Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates allow you to give someone a gift of zines. They can then buy the zines they want.

Buying yourself gift certificates, also allows those who don't use credit cards to buy zines immediately then become available (a sort of account).


Follow the links to buy gift certificates from the fandoms page or at the checkout. Fill in the form to add a gift certificate to your basket.

Select the amount of the gift certificates, there are some simple values on buttons, or you can click on "other" and specify any amount (and any currency) for example if you are sending the gift to an Australian, you might want to send a hundred Australian dollars.

Please fill in the name of the person you want the shop to send it to.

Please fill in the email address of that person.

You may attach a message to the gift certificate eg "Happy Birthday".

Then click on the "Create Certificate", it will be created and added to your basket with the item type of "Gift". It will not become active until it is paid for.


There are two ways to use a Gift Certificate.

There is a simple link in the emailed certificate, clicking on this in your mailer should take you into the shop, and place the certificate in your basket as a negative value.

Alternatively if you can enter the shop normally, and at the checkout enter the certificate code(s).

Certificates are used in the order they are placed into your basket, and unused credit will remain on the certificate. For your next use.

If the certificate(s) are insufficient to pay for all the zines, you will need to pay the balance by credit card (or cash/cheque where applicable).

Using Multiple Gift Certificates

If you have multiple gift certificates, click on the first one which will take you into the shop. Then click on the second, which should add it to your basket and so on.

If you don't have cookies enabled, this may or may not work depending on how your internet connection is provided. If it does not work, you will have to enter the codes for subsequent gift certificates by hand at the checkout. Spaces in the codes emailed out are to improve readability and do not effect the operation of the code at all.

Sending Certificates to Others

You can email your certificate on to others, if you want to.

Both Sites

Gift Certificates are valid in both the Waveney Online Zine Shop at and on our the Blake's 7 site at

Though the emails only have links to the zine shop at knightwriter.

Last changed 07th of November 2002