Script for Animals

by Allan Prior

(c) 1981 by the British Broadcasting Corporation. Series created by Terry Nation. This is a partial dialogue transcript for research purposes and is not for sale under any circumstances. Format (c) 1993 by Micky DuPree and David Skerrett.

Dramatis Personae

Kerr Avon
Vila Restal
Del Tarrant
Dayna Mellanby

[Flight deck of Scorpio]
TARRANTI only hope your mad scientist is going to be worth the trouble.
DAYNANothing mad about Justin. At least there wasn't, the last time I saw him.
TARRANTOh? And when was that?
DAYNAOh, he was a friend of my father's, and one of the specialist tutors who visited us for a while to help educate me.
TARRANTI don't envy him that job. Will he remember you?
DAYNA[Looks up] I should hope so.
TARRANTSlave, confirm preset orbit approach to Bucol Two.
SLAVEYes sir. Er, we're on the correct orbit approach to Bucol Two and are now within teleport range of the desired coordinates.
TARRANTReady for teleport.
DAYNAReady as I'll ever be.
TARRANTGood luck.

[Dayna teleports to the surface of Bucol Two. Looks around]

DAYNA[Into bracelet] Scorpio. Down safe.
TARRANT[Voice over] Right, standing by. Let me know when you make contact.
DAYNARight, out.

SLAVEI'm sorry to bother you, sir.
TARRANTYes, what is it?
SLAVEI had detected federation pursuit ships.
TARRANTDanya, respond please. Danya, can you hear me?. Slave, check for malfunction.
SLAVEI can find no trace of one, sir.

[On planet's surface, Dayna looks around and sees an animal following her]

SLAVESir, I would draw your attention to Federation ships in line astern approaching on bearing one six zero.
TARRANTThat's a bit sudden, isn't it?
SLAVEPlasma bolts released and running.
TARRANTYes, it is a bit sudden!
SLAVEEstimated time to impact, twenty four seconds.
TARRANTCourse for evasion.
SLAVEVector zero three five.
TARRANTZero three five, all drives on, all maximum. Hit it!
SALVESecond salvo released and running, sir.
TARRANTEvasion course.
SLAVEOh, er...
TARRANTCome on, come on!
SLAVETry zero seven two.
TARRANTZero seven two it is. [Explosions on the flight deck, Tarrant is dazed]
SLAVESir, the third ship has fired its salvo. Impact in twenty two seconds. I suggest course zero two three, soon.
TARRANTUrh, what? Right, zero two three. [Scorpio is hit again.]

DAYNAWho, what are you? [Animal growls, other animals appear from the trees.] [Dayna fires at animals, they run away.]

[Scorpio deck is smoke filled.]

TARRANTSlave, give me a course for base.
SLAVECourse for base one three four. I repeat one three four.
TARRANTI have it.
SLAVESorry, sir.
TARRANTAnd don't keep saying your sorry.
SLAVESorry, sir.
TARRANTDon't! What the hell. Preliminary damage survey, Slave.
SLAVEMain teleport system is damaged to a degree as yet unspecified. Navigation systems register first warning of malfunction. Main detectors show fifty percent is functional. Further damage is under assessment.
TARRANTA mess, in fact.
SLAVEYes, I'm sorry, sir.
TARRANTSo am I, Slave. Coming to one three four.

[Dayna is chased by the animals, runs to a bunker]

JUSTINDanya! In here, quick!
DAYNAJustin, it is good ---
JUSTINOne moment. Go into the lab. [Turns on display. Animal on screen.] Go into the bunker, Og. Go to your quarters. There is food there. Food, Og. Go and eat the food. It is waiting for you. [Turns off display. To Dayna] My work, as you see. Here, let me take those slides. They're rather important. Now, have you recovered or can I offer you a stimulant?
DAYNAOh, no, no, no. I'm fine now. Thank you for rescuing me, but ... what are those animals?
JUSTINIn good time. Here, let me look at you. [Chuckles] My little pupil Dayna, lovelier than ever. Still playing with your guns, Dayna?
DAYNAThey were never toys. Even less so, now.
JUSTINDo sit down. You know, I'd...I'd no idea you were still alive. Most of my pupils of your time are...are dead, perished in the Galactic War. That war was a terrible, terrible mistake.
DAYNAI had to kill two of the animals.
JUSTINAh. Pity. Still the warrior, hmm? Look, do have a stimulant. It's just adrenalin and soma, I'm afraid. I drink ... rather a lot of it here on my own.
DAYNAYour the only one working here?
JUSTINThe only human working here, yes. I'm training the animals to work of course, but its slow. Very slow. I've got them right physically, you see, but its the psychology that's difficult. What they want to do is exist; however, I'm trying brain implants and so on but they hate it, it''s painful. That's why they rebelled and broke out.
DAYNAThe most developed ones?
JUSTINYeah. Oh, they'll come back in. They have just enough intelligence not to starve.
DAYNASo you're experimenting on them by genetic restructuring and transplants.
JUSTINI am a genetic engineer, among other things. Or had you forgotten? I learned the surgery later. Having a lot of success too.
DAYNAYou are making a new race of animals - or humans. Why?
JUSTINAh well, I can't tell you all my secrets, can I, Danya? It's nice to see you. You look very well. I would say beautiful but I'm a scientist and we're supposed to be short on emotion and that sort of thing, aren't we? But I will say you look quite beautiful, my -- [Justin looks at the video monitor Dayna is looking at.] Admiring the work?
DAYNAI thinks it's disgusting.

AVON[Voice over] Absolutely not, maintain your present course, abandon Dayna, keep running for base and bring that ship back. It will take us quite long enough to repair the damage you have already done.
TARRANTWhat do you mean, the damage I've done.

[Animals fight amongst themselves]

[Danya and Justin watch a video monitor as an animal gets trapped]

JUSTINOnce it's given up - good - the others will soon follow, all except Og. He's had one extra transplant. Oh, but I forgot you find all this disgusting.
DAYNAYes, I do.
JUSTINIf life is to go on, homo sapiens that is, we have to do these things.
DAYNAWhat are you doing it for?
JUSTINI can't tell you, not yet. Now, you sent a message you wanted to see me. Are you a refugee or what? I could offer you a job here helping me, but I don't think you would take it, would you?
DAYNANo, I wouldn't.
JUSTINOh pity, I could do with some help.
DAYNAScorpio. [Into bracelet] Scorpio, this is Dayna, come in please. Tarrant, respond please.
JUSTINI can't help you either, the animals smashed my transmitter system when they broke out. All I've got left is my intercom. Anyway, tell me about yourself.
DAYNAWell, I'm one of a small group fighting the Federation. We've got a base, we're gathering equipment and we're looking for allies. We're also trying to recruit experts... specialists in relevant fields.
JUSTINRelevant to what?
DAYNAThe eventual destruction of the Federation.
JUSTINRelevant to war in fact.
JUSTINUnless the federation have become pacifists, it has to be war.
DAYNAIf they were pacifists, the problem wouldn't exist.
JUSTINAnd it is a problem for which you see yourselves as the solution.
DAYNAWe are led by a man called Avon. He thinks we need someone like you. We'll be going into radioactive areas from time to time and that is your field, or it was.
JUSTINIt still is.
DAYNAAvon thinks it might also be possible to use genetic engineering techniques to synthesise a drug we need.
JUSTINFor what?
DAYNAProtection. Against a pacification drug the Federation use.
JUSTINI once worked for the Federation.
DAYNADid you?
JUSTINYes. And I liked their proposition even less than I like yours. Of course, if you wanted to stay on your own, that would be different.
DAYNAWould it?
JUSTINYes. You know it would.

[Servalan on her ship looking at the main console screen]

SERVALANWhat is all that.
CAPTAINOne of our pursuit units engaged an unidentified planet hopper. They refused to obey a stand and be searched order and the pursuit commander opened fire.

SERVALANWhy all the interest? What's one civilian cargo ship more or less?
CAPTAINIt turned out to be more than just an ordinary cargo ship. They estimated its initial acceleration at time distort twelve. Plasma bolts slowed it up but not by much. That planet hopper left our pursuit ships for dead.

SERVALANDid they give chase.
CAPTAINThey lost it around here.

SERVALANWhere did they first see it?
CAPTAINHere, in the region of Bucol Two. [Servalan walks to her seat]

SERVALANWhat do we know about that planet?
CAPTAINIntelligence appraisal. [Captain picks up record] It's out of date Commissioner Sleer. It's before the galactic war.

SERVALANNever mind, what does it say?
CAPTAINBucol Two's planet was abandoned after mineral deposits were exhausted. Not used again until six years before the war.

SERVALANWhen it was used for what?
CAPTAINDoesn't say, just a footnote, refer code W secret, planet designated an experimental area, budget twenty million credits, security code double X.

CAPTAINScientific experimental area developed further during the war, but the work was then abandoned. Which point presumably the planet was abandoned too.

SERVALANNever presume anything, Captain. As I recall, code double-X means nothing is recorded.
CAPTAINThere is certainly nothing down here about the work they were doing.

SERVALANAnd there won't be anything anywhere else, but they were there on Bucol Two towards the end of the war and they spent twenty million credits on whatever it was.
CAPTAINA new weapon?

SERVALANDoes it give any other information? The names of the principal scientific officers, anything at all?
CAPTAINGives the name Justin, nothing else.

SERVALANA planet hopper that can outrun a pursuit unit, hovering over a useless planet that has been abandoned since the war. Set a course for Bucol Two.

[Animals are crying out]

DAYNAHow could I admire you doing this?
JUSTINYou came here expecting more, a young love resurrected. Ah, well, perhaps I better tell you one or two things, then I might not seem an ogre to you.
DAYNAI don't think anything you could tell me would change my mind.
JUSTINI think it could. You don't think I built this laboratory complex on my own do you. I was the head of a Federation scientific warfare team. When the galactic war was nearly over, the work was abandoned and all my fellow scientists left. I didn't go with them which was just as well, since they were blasted by an enemy gunship minutes within taking off.
DAYNAWhy did you stay?
JUSTINTo look after the animals for one thing, and for another, to try to finish the work we started.
DAYNALook, what was the object of the work? It must have had some object, some war object if the Federation backed it and built this place.
JUSTINThe war object was to create a species, not necessarily human, that could go into areas heavy with radioactivity and act as shock troops. The federation had suffered losses of up to sixty percent front line troops. Now just think what a few squads of radiation proof space commandos could do.
DAYNA[Sighs], Oh, I'm glad you never succeeded. It was a horrible idea.
JUSTINNo, it was justified by the times.
DAYNABut how about now, why are you going on with it? All. It's insane.
JUSTINWell just think! Those animals can go into any of the devastated sectors of the war zone and the radiation won't kill them. They can work on simple projects already. Og certainly could. They and their kind can make whole systems habital again without the loss of a single human life. I know it seems callous to work on the animals as I do, but the painful business of the physical transplants is over... all that is needed now is a few simple brain grafts and I'm very close to home, very close. Now do you see? [Dayna nods her head]

[Scorpio in landing silo, Avon walking on flight deck]

AVONOrac, report on navigation control system.
ORACSixty percent capacity is now restored. The fault in anti-grav gyro remains.
VILAWe know it remains, we're trying to find it, aren't we, plastic brain?
ORACIf I might be permitted to finish, the fault remains in the inertial guidance glycolene ballast channels. It therefore will be necessary for someone to enter the tank.
VILASounds messy.
ORACPhysical inspection and adjustment is essential if potentially uncomfortable.
VILASounds very messy. [Vila looks up and everyone is looking at him] Now look! You can drown in that filthy muck down there. [Soolin grins. Tarrant opens the floor hatch.]
TARRANTHmm, smells lovely.
VILANo, it doesn't. It's disgusting.
AVONWell, somebody has to go down and you are the one with the delicate touch, Vila.
TARRANTMagic hands. You've often said so yourself.
VILAWhy do I get all the dirty jobs?
VILAThis isn't fair, you know.
AVONNo. It's pretty foul by the look of it.
TARRANTAw, cheer up, Vila, you can have a hot tub when you come out, whether you need one or not.
VILAAll right, I'll do it. Anything is better than listening to your jokes.

[Sleer's flight deck]

CAPTAINStationary orbit established over the target position. Preliminary scan shows no sign of any radioactive contamination down there, or any other legacy from the war.

SERVALANSo its habitable?
CAPTAINProbably, but there's nothing to sustain civilised life. Only trees and soil useless for anything but the most primitive form of agriculture.

SERVALANThen what brought that planet hopper here in the first place? Keep all systems on full alert.
CAPTAINYes Commissioner.

SERVALAN[Into video monitor] Sleer to Federation Central Intelligence Control. Personal to Intelligence Commander Borr.
BORRYes, Commissioner.

SERVALANI want some federation wartime double X information on the planet Bucol Two.
BORRDouble-X information was oral only, Commissioner.

SERVALANI know that, but someone must have the information locked in his head. I want you to track down any senior war time intelligence operative of the department. Someone, somewhere must know what was happening on Bucol Two.
BOORYes, Commissioner Sleer. It may take a little time.

SERVALANMake sure it is a little time.
BOORYes, Commissioner.

[At Justin's lab bench]

JUSTINIn order, my dear.
DAYNAOh, I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking.
JUSTINNot at all? Or not about this?
DAYNAAll right. You've convinced me that you're sincere, but not that its right to do what you are doing. You must have started with men as well as animals to get crossbreeds.
JUSTINThey were deserters, and the decision was not mine, and it was war. Just the same, I bitterly regret it. I'm trying in a way to make sense of it all, try to get something good out of it all. Don't you see that? If this discovery simply goes for war purposes, to kill, then it's all been in vain.
DAYNAWell, that makes me fell better about you any way.
JUSTINStill trying to think well of me.
DAYNAPerhaps you are right to do what you are doing. If these animals can save human lives without any risk to themselves.
JUSTINThat is my aim.
DAYNAI think my group would be interested in your work.
JUSTINI don't think I want your *group* involved.

BORRCommissioner, I have the sole operative remaining alive from the Bureau at the time of the experiments on Bucol Two.

SERVALANWho is he?
BORRHis name is Ardus, and he's an ex-officer of the Bureau.

SERVALANPut him on the fastest scout ship available and send him here. No flight plan is to be filed.
BORRThat's against Bureau standing orders, Commissioner.

SERVALANWho do you think wrote those orders, Borr? I did. So do as I say and do it now.
BORRAt once, Commissioner Sleer.

[Scout ship approaches Servalan's ship]

CAPTAINCommissioner, Sleer this is the man Ardus. [Exits]

SERVALANYou may sit. What happened to your eyes?
ARDUSA radiation flare Commissioner. This, uh, sonoscope stops me bumping into things, but I'm blind by any normal criteria.

SERVALANTell me, what were they doing on the planet Bucol Two towards the end of the war?
ARDUSI'm not sure I'm empowered to divulge that, Commissioner. It was a top secret, oral only operation. I don't believe more than six people knew of it.

SERVALANI did not know of it. Some of our War Departments were laws unto themselves.
ARDUSI'm sorry, why should you have known of it? Only six War Intelligence officers and Servalan, our president, knew of it. If ever she was told.

SERVALANServalan? why do you mention Servalan?
ARDUSNo reason particularly.

ARDUSSimply she came into my mind.

SERVALANWhy did she come into your mind?
ARDUSI, I cannot say, Commissioner.

SERVALANVery well, I await your information.
ARDUSI think it would be improper of me to release it unless authorised by the High Council.

SERVALANNonsense, its old stuff. No use to anybody. Tell me.
ARDUSI regret I cannot.

SERVALANVery well. Let me explain the scenario if you do not. I take it you do not care for your own life. But you have a family. I can rearrange their future quite dramatically, if you so insist.
ARDUSI know your voice. You are - I am sure of it.

SERVALANBe very careful what you are sure of, or I may lose my patience.
ARDUSUnder protest, I give the information under protest.

SERVALANIt is noted.
ARDUSThe research program on Bucol Two was directed towards combating and ultimately neutralising radioactive contamination. The work was progressing well, I understand, but to slow to be used in the war.

SERVALANWhat form did it take? Protective equipment, what?
ARDUSAs I understand it, they were genetic experiments. The man in charge was named Justin. They had an underground laboratory complex, and large food supplies, and that is all I know.

SERVALANVery well, that will do.
ARDUSIf I seemed to make a mistake in mentioning Servalan, I am sorry. An old man's memory is suspect, Commissioner Sleer. Especially an old man whose eyes were burned from his head.

SERVALANNaturally, it is forgotten.
ARDUSI know Servalan is now a non-person. I was incorrect in mentioning her name. [Servalan summons Captain.]

SERVALANYou were, but as I say, it is forgotten. Show Ardus back to his ship
CAPTAINThis way.
ARDUSThank you Commissioner, thank you Commissioner.

[Servalan contacts Boor on screen.]

BORRCommissioner Sleer, is everything satisfactory?

SERVALANWhen you dispatched Ardus here to me, did his pilot file a flight plan?
BORRNo Commissioner, everything was as you instructed.

SERVALANThey never arrived here Borr.
BORRBut they must have done.

SERVALANI suggest you make sure that your connection with their disappearance is never discovered. Without any records to back you up, it might be hard to explain.
BORRThere's no cause for concern, Commissioner. I was - very discrete.

SERVALANI hope so. Now get me the photo print record on a scientist named Justin. A genetic engineer.

[Scout ship leaves and is blown up by mutoid at Captain's nod]

SERVALANI want you to work out a landing plan for this ship on Bucol Two as soon as possible.

DAYNAThose animals have been out so long. Won't they die?
JUSTINThey'll come in when they're hungry enough. All except Og.
DAYNAWhy won't he?
JUSTINHe's further advanced. He began to know what we want him for and he's afraid. I shall need to calm him, to reassure him. Try to get him to trust me again.
DAYNAWell, maybe he'll never trust you again.
JUSTINIt's possible.
DAYNADoes he understand speech?
JUSTINIf you keep it simple, yes. He can't speak, naturally. He's programmed to obey, not argue.
DAYNAYet he ran away.
JUSTINThat was his animal instinct.
DAYNALook, if he won't trust you, perhaps he'll trust me.
JUSTINWhy should he?
DAYNABecause I'm somebody else. Not you. Not the one who gave him pain. Does that make sense?
JUSTINWell, it's possible I suppose.
DAYNAAre you going to hurt him again?
JUSTINWell, there's no need. I've developed painless brain grafts for the others. All Og needs is psycho instruction.
DAYNAYou're so rational about it all.
JUSTINNot as rational as you might think Dayna. Quite emotional, really.
DAYNAI don't believe it.
JUSTINOh, its true. [Places his hand on hers.] It's absolutely true. I only wish it wasn't.
JUSTINOh, I've been on my own on this planet so long now... I don't think I can cope with people any more.
DAYNAYes, you can.

[Scorpio flight deck.]

VILALike I said, messy.
AVONGo and get cleaned up, preferably somewhere else.
VILAIs that all the thanks I get? Not even a glass of wine?
SOOLINWe've used the best of it up. Correction: YOU'VE used the best of it up.
AVONOrac, is the navigation system fully operational now?
ORACNo, it is recommended that a further overhaul of the glycolene ballast channels be carried out.
TARRANTIt's lucky you didn't get cleaned up.
SOOLINOr boozed up.
VILAWould you settle for fed up? It's somebody else's turn.
AVONTry and do it right this time, Vila.
VILAA glass of wine when I come up or I don't do it at all.
AVONHalf a glass.
VILABefore I go down?
AVONDon't push your luck.
VILAWhat luck?

DAYNAWhere will they be, do you think?
JUSTINProbably by the cliff.

[Servalan's ship is on planet's surface.] [Servalan to three troopers]

SERVALANMake for the ridge. Its a natural vantage point. Captain, I want you to make sure we're ready to lift off this mud ball at the first sign of trouble.
CAPTAINWe will be, Commissioner.

DAYNAOg. I mean no harm, Og. I want to help. I am your friend, Og. I think Justin is also your friend. Your very hungry, aren't you? Very, very hungry.
DAYNAIf you come back into the compound, into your quarters, I promise you will not be hurt. I promise you will be treated properly. Not hurt. Not your head. Not hurt. Og, come back with me. The others will follow.

[Og pushes Dayna over a cliff and runs off]

DAYNAJustin! [Three Federation troopers find Dayna at the base of the cliff]

AVONOrac, status of the teleport system?
ORACEighty-six percent function.
TARRANTThat's better than normal. I've got the personal intercoms working again.
AVONRight. How's our armament situation?
SOOLINGood as it'll ever be. We couldn't hold off a Federation patrol with it, but we knew that already.
AVONIf we're going to Bucol Two we shall need all the fire power we can muster.
SOOLINSo long as your remember we're smoke if they get to us.
VILAAre we expecting trouble on this trip?
AVONA federation patrol attacked Scorpio at Bucol Two. They might wonder what it was doing there in the first place. I would in their position.
VILAThen it's dead stupid of us to go there, right? Dead being the operative word.
TARRANTDayna is there.
VILAAnd I'm sorry about that, but I don't see why I should be punished for your guilty conscience.
AVONOrac, are we fit to fly?
ORACFit to fly, certainly. You have fully functioning drive units and the navigation systems are ninety six percent effective. There is one recommendation, however.
AVONA test flight?
ORACTest flights are usual after repairs and replacements of this magnitude.
TARRANTThat would take twenty-four hours at least.
VILAWould twenty-four hours kill us?
SOOLINIt might kill Dayna.
AVONOr it might put her into the hands of the Federation. At which point this base loses its value. Get what you need. I want to lift off within an hour.

[Justin searches for Dayna, finds her gun]

JUSTINDayna. Dayna. Daynaaaaa!

[Scorpio lifts off from Xenon base]

[Servalan's flight deck. Dayna is strapped into a truth chair.]

SERVALANWe must talk about your friends soon. But first, tell me about the animals.
DAYNANothing to tell. Simply an unimportant genetic experiment.

SERVALANI don't think so. These animals are radiation-proof. That's worth a great deal to the Federation.
DAYNASince you know all that, why ask me?

SERVALANTell me about Justin.
DAYNAJustin? Who's he? [The chair reacts. Servalan pushes a pain button. Dayna screams.]

SERVALANBehave like a fool by all means. But don't treat me like one.
DAYNAYou know who he is, obviously.

SERVALANYes I do. A top geneticist. How far has he got with his work with the animals?
DAYNAHis work - isn't yet complete.

DAYNAI don't know. Simply not finalised.

SERVALANWho was with him, helping him?
DAYNAA full company of troopers left over from the war. [Servalan presses the pain button, Dayna writhes.]

SERVALANHe's alone, isn't he? He has nobody, has he? Why do you lie for him? Why do you suffer pain for him? [Long pause] Do you love him?
DAYNAOf course not. [The chair reacts.]

SERVALANSo, you do love him. Very much. Obviously. Is he underground still? According to my information he was in underground bunkers, virtually impregnable and with enough food and water to last a hundred years.
DAYNAYes, he is. Quite impregnable. You'll never get to him.

SERVALANI need him, Dayna. I need him alive. The animals are no use to me without him. I have to have him, Dayna. You do see that.
DAYNAI can't help you.


SERVALANYou can go to him and tell him that I will guarantee his safety and the continuation of his experiments with only one condition.
DAYNAWhich is?

SERVALANThat I use the animals in the way I think fit.
DAYNAI won't take him that message.

DAYNAHe isn't interested in offers. He doesn't want Federation help or any help. He just wants to be left alone.

SERVALANHe can't be left alone. Surely you can see that. You have his affection, yes? He trusts you. Then all you do is go and tell him to do a deal with us.
DAYNANo, I won't.

SERVALANYes, you will. Won't you?

SERVALANPity. [Shows Dayna a picture of Justin] It's an old one, but it's him, right?

SERVALANEvery time you see him, you're going to hate him.

SERVALANIn the end you'll tell me you'll hate him and when I believe you I'll stop.
DAYNAI'll never hate him.


[Justin wanders around his laboratory, destroying his work.]

SERVALANYou really hate him now don't you?

DAYNAI hate him.

DAYNAI hate him.

SERVALANExcellent. So, you're going to help me, aren't you?
DAYNAWhat do you want me to do?

SERVALANGet him to let you into the laboratory, then you let us in.
DAYNAYes. All right.


[Dayna walks to the underground bunker]

SERVALAN[Voice over] Remember you hate him. Remember you hate him. Remember you hate him.

[Justin wakes up and sees Dayna at the main door through the video monitor. Presses button. Door opens.]

JUSTINCome inside quickly. Oh, my love, I thought you were dead. What happened? Are you all right?
DAYNAYes, yes, I'm fine.
JUSTINI missed you, you've no idea how much. I knew I was fond of you, but when I couldn't find you and the animals had run, I thought -
DAYNAWhat's happened? All these slides, they're broken!
JUSTINI destroyed everything.
JUSTINI was sure they had killed you.
DAYNAI see. Don't fuss, I'm fine.
JUSTINYou seem in a serious state of shock to me. You're trembling.
DAYNANo, really, I'm all right.
JUSTINHere, this is a good sedative, try it.
DAYNANo, I've told you, I'm fine.
JUSTINI see, all right, all right.
DAYNAIt's a pity you destroyed everything.
JUSTINI've still got a lot of the research here in my head. You can help me put it all together again, can't you?
JUSTINYou'd like to do that wouldn't you.
DAYNAYes of course.
JUSTINI'm glad.

[Servalan and troops enter the laboratory]

SERVALANYour girlfriend let us in.
JUSTINWho are you?

SERVALANSleer, Federation Security Commissioner.
JUSTINFederation! You're not a federation agent are you? [To Dayna]

SERVALANNo, she isn't.
JUSTINWhat have you done to her?

SERVALANMade her hate you. Simple aversion therapy. It can be reversed quite easily, provided you are reasonable.
JUSTINWhat do you want?

SERVALANYour work and the animals.
JUSTINMy work is destroyed.

SERVALANThen you die. Both of you.
DAYNAIt's in his head. He said so.

SERVALANThat's better. Right, you three get that animal. Does he have a name?
DAYNAOg. When you have him you have it all.

SERVALANGood. If your have to wing him, do it - but DON'T kill him.

[Avon, Soolin and Tarrant teleport to the surface of the planet]

AVONVila, down safe.
VILA[Voice over] Right.

[The troop capture Og]

SERVALANThey have the animal! They have him. You two, this way. You first, Justin.
JUSTINDayna, please.

SERVALANShe hates you, but she won't once you start to work for us. Come on, outside.

SOOLINDid you hear that?
AVONIt came from that direction. [Avon, Soolin and Tarrant blast lab door and enter. Tarrant finds Dayna's gun]
TARRANTAvon, look, it's Dayna's.

SERVALANI want a quick resume of what you've been doing, and how soon can that animal outside be cloned and in operation?
JUSTINYou'll get nothing until Dayna is normal again.

JUSTINI mean it. Nothing.

SERVALANI suppose I could convince you.
JUSTINYou might damage my memory doing it.

SERVALANYes, I might. All right, Dayna, sit in that chair.
DAYNANo, no.

SERVALANWe won't hurt you, this time, quite the opposite.
DAYNANo, please!

AVON[Voice over bracelet on table] Dayna, can you hear me? Dayna, this is Avon. Where are you? Danya, respond please?
JUSTIN[Into bracelet] Avon, southwest of bunker, half a mile. Federation ship. Prisoner. Be careful.

TARRANTSo that's who she fell out with.
AVONLets go.

[Three federation troops patrol the base of Servalan's ship where Og is tied up]

DAYNAJustin, what happened?
JUSTINNothing, nothing.

SERVALANThat's enough. All right, Justin, tell me everything you know.

[Avon, Soolin and Tarrant attack Servalan's mutoids.]

SERVALANGet that animal onto the ship. Captain, prepare for immediate lift off.
JUSTINGo, Dayna, go! [Servalan shoots and kills Justin]

SERVALANGet rid of that. [Points at Justin's body.]

[A gun battle ensues. A federation trooper kills Og, Soolin then shoots the trooper. Dayna runs to Og.]

[Servalan's ship takes off]

[Dayna sees Justin's Body]

DAYNAJustin, Justin, Justin, Justin, no, oh no, oh no [sobs on Justin's body.].
AVON[Into bracelet] Vila, standby to bring us up.

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