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The Options link at the top of most pages allows you to change these three ways in which the shop operates, other features may be added.

Currency / Region

Select the currency you are using and the delivery target in the world, prices will then be displayed in the currency requested, fully costed for delivery to where you specify.

You can select to pay in Australian Dollars for delivery to Canada or any other combination (for example to buy somebody else a gift).

If you change this selection, all the things in your basket will be re-calculated.

Shopping Format

The shop can operate in two different ways:

  1. There is a basket symbol ) by each item; click on that or the price and the item will be added to your shopping basket and then the page will redraw showing the new items and total value of the shopping basket.

    This is straight forward but can be slow, as it has to redraw the page every time you add one zine to the shopping basket.

  2. There is a tick box by each zine. To add zine(s) to your shopping basket, select all the zines you want on the page, then click on either of the Add Selected Items To Your Shopping Basket buttons, there will be one at the top and one at the bottom of any page with items to buy on it.

    All selected items will then be added to the basket in one go, it is faster (if you want many items) but may be confusing to some people, so is not the default.

    You can Add things to your basket OR follow links, ie after ticking some zines you must click on the "Add Selected Items To Your Shopping $Bas" button BEFORE you follow a link.

Zine Categories

Some Fandoms have "Slash" zines which are of a homosexual nature, and there are a few "Adult" zines. By default these are all shown, however you may de-select the showing of these, after which the zines will not be shown (you may end up with a few empty pages). Last changed 17th of December 2000


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