Zenith - Contents

Editor: Alan Stevens
Design & Layout: Andy Hopkinson
Production Manager: Judith Proctor
Date: [June 2000]
Format: A4, 76 pp. incl. covers, full-color wraparound cover, center staples

Nickey Barnard and Alan Stevens, "Rotten to the Core" ("The Logic of Empire" universe; S5; ocs)

Andy & Alan, "Forward"
Una McCormack, "Destined 2 Fail?" (essay on BBC reruns)
Sheelagh Wells, "Strangerer Days" (article on her makeup work for "The Strangerers")
Joe Nazzaro, "Exploring the CD Side of Life" (interview with Paul Darrow on "The Strangerers")
Fiona Moore, "Hell Is Full of Avons" (humor; future films and shows)
Judith Proctor, "7 on 4" (article on filming of "Collector's Lot," with much info on costumes)
Julian Porter, "An Interview with Vere Lorrimer" (conducted in 1990)
"Vere Lorrimer 1920-1998" (short biography)

"Reviews-- Audio-- The Together Again Series"
Jim Smith, "Blake's Back!"
Claire Fisher, "Liberatored!"
Leslie Scott-Harris, "Action!"
Phillippa Bennett, "Kingmaker"
Judith Proctor, "Elements"
Judith Proctor, "Solstice"
Fiona Moore, "Seven"

Jim Smith, "Spotlight on Trial: Savage Thinking
Animals" (episode review)
Alan Stevens, "Trial: The Missing Evidence" (comparison of first draft and final script)
Alan Stevens, "Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Fingers" (interview with Brian Croucher)
untitled bio of Brian Croucher
Dianna Firmin, "Travis: The Empty Room" (essay on Travis's motivations)
Alan Stevens, "Peter Miles: A Man of Many Deaths" (interview with the actor who played Rontane in SLD and Trial, on his various SF roles)

untitled bio of Peter Miles
Judith Proctor, "Seek--Locate--Enjoy" (article on trip to Oldham Power Station, location for Time Squad, Redemption, and Killer)

Pete Wallbank, "Tall, Dark & Gruesome" (autobiography of SF artist)
Fiona Moore, "There's a Hole in Your Plotline" (essay on story arcs)
ads for zines, clubs, cons, tapes, etc.

Pete Wallbank cover Tr2 (color)
pp. 46-7 Tr2
p. 64 self-portrait
p. 65 Tr2, DW art
p. 66 art for audio covers
p. 67 GP cartoon; Avengers
p. 68 DW art w/ Colin Baker
p. 69 DW art
Nik Spender p. 41 Tr2, cariacture
p. 73 illo for "Rotten"
Photos on almost every page.

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