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Aphrodite Blues

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Review by Nicola Collie.

a new comedy by ROBERT HAMILTON
directed by CHRYS SALT
designed by JOE ATKINS
27 New End, Hampstead, London NW3 1JD Box Office: 020 7794 0022


Press night Friday March 9 at 7.30pm
Tuesday to Saturday at 7.30pm
Saturday and Sunday matinees at 3.30pm
Seats £12.50 concessions £10
Friday and Saturday evening all seats £15

Is revenge a dish best served cold, or is it better heated up, served with feta cheese and washed down with a multiple Orgasm?

On an island in the Aegean, three women are desperately seeking Harry, a famous travel writer who has disappeared. Will Penny find Harry - and what will she do if she does? Will Verity find Harry - and what will she do if she does? Will Trevor find the perfect older woman? Will Caroline get the sand out of her thong? Is there such a thing as a constant erection? And what is the secret of Aphrodite? Every woman should know. No man will want any woman to know!

The cast features Stephen Ellery, Suzan Guéret-Wardle, Suzanah Heath, Jacqueline Pearce (best known as evil Servalan in BBC's cult sci-fi series "Blake's 7") , John Pickard (TV's Point 4 Children)

Robert Hamilton is twice winner of The Sunday Times Playwrighting Award

There is a review by Steve Rogerson.

There is also supposed to be one on Shirley Jacobs site, but I can't find it (it crashes my browser).

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