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Customer Data

This page allows you to specify your name and address and similar information, it also allows you to have the order delivered to someone else, and to give your credit card information.

This information is held securely see Privacy.

You can fill the information in at any time, or when checking out.

To complete an order, the following are required:
For All OrdersYour Name, Your Address and Your Email Address
The following are optional:
Phone NumberJust in case of problems
Delivery Name / AddressTo get the order delivered to someone else. If only the name is given, it is assumed to be at the same address as you.
Age StatementIf you have ordered any slash/adult material then you must complete this before completing the order. This is not shown unless it is in the order.

This data is not checked when input from the "Your Details" page, but is checked when it goes through the final checkout page.

Last changed 22nd of February 2000


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