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Viewing Your Basket

There are three things on this page:
  • The Basket
  • Comments
  • Proceed to Checkout

The Basket

This displays a table like this:

In BasketFandomItemName(s)Pgs/#Price (each)
Forever KnightZineForever Cat10816.40
Forever KnightZineOn the Wings of the Knight #115018.06
Forever KnightZineOn the Wings of the Knight #222022.48
 Grand Total of56.94

If you wish to remove individual items, turn off the buttons by the items you do not want and click on the Update Basket button. If you wish to empty the basket click on the Empty Basket button.

This display shows the fandom, name, item type (eg Zine or Tape), The Pgs/# column shows the pages of a zine (where known) or the number of items of merchandise (buying 10 mugs is more likely than 10 zines) and the price.


You can add comments to the order, if you add any, click on the "Add Comments To Order" button. If you wish to send comments without sending an order Click on the "Comments" link at the top of any page.

Proceed to Checkout

If all is fine, click on an appropriate "Checkout" button at the bottom of the page. Last changed 22nd of February 2000


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