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Admin actions for 2nd Hand Zines

From the customer's point of view 2nd hand zines are the same as the normal new zines, apart from them being on a page called "2nd Hand Zines".

From the supplier's point of view, you add your own zines to the 2nd hand pages, when they are sold they will be removed automatically, when you indicate that it has been sent.

Adding 2nd Hand Zines

From the Suppliers admin page click on the button "2nd Hand Zines" to access the 2nd Hand functions, it offers you the form to add a 2nd hand zine.

Only sell ONE type of zine through one entry, you can sell multiple copies of the zine, but they must all be the same issue in the same state.

Fandoms: Indicate up to three fandoms for the zine. If more than three just call it multimedia. If it is in a fandom that is not on the list, there is an "other". Fandoms can only be added by Richard - any reasonably request will be added.

Zine Name Hopefully clear.

Number of Copies Normally 1, but if you have more then indicate the number, when that number have been sold, the entry will be removed.

Condition Be realistic, give an indication of quality for the zine.

Category Likewise, please indicate when Adult or Slash.

Description What ever seems apparopriate.
Pricing This is quite complex see below for more information.

When everything is ready click on the Add Zines to 2nd Hand Department button. As long as the program understands what you want the zine will be added.

The system will remember all the information from the previous zine such as price, and the fandom and offer this to you as the basis for the next zine. The "addional price" feature should make setting the costs relatively simple. If you want to clean the form up click on the Reset button.


These are your prices, before the shop adds 10%.

Put your price for selling the zine (including postage) in your home region as the first region.

For other regions, either input the price including postage or select an addional flat rate (eg. to cover global priority mailing) and put say $2 in the box, to add $2 to the base price for your home region. If you don't want to supply to a particular region select the "not avail" option for that region.

For example: to set UK and European prices only, put the UK price as region 1, add 1 for European as Region 2, and select "not avail", in the region "ROW". The shop will then do the appropriate thing.

Prices may be in British Pounds () and US dollars ($) only. You don't have to put the currency symbol in.

ROW = rest of world
PAC = pacific
USA = USA + Canada if you are pricing in pounds
EUR = Europe + UK if you are pricing in dollars
AUS = Australia + New Zealand if you live anywhere except Aus/NZ

Listing 2nd Hand Zines

If you want to see what zines you have for sale click on the List My 2nd Hand Zines button - it will list the zines and their fandoms. Click on the zine name to see more.

Modifying 2nd Hand Zines

From the list of your 2nd hand zines, click on the zine name or the Show link, to view the zine. You can change it and then click on the Modify Zine button.

Removing 2nd Hand Zines

If you wish to remove a zine you have listed (because you have sold it elsewhere or decide to keep it), either click on the "Remove" link on the list of zines, or the Remove Zine button on the detailed view of the zine.

Other things

2nd hand zines are listed alphabetically, if there are multiple entries for the same zine, then they will be shown in the order they where added to the shop.

Have fun.

Last changed 10th of November 2002


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