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Eclipse 1999
Eclipse 1999

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A wealth of information about past and future eclipses, including both solar and lunar eclipses, is now available at the main Eclipse site.

Total Eclipse of the Sun -- August 11, 1999

Cornwall UK, Europe, and Asia

This map shows the area covered by the partial eclipse (blue) and the much narrower track of the total eclipse (red). The north/south(ish) lines show how far the centre of the eclipse zone will have progressed at various times, shown in Universal Time. The pages listed below provide a great deal more detail about the path of the eclipse, and some background information on how eclipses work.

Courtesy of Fred Espenak - NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center. For more information on solar and lunar eclipses, see Fred Espenak's Eclipse Page.

The Big Event

Coverage of the eclipse in Cornwall.

Picture Gallery

A gallery of photographs of the eclipse.

Where It Is

A comprehensive guide to the path of the total eclipse. Descriptions and detailed maps of the path the total eclipse will take across Britain, Europe and Asia; where to stand for the best view!

Being There

Being there is all the fun! Information on tourism for the eclipse, weather prospects, and an explanation of Universal Time and timezones along the eclipse path. Since Cornwall has special problems due to the tiny area of land which sees the eclipse, there is also a special page of Cornwall news for the eclipse.

It's All Over!

It was a miserable, cloudy day in Cornwall -- so no cool pictures, I'm afraid! Still, feel free to check out my report on the event, and look at my pictures.


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