Posted 09th of December 2000

Shadow Script

Chris Boucher is selling some scripts on e-bay UK.

Death-Watch got bid up the last day to 102.05 pounds

Chris Boucher is currently auctioning off a handwritten first draft of "Shadow" currently on Ebay.

This has now been sold for 420.01 pounds - source Joyce Bowen.

To reach Ebay in general, you type Then you put in Blakes 7 in the search slot which is on the main page. The title without the apostrophe takes you to the list that the "Shadow" script is on. You just scroll down and it's near the bottom. (If you put an apostrophe in Blakes 7, you end up on another listing of B7 items.)

If all you are interested in is the script, you can go to it directly. To do this, you hit SEARCH at the TOP of the main page. Then when you are switched to the search page, you must hit "Search by item number" which is somewhat at the top of the form. Then you type in the number and you get the "Shadow" script. The item number is 501845665.

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