Gareth Thomas in A Midsummer Night's Dream and Dear Brutus

The photos and where to get them.

This is information on how to get photos for A Midsummer Night's Dream and Dear Brutus - bear in mind that these prices and addresses were correct in 2000. If trying to buy copies in later years, I'd suggest enquiring about prices first.

Here's the relevent numbers from the contact sheets. I've only listed ones that I felt were good pictures, but there's quite a lot of them. I've picked out a few particular favourites with 'recommended', but all the ones listed here were selected from a much larger original set. (I hope to goodness I copied the numbers down correctly - they're quite hard to read sometimes):

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Black and White

sheet 8

2 - full length Oberon and Puck with full moon in background (I think this is the one I have on the web site - recommended)

10 - Oberon and Puck - 1/2 height

26 - Oberon and Titania 3/4 height

sheet 7

3 - Oberon and Titania - heads back to back

11- Oberon half-holding Titania

23 - full length - Oberon facing Titania

sheet 11

4 - Puck holding sword at Oberon's throat.

sheet 6

0 - Theseus and Hippolyta - full length

7 - Theseus with another man 3/4 length

11 - Oberon and Puck view the sleepers in the wood.


sheet F

31 - Oberon and Titania full length

34 - Theseus and a group of people

sheet C

33 - Oberon and PUck

sheet D

12 - Oberon and the sleepers

sheet A

21 - OBeron and Puck laughing, heads only - recommended

7 - Titania's head resting on Oberon's back - recommended

10 - Oberon and Titania - heads close together - almost kissing

Dear Brutus


sheet G

33 - Dearth - head and torso - looking up

sheet C

21 - Dearth with a lady dressed in white - full length

sheet B

14 - Dearth and daughter, full length - looks as though he's trying to shield her from something

sheet A

28 - Dearth and daughter - 3/4 length - recommended

13 - Dearth and daughter 1/2 length, laughing

Black and white

sheet 3

27 Dearth and daughter, 3/4 length, playful

sheet 4

24 Dearth and daughter sitting under the moon, full length

28 Dearth holding daughter - full length

sheet 5

21 - Dearth holding cigar, 3/4 length

sheet 2

17 - Dearth and daughter, 3/4 length, sitting, looking happy - recommended

To order *colour* photos, write to Marketing, Nottingham Playhouse, Wellington Circus, Nottingham, NG1 5AF. You will need to quote the name of the play, the sheet number and the photo number.

The cost is:

5x7 = 1.85 pounds
8x10 = 3.25
12x16 = 9.35
There's no mention of any extra cost for postage.

Cheques must be payable to "Nottingham Theatre Trust Ltd"

To order *Black and white* photos, write to Robert Day, 69 Park Grove, Derby, DE22 1HG. You need to quote the name of the play, the sheet number and the photo number.

Costs are:

7x5 = 3 pounds
10x8 = 4.25 pounds
16x12 = 9.50
20x16 = 15
For orders including sizes upto 10x8 add 80p P+P
For orders including sizes upto 20x16 add 1.70 pounds P+P

Cheques payable to "Robert Day".

If overseas fans want photos and have currency problems, contact me and I'll see if I can help. Please use your common sense and add a pound or so extra for overseas postage (for colours and black and white) as overseas prices aren't quoted.


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Last updated on 26th of November 2000.