Posted 02nd of June 2000


Provisional Cover
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Coming soon, the pilot issue of a new Blake's 7 magazine.

Zenith is a brand new magazine dedicated to Blake's 7.

This premiere issue features in-depth interviews with Brian Croucher (Travis II from season 2), Peter Miles (Nyder & Rontane), producer/director Vere Lorrimer and magazine cover artist Pete Wallbank. Also, Jim Smith reviews Trial and Alan Stevens examine the original uncut script, Dianna Firmin checks out Travis, and Fiona Moore takes a look at Blake's 7 story arcs and ponders the much hyped B7 film.

And that's not all!

Judith Proctor spills the beans on Collector's Lot (with exclusive behind the scenes B7 photographs) and Paul Darrow and Sheelagh Wells talk about their work on the Strangerers.

The magazine will have a colour cover and around 70 pages.

Professionally laid-out and printed, the magazine should be ready in June. Price not yet known, but it will be available via this site.

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