Annular Solar Eclipse: September 1 2016

The annular solar eclipse of September 1 2016 will be visible across central Africa and Madagascar. The annular phase runs from 07:17:46 UT, when the eclipse begins in the Atlantic, to the end of the eclipse in the south Indian Ocean at 10:55:51 UT. The maximum eclipse is at 09:06:51 UT, when the annular phase will last just over 3 minutes.

While this is a significant eclipse, as with any annular eclipse, this eclipse is never safe to view with the naked eye.

The partial eclipse will be visible over most of Africa between 06:13:05 UT and 12:00:37 UT.

More information on this eclipse may be found at Fred Espenak's site. You can plot the eclipse for yourself using the table of mapping co-ordinates.

The following maps show the path of the annular eclipse. Please note that these maps are approximate. Check with reliable sources before making travel plans.


West Africa

The eclipse arrives in Gabon at 07:39 UT, at which point the annular phase will last 2 minutes 52 seconds, and will be visible over a path 124 km wide. The eclipse then moves off over Congo and the Dem. Rep. of Congo, arriving in Tanzania at 08:35 UT over Lake Tanganyika; by this time the duration of the annular phase will be up to 3 minutes and 4 seconds.

East Africa

The eclipse path crosses south-east over Tanzania, where the maximum eclipse of 3 minutes and 6 seconds will occur at 09:06 UT. It then crosses into Mozambique, arriving there at 09:11 UT, and into the sea at 09:19 UT.

Madagascar, Mascarene Islands

The annular eclipse arrives at Madagascar at 09:39 UT, where the duration of the annular phase will still be over 3 minutes, and the annular eclipse will be visible over a path 101 km wide. It crosses Madagascar south-east, reaching the sea again at 09:51 UT.

Finally, most of RĂ©union will see the annular eclipse at about 10:09 UT. Although the island is not on the centreline, the duration in the south-west should be quite good, as the centreline duration is still over 3 minutes.

If you're going to see the annular eclipse,

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