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Help for Tell Me About New Zines

The ell Me About New Zines will send you ONE email per month if their are new zines in the fandoms you have selected or if their are new fandoms and you want to be informed about them. New means new to the Waveney Zine shops, they may have been available elsewhere for some time.

To subscribe to this information, click on thhe "Tell Me about New Zines" link at the top of most pages. Fill in your Email address (if necessary) and select what you want to and then click on either of the Please Save My Choices buttons.

It might email you asking to confirm you want to use this facility. If it does follow the link in your email and click on the "Confirm I Want To BE Told About New Zines" Button. (This will not be needed for established customers).

The form has the following fields:
Email AddressAddress to send the messages to
Please don't send me any more emailsTo stop recieving the emails
GenzinesList new Genzines in the selected fandoms
Adult and Slash zinesList new Adult and Slash Zines in the selected fandoms.
Unless one of these is set you wont get any told about any zines.
Tell me about newly available FandomsInforms you about new fandoms, when they become available.
All FandomsIf this is selected the email will tell you about all new zines in all fandoms, and new fandoms. It takes notice of the Genzine, and Adult/Slash buttons above.
Fandom ButtonsSelect Those fandoms you want to be informed about
The monthly email includes a link to enable you to update this information, should you wish.

The intention of this facility is a low noice, informative email that is tailored to your individual preferences.

The emails will be sent early each month, and will reflect all new material since the beginning of the previous month. It is just possible that if new material arrives right at the begining of a month, it might occour in two month's emails.

This does not currently cover the 2nd hand department.

Last changed 01st of November 2002


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