Annular Solar Eclipse: January 15 2010

The annular solar eclipse of January 15 2010 will be visible across Africa, the Indian Ocean, India, Sri Lanka, and south-east Asia. The annular phase runs from 05:13:54 UT, when the eclipse begins in the Central African Republic, to the end of the eclipse on the Chinese Yellow Sea coast at 08:59:01 UT. The maximum eclipse is at 07:06:31 UT, when the annular phase will last just over 11 minutes.

The partial eclipse will be visible over eastern Africa, south-east Europe, the Middle East, and south-east Asia between 04:05:26 UT and 10:07:33 UT.

More information on this eclipse may be found at Fred Espenak's site. You can plot the eclipse for yourself using the table of mapping co-ordinates.


Please note that these maps are approximate. Check with reliable sources before making travel plans.

This map shows the path of the annular eclipse:


The annular eclipse begins at local dawn, around 05:18 UT in the Central African Republic, as the Sun begins to rise eclipsed. The full eclipsed Sun is visible by 05:13:54 UT. The path is 366km wide here, and the eclipse will last over 7 minutes. The eclipse then moves east, through the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Kenya and Somalia, reaching the coast at around 05:36 UT. At this point, the path is 348km wide, and the eclipse will last almost 9 minutes on the centreline.


The path of the annular eclipse passes over the Maldives at around 07:24 UT; here, the eclipse path is down to 328km wide, but the duration will be almost 11 minutes on the centreline. The track next reaches India; although the centreline just misses the mainland, this should still be a spectacular sight for people in the south-west of the sub-continent. North-eastern Sri Lanka also has a good view, and the centreline just clips land at 07:54 UT. The path is 323km wide here, and the eclipse will last over 10 minutes.


The annular eclipse touches land once more in Myanmar (Burma), at about 08:32 UT. The path here is 333km wide, but the duration by this time has fallen to 8 minutes 49 seconds. The path then enters China, at about 08:41 UT, and crosses China. The eclipsed Sun begins to set at 08:59:01 UT; but the remains of the eclipse will still be visible as the eclipse path reaches the sea near Quingdao, at around 08:54 UT.

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