Posted 22nd of April 2000

Gareth Thomas - The Actor Speaks

Gareth Thomas will be the focus in the pilot of MJTV's new range of CDs called 'The Actor Speaks' Each CD will focus on a particular actor and aims to highlight their diverse talents and abilities. It also aims to explore areas of the character that actor is well-known for playing. It will not retread areas that other CDs tapes or videos have previously done.

Provisional track line-up for: The Actor Speaks - Volume 1 - Gareth Thomas

Growing PainsGareth talks in interview about the childhood of Roj Blake. What was his background?
What inspired him to become such a renowned leader of the rebellion? These will be Gareth's own personal thoughts about Blake.
History LessonWritten by Andy Conway. A philosophical duologue starring Gareth and Alison Taffs.

'A historian is confronted by a young eco-warrior on the day he plans to remove an ancient tree from his garden...'

Nermal, Hywel & ANET Gareth talks in interview about the three characters he plays in 'Soldiers Of Love'
Praise The Lord Gareth sings along in this amusing short gospel style piece from the SOL series
How Green Is The Valley Hywel and his partner Jake go to pay a visit on Becky - Hywel's religious sister in Wales. In a mini play exclusive to this CD and set before the SOL series!
Jake's SevenAn episode from the 'Soldiers Of Love' Blake's Seven pastiche, starring Jake Avarra, Jenny Stabbit, Somerset, ANET and a host of other characters aboard The Vibrator
Title to be confirmed A 10- minute play written by Gareth Thomas and provisionally starring Nicholas Courtney about the trials and tribulations of a 13th century monk
'I hope this allows listeners and fans to see the varied talents and abilities of their favourite actors. I also wanted to give the actors a chance to have some of their own work performed and released. If this CD is a success, there will be another 2 volumes released this year.' MJT

Gareth will be signing these CDs at 'Tenth Planet' in Barking. On 1st July.

(This CD will be avaialble from this site).

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