Posted 05th of April 2004

Blake's 7 - on DVD

Blake's 7 season 1 has finally been released on DVD!

For the release announcement see: DVD Release.

DVD Review by Joyce Bowen.

There have been a number of problems with errors and problems - reports of these should appear here tomorrow.

Please note we are not stocking it directly, as you can get it from, Blackstar and Amazon at cheaper prices than we could get it wholesale!

Easter Eggs.

Other DVD News

See A brief synopsis of the current situation with the proposed film and the DVDs for our estimate of the situation.

There where planned to be two sets of B7 DVDs, a set produced by BFS for the North American Market in NTSC format (not region locked). And a PAL set produced for the European and Australian Market by Fabulous Films (Region 2 coded).

There will now be a release in 2004 of Blake's 7 on DVD with a different set of extras, see DVD Release.

See Steve Rogerson's interview with B7E and some comments (On Simon and Louises site).

B7 Enterprises statement on the DVD delay.

The BFS (NTSC) set

This release is on hold release date TBD.

This was the previous state:

The production schedule calls for a collection set (complete) containing 10 discs of which the first 8 will have 5 episodes each and the last 2 will have 6 each.

They will be available as 10 individual DVDs or as a full set.

There is a possibility of extras on these DVDs, but nothing is yet certain.

There is a strong possibility that they will not be region coded.

The Fabulous Films (PAL) set

This release is on hold release date TBD.

Message from Fabulous Films: Just admiring your site and thought I would let you know the latest info on the B7 DVD'S. I am putting together the releases for Fabulous Films at the moment. It is antcicpated the first will be in the shops by the end of this year. They will be remastered and will be packed with goodies. We have been putting this together for the last 12months and it is set to be a must for all B7 fans. I will keep you posted as and when things develop.

This will be released as 4 sets of 5 DVDs - 1 set for each season, these will be Region 2 coded.

"There is a 2 hr+ original documentary being made specially for the DVD release. There will be over 30 minutes of it on each release, with each documentary relevant to the season. There will be synopses, biographies, deleted scenes and outtakes. There will be 3 audio commentaries per season. All the 52 episodes are currently being restored by the BBC at great expense."

Season 2 is reputed to have the following extras:
00:59:18:13 | THE MAKING OF BLAKES 7 PART 2
00:12:12:22 | MAT'S MODELS
00:00:19:04 | INTRODUCING ORAC
00:01:27:21 | THE MUTOIDS
00:02:17:20 | BLAKES 7 SERIES THREE
00:02:11:24 | BLAKES 7 SERIES THREE
00:10:53:14 | SCENE TODAY 24TH JANUARY 1991
00:19:34:19 | SWAP SHOP
00:01:35:12 | EASTER EGG
00:00:48:06 | EASTER EGG 2
00:01:09:02 | EASTER EGG 3
00:00:43:19 | EASTER EGG 4
00:02:05:20 | EASTER EGG 5
00:01:50:05 | EASTER EGG 6
00:08:53:06 | SMALL WORLD

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