Merlin The Magic Begins

David Winning, Merlin's director, finally got to see his own show in Septermber 2001 and sent this note to the crew:

Note to friends of Merlin:

Dear friends,
Thanks to Joyce Bowen in California, I've now finally (after 4 years) just screened a video copy of MERLIN: THE MAGIC BEGINS which aired on US channels in the fall of 1998. And guess what? It's pretty good! I still hate the trite new scenes with Morgana shot in Canada a year later (with which I was not involved) but I'm really proud of the final outcome. Having seen a few "versions" of the nearly finished film over the last few years, I was pretty down -- but thankfully, gone is the original awful temp music, replaced with some pretty good incidental music that has the regal flair of the original promo video (if you can remember that far back). The editing is much tighter, and much of our dark humour seems to have survived all the cuts and recuts. It honestly looks like a much bigger budget, well-filmed little adventure. And my good friends Graham (Rengal) and Jason (as Merlin) steal the show. What I'm remembering most is the great people of Peebles, Scotland and how alot of them ended up acting in the film and doing an amazingly good job. The small crew worked so hard giving their hearts to this project and my hope is they get to see it and celebrate in its success. Hopefully soon it might be available on video or DVD -- keeps your eyes open for the release. In any event congratulations to all! After a memorably grueling experience; it's a film we can finally celebrate. And not bad work for 16 days in Scotland and no money. Take care of yourselves and please forward this far and wide to anyone else who may care.

all the best,

Los Angeles
September 2001

((Guess who linked him with Joyce))

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