Posted 08th of December 1999

Gareth Thomas in Heartbeat

After last week's episode in which he was cheerfully wandering around waving a shotgun at all and sundry, Gareth Thomas will be reappearing in Heartbeat next week, 12 December. We rather suspect the plot will revolve around a boundary dispute as the seeds for that plot were sown last time.

Last week

Gareth Thomas was in Heartbeat on ITV on Sunday 28th Novemebr at 8 pm.

This episode is called Hollywood or Bust. The entry in the Radio Times gives the following:-

Hollywood or Bust While the villagers have cause to dream of fame and fortune, Greengrass seeks revenge on a farmer.

There is a picture of David and Greengrass cowering when an infuriated local farmer fires a shotgun at them.

The cast listed are:

PC Mike BradleyJason Durr
Jackie BradleyFiona Dolman
Oscar BlaketonDerek Fowlds
Sgt CraddockPhilip Franks
PC BellamyMark Jordon
GreengrassBill Maynard
Gina WardTricia Penrose
PC VentressWilliam Simons
Maggie BoltonKazia Pelka
DavidDavid Lonsdale
Nathaniel ClegghornGareth Thomas
Danzil ArcourtGeoffrey McGivern
Lord AshfordlyRupert Vansittart
Harry CareyMark Powley
Andy RyanMartin Ledwith
Trevor HorrocksLee Booth
Alan QuigleyMatthew Lewis
BerylDebbie Shore

Gareth has the top billing other than the regulars, we know he plays a farmer - does he fire the shotgun?

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