Chris Blenkarn who also attended Sleeping Beauty, wrote this about Dundee. William McGonagall was an infamous poet of the worlds worst verse, who came from Dundee...

Lines in praise of Sleeping Beauty at the Repertory Theatre of Dundee by William McGonagall, Poet and Tragedian

'Twas in the year of 1997, and on the 13 December
Which admirers of the celebrated Mr Gareth Thomas long will remember
Who had travelled afar, from north, south, east and west
Their hearts were wild with glee, I can attest.

Beautiful Dundee, your actors are most sublime to be seen
They cannot be surpassed at the repertory theatre in Tay Square, I ween
They filled our minds with awe and admiration
'Ere it was time to return to the railway station.

O theatre! Most elegant to be seen in that fair city
That dwells on the banks of the silvery Tay
You were packed to the ceiling in every corner, both left and right
Which was a very pleasing sight.

The play by Mr Paterson of high degree
Was the fascinating tale of Sleeping Beauty
Its unutterable delights, I may venture to say
Will ne'er be forgotten for many a long day.

The palace arches and pillars in grand array
Towered up to the ceiling most majestically.
The king, to save his darling child, most lustily did roar
Never was there his equal ever since the days of yore.

The wicked witch Talassa, she grew very cross
And the fate of Margarita filled the audience with dread most piteous
Prince Corin she spurned, when Talassa did enslave her
But 'twas in vain, for true love triumphed later.

Baayo the bear was her true friend, and did loudly roar
As he raged, the audience were affrighted more and more
He made her enemies to run to and fro, I do declare,
And Mara her nurse could not find her anywhere.

Margarita caused the king and queen in anguish their hair to tear
When she was unkind to Puddlefoot, her dear parents did despair
The king he did both rant and rave, his heart was grievous sore
Such undutiful behaviour all parents should deplore.

Two princes came to court the princess famed
Fomfoma had a dreadful habit for which he should feel ashamed
'Twas a most pitiful sight to see all the ladies swoon
Their blood ran cold because of this poltroon.

Yet at the end the fair Zielle was triumphant
And the evil witch Talassa she did torment
Dame Fortune, that fickle jade, was her fell destroyer
Prince Corin's magic shoes did so annoy her.

Sleeping Beauty did our spirits cheer, for it is most sublime
Dull care begone, its delights will be remembered for a very long time
It made the audience forget their woes in the slough of despond
The acting was truly very fine by all this goodly band.

And so we wended homewards, our hearts were full content
To carry tidings of this wondrous play it was our dear intent
Let us now send festive greetings of good cheer to Mr Thomas
And to the cast and theatre staff also, a very merry Christmas.

And everyone else, too.

Chris Blenkarn

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Last updated on 23rd of December 1997.