Hybrid Solar Eclipse: November 3 2013

The hybrid solar eclipse of November 3 2013 will be visible across the Atlantic ocean and central Africa. This eclipse will be annular only at its extreme ends; for the most part, it will be a very narrow and short-lasting total eclipse, lasting over 1½ minutes at maximum and visible to dedicated eclipse-chasers over a path up to 58 km wide.

The total eclipse begins in the Atlantic at 11:05:17 UT, and ends in Somalia at 14:27:42 UT. The maximum eclipse is at 12:46:28 UT, when the total phase will last over 1½ minutes. The partial eclipse will be visible over parts of the Americas, the Atlantic, southern Europe, and most of Africa, between 10:04:34 UT and 15:28:21 UT.

More information on this eclipse may be found at Fred Espenak's site. You can plot the eclipse for yourself using the table of mapping co-ordinates.

The following map shows the path of the total eclipse. Please note that these maps are approximate. Check with reliable sources before making travel plans.

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This map shows the path of the total eclipse:


The path of the total eclipse makes landfall at about Cape Lopez, in Gabon, at 13:49 UT. The area of totality is just 47 km wide here, and the total eclipse will last 1 minute 10 seconds.

The eclipse moves off quickly across Gabon, and into the Congo, and then the Democratic Republic of Congo at about 14:07 UT. Here, the path of totality has shrunk to just 36 km wide, and the total eclipse will last just 49 seconds.

The path of totality then crosses northern Uganda, north-western Kenya, and southern Ethiopia. It finally ends in Somalia at 14:27 UT, with a total eclipse lasting just 7 seconds.

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