Posted 30th of December 2003

Statement by Paul Darrow with regard to the proposed Movie

Given on the The Avon Club's web site on 9th October 2003. And copied here with permission from the Avon Club.

        This is something I never thought I would have to write to you.
        I am sorry to say that circumstances have arisen, that leave me no alternative but to sever relations with the company formed to revive, "Blake's Seven".
        Terry Nation and I talked at some length about his idea for a two-part TV Movie that might capture the imagination of a new generation, as well as pleasing those of you who have so constantly supported his original conception.
        Since his untimely death, I have tried to realise the vision which, in a sense, he entrusted to me.
        However, I have fallen foul of modern business practice, which seems to prefer exploitation of a, "brand", and therefore, a TV Movie such as Terry and I envisaged seems as far off as when it was first mooted.
        Otherwise, I must quote, "artistic differences", with those with whom I was previously in association.
        This is not a Damascene revelation - I have been disturbed by the situation for quite a while and have tried to remedy it, but my efforts have been overruled or ignored. My position became untenable.
        You will know, I hope, how deeply unhappy I am and I'm sure you will share in my disappointment.
        As somebody once said - "Every silver lining has a cloud."
        Your affection and support over so many years meant a lot to Terry - and still does to me.
        Thank you.

Paul Darrow

Statement by B7 Productions

Paul Darrow

As many of you have read, heard and indeed commented upon, Paul Darrow has resigned as a director of B7 Productions Limited (and its parent company B7 Enterprises) and severed all artistic involvement with the Blake‘s 7 revival. This was by mutual agreement. We shall of course miss his valued contribution. However regrettable his decision this does not alter our future plans, and we still enjoy the wholehearted support of Kate Nation and the Nation Estate. Furthermore we believe we are moving forward with veracity - with the legacy that has been entrusted to us.

B7 Productions Limited

23 October 2003

Further Comments from Paul

Since resigning from a certain company, I have been inundated with letters, texts, faxes and telephone calls.  Added to which, I have been personally approached on many occasions.  Without exception, I have been treated with kindness, sympathy and courtesy.  I would like to thank you all.  Whilst being aware that the words, "thank you", are all too inadequate.

A number of statements have been issued, to which some of you have asked me to respond.  But I could not hope to match the wit and perspicacity that so many of you have shown in your responses.

As the festive season approaches, I wish every one of you a Merry Christmas or, if you prefer, Happy Holidays. Whatever...let's hope 2004 will be peaceful and prosperous for us all.

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