?
JENNATarvin sent me to check on the others.
JENNAWhy don't you go and ask him yourself. Well?
AMAGONI'll come with you. [They reach the cell door.]
JENNAOpen it. [He does. She enters the cell. He covers her from the doorway.]
GANHello, Jenna. [The prisoners are sitting around the walls, with their hands behind their backs as if still bound. Jenna walks about the cell, "inspecting" them. She comes across the discarded manacles, pauses, and moves on.]
JENNAI'm glad to see that you are all behaving yourselves. Tarvin doesn't want you damaged, unless necessary.
BLAKEWe're touched by his concern.
JENNAIt'll be more impressive if he can hand you over alive.
GANA man who takes pride in his work.
CALLYWhat do you take pride in, Jenna?
AVONAt the expense of your friends?
JENNAI didn't know that you cared, Avon.
VILAHe didn't. And he was right. [Jenna exits.]
AMAGONWait. [He relocks the cell.]
JENNATarvin gets impatient. Shall I tell him that you delayed me?
AMAGONI'll come with you and tell him myself.
JENNAYou'll regret this.

[Inside the cell.]

CALLY[Listening at the door] They've gone. [Avon goes back to work on the door lock.]
VILA[Works on Blake's neckband] I wouldn't have thought it of Jenna.
BLAKEI'm still not sure that I believe it.
AVONWhat does she have to do to convince you, Blake -- personally blow your head off?
VILAIf this goes wrong she won't get the chance.

[In the teleport room. Jenna and the Amagon Guard reach the body of the first guard.]

JENNASomething's happened. [He moves to examine the body. Jenna overpowers him and rearms herself.]
JENNA[To the unconscious guard] I told you you'd regret it.

[In the cell.]

GANI wonder how long before they make contact with the Federation?
GANIf I could just get close to some of them--
CALLYThe one called Tarvin, for example?
GANRight. What's that expression of yours?
CALLYCompanions for our death?
VILAThat's a bit morbid, isn't it-- I've done it! I've done it!
BLAKEGently, gently!
VILANow that is genius. [Unfastens Blake's neckband]
BLAKEYou could well be right. [Takes the neckband off]
VILAYou want more proof? [He crosses to the door and gestures Avon aside.] Excuse me.
AVONIt's done.
VILA[Skeptically] Oh, yes? [The door opens] Oh. Yes. [A guard outside aims his detonator at Blake.]
BLAKEGet down! [Throws his neckband at the guard, who is caught in its explosion. He leaves the cell. Cally and Gan follow.] No, you stay back. Keep out of sight. Get him in there. [Gan carries the body into the cell.]
AVONTake this off.
VILAWell, that's all very well, but who's going to take mine off?
AVONGet on with it.
VILA[Plaintively] Who's going to take mine off?
CALLYAnd, Vila, do be quick. I'll be next.

[In a corridor. Blake meets with yet another guard. Jenna rushes in and grabs his gun. Blake knocks him out. She hands Blake the extra gun.]

BLAKEThank you.
JENNACome on, we haven't got much time.

[On the flight deck.]

TARVINThey're almost here now.

SARKOFFI must congratulate you, Tarvin. It looks as though you have accomplished what no one else has been able to do: you have taken Blake and his crew alive and his ship intact.
TARVINI will be a prince among my people.

SARKOFFOh, at the very least.
TARVINDo not mock me, old man!

SARKOFFNothing was further from my mind. I welcome Blake's capture.
TARVINWhy? What's he done to you?
TYCEHe didn't give up. He fought. Blake shamed him.

SARKOFFAnd in the end lost, it was inevitable.
TARVINInevitable. I am the better man.
TYCEYou? Selfish, greedy, vicious--

SARKOFFYes, my dear, you see, it's a, it's a paradox. He won because he is not the better man.

SARKOFFAnd yet by winning, it seems, he becomes a prince among people.
TARVINAmong MY people.

SARKOFFDoes it matter which people, Tarvin? Do you care?

[Blake and Jenna make their way through the corridors.]

TARVIN[Into communicator] Tarvin calling Federation patrol. Tarvin calling Federation patrol. Do you read me? Tarvin calling Federation patrol.
VOICE[V.O., over communicator] Report.
TARVINTarvin calling. We will be at the rendezvous point in seven minutes. Request you have a boarding party standing by.
VOICE[V.O.] Confirmed. Out. [Tyce pulls a gun from her boot.]
TARVINJenna was obviously lying. THIRTEEN million credits, I think.
TYCE[Points the gun at him] Turn the ship round, Tarvin.
TARVIN[Amused] Is that a weapon?
TYCEGuess. Turn the ship round.
TARVINWe'll die together.

SARKOFFBe careful, Tyce! [Tarvin moves his hand slowly towards his belt.]
TYCELeave it!
TARVINYou think I'm afraid?
TYCENo, but a dead prince, where's the fun in that?
TARVIN[Laughs and looks at Sarkoff] Sarkoff! [Knocks the gun out of her hand, knocks her down, and points his detonator at her. Sarkoff grabs the gun.]
TYCEShoot him.
TARVINWe don't have a quarrel.
TYCEShoot him, now.
TARVINThrow it away. You couldn't kill me in time to save her. A reflex, a dying spasm, and she's gone.
TYCEShoot him, father. You owe it to me. You owe it to our people.
TARVINPut it down, Sarkoff, you can't win. You haven't got the will for it.
TYCEDo it!
BLAKE[Enters with Jenna] Tarvin. [Tarvin whirls and vainly tries to detonate Blake's neckband. Blake laughs. Tarvin whirls back and Sarkoff shoots him. Jenna kneels beside his body.]

SARKOFFSo it really means that much to you?
TYCEAren't I President Sarkoff's daughter? Perhaps I just sounded as though I meant it.

SARKOFFThen perhaps I'd better sound as though I mean to be President Sarkoff.
JENNAThe Amagon's dead.
BLAKETake us out of here, Jenna.

[In the teleport room.]

SARKOFFI should thank you, but I'm not sure I have anything to be grateful for.
TYCEI have, and I do thank you.

SARKOFFBut as I'm supposed to be a politician, I will thank you anyway.
BLAKEWell, if ever you have need of our help again--

SARKOFFI think you've helped enough. Goodbye, Blake.
CALLYIf you see Lehan ...

SARKOFFI have work for Lehan. He and I have an alliance to put together.
CALLYThen tell him he can go home to Auron.

SARKOFFGoodbye, Jenna.
TYCEGoodbye, Blake. You'll always be welcome on Lindor.

SARKOFFYes, we may have need of thirteen million credits--
TYCEOver my dead body.

SARKOFFI hope you're not going to make a habit of that particular threat. Ready!
JENNAWould you move back, please.
BLAKEGood luck. [Sets the controls and pauses]
TYCEGoodbye, Blake.
JENNA[Keys the teleport] I had the feeling she didn't mean all of us.
CALLYYes, I had that feeling.
BLAKEWell, don't just stand there.

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